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Matt Badiali: Analysis of Global Oil Markets

Matt Badiali spent much of his life studying and training to become a geologist until a friend of his discovered that he possessed a true potential in finance. Today, Mr. Badiali is a financial analyst who puts his background as a geologist to good use by specializing in resource stocks. His many years as a geologist taught him the specifics of what makes a resource company valuable. He traveled all over the world to examine mines and oil wells. He met with top executives from many companies who showed him geological data, as well as helped him to understand how the company operated. Today he can analyze resource companies and choose whether a company can be a profitable stock pick for an investor.

Matt Badiali believes that there are current developments that could affect the price of oil and investors should remain wary of how things could play out. The United States terminated the Iran nuclear deal and put sanctions back on Iran. These sanctions should begin to affect Iran in November. Matt Badiali pointed out that these sanctions will make it harder for Iran to export its oil. Iran provides the global oil market with two million barrels of oil daily and that amount of oil is not easy to replace. This could cause a shock to the oil market if the supply ends up not being met.

Matt Badiali acknowledges that China and other countries may help to prevent the oil prices from going up higher. China has stepped up and plans to ignore any sanctions that the United States will put on Iran. China is more than willing to accept oil from Iran, especially since China has seen the amount of oil it imports greatly increase from the beginning of this year. Due to the escalating trade war taking place between China and the United States, China also sees this to undermine the United States. China could also stop accepting oil from the United States. Other countries have stood with China and plan to accept Iranian oil because they disagree with the United States for ending the agreement.

Learning More About David Giertz

David Giertz works as the President of Nationwide Financial. He works hard for the company, overseeing the distribution of financial products such as retirement plans and life insurance. This man started working for Nationwide Financial as a Regional Vice President in Miami, Florida before he was given the job that he has today. This man is someone who has been given great opportunities because he is someone who has knowledge, experience, and talent. He does a good job in all of the work that he undertakes, and he has decades of experience working in the financial services industry.

When things are going well for a person, they feel inspired to keep at what they are doing and to keep giving their time to their job. David Giertz is someone who grows excited about the work that he does when things are going well. When he feels that his team is working well together, he is excited to go to work and see what a new day will bring for him. He loves having new opportunities roll in for him to consider.

David Giertz is someone who gives good financial and investing advice but he is also someone who has advice to share for those who are living any kind of life. He believes that it is important for a person to start their day with a good breakfast. He begins his day with a healthy breakfast that will help him concentrate throughout the day along with a little time spent reading the news.

Technology is constantly changing, and David Giertz is someone who is excited to see the ways that it is changing and affecting the work that he does. He is someone who believes that it is important for a person to show appreciation to those around them. He is someone who works hard, but he knows that there are others around him who are also working hard and he makes sure that they know that he appreciates all that they do.


Southridge Capital is an investment group based in Connecticut. The private equity firm offers services such as brokerage services for securities, financial planning, and investment banking among others.

Southridge Capital was started in 1996. The investment firm also plays a social responsibility role in the community. The financial planning company has been able to make more than 1.8 billion in investments around the world ever since it started. The investment group employs professional staff with exclusive expertise in the financial world.

Through the years that Southridge Capital has been in existence, it has been able to finance more than 250 public firms. In addition to the services above, the company addresses various other issues through their advisory role. These services include; optimizing the management of balance sheets, making companies public, personal financial services and various other corporate matters. You can visit their Facebook page.


However, Southridge Capital provides various other services which can be generally divided into the following categories;

  • Provides Financial Solutions: Southridge Capital offers tailor-made solutions to all financial matters that affect their various clients. The financial firm offers Equity Purchase Agreement services. This gives the companies an opportunity to come up with capital when the need arises. This is regardless of whether the market conditions are favorable or not. In addition to this, the company also offers numerous pledges to financial matters of the companies that are in their portfolio.
  • Enhancing Credit: Southridge Capital ensures that the companies it serves are able to improve the worthiness of their credit. The company does this through ensuring that creditors eradicate their debts to favor their ordinary stock. The financial company has a basic framework that ensures that their clients benefit a lot. Moreover, it is executed on the basis of the level of the current stock of the company’s liquid assets. In addition to this, it is done devoid of some key necessities such as a statement for registration and market implications.
  • Scrutinizing Securities: Southridge Capital ensures that it has carefully scrutinized all the companies that need capital. The financial company has a customized approach towards ensuring that their client’s assets are monetized. Some of the strategies that they use include capital assets, providing loans against shares of the company and many other measures that they take.

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