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OSI Group Extends its Global Market Base

In its continuous expansion strategies, OSI Group continues to purchase the strong companies to cater to the demands of its clients. One of such acquisitions is the purchase of Tyson Foods located in Chicago. According to the group’s senior Executive Vice President in North America Kevin Scott, the group has no other alternative rather than finding ways to counter the fast-rising customers’ demands. With 65 facilities spread over 17 countries worldwide, the company will stop at nothing in working to satisfy rich customer base. With the main offices in Aurora, Illinois, the company rose from a small butchery in Oakland, Chicago to the current giant food processor of today. It started as Otto & Sons way back in 1909, and the improvement trend is still ripe since then.

Baho Foods is another manufacturer, who joined the OSI Group in 2016. The acquisition of the European deli meat and snacks maker aimed at improving the accessibility of the Group’s European market. Although Baho Food products are the same as those of OSI Group, the company’s acquisition will help in the distribution. Distribution will be made possible through the five Baho subsidiaries spread across 18 European countries. These companies belonging to Baho have operations in Germany and Netherland, which will strengthen the market base. Through Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, and Henri van de Bilt, the group will achieve its targets in Europe.

Flagship Europe joined the OSI Group chain in 2016. Later named Creative Foods Europe in early 2018, the company caters for frozen poultry, pies, sauces, and other supplemental foods. The collaboration improved flagship’s customer base and market expansion thus enhancing its productivity. In Spain, no acquisition made, but the available plant in Toledo was boosted to increase production. The group spent up to the tune of € 17 Million to upgrade the plant. Upgrading of solid waste and supplies containers, hot water tanks, new shipping hall were some of the upgrades done to the plant.

Additionally, production costs lowered through the installation of a heat recycling system. Electricity cost was a concern, and through this method, the heat produced by refrigerators and production system would heat water. The upgrade of the Toledo plant will give room for production of more products. Additionally, there is an expectation for poultry production to increase from 12,000 tons to 24,000 and together with other products to increase to 45,000 tons annually.


Mina Ebrahimi, an immigrant from Iran, is the founder and owner of Saint Germain Catering. She is the CEO of the group that she founded back in 1999, at the age of 26, after leaving her family’s business of baking in Seven Corners, VA.

Mina has had a passion for cooking and creating memorable events, something she later transformed into a business. Saint Germain started off on a small-scale basis, where she would deliver lunch to people at work and making food for consumption in events.

Slowly, Mina Ebrahimi started growing her business after she transformed Saint Germain to a full-catering business. She was responsible for serving weddings, business luncheons, small parties and other special events. Saint Germain currently serves the DC metro area after growing from a 2000 square foot operating to the current 12,000 square feet operation with 32 fulltime employees and eight part-time employees to help her make tasty foods for consumption in the DC area.

Mina has been able to keep the catering business afloat for two decades, something that has garnered her numerous awards for her service in the catering business. Some of the awards include the 2012 Smart CEO Brava Award, 2010’s top 40 under40 and 2014 Enterprising Woman of The Year.

Mina Ebrahimi is also a philanthropist who’s supported charitable organizations like The 25th Project, which is aimed at providing food and other donations to the unsheltered homeless living in Northern VA. She’s also supported Operation Homefront DC to provide programs to build military families to become strong, stable and secure. Mina Ebrahimi also supported McBaine, University of Pennsylvania’s cancer detection dog. She even went ahead and added Jack-Ebrahimi Program in the university as an interventional radiology vet program.

Mina’s foundation, The Mina Ebrahimi Foundation encourages women to make a future in business as she did. Her partnership with the University of Pennsylvania is mostly focused on cancer detection and prevention, particularly Ovarian Cancer.

Her catering activities have also helped the staff in the university to research and treat animal cancer treatment. Mina Ebrahimi still oversees the kitchen management and the business’s daily activities and continues to improve herself by attending seminars on cuisine, décor, and design.