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Ensuring Life Line Screening’s Mission with Dr. Andrew Manganaro

Did you know that thousands of people die from major health ailments every year? Truthfully, if the proper health screening was done, then many of these fatalities could be prevented. Life Line Screening was created to help people find any potential health concerns, so the necessary actions can be taken before it’s too late!

Life Line Screening is one of the nation’s best companies when it comes to detecting vascular issues and diseases. The company is committed to promoting healthcare and wellness as a supplement to patient’s healthcare plan. The great benefit from getting health care screening from Life Line, is that a person can have their screening tailored to their health needs. The test should be based on any risk factors from a patient’s medical or family history. Founded in 1993, Life Line Screening has achieved over two decades of success. However, much of this success is dedicated to the company’s medical experts.

Dr. Andrew Manganaro strives to uphold the company mission of prevention and wellness through his role as the lead Medical Officer. His experience in the medical field, has given an extra incentive for Life Line Screening. “Oftentimes…catastrophic outcomes could have been easily treated had the patient known of the presence of the disease before the catastrophe.” In a recent interview, Dr. Manganaro discussed the details on how Life Line has become a leading company in the medical industry. He explained that his position entails supervising board certified physicians who review all ultrasounds. Verifying this information ensures the clinical correctness for all patients. This extra detail is what makes Life Line different from a regular annual checkup at a doctor’s office. How? The company is able to offer screening for people who are asymptomatic. Obviously, there are many cases where an individual didn’t show any symptoms of health issues, yet there was still a problem.

What’s on the horizon for Life Line Screening? Based on Dr. Manganaro’s response, the answer is better test efficiency and more of a variety of tests; which will be can only be done through the advances in technology. With Life Line Screening, the earlier the detection, the quicker the resolution!

The Meaning of Beneful

Beneful is a brand of dog food that is produced by Nestle Purina Petcare that includes both wet and dog food and treats as well. By 2012, Beneful was the most popular brand of dog food in the world as they generate more than $1.5 billion in revenue annually. Beneful itself is one of Nestle Purina’s most lucrative brands of dog food that the company has. The term Beneful was chosen because it means “full of goodness”. When the food was introduced in 2001 it was designed to resemble and smell of stews resembling real beef chunks that are full of goodness. The company makes a food that dogs would actually want to eat. The goal is to add proteins and human elements to dog foods make it more appealing to both the owner and the canine. By the end of 2006 alone, Beneful in and of itself, which is just one subsidy of Nestle Purina Petcare, was profiting over $300 million annually.

The brand Beneful only produces dog food exclusively and it includes both dry foods and wet/canned foods as well as various treats and snacks that dogs will love. Beneful also introduced a full line of Healthy Harvest food blends that was introduced in June 2005 with the aim of being the first premium dog food to introduce soy as the main protein source rather than meats. Beneful also introduced completely prepared dog meals in March 2006 to add to their ever-expanding line of foods.

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What You Need To Know About Your Healthcare Options

There are two main categories of health plans underneath the umbrella of USHEALTH. Some of you may be looking into one or both of these plans for you and your family. Below you will find a small breakdown of each one and what you can expect.

USHEALTH Group insurance

There are three things you need to keep in mind when looking at the group insurance plan.

1) There is Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each plan has their own niche. Each plan has their own pros and cons. These four are just a breakdown of what is being offered under the group plan . This has nothing to do with the quality of coverage and care you will receive. You will need to do your own research on this.

2) You will need to pay the costs each month. You pay even when you do not use the coverage. You will need to pay some sort of out-of-pocket cost no matter what plan you get. Know the costs of each one before you get involved. Some of the costs may not be worth the price of admission .

3) You should know the difference between things like PPO, HMO, and EPO. Some of these plans require referrals and some do not. Some will cost you extra when you go out-of-network.

These types of group insurance plans are perfect for business owners. It is important to keep in mind what your employees need, not what you want to pay out.

USHEALTH Group family insurance

1) You need to take the time to review all your options for your family. What works out for mom may not work out well for your daughter. Each person has to have coverage that is right for them. There are different plans out there for the family. You need to choose based on what current family situation is now, not what it may be like 10 years from now.

2) You should never stop shopping for coverage. There may be a better plan out there for you when you are already covered. The best time to do this is during open enrollment time. This way you will not get penalized for going with someone else.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a Trained General Dentist with Keen Interest in Finding Effective Solutions for Sleep-related Diseases

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a sleep medicine professional and general dentist from New Jersey. He has been an avid researcher and developer of solutions for managing sleep disorders. Dr. Avi’s passion for marketing and developing successful businesses for dentistry products inspired him to enroll in many marketing clubs available in the dentistry arena. He strived to develop a marketing plan that could lead to increased demand for oral appliances. Things changed in 2010 when Dr. Avi ventured into the sleep world and opened up a firm committed to addressing the sleep patients’ needs.

Two years after joining the sleep medicine sector, Dr. Avi Weisfogel created a system that offered over 300 oral appliances to patients with sleep apnea on a monthly basis. He has taught this sleep treatment model to dentists and physicians for a couple of years. He joined hands with Barry to start the Dental Sleep Masters, which focus on training dentists, medical experts, and patients on this exceptional model that optimizes health care distribution in the fast-growing sleep medicine world.

Executing new ideas

Dr. Avi believes that every day presents a chance to learn new things and gain new skills. He always brings his phone or notebook with him everywhere he goes. Upon writing down new ideas, Dr. Avi evaluates and visualizes them. He evaluates the capacity of his firm and employees to execute new ideas.

Dr. Avi enjoys engaging in valuable conversations with different individuals across diverse industries. This tactic enables him to implement ideas faster. He is always ready to learn from his critics, provided they are offering constructive criticism. Repeating the same task many times, allow him to be an expert in his area of specialty.

Dr. Avi’s tips for establishing a prosperous entrepreneurial career

Dr. Avi urges entrepreneurs to have similar conversations with people from different professions. He insists that each conversation results in more conversations that are effective. This strategy allows entrepreneurs to learn and develop unique tactic for handling clients. He encourages ambitious entrepreneurs to concentrate on marketing their businesses within their locality. Dr. Avi recommends a book called “The Power of Now” to people who are ready to improve themselves and live a happy life.