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Talkspace is a Great Mobile App for Therapy Sessions

Have you ever heard of the saying “there is an app for that”? Well, there literally is an app for just about everything that you can think of including therapy sessions. Talkspace is an application that was created in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank and it allows people to connect with licensed psychologists for therapy sessions. This is not the only app that provides this type of service but it is one the best in its category.

Talkspace works by allowing clients to set up appointments with psychologists for therapy sessions. These therapy sessions are not live. Instead, users and psychologists send text messages during each session. Clients can use this app to deal with issues such as bad relationships, stress and depression.

This service is possible because thousands of therapists are signed up on this program. Each of these therapists are licensed professionals. Cleints are matched up with therapists who will provide them with the best services for the issues that they are dealing with. The services do cost money. However, the cost is a fraction of what people would pay if they visited a psychology in person. Keep in mind that when a person signs up with Talkspace they will be interviewed or assessed by a therapist. The outcome of this assessment will help Talkspace personnel to match a client up with a therapist that will meet their needs.

Once again, clients will have to pay for this service. There are different plans that are priced anywhere from $32 to $99 per week. This service is available for anyone 17 and over and users can enjoy utilizing it whenever they need. Talkspace has been well received within the market. The app has over 100,000 downloads and continues to grow in popularity.