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Halvorssen Changes the World with Innovative Businesses

Growing up in a well to do family, the average person would think that Thor Halvorssen would turn his nose at the everyday, working class person and yet he is fighting for them. Born to the mother with family members including the first Venezuelan President and his father was the grandson of the man who known for bringing industries such as Dunlop to Venezuela. Thier prestige did not get the best of them either. Halvorssen’s father being thought a spy and imprisoned. Treated very poorly and beaten for seventy-four days, the father felt he was going to be murdered. Halvorssen worked hard to get his father back and once he was released, the father began working for the United Nations. Likewise, his mother was shot at a protest in 2004.

Feeling that the government of his home had gunned her down, he wrote an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Each of these moments, combined with a life of moments similar to this lead Thor Halvorssen to start several businesses with a goal of peace.In 2004 he decided to step down from his position at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and start his own company, the Human Rights Foundation. Focusing on closed societies, their goal is “to promote and protect human rights”.

Examples of some of the work that they have done are to lobby and advocate the release of prisoners such as Liu Xiaobo, a politician in China. Halvorssen was able to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in place of Xiaobo who could not make the awards ceremony.Continuing on his path to Freedom, Halvorssen created the Oslo Freedom Forum, which is said to bring together “a network of passionate advocates committed to the promotion of human rights across the globe”. With dreams and the momentum behind them, more of Thor Haslvorssen what the world needs.

Thor Halvorrsen Fighting Injustice at the Governmental Level

Everybody should be held accountable for their crimes. This principle becomes more complicated when certain moral crimes are legalized, because one is left with the question of what she really means by crime. Is it a crime if it is in accordance with the federal law? One should think so. After all, some of the greatest atrocities in human history have been those that were legal, such as the crimes during World War II. Thor Halvorrsen, an expert in Political Science Theory (having received a degree from the University of Pennsylvania) recognizes that socialistic governments actually commit crimes against their own citizens. He offers a few bits of insight into this matter that people overlook far too often.

Don’t Trust The Rich, Trust The Government

Those of us who are not rich tend to look at the wealthy with envy. We contemplate whether they really deserve it. “Why them? Why not me?” will be asked, almost as though the rich rolled the cosmic dice and won the jackpot. When a governmental entity is promoting socialism, it will reinforce this inclination against the rich by pointing out how corrupt they are. They cannot be trusted and they do not need all of that money. However, the people are encouraged to trust the government. The government will swoop in and save the day by taking the money away from the rich and distributing it amongst the poor. The concern that Halvorrsen has is in putting so much trust into the government. It would not be so unthinkable for a government to abuse its’ power.

When Does It Become An Actual Crime?

If the government is taxing the rich into oblivion,

Halvorrsen has seen this play out many times, both in history and in contemporary society. When the government starts overtaxing and redistributing wealth, abuse of the system is imminent.