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George Soros Philanthropy

George Soros is a Jewish philanthropist and liberal political believer. He is renown business guru and charity activities financial supporter. He was born Hungary in 1970 and went to London business school to do a degree in Economics and masters in philosophy. He is a successful investor and the founder of Open Societies Foundations in New York. George Soros is a wealthy philanthropist and was listed among 30 billionaires in the world by Forbes magazine.

He founded Open Societies in 1979 to create tolerant, vibrant and human rights focused democracies in the world. The justices system should be open and avoid dictatorial leadership and governance. Since its inception, it reached to 10000 million people directly and voted as a third most significant charity in their world. It is the primary donor behind Wellcome Trust and Melinda and Gates foundation which focuses on improving healthcare in developing countries. He used his first profits to start Soros fund to support charity activities. He funds the organization through hosting annual fundraising events across the continent. He transferred $18 billion to the foundation to ensure sustainability of his political activism ideologies while he is alive or when he is no longer able to oversee the activities of the association.His donation of 1.8 billion to Open Society Foundations is ranked as the highest support given by an individual to an organization.

Mr.Soros advocates for constructive conservative ideologies for social political spheres across the global. Through the Open Societies Foundations, he has been advocating for human rights and democracy for thirty years in 120 countries in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Also, the organization is focusing on reducing abuses perpetrated by police and protection of Gays and lesbians right.

In regards to protection of human rights  social justices, the foundation works with civil society in Eastern Europe and Ohio to eliminate the second form of injustices to Africa America citizens. In 2014, his organization was very critical in the fight against Ebola outbreak. The fund supported sheltered lives, further disease outbreak and mitigated against future Ebola outbreaks.

In America political sphere, he is keen to support political activities. He supports democratic, and in particular, he helped Hilary Clinton in her bid to contest for president post in the United States of America.

Also, he believes in equality and protection of a human right; he supported muslims, immigrants, to be able to travel to Europe through open border policy. Also, to protect human life, John Soros supported anti-abortion campaigns in Ireland. Recently, the organization funded black life Matter Movement campaigns in the US after elections by opposing Donald Trump ideologies of black people and refugee

In 2016 United States general elections, there were many political crimes committed termed as “National Waves of Incidences” which was perpetrated through hate speeches. George Soros offered 10$ billion to address and curb such crimes.

The impact of George Soros foundation is widespread across the globe; it is holistic empowerment and sustainable. He is fortunate managed by his family members who also oversee the operations of the Open Society Foundation Programs.