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Securus Technologies Drone Detection Technology is the Future of Prison Security

Most people think that it is only the high walls and the locked doors that keep prisons safe. But, other than the physical barriers, prisons also need something extra to ensure that it is totally secured. There is a growing need for technology to stop inmates from smuggling items inside the prison and then to use them to their advantage or to hurt other people.


Communications technology is a boon to humanity. It helps people to communicate with people from different part of the world within seconds. But, communication technology is also used by the inmates for many illegal activities. It has been found that many criminals were able to run their entire operations while sitting in a secured prison using contraband phones. There is a growing need to stop these contraband phones from getting inside the prisons. With the rise in the number of illegal items getting caught in the hands of the inmates, prison officials are looking for better ways to stop these from getting inside the first place. Criminals are using drones to smuggle in the contraband. The detection of these drones is quite difficult as it needs more than high walls to stop them from invading the prisons.


Securus Technologies has come up with drone detection technology that would allow prisons to create a shield around its perimeters. Previously huge nets were used to cover the outside spaces in prisons that easily got damaged and often trapped birds. They also needed huge maintenance. But, drone detection technology is very convenient and easy to install. In case a drone tries to enter the prison, a message is sent to the authorities along with the location of the drone so that it can be caught. Drone detection technology will highly benefit the prison officers as well as the inmates from falling prey to crimes they do not want to be involved in.



The Secret To Private Sector Safety

How To Securus In A Safe Way


We all strive to keep ourselves safe during the days, months, weeks and years. The work we put into security and its importance is still easily overlooked. That work is a process undertaken by various modern technologies grouped with trained manpower. Securus is an agency that specifically works with technology created in modern times.


Electronic devices we use are advancing and are leveraged for every area of society that we have. This advancement is also a gateway for criminal activity. The potential of technology is the potential for abuse if we are ignorant of the responsibility regarding security. There are numerous ways danger comes about and because of the technology access we all have.



The Ongoing Need Of Technology


Securus Technologies is a firm that works against the advancement criminals make through technology. The agency is matched by no other and brings together a team of professionals who all specialize in vast areas of engineering and criminal security. The combined forces create a tangible product that we recognize today.


The end result is electronic devices that offer high-tech functions to aide in the process of security against criminal activity. The Securus Technologies firm often works directly with agencies who need to protect specific activity within a private facility. These professionals also have to work to keep information from both getting out and in.



Combining With Government Forces


The standing market for Securus Technologies is a foundation of over 2,600 U.S. contracts. These contracts span the United States of America and are limited to the private industry. This sector is private due to the protection it needs against criminal minds and public exposure. The government is working with Securus in the process.


Securus Technologies benefits from this relationship and in two primary ways. The agency has the best access to information about criminal activity and the psychology behind it. The more information like this that Securus has, the better the agency can leverage new technology against potential crime.

Securus Technologies Promotes Solutions to Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies is a leading-edge provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Their goal is to improve public safety as well as modernize the experience of incarceration. A wide array of agencies in law enforcement and corrections already rely on Securus Technologies for powerful solutions.


Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Securus Technologies offers communications with detainees, parolee tracking, as well as various levels of government information. Over the past five years, the company has acquired a large number of other companies, including Guarded Exchange, Jpay, and CellBlox. It ensures they continue to be the leading provider of technology while obtaining new technology that other companies had developed.


Many of the client companies have communicated about Securus Technologies’ ability to prevent crimes. Rick Smith, the Chairman and CEO of Securus says that they develop new products or services almost weekly to help officials with crime-solving and prevention.


One customer commented about how the technology helped them to use information from phone calls to arrest a corrupt staff member. Another customer talks about using the technology solutions because of how Securus is revolutionizing the environment.


A large number of customers have positive things to say about Securus Technologies. Many of the customers have also been using the technologies for over a decade.


Securus Technologies Keeping Inmates and Officers Safe

Inmates are behind these walls of our local prison 24-hours a day. Compare that to the eight hours a day officers work, and you can see quickly how these inmates are able to identify weaknesses in the system and exploit them. When me and my fellow officers are not paying 100% attention to the inmates, things can go from bad to deadly in the blink of an eye.


Now if you start adding into the mix that these inmates can gain access to things like weapons and drugs, now you understand why my team of corrections officers have to be vigilant in our quest to keep everyone safe. These inmates will tell you that many of them can get contraband more easily in a prison than they ever could on the outside. That is one trend we have been working hard to eliminate in our prison.


One of the new ways that we attack the problem head on is by using our inmate call monitoring system that was just installed by Securus Technologies. The system does the work of several officers, allowing us to put our team in multiple places while all calls are being closely monitored for chatter about drugs and weapons. Securus Technologies has this exact system in thousands of prisons, and the objective of the company is to make our world safer.


Once me and my fellow officers were comfortable with the LBS software, we began getting hits almost on the hour of inmates talking about weapons and drugs. Our team listened intently as inmates talked about how they are keeping the drugs in the cell without us knowing, who is helping in the effort by bringing the drugs to the jail, and how weapons are hid in the yard and available for when the call comes down to target another inmate or officer.


Securus’s New Innovation Enables Law Enforcement To Make New Connections

I don’t think you would feel very comfortable if you suddenly found out that every single one of your telephone calls was being recorded. That’s exactly what prisoners have to endure when they are incarcerated. Securus Technologies, a third-party telephone company that exclusively does business with prisons, records every single telephone call made to their facilities.


If you were a prisoner who was communicating with the outside world in order to plan criminal activities, you would be foolish to speak clearly on these telephone calls while being recorded. But a recent software innovation made by Securus Technologies allows law enforcement officers to use these telephone recordings to prevent crimes, create new leads and boost conviction rates.


All the software needs is a recording of a voice. The software then breaks the voice down into its simplest forms to create a vocal profile. That profile is then applied to the recorded database and every single match is produced immediately. This allows law enforcement officers to listen to every single telephone call involving that particular vocal signature.


This can lead to the discovery of criminal plans, but it’s most powerful use is connecting the dots. Law-enforcement can get their hands on a recording of a person of interest and then feed it into the software. Perhaps this person of interest is the head of an organized crime syndicate. Law enforcement officials can then see every single phone call that person has made into a prison. This allows them to see who that person of interest is connected to in the criminal world. It can lead to some shocking discoveries.


All of this recorded information can be used in court to help convict the criminal. It is incredibly important data and evidence that serves as another weapon that law enforcement officials can use for their advantage.


Customers Praise Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies assists law enforcement by providing technological solutions for everything from investigations to inmate monitoring. They recently released a series of comments from various facility customers regarding the products used to prevent inmate on inmate crimes. All of the comments came from officials whose job it is to make jails and prisons safer places for inmates and the people who work there.

Many of the comments referred to technology used to monitor inmate phone calls and the ways in which officers were able to use information gained from those calls in investigations and arrests. One call in particular had detailed information regarding what a witness was to say to police officers regarding a shooting. Another phone call gave information on a corrupt employee who was later arrested. But the phone monitoring is not the only valuable service provided by Securus. People were very glad of the reporting data, covert alret feature, and the LBS software.

Securus Technologies has issued an open invitation to current customers as well as those currently under contract with competitors to come visit their technology center in Dallas, Texas in order to learn more about all of the valuable services that Securus provides.

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. In 2016, they received an A+ rating as well as accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. They currently serve about 2,600 facilities across 45 states.


Securus Provides Large Donation to United Way

One of the national leaders when it comes to security and law enforcement technology is Securus Technologies, a company which is located in Dallas, Texas. The company currently serves nearly 3,500 law enforcement agencies and organizations across the country. The company provides technology for emergency response services, public information, incident management, and criminal analysis.

Beyond providing technology to help service the law enforcement agency, the company also provides technology to help inmates better communicate with their families. Securus has a specialized secure inmate communication service, which allows inmates to video chat through web cameras with their loved ones. This can greatly increase an inmate’s accessibility, particularly when they are located in a prison far from home. The online technology can also be used so family members and friends can schedule face-to-face visits online, as opposed to having to call through the prison system. Click here to register for the video visitation service or download their app to get started on your own.

While Securus has a reputation for being a leader in security and communications technology, the company also has a reputation for being a very charitable organization. For the past eight years, the company has continued to encourage company leaders and staff to be more charitable and give back to the community. The company has partnered with United Way in an effort to increase internal donations and has continued to do so every year.

In 2015, the company donated over $350,000 to The United Way. This was nearly a twenty percent increase compared to the prior year’s donations and greatly exceeded the company’s expectations. In 2015, the company saw a record number of employees donate to the charity, had a higher number of leadership positions give to the charity, and had the largest percentage increase compared to the initial donation goal. Overall, the company has continued to donate heavily to the United Way and has now donated well over one million dollars over the past five years. 

The United Way is one of the largest charitable organizations in the world. The company works with individuals to try and improve lives through better education, health, and income by attempting to give individuals the resources that they need to live and succeed. The organization aims to not only improve the lives of an individual person, but to also improve the lives of everyone who lives in a struggling community.