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Fortress Investment Group: Americas First Ever Alternative Investment Choice

Fortress has a huge reputation for being America’s first ever alternative investment company. Money is needed to serve innovation to consumers as a business. Fortress is doing the same thing, but in a way where it serves innovation to businesses through the means of funding. Fortress Investment Group was originally founded as a private equity firm that assists in paying equities for various private entities and individuals. Now, its ever-improving methods made it a trendsetter in the world of finance.

From Simple Equities To More Funding Options

Fortress Investment Group has been developing a lot of financial trends ever since it was founded in 1998. It specializes in providing equities in order to improve a lot of businesses, especially those who wish to get back up from failure. Its private equity services earned its deserving growth. That’s why it gained its reputation as the first ever alternative investment choice to ever go public in the whole United States. It’s all thanks to the company’s dedication to providing funding for many businesses so then everyone will improve together in the long run.

The addition of financial powerhouses such as Wes Edens and Peter Briger improved the procedures of Fortress Investment Group. The help of these professionals gained the company features wherein it can handle asset-based investing and not just the private equities. It also held credit funds and capital markets, as well as corporate mergers for better business futures. They also played a huge role where it provided alternative investments during the time where the economy of the country fell down during the early and mid-2000s. These served as milestones that recognized the group’s now-two decades worth of existence and expertise in business financing.

Still Going Strong As Ever

As of today, Fortress Investment Group is a global investment management firm that provides billions of assets. The assets go to approximately over 1,750 investors in various fundings such as capital vehicles, private equity (the classic technique of Fortress), and hedge funding. It now aims for returns wherein its risks can be adjusted easily in order to produce long-term investments that will yield profits for the years to come. It currently has 900 employees in New York – where its HQ is located.

SahmAdrangi: Investing When It Matters

Most hedge fund managers raise money for specific investments purposes such as to back up an investment or to support a recovery. Raising funds to short a stock is not as popular among fund managers.

Kerrisdale Capital Management led by SahmAdrangi raised up to 100 million dollars to short a stock for an unveiled public company. Sahm approximated the company’s net worth at 10 billion dollars. Together with the team at Kerrisdale, he explained provided the market insights on the future performance of the company to the investors. Mr. Adrangi posted the information on the investment on the Kerrisdale website.

In May 2016, the identified company was unveiled. New York based Kerrisdale Capital Management began buying the stock before then to establish itself in the business. The fund management firm currently manages over 500 million dollars. It specializes in shorting against companies. Previously, it has bet against companies such as Globalstar, Zafgen and Sage Therapeutics. Kerrisdale’s annual return on the investments has averaged 28% annually over the past five years.

SahmAdrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009. He is the Chief Investment officer and oversees the general operations of the firm. Sahm is an activist for short research and has established himself as shorting expert. He has a B.A in Economics from Yale University. Adrangi first worked with Deutsche Bank as an analyst between 2004 and 2005. While at Deutsche, he was instrumental in the structuring of high yield bond, financial buyouts and non-investment grade bank debts.

He joined Chanin Capital Partners in late 2005 as a bankruptcy restructuring analyst. At Chanin Capital, he represented creditors, bank debt holders, select equity committees and bondholder committees. He helped clients design chapter 11 and out of court bankruptcy restructuring. In 2007, he worked with Longacre Fund Management as an analyst and researcher for the company’s credit and equity fund. At the time, Longacre managed over assets valued at over 2 billion dollars. At Kerrisdale, SahmAdrangi focuses on the long term and specific event-driven investments. He also leads the team to encourage activism within the sector by providing useful resources and information through blogs and articles.


How Highland Capital has risen to be a top Credit Manager Company

Highland Capital Management is a global alternative credit manager company which offers a variety of credit-oriented products and also credit strategies to its customers. The firm was founded in 1993. James Dondero, who is the co-founder and president have an adequate experience in the equity and credit market. He started off as an analyst while in the Morgan Guaranty training program. Mark Okada who is the co-founder and chief investment officer is responsible for all investment activities done by the firm.


Currently, Highland manages assets worth approximately $15.4 billion. The company has offered solutions in alternative investments for over 20 years. The firm has a diversified client base all rooted in the credit market. Some of the credit strategies the firm specializes in include:

Long-only funds and separate accounts

Credit hedge funds

Collateralized loan obligations

Highland Capital also offers other alternative investments such as natural resources and emerging markets. Through the application of time-tested principles of investments, the firm can produce consistent returns.


Other companies with an urgent need of capital have gotten assistance from Highland Capital as the firm has invested in the distressed middle market. Some of the companies the firm has been involved in include:

Industrial companies

Telecommunication and Media

Healthcare services


The firm also offers alternative equity strategies. The strategies are focused on bringing back low-risk returns to the company as well as other investors. Through disciplined investment approach, the firm can generate good performance throughout different markets. The funds generated are also known as low beta equity investments.

Highland has also invested in the healthcare market. The firm delivers expertise in this sector whereby it manages assets worth more than $2 billion through fixed loans assets and income. The company has experience in managing both long and short books. It is through the proven track record of the company in the healthcare sector that more investors have full trust while working with Highland Capital Management.


Highland has also invested in the community whereby it is committed to impacting a change through donations to the local community and other nonprofit organizations within the community. The community welfare is among the top agendas emphasized by the firm. The firm works on uplifting the living standards of the community and people in need.