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Integrity by Sahm Adrangi

As a founder and chief investment officer of Kerrisdale capital management, Sahm Adrangi tremendously rose in the world of investments. Kerrisdale Capital Management Company established its operations in the year 2009 by Sahm Adrangi who was the sole-founder. Sahm joined Yale University where he pursued a bachelor of arts degree. Read more at Endpoints News about Sahm Adrangi.

Headquarters of Kerrisdale capital management are in New York. Management of funds was the core goal of Kerrisdale capital, whereby it focused on restructuring bankruptcy. Sahm Adrangi had the experience of working on tasks which gave him the confidence of founding a capital management company of his own. Long-term investments that were to triumph in the world’s economy were some of the ideas of Sahm that were to propel Kerrisdale capital management company.

One of the recent works by Kerrisdale capital manager was whereby they identified that the Kodak company ran out of funds. Shareholders of the Kodak company were to get no money, despite advice from their advisors that their share value had risen to an unknown level. In return, the Eastman Kodak company announced a partnership to launch a system that was to enhance the image licensing platform and a photo-centric cryptocurrency. All this was to mask the blemishes the company had.


If Kerrisdale management company raised the alarm on the probe in the Eastman Kodak company, the advisors in the Kodak company who lacked legitimacy in their work would develop mistrust with Kerrisdale company. In the attempt to secure their jobs in their printing and imaging company, they decided to blindfold their shareholders. They did this by proving to be taking partnership for their expansion. Sahm Adrangi was on the lookout with his company that the value of shares in the Kodak company was an empty promise. On occasion, the share value declines in the image company, Kerrisdale management company were to earn for raising the alarm.

Sahm exposed fraud actions in businesses, corporations, and worked in investigation panels, which helped in identifying graft scenarios. Indeed, Sahm Adrangi assisted in fighting corruption and bankruptcy. Read more at about Sahm Adrangi.

Montoro Jens’s New Blogger

Montoro’s Writer on His First Project – Summarized Thoughts


Here are the intro. pieces so you can see what / how I write. At first, it was a little “boring”, but I really delved into it and learned something; I can definitely do 2 of these on taxes and 2 on nursing for Felipe Montoro Jens every week, and more if you’d like. I sent him the PayPal invoice as requested. Hopefully we’re onto something here, and the more I write about these, the more in-depth I can get as I cover these topics so that new clients/viewer’s can see. Hopefully, it’ll “snowball effect” for Jens’s business in days to come.


Let me know your thoughts and what I can do to make you succeed even more! Let’s chat on Hangouts! I just wanted to chat about the shared folder on Jens’s site;

that folder should have a few docs in it – do you see them? Very good, specific instructions I have seen before. I try!


Recent Hangout Text Conversation with Jens and Co-Worked – Back and Forth Paraphrased – July 2017



So what do you think about the __REQUIREMENTS doc?

It’s the one I listed 4 article title/questions.

Very doable and professional


So taxes don’t bore you?

Not quite – they challenge me as a writer/researcher.


Ok, so just to clarify, the titles say

(1) States without income tax?

(2) What does federal income tax pay for?

(3) What does Colorado income tax pay for?

(4) Do I have to file estimated income tax?


You are willing to try all four?

Sure. How many words each? Will I invoice you through PayPal? Do you want me to put these on my blog or did you already have a website in mind?

Jeffry Schneider: A CEO With A Love For Humanity

Jeffry Schneider is the CEO and founder of the boutique investment firm, Ascendant Capital LLC. He has created something special at the company, which is well known for its culture of trust and encouragement, and under his leadership it is projected that over the next 12 months it will earn $400 million. His history of working with only the best firms has led him to build up his knowledge of alternative investing, and he takes his 24 years of experience in the financial services industry and uses it to serve his wide range of high-class clientele. By working with many different broker dealers, hundreds of investment advisors, and numerous family offices, he earns exuberant amounts of profit that is invested directly into auto dealerships, tech companies, real estate, and more.


His time spent with Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management deepened his knowledge for working with different hedge fund managers. While there, he was able to match them up with the right clientele by building relationships that ensured their commitment to the firms they would be partnering with. He also became one of the top advisors for for alternative investment managers and would help them to better understand how to structure their investment portfolios. Jeffry Schneider’s commitment to making his clients and investors his top priority has been a large part of his success, and the people who come to him for advice know that they can rely on him to give it to them like it is.


Outside of work and company life, Jeffry enjoys traveling and especially likes to embed himself into cultures and experience life like the locals do. His fascination and love for people has inspired him to visit many locations all over the world, and two of his favorites are Thailand and Budapest. He especially enjoys frequenting the rural parts of these countries for the buzz and lifestyle there. He appreciates that they do not have a need for all of the technology and trappings of the western world.


Jeffry Schneider supports a range of charitable causes and some of these include the Cherokee Home for Children, the Gazelle Foundation, and Wonders and Worries.


Chris Burch Joins Fashion & Technology To Create Innovative New Concepts.

The charming arena of fashion garments, as well as imaginative areas of technological production, since the very origin of their trend setting foundations, are two very dissimilar areas of creativity that have transformed through several incarnations. Together these compelling facets of innovation have blossomed side by side over many decades. During the era of the funky 1970’s, a new-fangled tool began to flourish and become all the rage. It was a brand new conception – a mechanical product for distributing music, distinguished by the simple label “boom box.” This funky tool for sharing music instantly engrossed people with it. The tool provided the owner with a method to simply transport and play music. The purchaser now had the ability to spread their music out to a crowd of people or during a leisurely walk within their community. As soon as the 1980’s appeared, the tool began to recurrently appear in theaters and television shows. It was often associated with street-dancers and their trendy clothing styles. The 1990’s provided a new attitude, there was an improvement where the tool was produced small enough to place it on a wearer’s belt, inaudibly experienced from the arrival of headphones. One decade later, the tool was marketed as being even smaller, without any moving pieces, and was concealable within the consumer’s pant pocket. This innovative change in the tool’s size was the outcome of fashion’s influence.


That same pioneering technology is linking with fashion. Many producers of fashion garbs have manufactured items that are intended to defend the wearer and be a well-dressed accessory at the same time. A terrific example of a union of fashion with technological devices is the arrival of a decorative airbag for the consumer’s neck. The stylish airbag is joined with garments for use when riding a dirt bike; should the wearer have an accident, the garment blows up and the neck is kept protected.


Tools that are joined with technology & fashion have become a source of revenue for CEO and innovator for the renowned Burch Creative Capital, by Chris Burch. Burch is a creator of countless tools that join technology and fashion. Burch is accepted as a “power brander.”


He promotes his skill for branding and marketing by investigating a range of technology, joined with attire. He started Eagle’s Eye from $2,000, profiting to a $165 million business.