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VIjay Eswaran: Personal Code

Eswaran writes that we are all two minutes away from the abyss of death. Nobody lives their life with respect to this understanding since we assume we have all the time the world. Warrior tribes from around the world shout one cry “Today is a good day to die,” which means do not take life for granted. It could end at any moment. Vijay Eswaran quotes Nikolai Tesla “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Each human being is a product of various forces that made us such as our parents, our upbringing, our culture, our friends, and what is within our nature.

Positive and negative are of little significance, since the time we have is actually very little. A sense of urgency helps us live with decisions geared towards getting to a specific situation daily. Change is also necessary in life, constant change along with decision-making since change is about growth. Stages of learning involve discernment, analysis, total focus and detachment. The ego must be repressed at every turn when it manifests as aggression or passivity. Fear either paralyzes you or helps you move forward.

Fear can be excitement in disguise and it can energize you, to propel you forward to get something done. Taking a leap into something can make you vulnerable but you must lean into your fear to survive. Change begins from within. Fear of change plagues every human on earth. Breaking free of a bad habit is a change that comes from the inside but change is not easy. Change however, can propel you towards those who are facing change as well. Change can be like waves in the ocean, crashing against a rock, making the rock change shape because change is not easy. Age makes you inevitably wiser. Leadership is about service, not giving orders. Real leaders take care of the people who work for them. They serve with clarity of vision, engaging their team, with core values such as honesty, truth, compassion and acceptance along with a commitment to growth, and a will to sacrifice.

Igor Cornelsen take on investing in the Brazilian economy

Due to recent improvement of the Brazil’s financial sector, it has provided the opportune time for investors to invest in this growing economy. Giants such as Igor cornelsen usually wait for this financial boom to start making profits. The economy of Brazils of recent has been making gains and it also has the support of china which adds more value to the Brazilian economy. However there are things to note for first time investors in other countries economies.

For example in Brazil there some things one must take note of and these are some of the issues that Igor cornelsen tries to explain and how to avoid losses and make huge profits from your investment. By familiarizing with foreign policies on currencies will aid you when you are carrying out exchanges. You must make an effort to know the current exchange rates. Another way of keeping investment safe is by collaborating with the local people in Brazil. By forming networks and establishing relationship will ensure the business makes profits. Forming connections in Brazil is fairly easy as most of the youth in Brazil are self made entrepreneurs. More sore Brazilians are relatively friendly and welcoming people in nature so mingling will not be a problem.

One final advice from Igor cornelsen is to be prepared against the policies that the government imposes on businesses as Brazil is an economy that is still recovering and that’s why the government may be harsh. You are advised to carry out research on possible policies and how best you can handle them. Some of these barriers by the government includes over taxations, over regulations and some very unfriendly restrictions. This firm is there to advice individuals before they make full investment into the Brazilian economy. The firm’s mains stress is connection with the local people as they equate their advice to goal and once you have these connections you cannot fail. The firm advices the investor to find a bank that executes foreign exchange and have a solid knowledge on policies on local currencies. With this advice one is sure to make a lot of money.

Lori Senecal’s Success At KBS

Back in 2009, a powerful marketing agency in New York City named KBS was on its way down. The original founders were in their final year of their earn-outs. The entire company was run like a family business where once you’re in, you were in; the founders had your back. But the old way of doing things in the marketing industry was dying. The digital age was ushering in a new way of doing things. As a result, KBS was losing employees and clients on a weekly basis.

That’s when the founders brought in Lori Senecal, a blue-eyed Canadian woman that shocked the marketing world by getting her name on the door of a New York marketing office so young. She was put in charge of bringing KBS into the new age.

She quickly transitioned the marketing firm to more social and digital platforms. Client retention immediately shot through the roof. The original founders of the firm wanted to foster an environment of invention where entrepreneurs could spin their entrepreneurial wheels. Lori Senecal quickly developed a culture ripe for entrepreneurial invention.

KBS turned into a place of invention. She ran inventing contests with her employees in order to foster this environment. She created a culture where people thought big, took big chances and invented the next big thing. KBS was not interested in incremental innovation. This kind of leadership quickly took KBS global. They broke out of their New York City bubble to span across the planet.

Lori Senecal did all of this while being a self-described shy introvert. Her closet is like that of Superman, except every outfit is black. She has a reputation for focusing on growth and profits over human connection. But what she lacks for in one-on-one personal interaction, she makes up for in creating invigorating and inspiring cultures within the workforce.

Her success at KBS caught the attention of CP + B. they made her an offer she could not refuse, and she became the Global CEO of the advertising firm. Her leadership has already paid off with a company growing to 800 employees worldwide. Read full article published on Huffington Post.

To learn more about Lori Senecal, visit her Fast Company profile.