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White Shark Media Obtains Numerous Positive Reviews from its Clients


White Shark Media has earned a spot on the list of North America-headquartered agencies that are recording rapid growth. It derives its fast-paced rise from its reputation of creating solid and affordable search marketing campaigns. This entity has mastered the art of creating an exciting customer experience. The boutique agency has facilitated the growth of many small businesses in North America by supplying them with state-of-the-art online marketing tactics coupled with a suite of exclusive marketing tools.


White Shark Media has received high ratings and positive comments from grading sites such as Yelp and its clients. Most customers highlight the great strides they have made in their businesses by leveraging marketing solutions offered by White Shark. The firm’s employees have also received compliments for their willingness to help, professionalism, and prompt response.


Top reviews and comments from prominent clients


  1. California-based Medical Service


This company has received services from White Shark Media for several years. Its direct contact person is Robert. The firm’s manager has highly rated the communication abilities of Robert. This company has recorded significant improvement in the performance of AdWords campaigns since White Shark tasked Robert with the responsibility of overseeing their growth.


  1. New Hampshire-headquartered real estate


This company has seen tremendous growth since it started utilizing White Shark’s pragmatic marketing solution. Its AdWords campaigns are recording incredible performance. The customer praises Robert, the contact person, for his ability to respond to calls promptly and answer question professionally.


  1. Florida-based Installation Services


The performance of this business highly depends on the season. However, the client is happy with the progress the firm makes throughout the year. The company has recruited more customers, especially during the high seasons.


  1. Texas-based Security Services


This company has worked in close cooperation with White Shark Media for a couple of years. At first, Damaris was in charge of AdWords campaigns. She did a great job and earned the respect of this company. Currently, Robert manages the marketing campaigns for this company. This client appreciates the role White Shark has played in optimizing the marketing strategies.


High rate of client retention


White Shark Media maintain a high customer retention rate due to its constant engagement with clients and development of strong alliances. The company has more than 150 workers spread in three nations. They are continually improving their skills in Display Advertising, Bing Ads, and Google Analytics. These skills enable them to develop unique campaigns for new customers and to enhance the existing ones.



Adwords Management Using White Shark Media

White Shark Media is an adwords management and marketing service that prides itself on embracing change and promoting innovation. They work hard to over-deliver and research fast and in-depth marketing techniques for their clients. Marketing can be a hard business to get into, especially if researching niches and keywords is not your forte. The good thing is, White Shark Media has your back. They work hard to make sure their customers are satisfied every step of the way. They research overtime in order to provide the best service to their clients. They treat all of their clients’ business as if it were their own. Testimonials on the White Shark Media recommend them as a fantastic business partner to have on your side, as they will do everything in their power to create a brilliant strategy for longterm success.


Nikitas Tsoukalis commented, “I can only say amazing things about White Shark Media. Not only have they saved us over $10k per month in our adwords budget, but they also have created a smarter campaign that has directed better traffic to our site.” Other reviews on the company are similar in nature.


The company is a premier partner of Google Adwords and follows all of the guidelines and requirements needed in order for them to be handpicked by Google themselves. White Shark also offers a completely free adwords performance evaluation from their specialists. Pricing is super affordable, ranging from three to eight hundred dollars a month. With hundreds of excellent ratings, WSM is a trustworthy and professional provider that can help your business rise to the top.