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The RealReal

The Upcoming of RealReal

The RealReal, had a good experience and a substantial amount of success in opening their first store in New York City, so in 2018, they will be investing in more in stores. The company’s director of marketing, Allison Sommer, claims that the year of 2018 will be “The year of the pop-up.” Sommer also made a statement at the conference she attended and spoke at in Miami that, “Stores help to legitimize your brand and give [online brands like ours] a street-level presence.”

In 2016, The RealReal held a pop-up in New York City, which brought a whopping $2 million. They also held a pop-up in San Diego, California, and after the event was over, The RealReal had a dramatic increase of inline sales by 500% year-over-year. They are trying to mimic their success by initiate a pop-up in Las Vegas, and in more locations in the United States. They will believe that all consumers are awaiting a greater experience, therefor, The RealReal plan to have expertise there to help the customers, such as authentication specialists and gemologists.

The company is now six years old and although they have some rough competition, they are the most funded online luxury resale startup. The company has increased to seven million members internationally, and they only plan on increasing.

The RealReal believe that having an in store is the key to spreading the word, and it has worked for them.

The RealReal is a six year old company and resale’s items for women, men, and home items. This company employs over 800 people, and they have six valuation offices in San Francisco, New York, L.A., Chicago, and Washington, D.C. They are also opening a series of brick-and-mortar stores, which will start with one of their locations in New York.

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Don Ressler – The Fashion Titan behind JustFab

The entrepreneur Don Ressler is a rare case of study. He is the co-founder of the fashion clothing company JustFab, and is the co-worker of the other famous fashion personality, Adam Goldenstein, which was the COO of the Intermix Media, an essential name in the history of Don Ressler’s career.

Don Ressler established his career path with his first start-ups when he began a website about living with healthier habits, including practicing exercises, tips on losing fat and what to eat on a daily basis. The website was called, and the theme of the articles posted there would be very important later on in his partnership with Adam Goldenstein.

Don Ressler co-founded Alena Media with Adam Goldenberg, and it was bought by news Corp, meaning it was a huge success for the two very young entrepreneurs who were just starting their respective careers.

This burst of luck and success led them to create a strong bond and partnership, and both of them began developing an idea that they called the “Intelligent beauty,” where they would be later launching a weight loss program.

After that, it was time for JustFab to burst into existence.

With Ressler at the helm of a promising fashion start-up, many people and organizations were convinced that JustFab was a secure investment that would return great profits. That is why, in 2011, when JustFab roped in Kimora Lee Simmons to preside over the firm and lead their creative division, $33 million came in the form of funds from Matrix Partners.

In 2012, just a couple of months after reaching the 6 million subscribers mark, a mammoth $76 million in the further capital were given by Matrix Partners alongside Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty itself. In 2013, with $40 million more in the bank gleaned from further investors, JustFab launched Fabletics with Kate Hudson, an online store for sporty clothing. To increase its reach in Europe, JustFab also acquired rivals ShoeDazzle, FabKids and The Fab Shoes.

To round off the year, the quickly growing e-commerce site with 3 million subscribers from Europe alone opened its first brick-and-mortar shop. A further injection of $85 million in funding from Shining Capital, Matrix Partners, and Technology Crossover in 2014 further boosted JustFab’s agenda. In 2016, to better reflect the nature of the business, JustFab changed its name to Techstyle.

With a great amount of experience in running vast business empires online, Don Ressler is a global leader in the fields of fashion and online shopping.

The Business Solutions White Shark Media Offers their Clients

There is nothing that is more frustrating than trying to take your company digital when you do not have the right assistance in the process. Most of the time, companies go wrong with their digital marketing campaigns because they expect huge returns, but they are not doing what it takes to get them. White Shark Media has been in business for the past seven years, and they have been helping their clients get better Google ranks. Below are some reviews from some of the companies that have used their services.

One of the companies confides that when they met white shark media, they were struggling with their sales. Most of the businesses of their kind had already taken their deals online, and they were trying to catch up with the competition. Their challenge was that the keywords they came up with led to the sites of their competitors who were more established. When White Shark Media came in, they started the process of keyword selection fresh. It helped them develop the specific keywords that could work for them without leading directly to their competitors. After a few months of SEO, the page was ranked at the top, and their business improved significantly.

The other business owner claims that when they started out, they did not even have a website. They were connected with White Shark Media, and they started the process from the basic website creation. After the creation, White Shark Media helped them get the right people for content creation. They managed to get the articles that were optimized correctly for the website, and organic traffic generation started. After about six months of working with White Shark, they appeared at the top of the Google ranks. White Shark, therefore, does seem to thoroughly understand the processes which a company needs to go through to succeed in digital marketing.