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Organo Gold and Founder Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua has quite the extensive resume behind him. As such, his name is well known in the direct sales industry as one of the leading professionals behind teas, coffee, everyday living products, and in his brand’s usage of the healthy fungus ganoderma.

For the last decade, Bernardo Chua has been deeply involved in his company’s lucrative business involving the unique ingredient. His past with Gano Excel has given him ample expertise on how to run a business with his current project Organo Gold.

The business professional goes by the affectionate nickname of “Bernie” due to his friendly demeanor with each of his colleagues. He started out in the Phillipines and it’s been through his efforts that ganoderma has been brought so strongly to the American marketplace, where the benefits can be reaped even stronger with the country’s health conscious millennial youth and for the older audiences who value Eastern remedies and teas. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Organo Gold’s name is founded from the “gold” product ganoderma, a rare fungus that is a staple herb used in Asia but whose notoriety is only just beginning to be revealed to Americans. Ganoderma is not used as a food ingredient, no.

It’s often used for its health benefits in such things as teas, supplements, and skin care products. It has a unique trumpet red shape and they are mostly found growing on wood in tropical areas of Asia. The company Organo harvests the finest specimens of ganoderma from logs to be found in China’s Wuyi Mountains in the Fuzhou region.

According to PR Newswire, when Bernardo Chua was setting up his business model, he became increasingly aware of the benefits of direct sales. It was with the direct sales method that he discovered a way to quickly grow his business in the Phillipines, so that he could catapult his wares to a more global marketplace using what he learned from the art of selling direct.

Given his natural entrepreneurial mindset, Chua stands strongly by the notion that direct sales is the very best way to do business for his brand of products. This way of thinking definitely shows, since his considered one of the best businessman in The Pacific Rim.