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Graeme Holm Created Infinity Group Australia To Help Families Reduce Their Mortgages

Graeme Holm has spent seventeen years in the sector for financial services. His completed accreditations include financial planning, real estate and finance. After nearly ten years in the four major banking environments, he became frustrated. He was tired of pushing only one brand of service and product offerings. Graeme Holm realized most of the families in Australia were being offered poor deals by the financial institutions. This was when the drive and inspiration to start his own company began. Infinity Group Australia was created to change and fix the financial lives of Australians, one family at a time.


Graeme Holm designed Infinity Group Australia using a different approach than the traditional broker. The company goes into detail regarding the needs of the family and the household expenses. They meet with clients multiple times to understand, assist and fine tune a weekly budget for necessities including groceries, travel expenses, fuel and entertainment. A traditional broker is finished once the loan has been approved. This is where Graeme Homs gets started. A personal banker is allocated to every client to help them pay off the loan faster.


Infinity provides all their clients with a monthly performance report. This enables them to see if their family budget needs to be adjusted or if they are meeting their expectations and goals. Their clients are provided with six monthly reviews to make certain their clients succeed in their commitment to reducing their mortgages. Infinity teaches families the difference between needs and wants. Graeme Holm has yet to meet a client he was unable to help. He realizes most of the things people spend their money on are thrown away within a few months. This money can reduce the daily interest for a mortgage. Many people forget although interest is charged monthly, it is calculated daily.


During 2015 and 2016, almost thirty percent of the households in Australia had too much debt based on their ratio of income and debt. Graeme Holm is trying to help people reduce the amount of debt from their mortgages. The company does charge a fee for the personal banker and debt reduction model. They then charge ten percent of the yearly debt reduction. The families with Infinity’s support and guidance pay off more of the loan in the next three months than they did in the previous year. Infinity offers a service model that is honest and open. The bottom line is the stronger the result achieved by the client, the better the result for Infinity. The borrowers are under less stress. They can spend time with their families, go to work and know their bills are being paid. Graeme Holm does not believe in having clients, he believes in adding more members to his family. Learn more:

Why Government Intervention Is A Good Thing: Insight From George Soros

The economy of America is based on the idea that if everyone acts in their own best interest, than business will boom and everyone will be better off than if there were any regulations in place limiting their actions. This is a laissez-faire economy, and has been the ruling belief for the last one hundred years. George Soros, billionaire, philosopher, political activist, and historian has shared his beliefs about what this laissez-faire system is doing to our country. His beliefs are on point, and I will tell you about them here. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

First of all, Soros points out that we need to name the enemy in clear terms. Capitalism has become an enemy, because of the way we have let it over-run society. The laissez-faire economy ideology is no longer helping Americans, it is hurting them. In his own words, he says, “I consider the threat from the laissez-faire side more potent today than the threat from totalitarian ideologies”.

Does that make you stop and think? It did for me. I have long considered that if every one acts in their own best interest, the group will be better off. His words made me stop and think. Could there be an enemy here that we need to get clear on?

He presents the startling idea that the laissez-faire economy is an ideal that does not work in the real world. His argument goes back to his philosophy about reality, and an idea which he calls “reflectivism”. He says that reality goes two ways; there is a feedback mechanism between people’s thoughts and perceptions, and events in the real world. Because of this feedback mechanism, knowledge is never perfect. This is why, according to Soros, the laissez-faire economy can not work. It is based on perfect knowledge, which no one can have. Read this story at about George Soros.

Instead of letting everyone act in their own best interest, Soros presents the idea that governments should be allowed to intervene for the greater good. There should be some mechanism of wealth distribution, so that the cycle of inherited wealth is broken and the vast disparity between classes is evened out. He sees wealth distribution as a corrective measure that might help us fix the economic situation which has been uneven and out of control for many years now.

Soros uses his own wealth to help political leaders whom he supports. He also donates to networks of foundations near his homeland of Hungary. Those foundations are working towards building open societies in Europe. In America, George Soros supports liberal political leaders. For example, he donated $25 billion in support of Hilary Clinton in 2016. He also supports political committed that help mobilized voters. He pledged $5 million to a group that is fighting against the conservative parties methods of limiting voting.

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How Hussain Sajwani rose from all his struggles to become the founder of DAMAC Properties.

Born in 1954 from a middle-class family in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani is the founder and currently the Chairman of DAMAC Properties. His mother was a hawker while his father had a pen and watch pen store. His father also handled various real estate projects as a side hustle. As the eldest son, Sajwani’s dad wanted his son to engage in the family business. With this, Sajwani started working at his father’s watch shop for nearly three years. In these years, he had the opportunity of learning and understanding what are some of the challenges business owners face. He saw how he father was a hard worker and ambitious and this motivated him to make it in life. Through working in his father’s shop, he had the chances of hearing stories regarding his parent’s success and failures and assured himself he would become successful.

With this in mind, Sajwani focused on attaining a good educational background that would play a part in his career path. He joined the University of Washington where he earned his degree in Economics. Sajwani was well aware of the fact that if he desired to pursue his dream as a white collar professional, he had to be keen when it came to knowledge. After his graduation, Hussain started his career in GASCO as a contractor manager. GASCO was an affiliate company of ADNOC, and this is where he gained his experience before starting his own business venturing into catering.

With the little capital he had, he ventured into catering which posed to be a good investment as it has grown to a point where it manages more than two hundred projects and one thousand meals daily. He serves army camps, educational institutions while providing ancillary services. Among the pioneers responsible for the property market expansion in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani was one of them. He built various hotels in the mid-90s, and this led to him forming DAMAC Properties in 2002.

DAMAC Properties has gradually grown to become a publicly listed organization employing more than one thousand employees. When it comes to luxury property development market, DAMAC Properties has one of the best track records. According to Hussain Sajwani, anything is possible with the help of desire, determination, and dedication.


Since the late 1990s, the Banco BMG bank has been under the management of Ricardo Guimaraes. His grandfather Antonio Guimaraes started the bank. Since it began, the bank has been involved in providing payrolls loans to the public, mostly Brazil. The bank offers credits and credit advice to the public and also engages in helping investment companies. In the credit market, Ricardo Guimaraes leads the Banco BMG bank to become the best.


Ricardo Guimaraes has steered the group in improving its profits. In 2015, the Banco BMG financial statements showed an improvement in their net interest margin by about 6.6% and a net income of r$ 103 million.


This is an impressive success for the bank. The bank as it deals with loaning the public, it was able to loan a summary of about R $ 29,533. The bank offers loans at very reasonable interest rates that the public can afford. Through the services provided by the bank to the public, loan offering, it can keep money flowing through the economy, therefore, keeping the economy stable. Details are here.


Ricardo Guimaraes, president Banco BMG bank is one of the looked up to leaders in the South America financial world. With the wise counsel of his grandfathers as well as able staff, Ricardo has been able to ensure that not only do the individuals get loans but companies as well. Any company on the verge of collapse mostly depend on the loans offered by the Banco BMG bank. Due to the low-interest rates the companies don’t mind taking as much credit as they can. With the companies’ continuing with their operation, they continue money flow into the economy, therefore, a stable economy.


Even a big shot business man like Ricardo has hobbies. Ricardo is a huge fan of soccer. Club Atletico Mineiro being his favourite. He has even put the BMG bank logo on their t-shirts. Ricardo help provides funds to run the different South America soccer teams. As he invests in football, he can get fair returns at the end of the day. Investing in the football branding business was seen as a risk at first, but he did not back out.


Ricardo with the help of his staff was able to find a way to reap profits from that investment and keep the financial situation of the bank stable.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Decided To Move Back To Austin

Dr. Jennifer Walden has always known that hard work would be needed to take her to good places in her career, so hard work is what she has always put in. She’s made sure to do her best and to take her skills and make them even better, and because of how hard she has always worked, she has now become one of the most respected beauty surgeons in the country.
Dr. Jennifer Walden grew up in a family of five children, and the environment in which she grew up in played a huge part in her future success. Education and achievement were always valued when she was growing up, and she knew that she would have to work hard and do her best if she wanted to accomplish all that she was hoping to do.
Dr. Jennifer Walden has recently moved her cosmetic surgery practice from New York City to Austin, Texas to be closer to her family, and she is happy with what she has done. She wants her twin boys to grow up near all of their extended family, and she feels that running her practice out of Austin, and living there with her boys, is the best thing that she can be doing at the moment. Find more on Dr. Walden by following her on Twitter.