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Adam Milstein; a Philanthropist and a Real estate Investor

Adam Milstein, a philanthropist and an American-Israeli activist, is a co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Through this organisation Adam Milstein offers his charitable and philanthropic services to brace the Jewish people from both Israel and the USA. This group also helps strengthen the relationship between Israeli citizens and the Americans. He is also the chairperson of the national expansion of the Israeli-American Council which he is among the co-founders. He is also a board member of numerous organisations such as Jewish Founders Network, StandWithUs, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) National Council, and Israel on Campus Coalition. Adam and his wife Gila are co-founders of the SifriyatPijamaB’America, an organisation that gives free books each month that have Jewish teachings and values to over 70 families who are Israeli-Jews living in the United States.

Adam Milstein is an active philanthropist who works with the Milstein Family Foundation and its employees to bring significant changes to the Jewish community not only through money but also through showing support. He also donates to other non-profit organisations whose primary goal is to give moral and monetary support to their target audience as they pass through life’s developmental stages. Such groups include those who maintain a deep connection to their target audience by creating programs that are tailored to help people navigate childhood to adolescent to the numerous adulthood stages. He also provides guidance and advice collaboration to organisations that work towards a common goal.

Born in Haifa, Israel in 1952, Adam Milstein is a successful real estate investor located in the United States. He went to the Technion and graduated with a degree in Business and Economics. He later went to the University of Southern California where he graduated with a Master’s Degree after which he started working as a commercial real estate agent. Adam Works at the Hager Pacific Properties as a Managing Partner whose primary duties are accounting, financing and depositing. The company deals with obtaining, reorienting and repositioning properties such as industrial, multi-family retail and office. In 2016, Milstein was titled one of the top 100 people who is positively influencing the lives of Jews and to know more


Technology Jason Hope Compares U.S. and European IOT Technology

Jason Hope is in the business of making predictions. He is a technology guru that works for major companies in Arizona. Hope has been in the business for some time and he is considered one the best technology consultants within the United States. This man is highly educated and knows how the Internet of Things (IOT) can impact the business world.

Hope foresees the Internet of Things as being the leading technology in the future for businesses. At least 28% of all European businesses rely on the IOT to help keep their organizations afloat. Only 18% of all American business organizations have the same attitude.

One of the reasons why European businesses relies heavily on the IOT has to do with analytics. Generally speaking, all businesses need to properly evaluate how effective their organizations are doing. They need to figure out if their production levels are adequately meeting customer demand, they need to ensure that their products are something that people want and they must keep track of how well they are competing within their chosen market. The Internet of Things can provide this data and a lot more.

What is the Internet of Things. The IOT simply describes how consumers and people in general can connect to the internet through the gadgets, electronics and computers that they use every day. U.S. businesses are aware of this technology but they are not so quick to implement it within their organizations. Many do not think it’s that crucial to their organizations.

However, Jason Hope disagrees. He wants U.S. businesses to realize that the Internet of Things is going to connect people to the internet through with just about everything that they buy or use. Jason Hope would not make this prediction if he did not expect it to happen. In the end, Hope wants American businesses to get onboard with this future technology.

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Transforming the World with Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a graduate of Technion then he proceeded to the US and he decided to continue his education where he got an MBA from USC. After that he started venturing into Commercial Real Estate. He is the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He as well is a prosperous entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has transformed many people lives with his charitable work in the society. Separately from dealing with the investment business he as well was part of the team in the Yom Kippur War at IDF. He comes from Israel and is linked with the Jewish society. He mostly deals with real estate investment.


The tough principal and affection he has for the Jewish Culture made him become the national Chairman and also the co-founder of the Israel-American Council. He and her wife Gila Milstein are the founder of Sifriyat Pijama B’America whereby is an institute that is recognized to have wonderful readings of the Jewish Culture. The institute provides its books every month and they also wrote in Hebrew.


Before he began he was a broker then he entered into the real estate industry. It made him attain different post in many companies. Due to his expertise and experience as a broker made him venture into being an investor in the business. Hager Pacific Properties deal with investment on real estate. The company mostly helped many other companies and upcoming investors in the improving their business. Adam Milstein duty is to always finish his daily task as a businessman due to real estate having too much work.


Hager Pacific Properties is dedicated to its customers due to them always putting their customer’s priority first than any other thing. Adam Milstein experience has the capability of helping entrepreneurs in dealing with challenges facing the investment business they include demand and supply which are the main problems. He also takes care of the products prices so that they can be accessible; he as well uses most of his time in contributing to the society.Adam Milstein always advises entrepreneurs to keep keen and observe on the market trend it will make them develop business wise.