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End Citizens United Reforming Campaign Finance

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was a landmark case with long-term, controversial implications. The conservative group, Citizens United, sued the FEC for its decision to restrict the airing of an hour-long ad opposing then-candidate Hilary Clinton. The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling, overturned a lower federal court’s ruling granting free speech for corporations.

Corporations were now free to spend as much as they liked on elections through what is known as “Dark Money,” that is, money that cannot be traced back to the donor and is not legally obligated to disclose the source of their funding. Immediately afterward, the number of negative ads skyrocketed now that donors no longer needed to take direct responsibility for financing them.

While conservative groups pushed to further deregulate campaign finance, public polls show the majority of both Republicans and Democrats oppose Citizens United. A number of Democratic activist groups have stepped up to oppose it, including the nonprofit political action committee End Citizens United.

End Citizens United was recently founded in 2015 and headquartered in Washington, D.C. Under its president Tiffany Muller, the PAC has quickly grown into a major player, raising $25 million during the 2016 elections. Their objective is to bring campaign finance reform through grassroots fundraising. ECU collects massive amounts of small donations through digital platforms. This also serves to build up a contact list of willing supporters. ECU can offer an alternative source of campaign funding for candidates who are willing to swear off corporate cash.

The ultimate goal of End Citizens United is to pass a constitutional amendment that defines free speech as a right for citizens, not corporations, but amendments and Supreme Court decisions are difficult to obtain. For this reason, ECU is wisely working its way up from the state level, endorsing like-minded candidates and state ballot measures who will limit the influence of corporate money.

Looking forward, ECU has set a goal of raising and spending $35 million on this year’s elections. They have endorsed over 130 candidates from around the country, and they have a list, dubbed the “Big Money 20,” a group of Republicans who have actively favored the special interests, they are working to unseat. With groups like End Citizens United leading the way, there has never been a better chance of bringing campaign finance reform to reality.

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The Fight Of End Citizens United Continues

The controversy behind Citizens United has reached a different level because of the existence of the passionate force behind the End Citizens United movement. The small conservative nonprofit Citizens United got into a lot of controversies when it aired a movie about Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries last presidential elections.

The man behind the Citizens United action, lawyer James Bopp, wanted to push for the airing of the Hillary Clinton movie that wanted to show how Hillary is a Lady Macbeth hidden in a scheming body of a Machiavelli, a film that seeks to diminish the name of Hillary.

Rise of End Citizens United
People of various groups launched the End Citizens United last March 1, 2015, which is a political action committee made sure to fight the Citizens United movement. It is a grassroots movement dedicated to making sure that they can address the disastrous damages of Citizens United and to ensure that there will be reforms in the country’s campaign system.

The group runs with the help of candidates, voters, elected officials and other parties concerned in fighting the billionaires who finance and jeopardize the transparent nature of the elections. The campaign is pushing for a broad reform for lawmakers to give responsibility to anyone running for any form of elections. The fight for End Citizens United comes from its desire to ban companies from donating to presidential candidates.

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End of Citizens United Movement Getting Attacked
In a recent report from USA TODAY, the End of Citizens United is under a lot of tension because of how it was able to generate a lot of donations, too, from corporations. The End Citizens United is operating as a traditional PAC, and the authorities prohibit them from accepting donations. The funds it generated caused a lot of criticism because of this fact.

End Citizens United spokesman Adam Bozzi is confident that this backlash will not prove to be a hurdle in its fight against billionaires who force their money to run campaigns that damage the elections and campaign. The recent challenge to End Citizens United will be an opportunity for the movement to highlight the harmful influence of the kind of money that they want to get rid of from the elections. The supporters of the End Citizens United will continue in their fight to get money off the rigged political system today by championing reforms in state ballot measures and raising this concern to the national discussion.

The people behind End Citizens United are continuing their passion for overturning the Supreme Court Decision that gave Citizens United the chance to use the money to compromise the transparency in the electoral campaigns. The End Citizens United movement will continue to push for an effort to disclose all the money that is donated by companies for the candidates.

George Soros Expects A Tough Road Ahead As Trump Takes Office

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland of 2017 coincided with the arrival of President Donald Trump in the U.S. White House and gave politicians and financial leaders from around the world the chance to discuss what they believe they expect to occur in the world in the coming years. Much was expected from the speech given by hedge fund billionaire George Soros to the Forum, particularly after the well known liberal philanthropist had provided around $25 million in backing for the campaign of Trump’s election opponent Hillary Clinton.

Many feel George Soros is in a strong position to provide his views on an Administration that has been backed by right wing figures across the U.S. and has been strongly linked to the Russian regime of President Vladimir Putin. Soros himself has a strong understanding of the problems faced under authoritarian rule on Business Insider after he survived the Nazi Occupation of his home country of Hungary and the following establishment of a restrictive socialist government following the end of World War II.

George Soros has been quick to link the work of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as following similar themes and directions that have proven worrying for the hedge fund manager with an estimated fortune of $25 billion who has donated more than $12 billion to political and charitable causes on Forbes. To show the similar themes of the Trump and Putin Administrations, George Soros pointed to the use of the Internet and Social Media platforms by Putin as being replicated by the Trump Administration; Soros has pointed to the fact President Putin originally tries to restrict access to Social Media before embracing it is a way of spreading propaganda and misinformation to the masses. Similar tactics were employed by Donald Trump’s campaign on Snopes during the election cycle as Russian operatives destabilized the democratic process during the election to aid a Trump victory.

One of the major fears George Soros expressed during his appearance at the World Economic Forum was the tendency of President Trump to sail close to establishing a dictatorship through his words and actions. Over the course of the campaign and time as the President Elect, George Soros believes the contradictions in the policies of Donald Trump have been highlighted and show the problems facing a divisive group of policy makers and advisors. If the Trump Presidency continues in this vein a global shift in power could take place with many restrictive regimes being embraced by the U.S., and the Chinese shift towards capitalism and democracy drawn closer to the traditionally powerful areas of Western Europe where trade deals will become more important as the European Union faces major problems caused by an unstable global situation.