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The Rich Get Richer

UAE national, Hussain Sajwani increases net worth from 3.7 billion to 4.3 billion in 2017 in a 6 month span, according to Forbes magazine. A venture made possible through the big business of real estate, over in the city of gold lamborghinis and pet jaguars, Dubai. He describes the year as being “good and stable” with his company DAMAC about to exceeds its expectations in sales and handover by the close of the year. Hussain Sajwani started out his first business with a catering venture, Draieh Management Services Company in 1982. He later founded DAMAC Properties in 2002 seeing an opportunity in opening up the Dubai real estate to foreign investors. The DAMAC owner recently open up his company’s first golf club in partnership with the Trump organization. Hussain Sajwani was ranked the richest billionaire in the UAE last year.

According to, catching the burst of the city’s real estate bubble in 2008, the DAMAC owner laid low and saw prices decline 60 percent. Hussain started many successful ventures like his launch of the 42 million square foot Akoya, now known as DAMAC Hills. This mega development features apartments, mansions and villas, surrounding a golf course. Also, the 55 million square foot, Akoya Oxygen which launched in 2018. These many successful business moves being due to Hussain being able to see changes and adapt accordingly. After the 2008 crisis of the dormant companies, he only survives because he saw the crisis coming in the early stage and took immediate action.

Post crisis accounted for 14,530 of the 19,855 units being sold, 1,923 in the first 9 months of 2017. Showing no signs of slowing down, however momentum does not show in profits since the company has posted its third consecutive profit decline. Hussain suggests this dip indicates lower profit margins on some international projects. Handed over in the last year in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Lebanon. Focusing more on delivery, momentum continues, and work is further being done on mega projects like hotels and serviced apartments which make up 30 percent of sales. We’ve done more sales so its been a good year, Hussain says.


Nick Vertucci Teaches His Expertise in Real Estate

Nick Vertucci has successfully overcome serious adversity in his life and he’s found a tremendous level of success in real estate. Despite severe personal setbacks, he’s maintained a forward-looking attitude that has been a large part of his modus operandi and led to his notable achievements. His drive and ambition for success have culminated in the establishment of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which teaches others how to make money in the lucrative field of real estate.

During his formative years, his life was shattered with the loss of his father at the age of ten. This radically restructured their household as their mother became the primary breadwinner and often had to work late. At one point, Nick Vertucci found himself living in his vehicle and he considers this time a severe low point. Later on, he would suffer the loss of a successful online business that was caught in the economic tsunami known as the dot-com bust.

Destiny wasn’t done with Nick Vertucci as the catalyst for his career was just around the corner in the form of a friend who invited him to a real estate seminar. He remembers a sense of reluctance to part with his weekend but ventured forth anyhow and it changed his life. He was powerfully bitten by the real estate bug and turned all his energies into this endeavor.

The next decade saw him work diligently to learn successful principles for structuring and accomplishing real estate deals that did more than pay the bills. Eventually, he codified all that he learned into a lucrative system that saw him achieve success beyond his dreams. He didn’t stop there as he found a way to pay it forward by teaching others how to radically transform their financial lives with success in real estate.

The founding of his real estate academy was in 2013 and it regularly appears in major U.S. cities such as Houston, Denver, and Charlotte. It is inspiring and offers a wealth of education that can save participants years of painful trial and error in finding success in real estate. They say that no one brought the songs like Brian Wilson, well no one teaches real estate like Nick Vertucci.

Adam Milstein Explains How Israeli-Americans Are Now Pillars of the Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and an activist. He was born in Israel and moved to the United States to study at the University of South California. He works at Hager Pacific Properties as the managing director. Adam Milstein writes that Israeli-Americans have come very far. It used to be that Israeli-Americans were at the fringe of the Jewish community in the United States. They were considered outsiders, as if they were going to leave and go back to Israel at any time.

However, Adam says, now he is not both an Israeli and an American, but an Israeli-American. No longer are Israeli-Americans on the fringe of the community and on the fringe of their synagogues. They have become more and more common and more and more prominent. This has resulted in things like the Israeli-American Council. The Israeli-American Council was co-founded by Adam Milstein. They have programs in twenty seven states, and they do all sorts of things in order to empower and help Israeli-Americans. The Israeli-American Council, under the leadership of Adam Milstein, is strengthening the Jewish community in the United States and the Israeli community in the United States.

Not only that, Adam Milstein writes, but the Israeli American Council has become a bridge between the Jewish communities in the United States and the State of Israel. Israeli-Americans have a connection to both, so they serve to bridge the gap between the two.

The Israeli American Council conducts gatherings and three-day conferences where Israeli Americans come together. Politicians, writers, editors, journalists, activists, and philanthropists all come together to help build the community together. Israeli-Americans serve as a conduit for injecting the Jewish community in the United States with Israeliness, according to Adam Milstein. They have come from being on the fringe to not only being an active player in the Jewish community in the United States, but a pillar of the community. Adam is also the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This foundation focuses on a three pronged approach towards philanthropy for the Jewish community and Israel and more

Nick Vertucci Gives People Tools for Success in Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is doing what he needs to do when it comes to helping people that want to generate an income by engaging in real estate investing. This is something that can become highly profitable for people that are planning to invest in homes that they can fix up and sell.

There definitely is a strong amount of interest in this and this is why I Nick Vertucci created the real estate academy. He has been doing this for about 4 years, and he makes claims to have the ability to help millions of people succeed in the real estate industry. The thing that makes his academy worthwhile to some real estate investors is the hands-on approach that he takes.

What Nick is trying to get people to see is that there is a lot of fixing up that people can do themselves. Is not all about going out and contracting everything and getting help with every part of the home flipping process. What Nick Vertucci understands is that it is hard to turn a profit if no one is putting in the sweat equity to get the home in shape.

Nick Vertucci is ready to help all of those real estate investors that are trying to find a great way to make side income. In fact, he believes that many people that start out with this as side income will actually see possibilities where they can enhance their profits to make this a full-time career.

It definitely is possible to have a full-time real estate career of investing if one plays their cards right. People have to be mindful of what is out there. They also have to take time to analyze the market and see if it is a buyer or seller’s market. All of these are things that play a factor in house homes are sold in.

Bertucci has the skills to teach people all of these things if they are receptive. He knows about the market and how investors can thrive if people are serious about getting involved with it. He knows the things that work.