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Student Learning Is Being Revolutionized With Platform’s Like ClassDojo

In today’s day and age, there are handfuls of children out there that are having a difficult time throughout the schooling process, either struggling to learn or fit into the environment. Students like these really need the support and encouragement from their peers as well as parents and teachers, to help them feel comfortable and confident in themselves and their abilities. If schooling is a negative experience for a child, they will not want to perform to their best, nor will they even want to complete school in time.

ClassDojo is an educational platform that was introduced to the market in 2011, and goes a long way at improving these conditions for students in school. The main improvement this program makes is improving on the existed communication methods greatly between students, teachers, and parents. With more involvement from their parents, and more engagement from their teachers and classroom, students will learn to the best of their ability and actually want to get involved with their schooling communities. One of ClassDojo’s main goals is to improve the quality of education for students around the globe.

Since first launching their platform, ClassDojo has managed to expand and find quite a bit of success, as there were really no other competitors in the market doing exactly what they were when they started. Now, more than two thirds of all Untied States schools are taking use of the ClassDojo program. This program even came out with its own growth mindset videos, which is a series that was developed to teach students key life and learning principles to make school easier. These videos were even monitored by the University of Stanford to see how they were received by the public and how to improve them. The continuance of these videos is dependent on the demand for them from their consumers.

ClassDojo has been free ever since it was released, and it will remain free for as long as people continue to use it. It is very easy to use for people of all ages, and participation is as easy as asking for an invite from a students classroom teacher. ClassDojo provides a much needed increase in communication that is going a long way in making education better for students around the world with more positive school environments.

Visual Startups See New Sets of Valuable Data

Shopping online has become second nature to consumers, and for some products and services it outperforms physical retailers outright. Because the demand on businesses are so high to get digital marketplaces to be precise they’re always looking for the latest methods of analytical strategy and development to continue to service their consumer bases.

It’s the norm for image recognition products and services online to be paired with visuals that communicate to the consumer just what it is they are about to purchase. This approximation leads potential clients to make informed buying decisions that will lead to repeat transactions and fewer returns, limiting overhead costs. This goes into a lot more than just picking the prettiest picture.

Helping companies to pair the best visuals are startups like Slyce. What these firms do is identify the habits of shoppers and stimulating visual cues through a combination of real world data and online searches, limiting confusion on the part of consumers to find the right products and bettering the chances of retailers to provide what their customers are looking for without incident.

With believable representation and data sets that take into account what attracts the attention of consumers when out in the real world, Slyce has joined a market that’s estimated to be worth upwards of $22 billion in business solutions. This kind of data can not only help businesses sell more products with a higher degree of accuracy, but correct their inventory, prioritize key staffing positions, and plan their itinerary as per their predicted needs. This easily surpasses the data online retailers used to collect from sales and keystrokes.

Despite the estimated value of this kind of market research and the need for businesses to remain as current with data needs as possible, it’s only recently that businesses are turning to firms like Slyce, but their numbers are rapidly increasing.

Operating from metropolitan Toronto, Slyce, founded by Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell, services international businesses seeking to improve their platforms and extend their reach.

Chell, a career entrepreneur and businessman, has spent over 25 years developing businesses concentrated in technology like his company Futurelink, one of the first cloud computing services. His working relationship with Racicot stretches as far back as the founding of the Business Instincts Group, a firm that helps businesses progress their plans by making strategies and execution more efficacious. Racicot’s background is firmly rooted in retail, where she headed consumer relations at the Starwood Group and logistics in the service of junk removal.