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Bob Reina A Better World

Bob Reina is a native of Brandon, Florida. His motto is “I Will.” Every morning he has those two words cemented in his mind. His goal is to build a global business and pursue his charity work. He believes the worlds of business and philanthropy are not mutually exclusive. With the investment of building his team in Talk Fusion, his goal was to devote time heavily in marketing and build a platform that makes people’s life easier.

Bob Reina’s outlook in the world in business is a mechanism for good in the world as is a powerful one. The reason he got into business was to make a difference to how other business communicate. His goal was providing an easier way for them to go about their operations, hoping they can grow, and their employees can thrive, live happier and more prosperous lives. This train of thought is a natural extension of his wanting to help people that he doesn’t directly work with or sell products and services to. For this reason, he’s always looking for reasons to step outside the boardroom and see what’s out there in the world.

Bob Reina sees a difference between “profitable” and “success.” For him, it’s not a race to the finish line; it’s about bringing other people along with you so the whole community receives a lift and boost. Many people have asked, does “the end justify the mean”? Mr. Reina certainly thinks so. He believes the end and the means to business and charity work must be intrinsically linked. They must both do good in the world to succeed. He firmly believes, it’s never been about adopting a win all attitude, and then try to give back at the end. His standpoint is deciding to do good in the world. Bob Reina emphasizes that charity work doesn’t have to pertain to charity functions. Charity work can begin at home, which is something that anyone can employ and make a real lasting difference in their local community. Learn more:

In conclusion, it’s very refreshing to see a CEO of a major US company willing to spend so much time and thought on giving back to his charities and to why he’s doing it.







Talk Fusion for Your Marketing Needs

Getting your company into a digital place can be difficult when you’re on a fixed budget. You might know the importance of marketing as well as keeping in touch with staff and customers, but you just don’t know how you can begin to get this type of project started. When you’re at a loss as to how to make this happen, you need a company like Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has been an award winner for a lot of different agencies because of the work they have done for business owners all throughout the country in need of digital and video marketing services.


The great thing about Talk Fusion is that it’s all available on one account, so you can log into your Talk Fusion account and send out a video email to customers while also conducting a live meeting with your staff members back at the office. This is also ideal for the business expert and professional on the go who is not necessarily in the office all the time, but knows that they still need to keep in touch with their employees and business partners. Talk Fusion has made it effortless for just about anyone, no matter how bad at technology they are, to get this type of service at the click of a button.


While you are choosing to make a video email to send out to customers, you can be video chatting with people who are contacting you. It gives your company a much more approachable feel, and it allows your customers to feel like you’re a whole lot more personable towards them. Talk Fusion has married a variety of services into one convenient account for you, so it’s just a matter of downloading their app to your mobile device and then using it for your own needs and necessities. Learn more:


There are tons of ways to make use of Talk Fusion and know that it’s appropriate for the business that you own and operate right now. Before going to a different company or downloading multiple programs, you need to give Talk Fusion a try and see if it works for you. This company has put lots of technology into their app, so it’s effortless on your part and allows you to just create your own account and then get started without needing to do much else. Talk Fusion is there for business owners as well as those who just want to get started with entrepreneurship.