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Patty Rocklage: Dedicated Professional

Patty Rocklage is an experienced professional. She has accomplished many triumphs in her career. She’s a renowned couple and family therapist. Her particular style of communication is often described as warm and inviting. She takes great pride in her ability to help all kinds of clients. She feels it’s a great privilege to be able to assist individuals, couples, and families that are trying to overcome life’s struggles.

On July 18, 2016, Patty and husband, Dr. Rocklage, made a huge announcement. They announced that they would be assisting with the costs of one of the department’s renovation at the university where Dr. Rocklage works. The nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab in Building 2 started renovation after the lab space had become overcrowded with project teams. The Department of Chemistry holds some sentimental value to Dr. Patty Rocklage, as it was where he carried out his Ph.D.

During the Rocklages’ visit, they were given a tour of the newly renovated facility. Professor Bawendi and two of his grad students eventually gathered everyone in the lab’s vestibule. There, they held a small ceremony and unveiled a plaque honoring the Rocklages. Some words of appreciations and acknowledgment were spoken about the Rocklages by several members of the department’s faculty.

There was also mention of a newsletter written by Dr. Rocklage in 2010. In it, he talked about his appreciation for Richard R. Schrock, the professional he studied under while obtaining his Ph.D. He also mentions the group of researchers he worked with and how fun it was to have such great minds all working together. The letter really showed how important this renovation is to the Rocklages.

The Rocklages are renovating their home. After seeing Sudbury Kitchen & Bath’s showroom, they decided to hire the company to renovate their house. The company’s showroom, now named the Sudbury Companies’ Design Center, inspired Patty with a number of renovation projects she’s always wanted to have done. When they first hired the company, they only wanted to renovate some smalls areas but that has since changed.