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Avaaz Fights For The Rights Of The Endangered Lions

Avaaz is an organization promoting activism on a global scale. They have become involved in Australia’s ban on importing lion trophies as well as body parts. They have almost reached their goal of 10,000 petition signatures. The ban was placed by Greg Hunt who is the Federal Environment Minister. Senator David Leyonhjelm is opposing The ban. The ban was announced in March to stop the barbaric practice of canned hunting used by the industry.

Avaaz became involved because of the captivity of 8000 lions who will be forced into a canned hunt. There are currently less than 3000 lions left in the wild and they are in danger of being used for the rejuvenation of the captive lions. A precedent was set when Australia declared the diminishing lions in Africa as CITES Appendix 1 in the hopes the other countries would do the same. Avaaz is going before the Australian Senate in June to present their petition and their well founded concerns.

Avaaz wants the public to literally roar their concern that anyone would want Australia’s decision reversed yet this is what Senator Leyonhjelm hopes to accomplish. The Senator along with the Shooters & Fishers Party are trying to get the national parks in Australia to allow recreational hunters and want gun laws to be softer. Avaaz has taken up the cause to show canned hunting does not belong in a civilized society. They will not allow the animal parts from a dead lion to be hung on the wall when the species is currently facing extinction.

Numerous airlines are now refusing to transfer cargo consisting of trophy hunting. Avaaz believes future generations should have the ability to enjoy the beauty of the lions and they belong on the earth. When the members of Avaaz agreed the lions needed help they knew they would be there to try and protect them.

Honey Birdette Expands Outside Australia

Eloise Monaghan founded Honey Birdette in 2006. She was a frustrated by the options that wer available for lingerie and toys in Australia. She decided to start her own business that would sell products that expressed her sensuality and personality. Honey Birdette has grown from a small store in Australia to a multinational business with presences in the UK and US. The company embraced e-commerce at an early stage and this has been crucial to its success. The company has launched a website focused exclusively on the US market after experiencing strong growth in the country. In 2016, Honey Birdette saw an increase of 374 percent in online sales from the US.
Honey Birdette has products for everyone, from couples that want to spice up their love life to individuals who prefer bondage and S&M. People who love bondage will be pleased to know that Honey Birdette retails high quality handcuffs, whips, riding crops and collars Honey Birdette sells a wide variety of innerwear such as thongs, body suits, stockings, chemises, knickers, suspenders and bras. Additionally, the brand sells high quality toys for both women and men. The company also sells lubricants that help customers use the toys safely. Honey Birdette recognizes that the bedroom’s atmosphere is important, that’s why they sell candles in various flavors to help set the mood in the bedroom.
In 2017 Honey Birdette embarked on an aggressive expansion campaign. In the UK the company has given itself a target of 40 shops in the UK by 2018. In 2016 the brand had three shops in the UK all of which were in London. In 2017 the company has expanded outside London, opening ten stores in Newcastle, Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, Leeds and Liverpool. The company is not limiting itself to the UK as it eyes several prime locations in Europe.

James Dondero and Highland Capital Focus on Giving

James Dondero has devoted his career to investing in credit and equity markets and has accumulated a vast storehouse of knowledge to successfully navigate the markets. He helped blaze a new trail in the investing world with his use of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). This product that he helped develop has the potential for greater returns and he has learned how to use them safely in the face of increased risk. It is an example of his innovative thinking that has driven his career along its successful path.
The decades of experience that James Dondero draws upon has culminated in Highland Capital Management. He is their President and co-founder and continues to play a vital role today. They have around $17 billion dollars under management and use a diverse range of assets and focus mainly on alternative investments.
The University of Virginia is where Dondero obtained his educational credentials. These include a focus on Accounting and Finance and he is a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. His work with various funds has resulted in recognition from the renowned Morningstar investment firm.
Highland Capital under the direction of James Dondero has an amazing track record of philanthropic endeavors. They provided substantial funds over the years to help many Dallas area organizations create a better community. Recently they have partnered with the Dallas Foundation to better manage their philanthropic endeavors and maximize their effect. The charitable efforts that Highland Capital is involved with have continued to grow over the years and this move will help coordinate many different projects.
The Dallas Foundation as Dondero highlighted has a strong network in North Texas and substantial experience in working with non-profits. This new partnership will be called the Highland- Dallas Foundation Inc. and it is an offshoot of the Dallas Foundation. Dondero’s philanthropic vision can now be more effectively leveraged.
The Dallas community has been greatly impacted with the largesse of James Dondero. He has supported programs for Veterans, Education, and Healthcare for the greater benefit of the Dallas area. Giving back and sharing his success is coded into Dondero’s DNA and his efforts are appreciated.

Avaaz Expands With More Than 45 Million Members Across The Globe

The Avaaz group has been at the heart of the work of many activists who are coming together to pressure governments to make positive changes for the good of the wider world in the 21st-century. Avaaz is a term that has a number of English translations from various mid-European and Middle Eastern languages that mean “voice” or “sing” which has resulted in the development of a series of Online petitions signed by citizens of the world in many different countries; in just over a decade the figures about Avaaz are startling with almost 45 million members and almost 3,000 campaigns taken on by members.

Avaaz has made a major change to the way activism is completed in the 21st-century with the focus placed by the group on choosing the correct campaigns on which to focus the attention of members. The range of activities undertaken by the members of Avaaz include Online petitions and the creation of videos to highlight the issues surrounding a specific global issue; in a bid to have a positive effect on the planet the members of Avaaz have also enacted contact your leader campaigns to bring about personal pressure on politicians and corporate leaders in a positive way.

The success of Avaaz has been brought about with a focus on the negative aspects of the global political situation, but also with a positive outlook on the world when the actions of individuals have been seen as offering a shining light in the darkness of the current climate. One of the most popular campaigns from Avaaz has been the development of Greek fisherman as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize because of the positive work completed to bring a positive end to the European refugee crisis.

Welcome to America, Honey Birdette

A new lingerie brand, Honey Birdette, is ready to continue its expansion into the United States. Australian entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan started this lingerie brand back in 2006. Since then, it has grown to 55 stores in Australia.

Honey Birdette Lingerie

Women like to have choices. Each woman’s body is slightly different and the more the options, the better. Now, Americans have a new lingerie brand entering its market: Honey Birdette. What can Americans expect?

Already, Honey Birdette has the Ashleigh, Issy, Julienne and Tiffany lingerie collections. It even has something called the New York collection, which includes each of the aforementioned lines of bras, thongs and knickers.

The plan is to start with a US eCommerce website, at first. Already, the brand has enjoyed “a 374% increase in US online sales over the past 12 months.” Monaghan’s “aims to enhance the consumers experience.” Orders over $50 include free delivery.

Women’s Apparel

It takes time to build a brand. Women’s clothing is a very competitive industry. Already, the Australia brand has started to open stores in the UK at London’s Covent Garden. For now, this premium lingerie brand is focusing on UK expansion.

There are hopes to add sensuality boutiques in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City. The goal is to reach 40 stores for the UK. But when will the first US brick-and-mortar store open? One would think it would debut in New York City.

Welcome to America, Honey Birdette. The Birdette has flown the Aussie coop and arrived in America. The future looks bright for this sensuality boutique.

Honey Birdette is Popular in the US

Honey Birdette is a lingerie boutique store that first came about in 2006 over a glass of champagne and two good friends. Finding provocative lingerie to bring to the bedroom had been a challenge. Why not have luxury bedroom accessories to inject a sense of sensuality the moment one steps into the bedroom? Honey Birdette soon came about and has everything one would need when entering the pleasure parlor.
The brand was originally founded in Brisbane by Eloise Monaghan who is an entrepreneur who started the business. When the US site for the lingerie brand launched it experience a hefty increase of 374% in sales over twelve months. The platform was created to enhance the experience of consumers and for fast delivery to make returns easier. The launch of the site has also helped to extend the range of the product so it’s more easily accessible to US consumers.
The Honey Birdette brand is an ambitious one and is currently targeting retail openings in the US and setting its sights on increasing the store count in the UK. The first store of Honey Birdette opened last year in London’s Covent Garden in Australia and two more opened up in Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate.
The brand did unveil its plan that ten more stores are set to open up in the UK in Liverpool, Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, and Leeds. The target goal is to have up to forty stores opened by the end of next year so consumers have easier access to this high demand brand. In Australia, the Honey Birdette brand has over fifty-five stores opened and has had its eye on premium locations across Europe.
Eloise Monaghan has good business sense and ambitions to continue expanding her brand and its store locations. By the end of next year, Honey Birdette could easily be one of the biggest lingerie brand stores in the country.
See new information on Honey Birdette on the Crunchbase page.



A Review Of The Successful Career Of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, a company that owns and operates the leading land-based drilling rig fleet globally. Nabors Industries is also the leading supplier of offshore platform in the U.S and in the international markets. In addition, the corporation ranks as one the largest providers of drilling rigs in the world.

Petrello is an alumnus of both Harvard University and Yale University. He holds a J.D degree in and a BS and MS in mathematics. Before joining Nabors Industries, Petrello rendered his services as a lawyer. He joined Baker and McKenzie law firm in 1979. In 1986, Petrello became the managing partner at the law firm’s New York office. In 1991, Nabors Industries recruited Tony’s services.

Anthony Petrello has had a great career at Nabors Industries. He started working for the company by serving as the chief operating officer. After a year, he was appointed to serve as the president of the corporation. In 2011, he started working as the company’s chief executive officer. For a period of nine years, Petrello served the company as the deputy chairman. He has been working for Nabors Industries as the chairman of the board and executive committee since 2011. Petrello’s visionary leadership and focus on strategic planning has enabled Nabors Industries to thrive in the competitive environment.

Besides his management role at Nabors Industries, Petrello is the director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He also serves as the director of Hilcorp Energy Company. Moreover, the executive is a member of the board of trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony is also an advocate for research and clinical-related initiatives that cater for kids having neurological disorders.

In FY 2015, Anthony Petrello’s compensation was $27,512,939. Out of this amount, $1,580,077 was his salary while $7,727,000 was his bonus. He received $16,863,656 in stock. The other compensations amounted to $1,342,206.

James Dondero Brings Capital Wealth Knowledge to NexPoint

For the past 30 years, James (Jim) Dondero has brought his experience to institutions specializing in credit and asset management such as American Express and Protective Life Insurance. In 1993 Mr. Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management L.P, a registered SEC investor advisory company. For the past 20 years, Highland Capital Management has successfully become one of the largest global alternative credit managers. He has been credited as being one of the pioneers of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). In 1996, Mr. Dondero launched one of the first non-bank CLOs. James has been President and also Secretary of Highland Acquisition Corporation since April 25, 2016.

Mr. Dondero has extensive experience in portfolio management, having worked in the areas of high-yield bonds, emerging market debt, derivatives, preferred stocks, common stocks, mortgage-backed securities, investment grade corporations and leveraged bank loans. James is the chairman of the Board of NexPoint Hospitality Trust Inc. and has served on the board since May 2015. He was appointed President of NexPoint Capital Inc. in 2014 and currently is managing more than $21 billion in assets. He also has been serving as Portfolio Manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund since September 25, 2012. Highland Capital Management is an affiliate advisor of NexPoint Advisors L.P. He serves as portfolio manager of the Highland Funds in Fund Complex and since February 1, 2015, is Portfolio Manager of Highland II – Highland Energy MLP Fund.

James graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce with a concentration in Accounting and Finance. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Managerial Accountant. Mr. Dondero currently serves on other boards. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and NexBank as well as serving on the Board of Directors for American Banknote Corporation and MGM.

Mr. Dondero also dedicates his time to philanthropy, actively supporting campaigns in education, public policy, and veterans’ affairs.


James Dondero’s Generous Contributions

James Dondero is a well-known supporter of development projects in the community. He is also philanthropic as he has contributed in a variety of public amenities like attraction spots and schools. His contributions have made him famous in Dallas and Fort Worth. Dondero’s efforts are highly appreciated by the residents.
For 15 years, Dallas residents have been traveling to Africa to see hippos. However, James stepped in and contributed to the reconstruction of a state-of the-art hippo outpost located at the Dallas Zoo. He had promised Dallas residents on his Facebook page that Highland is helping bring hippos in 2017 back to the Dallas Zoo which came finally true.
James Dondero donated $ 1,000,000 to the Dallas Zoo hippo outpost reconstruction from his firm Highland Capital Management. The contribution was used in the construction of a 5000 square foot Highland Capital Lodge. The Lodge offers a clear view of the hippos and their habitat. The hippo outpost in general cost $ 14,000,000, therefore, James Dondero was assisted by other philanthropists such as Eugene McDermott, Diane and Hal Brierley and Harold Simmons Foundation.
Constructed on a 2.1 Acre land, a submerged viewing area and a 120,000gallon African Waterhole habitat the hippo outpost is impressive with high standard features. James Dondero stated that his firm invests in the community by supporting organizations that enhance Dallas. He gave Dallas Zoo as an example providing educational opportunities and leisure experiences. The Simmons Hippo Outpost hosts two hippos Adhama and Boipelo paired by specialists adding more life to the Zoo.
He graduated with accounting and finance degree from the University of Virginia and started his career journey. James Dondero is a co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management Company with over 30 years of experience in the credit market. He founded the company in 1993 after previously working as a credit investor.
He worked at American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst and a Portfolio Manager. James Dondero has also donated to other iconic sites such as Snowball Express, SMU’s Tower Scholars Program, and Education is Freedom Charity among others.

For more information on James Dondero find him on LinkedIn.

Highland Capital Management LP: Innovative Financial Solutions

Highland Capital Management LP is rapidly becoming one of the largest and most reputable investment firms in America. The Dallas based business currently operates through a variety of facilities world-wide, including New York, Singapore and Seoul. Specializing in global credit management and financial services, the firm currently manages an upwards of 14.9 billion dollars in assets.
The company was initially created over 20 years ago. Partners, James Dondero and Mark Okado helped create a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation in 1990. This business merger would help form the company. The firm focused primarily on fixed income markets and bank loan management. Originally titled Ranger Asset Management LP, the SEC registered business skyrocketed.
Following years of successful business ventures and fund management experience, Janes and Mark revised their company’s name from Ranger Asset Management LP to Highland Capital Management LP in 1997.
In just three short years the company launched its very first Bank Loan Fund and also established alternative investment opportunities. Highland Capital Management LP introduced their alternative Investment 40 Act platform in 2004. The group expanded their product services following their previous success. Mutual funds and floating rate funds were introduced along with an assest management deal with Columbia Asset Management.
Highland Capital Management LP managed to stay successful by introducing a host of innovative services and creating life-long business relationships. The founding members of the company expanded the business to meet the needs of their team and clients. From hedge fund management to CLO’s and global public equity, Highland Capital Management LP is regarded as one of the most creative nanes in the Finacial Industry. With a long list of clients and fellow business partners, the company is expected to continuously increase their success in the near future.