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Patient-Centered Care As Performed By Cancer Treatment Centers of America

One of the issues that many people are faced with when looking for treatment for cancer among any type of disease is that the care is centered more on the facility or the person providing the care as opposed to the patient. After all, the patient has needs. Therefore, he is the one that needs to have those needs met. However, when it comes to cancer patients, it is important for them to be at the right facility so that they can get the care that they need for cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the companies that provides greater care.

As stated in the article, “Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform,” One of the reasons that Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a good reputation with patients is that it provides patient-centered care. One of the ways that it does that is by providing the patient with a team of cancer experts. This is so that the patient will be able to get the care and the information that he needs. He will be served thoroughly and completely. He won’t be dealing with tired care providers. This will help him not only feel welcomed and cared about, but also like he is in good hands and that he is going to get the issue taken care of.

There are a lot of advantages to patient-centered cancer care. For one thing, people are going to get faster care when it comes to their cancer. This is one thing that is worth considering when it comes to cancer care. Also, they will be able to experience improved communication between them and their doctors. This is one of the reasons that care is a lot quicker. For one thing, time is of the essence when it comes to cancer. One second wasted could be too much considering how rapidly cancer can develop and spread in the body.

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Scott Rocklage: A Managing Partner with Decades of Managing Experience

Venture Capital is a risky form of investment, but the 5 AM Ventures have successfully created a fortune from it. 5 AM is a firm that builds companies capable of generating significant returns for their different investors. Their primary focus is the building companies that are involved in creating solutions for the medicine and science sectors. The Companies that they have founded have developed approaches that treat and also prevent different medical conditions.



5 AM ventures use the hands-on approach when investing or starting a new Company. They assume short-term operating functions of the Company until it stabilizes and they continue to guide to the management team.



18 qualified professionals manage the 5 AM Ventures, and Scott Rocklage is one of them.



About Scott Rocklage



Scott Rocklage is a Managing Partner at the 5 AM Ventures. He joined the Company in 2003 as a Venture, and in 2004 he assumed the position of a managing partner.



Scott has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare management. Through his leadership skills, he managed to achieve the FDA approval for three New Drug Applications.



Throughout the years, he has served in different positions in various Companies. He was the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the Cubist Pharmaceuticals. At one point in his career, he was serving as the President and also the Chief Executive Officer of the Nycomed Salutar



Scott has served as a member of Board of Directors for different Companies including Relypsa and Novira. He is serving on the Board of Directors for Cidara, Epirus, Kinestral, Pulmatrix, and Rennovia.



Before joining 5 AM, Scott was serving as the Executive Chairman of llypsa which was later acquired by Amgen. He has also served in the same position at the Miikana and Semprus Companies.



Scott earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He later received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT. During his studies at MIT, Scott conducted research and published more than 100 peer-reviewed reports and articles. He has invented and also co-invented over 30 United States issued patents.




Surgeon, author, woman.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman who seemingly cannot be stopped. There doesn’t appear to be any academic medical venture pertinent to her career that she didn’t undertake including graduating with highest honors from The University of Texas Medical Center, a prestigious fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York, and receiving an externship with Dr. Tom Baker and Dr. James Stuzin in Miami.


Her renown reaches far beyond her humble beginnings in Austin, Tx, with her nearly innumerable awards and recognition, she has been the recipient of the award for the Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, even receiving The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation presented to her by the American Medical Women’s Association.


Augmenting Dr. Walden’s vast resume and distinctions, her talent seems to know no bounds, recently named one of the best plastic surgeons in America by American Airlines magazine She is also the co-author of the award winning book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Never to be outdone, she is also a dedicated philanthropist being named runner-up for Woman of The Year by the South Central Texas chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, supported Food In Tummies, a program to provide reduced cost lunches to elementary school children.


Doctor Jennifer  Walden appears unstoppable and the epitome of excellence in everything that she makes herself apart of, only leaving us to wonder, is there anything this woman cannot only do, but perfect?

The Green Team

There is a school in the state of Washington that is looking to do more than shape young minds. Teachers and school administration are doing their best to shape the future as well. Students are learning about the circle of life and how everything in this world, including humans, are connected and what interaction between them really means. The Hillcrest Elementary School located in Washington were credited with founding an award-winning program that focuses on the environment. This program cuts down waste and produces fresh produce to local refuge centers. Many will be shocked to find out that the main ingredients for the production process is chickens, warm feces, and rotten lunch food. The “Green Team” at the school takes discarded food from lunch and feed it to a colony of worms. The worms ingest the food and make fertilizer for the school garden. The produce that the students grow in the garden are then given to the food pantry as well as eggs from the chicken coop. A local news team went to talk to the students about their activities. According to Marcio Alaor BMG, one fourth grader there noted how weird the cycle was, but how amazing it is that they can take food that they’re not eating and turn it into food that someone else is in desperate need of. One teacher noted that the students think that they are playing. They have a chance to be outside and interact with others but what they don’t know is they are helping their fellow man while creating a sustainable community.

Nightmare on the Platform

Parents have the tough and daunting daily task of doing their best to raise their children. For first-time parents or parents who aren’t used to being around children, they might have a difficult time focusing on one task at a time. That was the case for one Massachusetts father. Earlier in the day, the father who chose to stay anonymous, was on his way to the train for work. His wife had asked him to take their one year old to daycare. Even though it wasn’t a part of his normal routine he took the task off of his wife’s hands. Around 7:45 am he boarded the train. At around 8:20 am, the father realized that he made the terrible mistake of forgetting his daughter in the back seat of the car. Frantically, the man called the police and first responders were on the scene in minutes. Thankfully, the one year old was okay. The authorities attributed her safety to the fact that it was a mildly cool day. Had it been hotter, the ending to this story could have been tragic. This mistake isn’t all that rare according to STX Entertainment. 30 children died last year as a result of being left in the back seat of a car. 80 percent of those children were between the ages of one and two. Specialists warn parents that in order to remember a quiet or sleeping child that is in the backseat, it’s ideal to put a purse, cell phone or something important near the child. That way, parents who aren’t used to a child riding in the backseat, will have an excuse to check the back seat.

Toddler Pulled Over By Police

According to Keith Mann Two Year old Jaxon Arbuckle was pulled over by police in his Little Tykes Mobile for Operating while driving with a pacifier. It was all for fun. A kind officer was flagged down by mom, 21 year old, Ashley Crawford who requested the cop pull her toddler over while he was driving his favorite toy in the road. Officer Mayo was more than pleased to comply. He doesn’t get to interact with children on a friendly basis as often as he’d like. Operating with PacifierMom hopes this will be the first and last time her beloved son is pulled over by an officer. Never the less, it exposes him to how kind they really are. She decided to post pictures of the incident on Facebook and received quite the reaction from the public, as did Officer Mayo. He did an outstanding job leaving a young man with a great first impression of those who have sworn to serve and protect.

Feds Busting Up “Maternity Tourism”

It might be an odd term to someone living in the United States, but it is actually a rather popular one for wealthy women who live on the outside of the country. The United States automatically makes a child a U.S. citizen when it is born in the country. Should this happen, the parents, especially the mother, receive all sorts of desirable benefits, not to mention access to quality education and government resources. This is why there has been a large number of pregnant women coming in from mostly asian nations in order to have their children in the U.S.

Different federal agents raided what they called “maternity hotels” inside of California on Tuesday. Companies run special programs that promise maternity tourism for these women stated Noticias in a report. It takes a large amount of money, but the companies educate the women on how to falsify specific documents and how to lie to government officials as to why they are traveling to the United States. They are then put up in comfortable surroundings until they have their child. It is important to understand that it is not illegal to have a child in the United States. However, the fraudulent visa paperwork and lying to governing officials is, which is what allows them to come into the country to have their children. Currently, different federal government agencies are looking for ways to crack down on this sort of “tourism”

Prenatal Testing

When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, one of the first things that she usually does is visit a Jared Haftel, or a doctor. There are some new prenatal test that doctors are trying to make women aware of so that they can receive the best care possible for their baby. Doctors should do everything possible to make women aware of the options that are available with prenatal testing. It’s nothing to have a test done, but some doctors and patients don’t really understand what the test is for or what the results might indicate. There are offices that are trying to make doctors aware of how important these tests are and to make sure patients receive these tests before the baby is born. Some of these tests could help save the life of a baby or help in treatment later on if there is some kind of health condition present before birth.

Layaways Paid Off for 127 Families

One Hundred and Twenty-Seven Tulsa families are able to give their children Christmas this year. An anonymous male donor, possibly Christian Broda,  walked into a Tulsa, Oklahoma Walmart and asked to pay off all the layaways that were getting cancelled that day. In addition to paying off the layaways, the donor also bought a $100.00 gift card for each family. The donor did state that he wanted to help hard working families provide a good Christmas for loved ones.

Major Jim Taylor of the Salvation Army was a witness and a beneficiary of this donor’s generosity. The donor also bought toys needed for the angel tree so more children could have a new toy at Christmas. Mr Taylor did say that he had never seen anything like this act of kindness before.

In a time where we think of what to get for loved one’s and ourselves, it is wonderful to know that people are honoring the true meaning of the season. To give thankfully asking for nothing in return.

Two for the Price of One

Planning an extended family, Dan Newlin once might have told me, has its perks and drawbacks. Roxanne and Steven Montalvo- Tsai had it in their minds to surprise their 2- year – old son Jordan with a new baby brother for the holidays. Instead, it was the couple who got the surprise. Two baby girls, both with serious heart conditions.

The twin girls’ arrival was not expected until the first week of January 2015. The twins were born with a rare life threatening heart disease. The couple admitted that the pregnancy was a surprise, and learning they were having twins were a double shocker.

Both babies will have to undergo surgery to repair the hole in the heart. The couple had originally decided to abort the pregnancy. However, after much consideration and consulting with the doctor, the couple decided that surgery was the only choice they could come up with.

The couple resumed a normal life of teaching and coaching. On April 30th 2014 Roxanne’s water bag broke. She had preeclampsia (high blood pressure) and the doctor recommended an emergency Cesarean. Both Jasmine and Selena arrived without any major problems, but surgery was still the ultimate necessity.

Jasmine’s heart condition was worse than Selena’s. Jasmine was placed on medication and connected to breathing tubes, and remained in the hospital, even after Selena was sent home more than a week prior. A nurse was assigned to the family, and today both babies are during well, and looking forward to their first Christmas.