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NewsWatch TV and the Ergonomic Workstation Review

NewsWatch TV is a trusted show known for sharing consumer technology, travel, health, and entertainment news. They currently air weekly on ION Network and bi monthly on The AMC Network. This series first came to television in March of 1990.

Recently, they shared a review of Contour Design’s ergonomic workstation. There are over 3 billion people in the world who use computers, and Contour Design wants to change the way we do this. Their setup is a pain free more productive work environment. Their signature setup is the Ultimate Workstation. It includes a roller mouse red, and the balance keyboard. The roller mouse red has a low impact large roller bar, and a digital left click. This minimizes pressure and impact on your fingers. The roller bar helps to keep you centralized. The Balance Keyboard is cited as a perfect companion for the roller mouse red. It has adjustable legs and tilt options that allow you to find the perfect angle for typing. It is completely wireless and also does not require an on off switch. This intuitive technology is here to make it as easy as possible for you to work.

A step up from the Ultimate Workstation is the Ultimate Workstation Three3 which also includes the same keyboard and replaces the roller mouse red with the roller mouse Three3. this is a completely wireless set up.

NewsWatch TV makes sure to always bring you the best and newest products to help improve your life. They are based in Washington DC, and also have offices in Fairfax, VA, New York City, and Denver, CO. They have been awarded both Gold and Platinum Marcom Awards for their show, a national 2017 Videographer Award, and a 2016 Silver Telly Award. They also have had guest appearances from top entertainers and celebrities.