Why Not Try O2Pur?

With the price of cigarettes on the rise a pack of Marlboro Red can cost you anywhere between 7 or 14 dollars depending on what state you are in. The price is only getting higher so why not switch to a cheaper alternative? When you own a box mod or a eCig the only thing you would be having to re purchase is e-liqiuds which last longer and taste better than a standard cigarette. Besides having a lower price than cigarettes, eCigs have a wide variety of flavors to choose from.

If you buy from O2Pur you can buy packs of 6 e-liquids which include flavors like Ripple, Coast, Cherry, Strawberry, and Green Apple. As younger crowds become more familiar with eCigs and box mods, the demand for cigarettes has gotten noticeably lower. The thought process behind this is why should we waste so much money on cheap manufactured cigarettes that only last an estimated 6 minutes each? For some people they can smoke a pack a day which is a huge weight on your bank account.

Studies show that an average smoker of 15 cigarettes a day won’t have to replace their bottle of e-liquid for a week if not more. If you go to the O2pur website you will find that they have an array of box mods and eCigs to choose from. You will also find different varieties of e-liqiuds, box mod chargers, coils, and more! A big advantage of owning a box mod or eCig is that they can be taken anywhere and used at anytime. No smoking zones do not apply to vape products therefore you don’t have to waste time out of your day to find a safe place to smoke.

This means no walking outside or having to cross building parameters just to smoke! Cigarettes are old news and just a plain hassle. No more wasting money or time just to smoke, the future is eCigs so why not switch now? Go to the O2Pur website and get started on saving your money while still doing what you love.

Securus Technologies Drone Detection Technology is the Future of Prison Security

Most people think that it is only the high walls and the locked doors that keep prisons safe. But, other than the physical barriers, prisons also need something extra to ensure that it is totally secured. There is a growing need for technology to stop inmates from smuggling items inside the prison and then to use them to their advantage or to hurt other people.


Communications technology is a boon to humanity. It helps people to communicate with people from different part of the world within seconds. But, communication technology is also used by the inmates for many illegal activities. It has been found that many criminals were able to run their entire operations while sitting in a secured prison using contraband phones. There is a growing need to stop these contraband phones from getting inside the prisons. With the rise in the number of illegal items getting caught in the hands of the inmates, prison officials are looking for better ways to stop these from getting inside the first place. Criminals are using drones to smuggle in the contraband. The detection of these drones is quite difficult as it needs more than high walls to stop them from invading the prisons.


Securus Technologies has come up with drone detection technology that would allow prisons to create a shield around its perimeters. Previously huge nets were used to cover the outside spaces in prisons that easily got damaged and often trapped birds. They also needed huge maintenance. But, drone detection technology is very convenient and easy to install. In case a drone tries to enter the prison, a message is sent to the authorities along with the location of the drone so that it can be caught. Drone detection technology will highly benefit the prison officers as well as the inmates from falling prey to crimes they do not want to be involved in.



Jed McCaleb Believes ICOs Are a Good Sign

Blockchain technology will change everything, says Jed McCaleb, who is a well known investor and deal breaker in the cryptocurrency industry. It will change the way our banking systems work. It will have a huge impact on the economy as a whole.


Jed McCaleb has run a number of successful ventures in the cryptocurrency industry. For example, there is the highly popular St. Gox exchange. This allows people to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies easily. However, he is now working on a new project, which is called Stellar. This new project will allow people to make cross-border cryptocurrency payments easily. It is going to create a revolution in the cryptocurrency industry. Jed McCaleb was also an early investor in Bitcoin, which is now at a good price.


Jed McCaleb says that in the future, there will be a global and universal payment network that will operate even dollars and euros. It will allow people to choose what other people can see with regards to their payments and transactions.


IBM is already using Stellar. They are using it to allow cross border exchanges with big banks. The reality is that Bitcoin’s regular network has a long transaction processing time. Stellar is going to be able to do it in just five seconds, which will solve a lot of the problems with Bitcoin’s transaction system. Stellar will also allow people to exchange regular money, such as dollars and euros, with cryptocurrencies, which is something that a lot of people want to do.


There is also something known as Initial Coin Offerings. According to Jed McCaleb, the fact that there are so many Initial Coin Offerings show that the market for cryptocurrencies is far from having reached its full potential. It is still exploding and there is a lot more that can be done. This is a new model of fundraising. It shows that a lot more will come in the future to the cryptocurrency industry. It does attract more regulators, though, because of the influx of funds. Jed McCaleb believes that ICOs are a good sign.

The Great History Of The Trabuco

Trabuco (or in trebuchet in French) is a siege weapon that was used prolifically in the middle ages. If the enemy had built a wall, this was the weapon you would want at your side. Designed for crushing masonry — or shooting over it — the Trabuco was a powerful Spanish tool against well-defended areas.

Originating in China, the schematics for the Trabuco made their way to France and Spain via Persian engineers. These powerful and destructive tools were used extensively during the reign of Charles VII of France and Louis IX of France according to wordreference.com. Both of them adapting the design to fit larger and more complex purposes. Louis XI of France used 24 Trabucos to overtake Damietta on the Nile River (also known as the Seventh Crusade). Charles VII ordered a trabuco capable of shooting over 800kg of stone — that’s over 1,700 lbs. — and, not only did it work, it served as a deterrent to neighboring forces.

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Taking over 12 days to set-up, these compound machines were capable of great destructive force. Using its mechanical advantage, these 100 ft tall structures could propel boulders weighing almost a ton. Trabucos were man-powered, requiring many men to raise a heavy box attached to the end of a pole. Once built, the only real way to adjust its trajectory was to coordinate the slings release time, as the rest of the parts were heavy, complex, and difficult to adjust. This made trabucos not only a powerful tool but also a difficult one to use. The last known recorded use of the trabuco was during the siege on the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan by Hernan Cortes. The trabucos were destroyed by their own boulders. Needless to say, the attack was unsuccessful.

Gunpowder eventually left these machines obsolescent, as cannons were far more precise, required less manpower, cheaper, more powerful, and less bulky. The history of the trabuco is not forgotten, however, as many countries were laid to rubble while being sieged by these mighty wooden beasts. In fact, in more recent news, these old means made a comeback. In 2013 during the Syrian Civil war reports of a giant wooden machine launching explosives at government troops came out according to sinonimos.com.br. As it turns out, the Syrian rebels had re-purposed a trabuco and were using it in the town center. Maybe these lethal siege weapons are just too interesting to die out.

Learn more about Trabuco: http://www.infoescola.com/curiosidades/trabuco/

Learning More About David Giertz

David Giertz works as the President of Nationwide Financial. He works hard for the company, overseeing the distribution of financial products such as retirement plans and life insurance. This man started working for Nationwide Financial as a Regional Vice President in Miami, Florida before he was given the job that he has today. This man is someone who has been given great opportunities because he is someone who has knowledge, experience, and talent. He does a good job in all of the work that he undertakes, and he has decades of experience working in the financial services industry.

When things are going well for a person, they feel inspired to keep at what they are doing and to keep giving their time to their job. David Giertz is someone who grows excited about the work that he does when things are going well. When he feels that his team is working well together, he is excited to go to work and see what a new day will bring for him. He loves having new opportunities roll in for him to consider.

David Giertz is someone who gives good financial and investing advice but he is also someone who has advice to share for those who are living any kind of life. He believes that it is important for a person to start their day with a good breakfast. He begins his day with a healthy breakfast that will help him concentrate throughout the day along with a little time spent reading the news.

Technology is constantly changing, and David Giertz is someone who is excited to see the ways that it is changing and affecting the work that he does. He is someone who believes that it is important for a person to show appreciation to those around them. He is someone who works hard, but he knows that there are others around him who are also working hard and he makes sure that they know that he appreciates all that they do.

Aloha Construction Is An Award Winning Midwest Construction Gem

Aloha Construction is a Midwest gem in the construction and renovation industry. This Lake Zurich Illinois based company services Southern Wisconsin and all of Illinois. Aloha Construction has completed over 18,000 jobs since it was founded by Dave Farbaky in 2008.

Residents within the Aloha service range can benefit from a large variety of professional services offered by Aloha Construction. This extensive list of services includes roofing, siding, and installation of gutters and down spout systems, installation or replacement of windows, screens, fascia and soffits, and basic kitchen, bathroom and basement remodels. Aloha Construction utilizes licensed, bonded and insured contractors to complete all service jobs for their customers.

The high demand for a reliable construction company in the Midwest resulted in Aloha expanding their presence in Illinois and opening a second office in Bloomington to better service residents of central and southern Illinois. Aloha Construction provides free work estimates for their customers and takes their individual circumstances into consideration.

In addition to servicing the home, Aloha will also give helpful tips to pet owners on how to keep their pets safe during times of renovation or construction. These tips include being watchful of doors or windows that pets could escape through, understanding that the noise levels may stress out the animals and explaining how a healthy routine and exercise will help maintain some normalcy to a pets life during repairs. Aloha Construction continually strives to provide a sense of community by donating to various fundraisers and charitable causes.

Aloha maintains a membership with the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Building Trades Association, the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association and Aloha has received industrial certification from the Better Business Bureau and they won the 2017 Torch award for Ethics given by the BBB. Aloha has also teamed up with Synchrony Financial to help provide financing options for customers who are victims of storm damage and cannot wait on insurance claims to fix the damage done to their homes or businesses. The high recognition that Aloha has received continually makes them a top choice for Illinois and southern Wisconsin residents when it comes to construction and renovation needs.


David McDonald puts OSI Group on a global platform

David McDonald, the ISO group president, was born and raised in Northeast. He attended the Iowa state university, where he graduated in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. This was due to his passion for agriculture from a young age, having grown up in the farms of Iowa. He, later on, got a job at OSI where he worked his way up to being the president of the industry.

Before he became the president of the group, David worked as the project manager of the OSI industries. He is serving as the chair of the North America meat institute and has also been the director of Marfriq Global Foods in southern American. He is also currently a member of the board of directors of the OSI group.

David is currently the president of the OSI group, which is a leading supplier of value-added proteins like sausages, sandwiches and beef patties. The company has spread to over 15 countries. His hard work, integrity, and determination have made him earn the Wallace E. Barron senior award.

Under his leadership, the company has created a partnership with the DOYOO groups and has launched a huge processing plant. David McDonalds has launched some projects like the expansion of Poland beef processing factory, he has directed the opening of a modern feed mill and has also built a frozen food processing facility. All this is due to his plan to make OSI the largest poultry production plant.

The OSI group was responsible for supplying food products during the 2008 Olympic Games at Beijing, where they provided foods such as chicken, beef, and sausages. This tenure was an added advantage to the group since their market grew and David received a stamp on his record for providing impeccable services.

As a method of growing their investments and increasing their demand, the company acquired Baho food. David praised the project, terming it as a stepping stone for the company to extend its market and investment that compliments the OSI existing products. These achievements are due to David’s good relations with local operators and logistics teams.

About OSI group: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group 

Matt Badiali: Support America’s Energy Independence And Get Freedom Checks

Investment advisor and geologist Matt Badiali is recommending people invest in America’s energy independence and get freedom checks for doing it. As the United States works to end its dependence on oil from the Middle East and meet its energy needs with oil, gas and other forms of energy made in America, over 568 Master Limited Partnerships are hard at work transforming natural resources from locations that include the Permian Basin, the Bakken Shale along with the Marcellus Shale. When people invest in Master Limited Partnerships they can get freedom checks for as much as 39,832% of their investment monthly or quarterly. Read more about Freedom Checks at banyanhill.com.


Master Limited Partnerships are required by law to give 90% of their profits to their investors. Those payments are what Matt Badiali calls freedom checks. Those payments will be more than $34 billion of the course of the next year. Badiali thinks it would be wise for as many American investors as possible to plunk down their money and watch the freedom checks roll in. Matt Badiali shares this type of sage investment advice through his Real Wealth Strategist newsletter Banyan Hill publishes monthly. And he has a stellar track record. The companies he recommends regularly deliver gains of two digits and more.

For over 20 years Matt Badiali’s focus has been on rocks and soil. At Penn State University he majored in earth sciences. Next, he graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a master’s degree in geology. Badiali’s love for field research made him a star when his friend asked him to use his scientific training to assist with investment advice. Matt Badiali focused on advising investors about natural resources. He visits oil fields, mines, plants and farms in Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, the Mexican desert and the Yukon and gets mud on his boots and dirt under his nails studying the operations.

Visit: http://www.agoranews.com/posts/pTQvXd7aMYrovWx7Y/matt-badiali-s-freedom-checks-exposed

Matt Badiali only tells his readers about the winners. That’s what happened with the freedom checks. Badiali is aware of America’s vast natural resources being developed at locations all across the country. He also knows about the fracking boom. He understands investing in the Master Limited Partnerships is a win-win proposition. It supports America’s goal of energy independence and offers investors the opportunity to get large freedom checks on a monthly or quarterly basis. Plus, the money is tax-free. Technically, those freedom checks aren’t dividends. The are repayments to investors. Read this article at Money Morning.

Facts On Bruno Fagali’s Blog

If you are reading this article you may not know alot about fagali law, but that will change. The Fagali law came into existence with one specific purpose: to pair up the massive amounts of knowledge that the staff had in the areas that the firm specializes in with dedication that can not be found elsewhere. The team that works for the Fagali law firm is certainly a team that can be recommended easily simply because of their experience and the qualifications behind the team. The team is known for specializing in Election Law, Public Law, Advertising Law, Compliance, and so much more.

The FAGALI advocacy firm has guaranteed a commitment and dedication with the defense of their clients and partners. This guarantee is what drives the firm, and it is a task that the firm finds easy to handle. The firm certainly goes above and beyond when it comes to achieving the standard of excellence with their services. Clients and partners will even fall in love with the ethical, attentive, modern, and responsible differentiates legal services that the firm is able to provide them with.

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About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Jorge Fagali is someone who has had many years of experience when it comes to practicing law. He finds pride in his work, especially with the work that he specializes in, such as ethics, urban law, and regulatory laws. It is very easy to see that Bruno Fagali has done a great job, and his clients all feel comfortable working with him thanks to the extensive amount of expertise he has. This is a man who has personally represented a lot of clients in the courts as well as a man who has given many clients advice that helped them solve legal issues without needing the courts. As the head of the Fagali Advocacy firm it is easy to see that Bruno Fagali has done a great job.

Bruno Fagali has a background that is outstanding in terms of education, and the interpersonal skills that he has have been very helpful to many clients as well as partners. Bruno Fagali has certainly come a long way since he first founded the Fagali Advocacy law firm in 2016.

Search more about Bruno Fagali: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/bruno-fagali-reporta-pesquisa-que-revela-que-empresas-brasileiras-estao-mais-preocupadas-em-adotar-mecanismos-anticorrupcao-em-2017,69a222c51634fd608b5938dd4ca75f7d2n4sh0k9.html

Talk Fusion for Your Marketing Needs

Getting your company into a digital place can be difficult when you’re on a fixed budget. You might know the importance of marketing as well as keeping in touch with staff and customers, but you just don’t know how you can begin to get this type of project started. When you’re at a loss as to how to make this happen, you need a company like Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has been an award winner for a lot of different agencies because of the work they have done for business owners all throughout the country in need of digital and video marketing services.


The great thing about Talk Fusion is that it’s all available on one account, so you can log into your Talk Fusion account and send out a video email to customers while also conducting a live meeting with your staff members back at the office. This is also ideal for the business expert and professional on the go who is not necessarily in the office all the time, but knows that they still need to keep in touch with their employees and business partners. Talk Fusion has made it effortless for just about anyone, no matter how bad at technology they are, to get this type of service at the click of a button.


While you are choosing to make a video email to send out to customers, you can be video chatting with people who are contacting you. It gives your company a much more approachable feel, and it allows your customers to feel like you’re a whole lot more personable towards them. Talk Fusion has married a variety of services into one convenient account for you, so it’s just a matter of downloading their app to your mobile device and then using it for your own needs and necessities. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-opens-new-international-office-in-india-300563702.html


There are tons of ways to make use of Talk Fusion and know that it’s appropriate for the business that you own and operate right now. Before going to a different company or downloading multiple programs, you need to give Talk Fusion a try and see if it works for you. This company has put lots of technology into their app, so it’s effortless on your part and allows you to just create your own account and then get started without needing to do much else. Talk Fusion is there for business owners as well as those who just want to get started with entrepreneurship.