Graeme Holm Created Infinity Group Australia To Help Families Reduce Their Mortgages

Graeme Holm has spent seventeen years in the sector for financial services. His completed accreditations include financial planning, real estate and finance. After nearly ten years in the four major banking environments, he became frustrated. He was tired of pushing only one brand of service and product offerings. Graeme Holm realized most of the families in Australia were being offered poor deals by the financial institutions. This was when the drive and inspiration to start his own company began. Infinity Group Australia was created to change and fix the financial lives of Australians, one family at a time.


Graeme Holm designed Infinity Group Australia using a different approach than the traditional broker. The company goes into detail regarding the needs of the family and the household expenses. They meet with clients multiple times to understand, assist and fine tune a weekly budget for necessities including groceries, travel expenses, fuel and entertainment. A traditional broker is finished once the loan has been approved. This is where Graeme Homs gets started. A personal banker is allocated to every client to help them pay off the loan faster.


Infinity provides all their clients with a monthly performance report. This enables them to see if their family budget needs to be adjusted or if they are meeting their expectations and goals. Their clients are provided with six monthly reviews to make certain their clients succeed in their commitment to reducing their mortgages. Infinity teaches families the difference between needs and wants. Graeme Holm has yet to meet a client he was unable to help. He realizes most of the things people spend their money on are thrown away within a few months. This money can reduce the daily interest for a mortgage. Many people forget although interest is charged monthly, it is calculated daily.


During 2015 and 2016, almost thirty percent of the households in Australia had too much debt based on their ratio of income and debt. Graeme Holm is trying to help people reduce the amount of debt from their mortgages. The company does charge a fee for the personal banker and debt reduction model. They then charge ten percent of the yearly debt reduction. The families with Infinity’s support and guidance pay off more of the loan in the next three months than they did in the previous year. Infinity offers a service model that is honest and open. The bottom line is the stronger the result achieved by the client, the better the result for Infinity. The borrowers are under less stress. They can spend time with their families, go to work and know their bills are being paid. Graeme Holm does not believe in having clients, he believes in adding more members to his family. Learn more:

Shervin Pishevar’s predictions of the economic crisis in United States

Shervin Pishevar is a man who cannot be underestimated when it comes to his assessment of the economy. In his latest assessment of the American economy, he seems to suggest that the future of the American economy would be in limbo in the near future. The economic crisis that he suggests includes a suggested crumbling of the stock market and the failure of the major American multinational companies such as Alphabet, Google, Amazon, and Apple. Although a majority of his tweets was pessimistic in nature, Shervin Pishevar also seemed to suggest that such an economic crisis might be necessary in turning around the American economy for the better.

Shervin Pishevar is a known globalist who has often emphasized on the need for a change in the structuring of the American economy. In his globalist perspective, Pishevar suggests that an impending economy crisis in America could be a window of opportunity for the country to rethink the structuring of the economy. For many years, Pishevar has suggested that the American economy should be restructured to reflect an egalitarian economy. In his tweets, it seemed that he was optimistic that an impending economic crisis was an opportunity for policymakers to effect the required changes.

Many of his tweets focused on the limitations that he believes are a result of the current American economic structure and made a case to initiate action to change the structuring of the economy. As an entrepreneur and experienced business leader, Shervin Pishevar has always advocated for a more inclusive, transparent, and open economy where every American has equal economic opportunities regardless of his or her political, social, or economic inclination. He has always wanted an economy with no bottlenecks that limit innovations by promoting dominant brands and suffocating emerging brands.

A careful analysis of Pishevar’s rant on Twitter clearly reveals a man who is disappointed and concerned with the state of affairs. He raises questions that many people would feel uncomfortable asking. In so doing, he calls for an assessment of the current structuring of the economy to determine whether it is working for the good of the people or just benefiting a few individuals.

Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender was born in the year 1957, October 17. He was born to two Jewish parents. His father was a college professor while his mother was a kindergarten teacher. Lawrence Bender was brought up in New Jersey USA. Throughout his childhood, he grew up emulating his grandfather. He wanted to be just like his granddad. He recognized his granddad as a mentor.

Lawrence was privileged to join Cherry Hill High School East. There, he was able to interact with other kids and shared ideas. Most of them had ambitions. They wanted to undertake challenging courses when they joined the university. This was not the same with Lawrence Bender. When he completed his secondary education, he joined the University of Maine.

There, he pursued a course that was similar to what his grandfather pursued. In the year 1979, Lawrence Bender graduated with a degree in Civil engineering. He decided to pursue this course because he had earlier received information that the field had plenty of job opportunities.

While still on campus, Bender developed a passion for dancing. After graduating, he decided to dance. He joined an entertainment group that used to travel around America performing in different shows. In return, they were paid for their performance. After several years of dancing, something absurd happened. Lawrence Bender incurred an injury that saw him quit dancing for good. This distorted his spirits. However, he was no longer going to dance, so he opted to take another career route.

Today, Bender is a celebrated movie producer. He has been in the industry of movie production for over 20 years. He has produced several movies that have acted as a source of entertainment for many people around the globe. Some of the movies that he has produced include, an inconvenient truth, safe, four rooms, the Mexican, the great raid, pulp fiction, Django, Reservoir Dogs, and Hateful Eight among.

Lawrence Bender came into fame when he produced the movie reservoir. He produced the movie in the year 1992. After that, threads of success have been on his heels. He has won several awards for his excellent works.

Cosmetic Practices by Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, M.D.

One of the greatest esthetic companies that has been highly recommended for cosmetic surgery in Dallas, Texas is Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, M.D., of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. This doctor has proved to have one of the best facilities to choose when researching your options because he practices numerous types of improvements to the face and body. Not only is Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, a plastic surgeon, he is also known as the chairman of one of the greatest Rhinoplasty seminars in Texas. He has spent much of his life creating different books and articles pretaining to popular masters who have specialized in nasal surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a very popular type of reformation because this technique allows the doctor to gradually alter the original structure of the nose and the manner in which it functions. Although this procedure is very popular, the results are known to vary. Revision Rhinoplasty is a secondary operation that may be required for those individuals who experienced poor results on a prior nose surgery. This facility also specializes in face lift oporations. When performing this transformation specifically, the doctor is making an attempt to remove problems such as wrinkles, facial scaring, dark circles, etc.

However, not only does Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, provide customers with cosmetic surgery, they also have breast surgery. There are only two different forms of breast operations that you can choose. The first is known as breast augmentation. This process involves the recreation of the breast area to implicate a growth improvement. The second process is known as breast lifting, in which the breast are raised to prevent sagging upon the chest of the woman. The doctor applies this surgery to manipulate the size, contour, an the formal eminence of the breasts. Women ultimately choose this form of abscission to give the illusion that the client’s body has a proportional improvement.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, prefers to diagnose everyone personally so that he is able to provide them with the proper store location to visit, along with the time and date to have the surgery executed.

Corporate Success in the Food Industry is exemplified by business leaders like Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of the American Food Company, OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin has held many impressive business positions through the years, especially with OSI Group, which is an Aurora, Illinois-based food company. Mr. Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group. He manages an international food company with 20 thousand employees. OSI Group’s corporate headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin had worked with the predecessor to OSI group — Otto & Sons — in 1970 due to some financial matters that Sheldon Lavin had had with Otto & Sons, Inc.

Otto Kolschowsky founded a small meat and butcher shop in Oak Park, Illinois. Kolschowsky’s place was initially situated to the west of Chicago renamed Otto & Sons, Inc. in 1928. Sheldon Lavin became an important employee of Otto & Sons in 1975. In the same year that Lavin joined the company, the meat company’s name changed from Otto & Sons to OSI Industries.

Because of Mr. Lavin’s success running the company over many decades, he was given the Global Visionary Award by the Vision World Academy in India in 2016. After Lavin received the award, he said that he was humbled and honored to be given it. Levin also was quoted as saying that he was proud of his work in assisting OSI Group to expand into the powerhouse that the company presently is. Sheldon Levin also spends time giving back with his philanthropic pursuits. One of which is the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Mr. Lavin is a trustee and chairman of their capital campaign. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

While under Mr. Lavin’s watchful eye as CEO, OSI Group received kudos by being placed on the top 100 American food firms list. OSI is well-regarded for its eminence in areas like sustainability, efficiency, and safety.

OSI Group provides a large variety of vegetable, fish, meat, poultry, vegetable-based products, specialty-dough, and many other food brands for its many stakeholders, international clients, and customers.

OSI Group was ranked 58th in sales for a private company American company in the U.S. in 2016. noted that OSI Group had sales of approximately $6.1 billion in 2016. Regarding the other important executives at OSI Group that Sheldon Levin relies on to continue the success of the company, David McDonald is the President and COO, and Sherry DeMeulenaere is the Senior VP and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Having executives that can assist Sheldon Lavin to accomplish great things for OSI is key to continued success of the company.

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Gregory Aziz: An Educated and Giving Businessman

Gregory James Aziz is a highly educated man of business and philanthropy. In his life, he has established himself as a Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the highly successful company, National Steel Car. Greg has earned a reputation for being dedicated and committed to whatever he sets his mind to. His name is known by most in Ontario. That’s where he was born on April 30, 1949 to a family that was quite business driven themselves. He had a good childhood and exemplary role models that encouraged him to follow his dreams. After high school, he attended Ridley College. Shortly after, he transferred to the University of Western Ontario. It was his decision to major in economics and he excelled. He studied hard and became extremely well educated on the subject before graduating.


Shortly after, in the year of 1971 Greg realized with his background in economics, he could bring a whole new plate to the table of his family’s food business. He decided to join the company, Affiliated Foods, as a partner. With his help, they were able to expand exponentially. Very limited before as to who they could import food to, they could now import fresh food as far as the United States from places such as Europe and South America. This increased their profit margins greatly and with this, Greg was satisfied. He had taken a small business and turned into a global company. He stayed with them for quite some time before moving on and founding National Steel Car in the year of 1994.


Greg saw a company that was operating at a slow pace and needed many improvements, but he didn’t see why it couldn’t be done. He believed with a little time and work, he could really turn it around. This is exactly what he did. He purchased the company with a goal in mind and he set out to accomplish it and wouldn’t stop until it was done. He took a company that was only producing 3,000 railcars a year and increased that number to 12,000. This created jobs and profit numbers for the company went through the roof. These numbers continue to grow today. As a leader in safety, the company has become one of the top railcar manufacturers in the world.


1They are leader in engineering and have held the TTX SECO award for eighteen years. Greg Aziz also ensures his company is a sponsor of several charitable organizations including the United Way and the Salvation Army. Gregory J Aziz has established himself as a good man succeeding in life, business and his community.Go Here to learn more.




Bob Reina A Better World

Bob Reina is a native of Brandon, Florida. His motto is “I Will.” Every morning he has those two words cemented in his mind. His goal is to build a global business and pursue his charity work. He believes the worlds of business and philanthropy are not mutually exclusive. With the investment of building his team in Talk Fusion, his goal was to devote time heavily in marketing and build a platform that makes people’s life easier.

Bob Reina’s outlook in the world in business is a mechanism for good in the world as is a powerful one. The reason he got into business was to make a difference to how other business communicate. His goal was providing an easier way for them to go about their operations, hoping they can grow, and their employees can thrive, live happier and more prosperous lives. This train of thought is a natural extension of his wanting to help people that he doesn’t directly work with or sell products and services to. For this reason, he’s always looking for reasons to step outside the boardroom and see what’s out there in the world.

Bob Reina sees a difference between “profitable” and “success.” For him, it’s not a race to the finish line; it’s about bringing other people along with you so the whole community receives a lift and boost. Many people have asked, does “the end justify the mean”? Mr. Reina certainly thinks so. He believes the end and the means to business and charity work must be intrinsically linked. They must both do good in the world to succeed. He firmly believes, it’s never been about adopting a win all attitude, and then try to give back at the end. His standpoint is deciding to do good in the world. Bob Reina emphasizes that charity work doesn’t have to pertain to charity functions. Charity work can begin at home, which is something that anyone can employ and make a real lasting difference in their local community. Learn more:

In conclusion, it’s very refreshing to see a CEO of a major US company willing to spend so much time and thought on giving back to his charities and to why he’s doing it.








David McDonald is the manager and president at OSI Group. David is also OSI’s board of director’s member and a director at OSI foods (Australia). He was OSI’s Project manager before becoming its president. McDavid also worked at North America Meat Company as its chairman and Marfig Global as an independent contractor. Mr. David holds an Animal Science bachelor’s degree from the University Of Lowa State. David McDonald has over thirty years at OSI group, and he has contributed significantly to the drastic growth of the company. McDonald has been at the forefront in ensuring that he sustains a logistics team that can ensure that the business keeps up with global trends. He also ensures that his employees work hand in hand with local marketers to ensure that customer’s requirements are attained without hassle.

OSI group is currently the number one supplier of Sandwiches, pizza, sausage links, beef patties and many other value-added protein foods. This company has grown at a very high rate over the years. It aims at providing high-quality goods that can sustain customer’s needs. It is a supplier to over fifty facilities serving over seventeen countries. David McDonald is set to make this company the largest poultry manufacturing company in the whole of China. David facilitated a joint venture in 2012 with DOYOO Group and flung a massive processing plant in this same year at Henan province. He also led the company in many other profitable endeavors that saw the company attain a 30% expansion of the Poland beef dispensation plant in 2012 only. The company was also able to initiate a new company in India which majored of frozen food processing and a modern milling facility in Shandong. This milling facility produces over six hundred thousand tons of feeds annually which earns the company a fortune.

The company also acquired Baho Food under the leadership of David McDonald in 2016. This move, according to David was a smart move since it increased demand and it was significant since The OSI Group and Baho Food produced similar products. According to him, the main cause of OSI Group success was the constant ability to move with trends globally.

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Celebrating Queen’s Coronation Enjoyably and Prudently with Gold

Sometimes we spend on things we are passionate about with no regard for their enduring value: things like chocolates, or roses.

At other times we spend because we must because it’s prudent and responsible: necessaries like life insurance or vitamins. But sometimes we can buy something that satisfies both our passion and our desire to be sensible.

In a recent news release, U.S. Money Reserve — a respected distributor of U.S. Government issues of gold, silver, and platinum — announced a U.S. Exclusive Perth Mint 65TH Anniversary Coronation Set celebrating the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

That the recent marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has captured the attention of the world, is a measure of just how invested we Americans are in the history of our closest ally.

The set, consisting of a 2-oz. gold proof coin, a 1/4-oz. gold proof coin, and a 1-oz. silver-proof is a fun way to do something prudent. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase and US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook | PRNewswire

This coin set is something your friends will enjoy and enthuse over, but it may also act as a hedge against the erosion our currency — not an inconsequential concern as we leave recessionary times and face the increasing likelihood of value-eroding inflation during the current economic expansion.

So many noteworthy (and beneficial) things happened in 1953, the year Queen Elizabeth II was crowned:

  • Joseph Stalin died, only to be replaced by Nikita Kruschev — the latter most remembered here for misjudging the spine of JFK, but most remembered in Russia for the ‘Secret Speech,’ the first time anyone officially denounced Stalin.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower — perhaps the least controversial and most widely-admired president of recent decades — assumed the presidency of the U.S.
  • Armed conflict on the Korean Peninsula came to an end.
  • Dean Martin released the delightful hit song, Memories are Made of This

James BondCasino Royale

  • And Ian Fleming published the first of a series of novels about some fellow named, James Bond, a book by the name of Casino Royale.

So consider buying something today that will provide lasting joy of ownership, and maybe even a bit of a nest egg as well. Not into English history? Perhaps a coin honoring the sacrifices made at Pearl Harbor is what you seek.

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Milan Kordestani: Businessman

Milan Kordestani isn’t like most teenagers his age.

He is only 19 but already has a thriving career, a business, and is even known internationally for his success in sports.


Milan has been riding horses since the age of 10.

His first time atop the horse, he was thrown off.

The horse ran away, but Milan went after it. He found the animal, climbed back atop it, and began to ride again.

This is just one of the first situations in which Milan has shown perseverance.

Fast forward nine years later, Milan is an international equestrian champion, having won 3rd place and then 2nd place in 2015 and 2016 at the World Championship.

His Business

Milan is the owner of Milan Farms, a farm that offers organic foods.

The three items that are grown on this farm are eggs, herbs, and saffron.

Milan prides himself on raising his farm animals in a humane way and on his customer service skills.

He believes that anything on which a customer has a question or comment is important and takes the time to honestly respond to each and every customer.

Kordestani feels that the only way to do business is by offering answers without hesitation and, most importantly, by being honest.

His Writing Career

What is one of the most known newspapers in the United States?

You got it! The Huffington Post!

Milan is one of the youngest people to have ever written for the Huffington Post.

The areas that he covers include agriculture, politics, and mental health.

When Milan isn’t grazing his farm animals, mailing a shipment of crops to a customer, or gracing the competition field, he is hard at work at the Post, cranking out articles that are sure to inform, educate, and even excite.