A Look at Philanthropist and Investor Malini Saba

Malini Saba is one the top female investors and philanthropists. I believe she is one of the women who have understood the importance of hard work and determination. Malini has stood out to be one of the famous business women in the business world. This is because of her tireless efforts to make it no matter the challenges or difficulties she faced. Malini is the founder of Saban. Saban has over the years had enormous investment interests in various companies spread out across the world. The company has made investments in the US particularly in its technology companies. In Australia, the company has made investments in its real estate sector and has also ventured into China and invested in its oil and gas industries.

Malini is passionate about helping people and has come up with organizations that seek to help women, children and the less fortunate in the society. In the year 2001, Malini founded a non-profit organization known as Stree: Global Investments in Women for the purpose of transforming the perception that women and children view themselves and reminding them that they are a fundamental part of the society. The organization provides access to legal empowerment, healthcare and public policy forums for women in Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe and India.

She has made numerous contributions to various charitable organizations. In the year 2005, she donated $1 million to help in the development of Heart Research Center at El Camino Hospital in California. I praise her for her efforts in bringing back to life areas that had been destroyed by the tsunami in 2004. Her career in investment began in the 1990s where she tirelessly invested in companies such as Sycamore Networks, Netscreen Technologies, and PayPal Inc.

Malini comes from Malaysia and is the current Chairperson of Saban. She was born to Sri Lankan parents who moved to Australia where she grew up and later moved to the US. Malini attended Stanford University where her husband was a lecturer. Malini’s website offers one a deep insight into the early life of Malini Saba and how she started from scratch before making it as one of the top women investors in the world.

She got into the investment world by what she describes as gate crashing an investment banker’s forum where she asked questions and got to know more about investment banking. This was the beginning

of her journey into the investment world. LinkedIn offers one a look at Malini Saba’s professional and philanthropist profile over the years.

Brian Bonar: Dreams Come True

When you are a kid growing up, you have dreams. Some are small and some are big, but nevertheless, you have dreams. You want to see them come true and you want to see them come to life in any way possible. You work hard, go to school, do what is right, and you hope that everything turns out OK for you in the end.

You hope that by doing the right thing, it will pay off and other people will see it, recognize it, appreciate it, and know the extra hours you have put in to get the job done that. That is Brian Bonar without a shadow of a doubt.

He has always believed in hard work, putting your nose to the grindstone and putting in the extra effort. While others are getting tired, he is just getting started. He knows that if he works harder than the person next to him, great things can happen and wonderful things can be in your future.

However, the ball is in your court. You decide your future and you decide your fate. Brian Bonar has always been a big believer in that. You make your own breaks in this life and if you want good things to happen, you can’t expect them to just be handed to you. It is up to you to do the dirty work and sometimes you might be up all night working. However, you know it is for a reason and it is for a purpose. You always have your eye on the end game.

Recently, Brian received an award that only two men and two women receive each and every year, which shows you how rare it is and how much it means to people. He received the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance.

According to the MG2, they look at their professional accomplishments, academic achievements and leadership abilities. Brian has excelled in all these fields and then some as Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He takes great pride in his leadership abilities and his ability to reach people, connect with them, and relate to them. He is a true people person.

He wants to be the type of CEO that is more than a CEO. He is someone you can talk to and he likes to have an open door policy at all times.

Even though there are boundaries and he is the boss, they can come to him with ideas and he will listen, take them seriously, and take them into consideration. He knows that this award is not possible without the team. He remains humble in believing that and knowing that. Everyone has played a part in making this happen for him.

Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=185634&privcapId=29770

Nutrimost Is Suing Rival Company Healthy Living For $300,000

Nutrimost, a fat loss system that has become extremely popular over the last few years, has sued its rival Healthy Living for $300,000.

According to a suit filed in the Manhattan Federal Court, Healthy Living ripped off the Nutrimost promotional video and started using it as their own. Healthy Living swiped the video from the Nutrimost website, made a few edits, and posted it on their website as if they were the creators of it.

In September of 2015 Healthy Living recievd a cease and desist letter which ordered them to take down the video. Instead of obeying the order, the company simply re-edited the video and posted a shorter version.

It is this offense that ultimately led to Nutrimost filing the lawsuit. Nutrimost is requesting the courts bar the company from posting the video and order them to pay $300,000 for the damage that has been done to their reputation.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Nutrimost is a fat loss system that has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off for good. Unlike other fat loss systems, Nutrimost is not a fad diet that revolves around weight loss pills and prepackaged meals.

Nutrimost teaches you how to change your habits so you can lead a healthy lifestyle. They show how what foods you should and shouldn’t eat, how to determine the good sugars from the bad sugars, and how to do a proper body composition analysis to determine where you are right now as far as your health goes.

Dr. Rob Vasquez, a wellness advocate from San Antonio, was able to lose a total of 60 pounds on the program. And the best part is he has kept it off for over a year.


Don Ressler’s Approach To Business

Don Ressler is a businessman known for his work in countless fields, alongside helping numerous people grow in different ways immensely. He created his first startup, FitnessHaven.com, which was bought by a company back in 2001. His ups and downs in business and marketing eventually lead him to different opportunities. Don Ressler has worked on different projects, but one of his most successful business ideas is JustFab.com, which is one of the biggest sites in the world of marketing and advertising. Providing new clothing options, this is a site that is scaling and reaching new heights in the world of online shopping.

The best part about this company is the fact that there are all kinds of ways for clients to enjoy buying fabulous clothes at prices that are more than affordable. This is an incredible man who created and co-founded a wide variety of different businesses and companies.  Ressler’s work in countless business has crafted his approach to business. He has received more than $85 million of funding for Just Fab. His work ethic stems strictly from looking for ways to solve a problem with an answer. The best part about his work is that he has changed countless people’s lives in so many ways. Don Ressler truly knows how to come up with innovative businesses that deliver results and provide real solutions to people across the globe.

Don Ressler’s businesses have almost always succeeded because he knows what works and what doesn’t. Don Ressler built JustFab answering a problem that most women have every single day when they want to shop. Women everywhere struggle in the world of finding their style, and this site can help answer what it is that you are looking for with their fun style quiz to personalize what they would recommend for you and your look. The site also has membership options that can open the chance for women to save more and more money. It’s one of the best sites in the world today for numerous reasons.

Don Ressler’s is a very well respected businessman known for the countless brands and companies that he has worked on. He strives to come up with new ways to provide legitimate resources, whether it is for Just Fab or another location. Don is definitely the man who knows how to create beautiful businesses that flourish, and learning after his principles can help anybody grow in the right direction to succeed. See: http://ecommerce-news.internetretailer.com/nav/tags/donressler/0


JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group

Keith Mann is a Proven Mover and Shaker in the Equity Fund and Education Industry

Keith Mann is an entrepreneur and businessman. He is the Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners (DSP) and is currently the Managing Director. Dynamic Search Partners provides executive search services for the hedge fund and alternative investment industry. Dynamic Search Partners is the largest staff acquisition service in the industry and maintains the largest data base of investment executives.

Mr. Mann began his financial career with a company called Dynamics Executive Search and he was the manager of the Alternative Investments Practice Division. He rose through the ranks and climbed the ladder of success and became the Vice President of the company.

Through Mr. Mann’s dedication and passion, he has been the driving force behind DSP and part of their success is their ability to build relationships with several major hedge fund and equity firms. Mr. Mann directs the day to day operations of DSP and assists clients in team building when hiring marketing and internal strategists and investment professionals. DSP works with clients in the investment industry in the United States, Asia and Europe.

In 2013, Mann and Dynamic Search Partners formed a partnership with Uncommon Schools in New York. The team from DSP met with the senior class at the school for a day of resume building. Dynamic Search Partners held two workshops where they met with students as a group and individually and reviewed the students resume that will be included with their college applications and offered advice as well as editing to help optimize the resumes.

The overall goal of the partnership is offer assistance in learning practical and tactical skills to help students become success not only in college, but in life as well. The program has proven successful as students have embraced the programs DSP brings to the school and the collaborative continues to stress the importance of academic excellence and making the connection between education and the students ability to position themselves for college and future careers.

Improve Reputation Through Betterreputation.org

One currency that does not change with the market is your reputation. It can go up and down just like the stock market. How you act and how people talk about you equals your reputation. We all remember the advice our mothers gave us about not caring about what others think. Unfortunately, this advice is not good in business.

Your reputation means a great deal to your customers and your vendors. Your trust and worthiness to vendors and other businesses can be determined by a reputation. Your business rep needs to be managed now more than ever. Our reputation is more than how we present ourselves in person, but also how we present ourselves online. As a business owner you need to learn how to create a great reputation in person and an even better one online.

As a business person, you need to do what you say you will do. Make deliveries on time, deliver services on time, and you will build a reputation for being dependable. Make other people look good, so if you receive referrals, then let people get credit for it. This way you are shown as someone who allows people to get credit where it is due. Go above and beyond the expectations, so that clients will expect you to do your best every time.

No one knows the value of an online reputation like http://betterreputation.org/. This online reputation firm helps their clients to maintain their company reputation and increase their brand recognition. Their quotes are free and allow you to see what their services can do for you.

Conducting Business with Integrity

Securus Technologies is a major provider of communication technology in many correctional centers in America. The company’s main offices are in Dallas, Texas. Securus however have other branches in Atlanta, Georgia, among other places in North America. The company has employed more than five hundred people who dedicate themselves in upholding the firm’s mantra.

Securus Technologies works in collaboration with more than three thousand law enforcement agencies to serve over a million prisoners in North America. The company specializes in providing solutions in data analytics, call management systems, telecommunications, and IT to solve many issues in correctional facilities. Securus prides itself in giving ground breaking solutions to make the lives of prisoners better.
Recently, Securus Technologies brought to light the findings by the Louisiana Public Service Commission about malpractices in business.

These wrongdoings had been committed by Global Tel Link (GTL) more than a decade ago. And as reported by PR newswire, Securus intends to release the reports in a series for a period of up to six months. The intention of the release is to compel the accused company to operate honest business to satisfy their clients.
During the release of the first article, the CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, expressed his feelings on the matter. He said that it was a shame for a firm of reputable status to stoop to levels of extortion. Smith also said that the companies in their industry should be focused on providing the best service possible for their customers and not just making a lot of money. The first article released was Order No. U-20784-B, which was seventeen pages of information on the malpractices by GTL.

The Louisiana PSC had found Global Tel Link liable of having committed several unlawful activities. Global had set programs to make sure that inmates using their telephone network always had an extra thirty seconds. By adding the seconds, Global was making profits from unsuspecting customers. GTL was billing one phone call several times, extorting money from their clients. Another malpractice by the company was introducing add-ons to their phone calls to increase the amount charged for the call. Changing tariffs to earn more is another of the improper practices by GTL. All these wrong doings led to overcharging the taxpayer more than a million dollars.

Smith said that the time that had gone past since the findings were made should not make the matter less serious. He encouraged other companies in their industry to conduct their business with integrity, a value Securus Technologies upholds always. Recently, according to http://www.bbb.org/dallas/business-reviews/government-contractors/securus-technologies-in-dallas-tx-41000098, Securus Technologies received accreditation by BBB. The endorsement came after the company was found to meet all the set requirements by BBB. Better Business Bureau also awarded Securus a rating of A+, which is the highest possible. The factors that led to the endorsement include the time the company has been in operation, how they handle the client complaints, and the number of complaints filed.

Securus Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies

Securus Linked In page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/securus-technologies


Duda Melzer Brings A Global Vision To Brazil’s RBS Group

The media industry is one that can be described as truly global in the 21st century as ideas and programming now transcend the globe as new forms of media and streaming options provide viewers with more options than ever before. Brazil’s RBS Group has recently looked to the future with the appointment of a new President, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known by his nickname of Duda. The movement towards a new form of media transmission has seen the respected RBS Group look to find a new way of reaching viewers through the use of new media that has opened up new areas of success for the company.

Duda Melzer is a member of the successful Sirotsky family, who have been in control of the RBS Group since it was estabklished in 1957 by Duda’s grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky. The company has grown to include 18 TV affiliates and a number of other media outlets, but are now looking to move into the latest media areas that are opening up in non traditional areas of the industry.

In appointing Duda Melzer as the new president of the RBS Group the company is opening up new areas of success for the future, which includes the chance to explore non traditional media options that Melzer is something of an expert in. Duda Melzer spent a period of his working life exploring new media options in the U.S. in leadership positions at a range of media outlets, which he feels has given him the chance to expand the options available to RBS as he leads the company into what should be a successful future.

Read more about Duda here:



Bernardo Chua’s Royalty Program

One of the most popular products in the world is coffee. Coffee is a product that can be accessed and grown throughout the world and is an affordable commodity that is currently consumed by billions all around the world. Consumers enjoy a cup of coffee for not only the delicious bitter taste, but also for the much needed energy boost. Coffee can be the first part of anyone’s day or can be a treat in the afternoon that continues to drag on. Coffee is a unique product that can be sold by local coffee shops or can be sold by major corporations that specialize in providing customers with a delicious product. As the coffee industry is becoming more and more competitive, company as finding new niches to fit themselves into in order to be successful.

An example of a new industry that has been evolving around coffee is the health industry that is dedicated to providing a cup of coffee that is not only healthy, but also delicious. The leading company within this newly found industry is Organo Gold which was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, a businessman with an expertise in the multilevel marketing industry. Bernardo Chua has expanded his company so much that it now offers a rewards program for loyal distributors of the company as well as for loyal customers of the products. Bernardo Chua has decided that those that share a passion for this product should be rewarded with discounts, the knowledge of special offers, as well as quality customer service.

For those who are in line to receive and become a part of this rewards program, there is only one requirement. The local distributor as well as the consumer must obtain a monthly subscription to the auto-ship program. This subscription will allow the consumer as well as the producer to gain a 25 percent discount in every purchase. Thanks to Bernardo Chua and his creativity, those that truly love the Organo Gold products will be rewarded. Organo Gold is expected to continue to grow exponentially and be featured all around the world in even the most rural areas.  Bernardo has won many awards, and it’s worth following his Twitter to see what Bernardo will be doing next.

The US Money Reserve Gets It Fair Dues

The US Money Reserve got its fair dues in a feature on EPNS Radio, and it was shown to be the best form of investment for people who are trying to save money for the future. Gold coins have often been a popular form of money, but now they are a great collector’s item along with an investment. These gold coins come from the US Money Reserve because they are the biggest distributor in the US, and they are also coming out with great designs that anyone would love. Learn more about US Money Reserve:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/u-s-money-reserve and https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/u-s-money-reserve

The best part of this for most investors is that they will be able to invest in something that they like to look at. The gold coins are tangible, and people can buy them from the US Money Reserve at any time. The coins will keep rising in value over the years, and they will be very nice to look at in a collection.

People can trade them for as long as they want, or they can just keep them locked away until they think that they should sell them. There is a lot to be done for people who need to get their investing started, and doing that at the US Money Reserve is really easy. They can get coins they like, and they can make investments on the spot that make sense for them as people.

It is much easier for people to save money when they have coins that they can keep on their person. They can keep a collection that they trade with other coin collectors, or they can buy the coins that were designed by Philip Diehl just for the purpose of investment. He always has new ideas that make it easier for people to save their money, and his designs are among the most desirable in the world.

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