A Quick Look At Kyle Bass

J. Kyle Bass is the founder of Hayman Capital Management, LP, a hedge fund located in Dallas, Texas. He was born on 9/7/69 in Florida. Some years later he graduated from a university in Fort Worth with degrees in Business Administration in Finance and Real Estate Finance in 1992. Bass later went on to becoming a member of The Board of Directors at the University of Texas. He was a well-educated businessman with good connections; however his poor choices and actions caused his popularity to decline.

Bass worked initially at Prudential Securities. From there he moved to a position at Bear Sterns in Texas; it was at this time that Kyle Bass took a position as Senior Managing Director at 28 years of age. He was then employed at Legg Mason, as Managing Director. He left Legg Mason to go on to develop Hayman Capital, thus making money and gaining international recognition and standing.

Bass stated that there would be a subprime mortgage crisis in 2008 and there was. This gave him a good reputation in the business world, but his good fortune was about to end. He made some bad choices which included some television appearances, during which he defended General Motors, an investment of his, regarding two defects in their vehicles. He blamed the car buyers for malfunctioning airbags and faulty power steering, saying they were drunk and other claims.

Another bad choice ZeroHedge identifies is that Bass made was his defense and support of Christina Fernandez de Kirschner, Argentina’s leader, who was well known for her lack of economic knowledge and for her greed; this was also known to be true of the people who worked with her. In so doing he ruined his business reputation. During all this, Bass tried to present himself as a humanitarian, however, later, when confronted, he admitted he was doing these things for the money.

Bass went on to make another mistake; he predicted and profited from the subprime mortgage rate. He bought credit default swaps on subprime securities from banks, which is similar to shorting the bonds. This was bad enough but there’s more. Bass entered into a deal with Erich Spangenberg in order to profit from big pharma companies. He sold their stocks and other shady business, which brought harm to the people who were buying the medications.

Bass could’ve gone far legitimately. He had an extensive education and work history, as well as being a member on several boards. However, his bad choices have severely tarnished his business reputation as someone who could be trusted. Now he’s known as the businessman who is in it only for the money.  There’s more on http://usefulstooges.com/2015/08/24/kyle-bass-the-frantic-investments-of-a-desperate-gambler/


Since the late 1990s, the Banco BMG bank has been under the management of Ricardo Guimaraes. His grandfather Antonio Guimaraes started the bank. Since it began, the bank has been involved in providing payrolls loans to the public, mostly Brazil. The bank offers credits and credit advice to the public and also engages in helping investment companies. In the credit market, Ricardo Guimaraes leads the Banco BMG bank to become the best.


Ricardo Guimaraes has steered the group in improving its profits. In 2015, the Banco BMG financial statements showed an improvement in their net interest margin by about 6.6% and a net income of r$ 103 million.


This is an impressive success for the bank. The bank as it deals with loaning the public, it was able to loan a summary of about R $ 29,533. The bank offers loans at very reasonable interest rates that the public can afford. Through the services provided by the bank to the public, loan offering, it can keep money flowing through the economy, therefore, keeping the economy stable. Details are here.


Ricardo Guimaraes, president Banco BMG bank is one of the looked up to leaders in the South America financial world. With the wise counsel of his grandfathers as well as able staff, Ricardo has been able to ensure that not only do the individuals get loans but companies as well. Any company on the verge of collapse mostly depend on the loans offered by the Banco BMG bank. Due to the low-interest rates the companies don’t mind taking as much credit as they can. With the companies’ continuing with their operation, they continue money flow into the economy, therefore, a stable economy.


Even a big shot business man like Ricardo has hobbies. Ricardo is a huge fan of soccer. Club Atletico Mineiro being his favourite. He has even put the BMG bank logo on their t-shirts. Ricardo help provides funds to run the different South America soccer teams. As he invests in football, he can get fair returns at the end of the day. Investing in the football branding business was seen as a risk at first, but he did not back out.


Ricardo with the help of his staff was able to find a way to reap profits from that investment and keep the financial situation of the bank stable.

George Soros’ Warning of an Impending Financial Crisis

It is unnerving to see people who have invested all their life’s savings into the financial markets and lose everything due to the unethical standards of some of the players in the industry. Unchecked and unethical practices are some of the things that open a country to such a situation. During an economic forum in Sri Lanka, billionaire investment mogul George Soros expressed fears of the likelihood of a global financial crisis if the prevailing circumstances remain the same. He expressed his opinion that the current global market trends are worrisome and could lead to a situation that would terribly dent the economy of most countries. 

With the poor performance of currencies around the globe and the unfortunate performance of stocks in most countries it is likely that George Soros’s fears could one day come true. This is also evident due to the weakening of the Chinese Yuan and the subsequent devaluation that would affect most countries and the increased interest rates by banking institutions. Therefore it is imperative for investors to be careful with their money to avoid losing it in the event that the George Soros’s observations come to pass. They can also choose to wait until the global financial markets return to normalcy before making their big investments.

Having predicted of the likelihood of a financial crisis on twitter.com similar to the 2008 crash, it is imperative that stakeholders in the financial sector globally come together to deliberate on the ways that can be adopted to ensure that the world doesn’t go through a similar meltdown like the one in 2008 which affected the whole world. These measures should also encompass ways in which innocent investors and homeowners are protected in the event that the world plunges into such a state. This is one of the ways in which the financial sector would win back the trust of the American people. Due to the expertise George Soros has then his contribution on how to avoid such a problem would be of utmost importance and how to cushion the investors in the event that it happens. 

George Soros was born in 1930 and is the founder of Soros Fund Management and on top of that the chairman of Open Society Foundations whose work is carrying out philanthropic initiatives aimed at empowering the society. He has been a prominent figure in the financial sector due to his impressive knowledge on the performance of financial markets around the globe. Apart from actively engaging in the financial sector alone, he also carries out philanthropic activities which include paying tuition for black students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He also actively advocates for the protection of fundamental rights and freedom in the society. 

The original article can be found on http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/global-markets-at-the-beginning-of-a-crisis-george-soros-says.

How White Shark Media Uses Client Complaints To Move Their Company Forward


Founded in 2011, White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that helps small and medium-sized businesses improve their online marketing. Over the years they have had their fair share of both complaints and compliments.

As with all businesses, when you are starting from scratch it takes months, and sometimes even years, to get to a point where you are able to provide the type of service clients are expecting.

White Shark Media has finally gotten to that point. Through all the mistakes, they now believe their service is better because of them.

While White Shark Media has received several complaints, with this article we are only going to focus on one. If you are an agency that provides similar services, pay close attention as this information can help you take your business to new heights.

Complaint – “I Don’t Feel Communication Is Good Enough”

This is one complaint no business should ever ignore. If your clients don’t feel like they are being communicated with the right way, chances are they will eventually take their business somewhere else.

If you run a consultancy agency similar to White Shark Media, communication is without a doubt your most important task. Yes you want to provide meaningful results. But if communication with your clients is poor, those results won’t matter.

When White Shark Media first got started, clients testimonials didn’t feel like the communication between them and their contact person was good enough. Many were frustrated because they had to go through a receptionist to speak with their strategist.

To ensure client communication was up to par, White Shark Media implemented two things:

1 – Monthly Status Calls

These scheduled calls would take place once a month between the client and the strategist. During these calls clients would be able to go over performance reports from the previous 30 days.

Using GoToMeeting, the strategist would share the screen with the client which would enable them to see exactly what the strategist sees. This makes going through the report super simple. This has proven to be a highly effective strategy that clients love.

2 – Direct Extensions

White Shark Media installed a new phone system that allowed for direct extensions. This meant clients would no longer have to call the receptionist to get access to their strategist. They would now be able to call them directly which eliminates a great deal of frustration on the part of the client.

Once a client signs up they receive all the necessary contact information for the person handling their account. This makes the communication process flow a lot better.

George Soros Sees Major Crisis in Global Markets

There are few people as qualified to examine the economic patterns of the world as George Soros. A man who has created wealth for the last fifty years through his unique and shrewd understanding of world economic markets and the factors that affects them. Soros has played these market influences into an estimated net worth of about $27 billion, and when you hear him talk about the challenges of today’s markets and comparisons to 2008 it will either fill you full of fear or give you hope that the situation will provide opportunity.

Soros recently spoke with Bloomberg.com and was finding the current situation in china one with a lot of similarities to the events in 2008. The major culprit this time is China. As the Chinese struggle to find a new economic model that will spur on economic growth, their economy is slowly grinding to a slow crawl. They are also devaluing their currency which is a major problem for investors. The other real issue is that no country lives in a vacuum and the issues of China are slowly being spread across the globe and Chinese economic struggles are becoming those of the rest of the world. That is very reminiscent of the issues that occurred in 2008 and that makes Soros worry about the overall health of worldwide investments.

From the beginning of 2016 the global stock, currency and commodity markets have been struggling to maintain their values. That is because the focus of the economy of China is moving from one of manufacturing and investment to one of services and consumption. Chinese equities have halted their trade at some point because they are sinking in value so fast. It is estimated that global equities lost almost $2.5 trillion this year alone. When Soros looks at the financial markets he sees a serious challenge that and his best comparison is to 2008.

Why should people listen to George Soros? Well he has been one of the most successful hedge-fund firm managers since 1969 and has built a net worth that is estimated to be about $27.3 billion. Soros began his career in New York City and through deft investments and guidance he built a reputation for making money on the stock market. He made a major monetary bet in 1992 that the United Kingdom would devalue the pound. They did and he was able to reap the benefits. Soros has a unique understanding of the financial markets of the world and the movement and value of currencies. When Soros speaks of these problems, wise investors will listen.

George Soros And His Prediction About The EU Being On The Verge Of Collapse

George Soros, a billionaire financier, recently said that the European Union was on the verge of collapsing. According to Bloomberg.com, Soros said this was because of the migrant crisis. Soros likened what was happening in the EU as kicking a ball further up the hill. For the record, since 2015, more than a million migrants and refugees have entered the European Union.

George Soros also said that the key to solving the crisis was Angele Merkel, who is the Chancellor of Germany. When the migrant crisis started, Merkel led Europe’s response to it, and she opened the borders of Germany to the refugees that have traveled from Syria, as well as other parts of the Middle East. Merkel’s move was welcomed by Soros.

Soros did say that there are a lot of things to be nervous about, and he also said that the German Chancellor did predict that the European Union was on the verge of collapsing. He added that the crisis that occurred in Greece taught authorities in Europe how to muddle through one crisis after another crisis. He described what Greece did was kicking a ball up a hill and then it eventually rolls right back down.

Soros said that the German Chancellor saw that there was a potential for the European Union to be destroyed by the migration crisis, and now that prediction has become true. He said that the European Union needs to be fixed, and it’s not irreversible. Soros pointed out that the German people are the ones who can stop Merkel’s prediction from fully coming true.

Soros said that the people of Germany have a decision to make. He said the decision they have to make is whether or not they want to accept the responsibilities that come along with being a powerful entity in Europe, as well as the liabilities involved with being a dominant power on the continent.

Soros made his comments just as Alex Stubb, the finance minister of Finland, described Germany’s policy on migrants as humane and at the time it was the right thing to do, but the main issue was that freedom of movement was under threat.

Solo Capital: Sanjay Shah Autism Rocks, A Gift To Children!

Did Million-dollar-grossing London-registered financial services consultancy, Solo Capital invest wisely when it bought stock brokerage boutique Old Park Lane? Reports are that Solo Capital acquired the Michael Parnes-funded natural resources brokerage, which recently fell on hard times during a takeover. Today, Solo Capital remains a formidable investment firm known for its world-class stewardship. An acquisition of this magnitude needed serious consideration even for the thriving investment trading consultancy, Solo Capital-Partners. It’s almost two years (2014) into the acquisition, and it’s had no reservation about the transaction. The global chain franchise, Solo Capital began trading in 2013. It’s since amassed a wealth as a component of the London-headquartered UK financial services agency, Solo Capital Markets. These group of companies expertise ranges from professional sports betting, proprietary consulting to trading.

Serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Sanjay Shah masterminded the formation of the entire Solo Group Holdings. Solo Capital which operates out of Dubai is part of a higher hierarchy of companies. Its originator and chief executive, Sanjay Shah, founded the brokerage after losing his trading job to the economic mayhem. Solo Capital isn’t his singular production as Shah owns a global chain of thriving financial services brokerages. These franchise investment firms have offices in Luxembourg, London, the Cayman Islands, BVI (British Virgin Islands) and Dubai. Additionally, Shah owns Aesa S.A.R.L., the parent of Solo Group Holdings which manages the Solo Capital venture.

Now retired, Sanjay Shah focuses on family bonding, monitoring the activities of his franchises and philanthropy. In 2011, he received the most heartbreaking news about his son Nikhil. The millionaire exhausted all treatment inventions after discovering his son was autistic. He decided not to let this untoward circumstance define his son’s life. As someone who’s passionate about music and family, Sanjay launched Autism Rocks. With society lacking a comprehensive education about autism, Sanjay Shah organized this effort with the profound vision of funding discovery.

He’s joined research efforts conducted by two of the UK’s finest, Cambridge University’s ongoing ARC (Autism Research Center) and the foundation ART (Autism Research Trust). Sanjay Shah became a trustee to the latter. In addition, he’s remained director of Trust since his induction into office in 2013. Autism Rocks organizes music festivals showcasing the industry’s best acts. Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Drake, Snoop Dogg and Michael Buble are among the greats entertaining the child-oriented events. He’s strengthened this initiative by securing a partnership with Dubai government-funded concert promotions agency, Done Events. With this alliance, Shah has envisioned a promising for music festivals. In 2014, he funded London-staged reggae concert, and he’s optimistic about the idea of making it an annual event. Additionally, Shah has sponsored millions of children in the past ten years, especially those in destitute Asian countries such as India.

You can follow them on Twitter.

Beneful Pet Food Will Help Keep your Pet in top Physical Condition

When it comes to taking care of a pet, it is essential quality food be part of their diet. Beneful, by Purina, makes wet and dry food for dogs that are healthy and flavorful. The food is available in 20 wholesome varieties that are sure to keep dogs and cats healthy and happy.

The pet food is made from quality ingredients such as pork, beef, lamb and chicken and is available in a several textures including thinly diced to hearty chunks. With the addition of green beans, carrots, barley and rice dinner is sure to be a real treat for even the finickiest cat or dog.

While it is easy and convenient to feed your cat or dog scraps from the family dinner table, but it is not a suitable substitute for a well balanced meal of nutrients, grains and proteins a pet needs that people food do not provide. As much as pets enjoy people food once in a while, especially if your cat or dog is sly enough to steal it, they really are not a suitable substitute to help keep your pet in good health.

Purinastore takes great pride in the Beneful line of cat and dog food. Beneful was developed to enhance the health of cats and dogs. The ingredients in the pet food provide the necessary protein and amino acids to help build muscle. Beneful is also an excellent source of carbohydrates which is essential to providing an energy source for your pet.

The most important aspect of Beneful is its effect on your pet’s digestive system. The food is easy on the digestive system and helps to keep your pet’s health at optimum levels. Because Beneful is high in protein, a Beneful diet will help pets lose weight, if necessary and keep all pets in top physical condition.


The FYI on Gold and US Money Reserve President Diehl

Source: PR Newswire

Recently, Phillip Diehl, President of the US Money Reserve, was interviewed on a Podcast, by Eric Dye. The questions were mostly about Gold and silver. He spoke some about the US Money Reserve itself and how it got its start. The Reserve is in Texas. It was started in the year 2002 by some gold market veterans that wanted to deal mainly in precious metals. The Reserve offers many different precious metals but gold and silver are the most sought after. The Reserve is one of the largest distributors of these precious metals. A team of professional metal dealers works closely to provide quality coins for sale to the United States collectors and all over several other continents.

Phillip Diehl, President of the US Money Reserve did not get his start there. He was once the Chief of Staff for the US Department of Treasury and also a Staff Director of the US Senate Finance committee. After his tour of working with the President Bill Clinton and the US Mint, he took a job as the President of the US Money Reserve.

According to the recent podcast, Diehl was explaining some of the reasons people are collecting Gold. For many years, Gold has been considered one of the safe ways to save money. It continues to increase or remain close to the same in value. The dollar is doing fine right now, but it is predicted to decline again like it did in 2008. The dollar bill is weaker than Gold or Silver so people all over the world are buying and selling it as an investment. Remember, gold bars from competitor companies may not be the true weight and purity as the gold from the mint.

Diehl also explains how Gold is something that people understand worldwide. Older adults, in the United States, are collecting Gold and Silver as part of their retirement portfolio. They will be able to give it to the family such as grandchildren or they will be able to trade it if they need to later. With gold prices rising or remaining about the same, the dollar does not stand the test of time. Gold, Silver, Platinum, as well as bouillon, is being sold through the U.S. Money Reserve. Check out the podcast for more information on Gold and Phillip Diehl. You are sure to learn a little more about the price of Gold in the United States and ways to save using Bouillon as opposed to dollars.


Autism Rocks: Charity For Autism Research Growing Quickly

There are many charities that are dedicated to autism and raising money for it. Generally, however, these charities tend to raise money to support individuals who have autism and their families. But there is a new charity on the block that is makes big waves. Autism Rocks is a charity dedicated to only raising money for autism research. It dedicates itself just to this for two reasons. The first is that there are plenty of charities that help those who are affected by autism, but there are not many that raise money for research. The second reason is that if more funding goes to research and more findings are discovered, those other charities will be able to better serve their beneficiaries.

Autism Rocks raises money in a very specific way. The charity hosts very small concerts with big names. Recently they have had Prince come and perform for several hundred people in London. A short time later, Lenny Kravitz came to London and performed for a similar sized crowd. The attendees of the concert are requested to donate at least 500 pounds to the charity. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised.

Sanjay Shah is the individual behind all of it. Although Shah is known for his links to the financial world, he also has experience in concert promotion. While Shah was at King’s College studying to be an accountant, he promoted concerts around London. For several decades he left the promotional world behind and worked for some major financial corporations like Rabobank and Merrill Lynch. Then his son was diagnosed with autism and his priorities changed.

Due to the success of his company, Solo Capital, Shah was able to take a step back and dedicate his time and energy into doing something that could help his son. He decided the best way to help would be to increase funding towards research. So Shah has done just that. And he has lots of different ideas on how to move forward successfully with Autism Rocks in the very near future.

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Global-Citizen