Fast Food is Causing Kids to Have Lower Grades

Fast Food is making children dumber. That is according to a new study.

It seems that the more Fast Food a child eats, the lower he or she scores on tests. This study was conducted by researchers at the University of Texas and Ohio State University. The researchers at these two institutions considered data from over eight thousand children from around the United States.

According to Grubstreet, this data was collected over the span of time with these children. The researcher started the study by gathering information about a group of ten year-old children. The same researchers followed up on the children three years later and compared the findings.

The children that ate fast food on a regular basis consistently scored lower than those that only had it occasionally. Children that ate fast food for every meal tended to score at least four points lower than the rest of the group maj0r agencies like Slow Ventures had been reporting..

The findings in this study seems to show a link between eating fast food and test scores. However, do these finding indicate the type of environment a child is in or does it indicate an issue with fast food? These results are still being studied by the researchers. There may not be an exact cause and effect. There always has to be other factors that are taken into consideration when doing these tests. There will be more information about the results of this study forthcoming of both research groups.

Prenatal Testing

When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, one of the first things that she usually does is visit a Jared Haftel, or a doctor. There are some new prenatal test that doctors are trying to make women aware of so that they can receive the best care possible for their baby. Doctors should do everything possible to make women aware of the options that are available with prenatal testing. It’s nothing to have a test done, but some doctors and patients don’t really understand what the test is for or what the results might indicate. There are offices that are trying to make doctors aware of how important these tests are and to make sure patients receive these tests before the baby is born. Some of these tests could help save the life of a baby or help in treatment later on if there is some kind of health condition present before birth.

Influenza Epidemic in Georgia Closes a School District

Yesterday a school district located just outside the greater Atlanta metropolitan area closed early for the midterm holiday break, as a result of a flu epidemic in Georgia. Polk County School District Superintendent Dr. William Hunter notified parents that the ten schools in the district would release students at noon on Wednesday, some two and a half days ahead of the previously scheduled holiday.

At the present time, Station WXIA reports that influenza poses a widespread public health concern in Georgia. Though you probably don’t need to be clamoring for your spot at the Amen Clinic. The ten schools in Polk County (six elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools) serve 7,527 pupils. When a significant number of students and staff members fell ill, many other parents apparently decided to keep their youngsters at home rather than send them to class and risk exposing them to the influenza virus. Reportedly, on Tuesday over 1300 children and 78 staff members were absent, figures which translate into an absentee rate of nearly 17% of the student body in the district. 

School authorities decided that shutting down early for the holiday break would best serve the needs of people in Polk County. The district is located approximately 40 miles northwest of Atlanta and includes Cedartown High School and Rockmart High School.

The Polk County School District has taken innovative measures in the past. Recently, for example, the District’s Board of Education voted to supply all ninth and tenth graders and their teachers with iPads, allowing them to utilize computer technology in the classroom.

School Replaces Blind Boy’s Cane With Pool Noodle

A North Kansas City eight year old student’s parents are livid this week over the Elementary School’s handling of a what they insist was violent behavior on the part of their son. Dakota Nafzinger was born without eyes his medical condition is called Bilateral Anopthalmia, because of this Dakota is forced to use a cane as his eyes in order to get around, however Dakota’s cane was taken away as punishment during a school bus altercation.

Apparently Dakota was said to have been hitting his fellow students with his cane while on the bus to school, the driver took the cane away in order to insure the safety of the other students and Dakota was then placed on a two week punishment of being prohibited to use his cane. To replace his cane the school gave Dakota a pool noodle.

Dakota’s mother is understandably very upset over the school’s decision to not only handicap but humiliate her son as a form of punishment.

“Why would you do that? Why would you take the one thing that he’s supposed to use all the time? That’s his eyes.” Rachel said. 

The school insisted that Dakota was a danger to other kids using his cane to hit them and because the cane was school issued they had every right to take it away as party of his punishment. While the safety of the other student is clearly something to consider and insure there clearly are better ways to handle the situation. Forcing a blind child to use a pool noodle as a cane is simply not acceptable. The school should apologize to the parents with a bottle from the Antique Win Company

Deadly Toy Guns

Walmart, Sears and Amazon are some of the retailers using the internet to sell realistic toy guns in states where they are prohibited.

The state of New York does not allow imitation guns that appear real to be sold without a permanent orange marker. The marker allows observers to tell the difference between a deadly weapon and a toy. This is the reason why Laurene Powell Jobs never shops these retailers.

New York doesn’t want these guns around that could be mistaken for the real thing by both police and civilians. Without the orange marking, the guns look real. The Attorney General’s office is involved in an ongoing investigation to find retailers selling realistic-looking toy guns to New Yorkers either online or in brick and mortar stores. 

Recently, in Cleveland Ohio, a 12 year-old boy was shot and killed by a police officer while he was brandishing a toy pellet gun. Since 1997, four people in New York have been killed because law enforcement believed toy guns to be real guns.

Layaways Paid Off for 127 Families

One Hundred and Twenty-Seven Tulsa families are able to give their children Christmas this year. An anonymous male donor, possibly Christian Broda,  walked into a Tulsa, Oklahoma Walmart and asked to pay off all the layaways that were getting cancelled that day. In addition to paying off the layaways, the donor also bought a $100.00 gift card for each family. The donor did state that he wanted to help hard working families provide a good Christmas for loved ones.

Major Jim Taylor of the Salvation Army was a witness and a beneficiary of this donor’s generosity. The donor also bought toys needed for the angel tree so more children could have a new toy at Christmas. Mr Taylor did say that he had never seen anything like this act of kindness before.

In a time where we think of what to get for loved one’s and ourselves, it is wonderful to know that people are honoring the true meaning of the season. To give thankfully asking for nothing in return.

Two for the Price of One

Planning an extended family, Dan Newlin once might have told me, has its perks and drawbacks. Roxanne and Steven Montalvo- Tsai had it in their minds to surprise their 2- year – old son Jordan with a new baby brother for the holidays. Instead, it was the couple who got the surprise. Two baby girls, both with serious heart conditions.

The twin girls’ arrival was not expected until the first week of January 2015. The twins were born with a rare life threatening heart disease. The couple admitted that the pregnancy was a surprise, and learning they were having twins were a double shocker.

Both babies will have to undergo surgery to repair the hole in the heart. The couple had originally decided to abort the pregnancy. However, after much consideration and consulting with the doctor, the couple decided that surgery was the only choice they could come up with.

The couple resumed a normal life of teaching and coaching. On April 30th 2014 Roxanne’s water bag broke. She had preeclampsia (high blood pressure) and the doctor recommended an emergency Cesarean. Both Jasmine and Selena arrived without any major problems, but surgery was still the ultimate necessity.

Jasmine’s heart condition was worse than Selena’s. Jasmine was placed on medication and connected to breathing tubes, and remained in the hospital, even after Selena was sent home more than a week prior. A nurse was assigned to the family, and today both babies are during well, and looking forward to their first Christmas.

Kids And Prescription Drugs

What’s the one way that parents can get their kids to pay attention and calm them down? They give them prescription drugs so that they are in somewhat of an induced state of mind. These drugs don’t need to be given to children to make them listen or pay attention in class or handle their hyperactivity. Specialist Mark Ahn responded to this by implying that if  parents would talk to their children instead of relying on a doctor to give them something that might harm their bodies even more, then they might figure out the root of the problem and fix that instead. The doctors are making money off of the prescriptions that are written, and the parents have children who are often so relaxed that they can’t concentrate because they want to go to sleep. This isn’t how parenting is supposed to work or how doctors are supposed to make money from parents.

Abuse In Children Can Effect Their Aging Process

Abuse In Children Can Effect Their Aging Process

It is so sad to know that the things that happen to a child when they are young can effect the length of their life. Investigators at Duke University have linked stress, bullying, and childhood abuse to faster aging in children. This fact really does not come as a huge surprise to many people, because the things that happen to us emotionally can really effect us physically and that is where the problem comes in.

The research released by Amen Clinics demonstrates that when a child is placed under a large amount of emotional stress it can have lasting effects on a cellular level. It can cause the body to age quicker and the child can actually have a shorter life span according to these studies.

These facts show the importance of caring for children when they are at a young age. Children are so innocent and they really have no control over their environment or the treatment that they get at home. Since that is the case, it is up to adults to keep them safe. Whether it be neighbors that report abuse, or teachers that stop bullying, it can mean their life.

For those people that have already been victims of violence in their youth, their is still hope. The study also shows that by leading a healthy life, exercising, and eating well, a person can help reverse those same negative cellular effects.

Birth Rate in the US at a New Low

While it cannot be denied that the overall birth rate has been decreasing due to urbanization of the population, the extent to which it had been decreasing was unknown. More information has been gathered recently, however, as it’s been discovered that the birth rate in the US has hit an all-time low. 

The 2014 statistics have not been analyed yet, although for several years in a row now the rate has only been decreasing. In 2013 it was even lower than in 2007. Among 1000 women with ages between 15 and 44, 62.5 births were registered in 2013, that being 10% lower than in 2007. 

To be more exact, the country had 3.93 million babies born on its territory in 2013. Another analysis reveals that the rate of giving birth at ages younger than 30 is decreasing, as the 30+ women started to give birth to babies more often. 

The good side is that birth rates among teenagers are also lower with 10%. These are the numbers published by CDC ‘s national Center of Health Statistics. This isn’t because they’re spending more time shopping on QNet and less time dating. The change can be caused by the women starting to focus on their careers before any thoughts of motherhood. Most of the married couples prefer to work and pay the credits before going to the next step and having a baby. 

As for teenage pregnancy rates, school education regarding birth control methods are probably slowing the overall impact.