Nick Vertucci Teaches His Expertise in Real Estate

Nick Vertucci has successfully overcome serious adversity in his life and he’s found a tremendous level of success in real estate. Despite severe personal setbacks, he’s maintained a forward-looking attitude that has been a large part of his modus operandi and led to his notable achievements. His drive and ambition for success have culminated in the establishment of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which teaches others how to make money in the lucrative field of real estate.

During his formative years, his life was shattered with the loss of his father at the age of ten. This radically restructured their household as their mother became the primary breadwinner and often had to work late. At one point, Nick Vertucci found himself living in his vehicle and he considers this time a severe low point. Later on, he would suffer the loss of a successful online business that was caught in the economic tsunami known as the dot-com bust.

Destiny wasn’t done with Nick Vertucci as the catalyst for his career was just around the corner in the form of a friend who invited him to a real estate seminar. He remembers a sense of reluctance to part with his weekend but ventured forth anyhow and it changed his life. He was powerfully bitten by the real estate bug and turned all his energies into this endeavor.

The next decade saw him work diligently to learn successful principles for structuring and accomplishing real estate deals that did more than pay the bills. Eventually, he codified all that he learned into a lucrative system that saw him achieve success beyond his dreams. He didn’t stop there as he found a way to pay it forward by teaching others how to radically transform their financial lives with success in real estate.

The founding of his real estate academy was in 2013 and it regularly appears in major U.S. cities such as Houston, Denver, and Charlotte. It is inspiring and offers a wealth of education that can save participants years of painful trial and error in finding success in real estate. They say that no one brought the songs like Brian Wilson, well no one teaches real estate like Nick Vertucci.


Southridge Capital is an investment group based in Connecticut. The private equity firm offers services such as brokerage services for securities, financial planning, and investment banking among others.

Southridge Capital was started in 1996. The investment firm also plays a social responsibility role in the community. The financial planning company has been able to make more than 1.8 billion in investments around the world ever since it started. The investment group employs professional staff with exclusive expertise in the financial world.

Through the years that Southridge Capital has been in existence, it has been able to finance more than 250 public firms. In addition to the services above, the company addresses various other issues through their advisory role. These services include; optimizing the management of balance sheets, making companies public, personal financial services and various other corporate matters. You can visit their Facebook page.


However, Southridge Capital provides various other services which can be generally divided into the following categories;

  • Provides Financial Solutions: Southridge Capital offers tailor-made solutions to all financial matters that affect their various clients. The financial firm offers Equity Purchase Agreement services. This gives the companies an opportunity to come up with capital when the need arises. This is regardless of whether the market conditions are favorable or not. In addition to this, the company also offers numerous pledges to financial matters of the companies that are in their portfolio.
  • Enhancing Credit: Southridge Capital ensures that the companies it serves are able to improve the worthiness of their credit. The company does this through ensuring that creditors eradicate their debts to favor their ordinary stock. The financial company has a basic framework that ensures that their clients benefit a lot. Moreover, it is executed on the basis of the level of the current stock of the company’s liquid assets. In addition to this, it is done devoid of some key necessities such as a statement for registration and market implications.
  • Scrutinizing Securities: Southridge Capital ensures that it has carefully scrutinized all the companies that need capital. The financial company has a customized approach towards ensuring that their client’s assets are monetized. Some of the strategies that they use include capital assets, providing loans against shares of the company and many other measures that they take.

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The Chainsmokers Wants to Test New Waters with their New Single Sick Boy

The Chainsmokers duo, Andrew Taggart, and Alex Pall are known for their EDM music, and their songs are among the most listened to songs in the world. They are well known for their hit songs and even went on to win the Grammy at the 59th Grammy Awards for the Best Dance Recording for the song ‘Don’t Let Me Down.’ They became famous after their song ‘#Selfie’ went viral and reached the top position on the Dance and Electronic chart in 2014. Later in 2016, it was their song ‘Closer’ that remained one of the longest running no one hit song in the country.

People are often surprised to know that they have been famous in the music industry for just four years now but have been on the top charts for almost two years. It was in early 2015 that they first emerged on the top 10 of the billboard with their hit ‘Roses.’ Their success has led them to put pressure on themselves to create amazing music and recreate the magic again and again that they can do so. The duo recently launched their new song ‘Sick Boy’ after nine months whereas they are known to have created and released songs almost every month. With ‘Sick Boy’, they aim to enter the next phase in their music career and create something much darker, something they have never done before. They want to push themselves much harder with their new album and are positive that their fans will accept the change with open hearts. They are open to taking more risk with their music and try new things.

Both, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, have a degree in music. While Taggart went to the Syracuse University Bandier Program for Music and Entertainment Industries, Pall went to the New York University and received a degree in art history and music business. Pall was also working as a DJ during his college and Taggart was working to become a producer but also made music on his laptop. Both of them were introduced by Adam Alpert who is also their manager. They hit off instantly and went on to create one of the most successful band, Chainsmokers.

Nothing But Positive Reviews For Contour Design Keyboards is a news site that focuses on entertainment and technology, offering a large pool of content. Most of this content is hosted by three particular people named Andrew Tropeano, Michelle Ison, and Chris Vaughn. They play host to a nice, informal show with a light-hearted demeanor. Apart from all this, they also have a section on their website for product reviews and testimonials.

I chose to focus on their review of Contour Design keyboards. These are very interesting and innovative keyboards that bring a completely new concept to the table. This particular company has a long history of innovation in keyboard design, but their newest line of models, dubbed “The Ultimate Workstation series”, is intended to re-invent the idea of the keyboard entirely. While it retains the simple alphabet keypad which is necessary to any keyboard, it brings a much more ergonomic shape, combined with a good thick pad for your wrists. The entire thing operates without any wires, and is also programmed to turn itself off when not in use.

The most interesting feature is a new type of mouse called a roller mouse. It consists of a roller that can be slid from side to side, or spun to go up and down. It even has a digital left-click to minimize impact on the fingertips. One of the advantages of this setup is that you don’t have to “reach” for things at the edge of the screen, as you would with a standard mouse. Everything about it is designed with superior ergonomics in mind.

The company makes the argument that, with all the millions of people all over the world who use keyboards every day, one would think that people wouldn’t still be using the same standard keyboard-and-mouse setup that has been the norm for decades. While computers themselves are constantly advancing, the basic form of the keyboard has not changed since the earliest days of the personal computer. There is a convincing argument here for the idea of going in a new direction.

The Ultimate Workstation comes in several different styles, but all have similar characteristics. Surely, anything this innovative deserves a try!

Academy of Art University Will Enhance Your Passion

Did you know that every year in September is one of the world’s most premier fashion exhibits? New York Fashion Week showcases a large variety of in-coming fashion attire from all around the globe. Today’s visionaries will most likely become tomorrow’s top fashion designers. Skylight Clarkson Square in Manhattan is the point of interest, and this facility represents any and all things fashion. Just like in years of the past, the Academy of Art  has graced this hollowed-stage with its presence. This school has been participating in the festivities for 21-straight years and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down in the process.

For 2017, Academy of Art University introduced a total of nine fashion lines. This includes two collaborations, two menswear lines and five womenswear lines. This for-profit school has a knack for producing some of the best talent. Ten of its MFA and BFA graduates took part in the festivities, including Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lamb, Hailun Zhou, Joanna Jadallah and Saya Shen. Under the bright lights of the big city, Academy of Art University brought its best game as it always does. Can you imagine the amount of hard work and time that goes into just 15 minutes of runway time? New York Fashion Week extends for a full week, and it hosts designers with very different backgrounds.

This exceptional school was built in the heart of San Francisco, California. This is an urban-campus with all of the trimmings. Academy of Art University caters to design, fine art, liberal arts and entertainment. The school has produced an abundance of prominent individuals, including Actress Raven-Symone, Film Director Vicky Jenson, Actress Heidi Montag as well as Actress Lauren Conrad. The school also offers undergraduate, graduate and certificate diplomas.

Malcolm CasSelle is Building Better Business with Blockchain

OPSkins has provided a globally leading platform allowing online gamers to exchange virtual assets. They also top the world in Bitcoin transactions through the sales, rental, and exchange of virtual assets. Now, in response to the limits imposed by their current centralized architecture, Malcolm CasSelle, the CIO of OPSkins will will move the platform to blockchain technology and call the new service WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange). WAX will exponentially increase the virtual asset exchange market share potential. Additionally, blockchain’s decentralized technology will help eliminate fraud and other dangers inherent in the previous centralized technology. CasSelle’s track record says this will be a winning venture.

Malcolm CasSelle seems to have had a passion for gaming, social media, and the emerging blockchain technology that he has used to lead a visionary path to success for himself and many companies and startups he has worked with. PCCW rose from startup to a 38 billion dollar value in just 18 months under his leadership. He is an admired team leader who amazes the people who work with him with his knowledge of technology, business, and world culture. He has used his multicultural acumen to lead companies to successful incorporation of emerging digital technologies in Hong Kong as well as the United States’ Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

In contrast to the mysteries and skepticism surrounding the birth of Bitcoin and its founders, CasSelle comes from a well-documented past of success that has always worked to benefit all the players involved. His blockchain platform at WAX does more than just enable gamers to engage in virtual asset transactions more dynamically and safely. It is also creating wealth for some and adding strength and stability to cryptocurrency’s young foundation. Malcolm CasSelle will very likely become the next default name to invoke the image of today’s “best to follow” for our technology culture.


Integrity by Sahm Adrangi

As a founder and chief investment officer of Kerrisdale capital management, Sahm Adrangi tremendously rose in the world of investments. Kerrisdale Capital Management Company established its operations in the year 2009 by Sahm Adrangi who was the sole-founder. Sahm joined Yale University where he pursued a bachelor of arts degree. Read more at Endpoints News about Sahm Adrangi.

Headquarters of Kerrisdale capital management are in New York. Management of funds was the core goal of Kerrisdale capital, whereby it focused on restructuring bankruptcy. Sahm Adrangi had the experience of working on tasks which gave him the confidence of founding a capital management company of his own. Long-term investments that were to triumph in the world’s economy were some of the ideas of Sahm that were to propel Kerrisdale capital management company.

One of the recent works by Kerrisdale capital manager was whereby they identified that the Kodak company ran out of funds. Shareholders of the Kodak company were to get no money, despite advice from their advisors that their share value had risen to an unknown level. In return, the Eastman Kodak company announced a partnership to launch a system that was to enhance the image licensing platform and a photo-centric cryptocurrency. All this was to mask the blemishes the company had.


If Kerrisdale management company raised the alarm on the probe in the Eastman Kodak company, the advisors in the Kodak company who lacked legitimacy in their work would develop mistrust with Kerrisdale company. In the attempt to secure their jobs in their printing and imaging company, they decided to blindfold their shareholders. They did this by proving to be taking partnership for their expansion. Sahm Adrangi was on the lookout with his company that the value of shares in the Kodak company was an empty promise. On occasion, the share value declines in the image company, Kerrisdale management company were to earn for raising the alarm.

Sahm exposed fraud actions in businesses, corporations, and worked in investigation panels, which helped in identifying graft scenarios. Indeed, Sahm Adrangi assisted in fighting corruption and bankruptcy. Read more at about Sahm Adrangi.

Southridge Capital–The Ultimate Financial Investment Firm

There are ways one can attain wealth. Financial investment is the most common method. Investments entail buying an asset that generates income. This asset can be kept for the income, or it can be kept to appreciate.

Types of financial investments

A bond is an investment where the investor lends the government or a company his or her money. This ‘loan’ is for a specific period during which the money earns interest at a specified rate. When the period ends, the investor recoups the money they invested and the interest earned.

Stocks are units of ownership of a company. They are suitable investment vehicles because the investor buys into ownership of the company.

If the company makes a profit, it is divided among the investors in proportion to the number of stocks they have bought into the company. Stocks are traded in a bourse.

Investors require the services of professionals such as Southridge capital management to trade shares profitably.

A mutual fund is a portfolio of stocks and bonds that are managed by an investment firm such as Southridge management. They have a fixed rate of return known as yield, which is expressed in the form of a percentage.

Once an investor buys into the mutual fund, the management at Southridge Capital exercises their judgment on which stocks or bonds to purchase.

Bank products from banks and credit companies are another form of investment. They involve accumulating savings and earning profits from the savings. Another form of investment is insurance where the investor enters into a contract with the insurance company.

The contract indemnifies the investor in the event of an accident or other events, which the two agree on. Other investments are in the form of gold, security futures, commodity futures, retirement plans, options, and annuities. You can visit to know more about them.

Southridge capital boasts of unique products for their customers that include loans on ordinary shares, convertible debentures, convertible preferred stock, loans on insider shares, and loans on existing company’s assets.

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Richard Blair Expert Tips in Investment

When Richard Blair decided to start a company called Wealth Solutions, he had the best interests of the investors. The businessman had watched as people lost their wealth just because they did not have adequate skills of managing it. The professional who were in the market at this time were offering their services at very costly rates, making things difficult for individuals who wanted to spend little in the expert services. Wealth Solutions has made a huge impact in the American society. The company is helping customers to protect, grow and the same time manage their assets without challenges. Investors from all over the country have been fortunate to find a very resourceful, understanding and knowledgeable partner in Richard Blair.

As the founder and leader of the investment advisory company, Richard Blair has remained the most influential personality in the large company. Apart from being experienced, the businessman has the perfect academic qualifications, having attended some of the leading institutions in the United States. Richard Blair has certifications such as CFS, CAS, CES and RICP. It can be difficult to acquire all these credentials in the modern times. However, the businessman worked hard to acquire these certificates so that he can be sure of the advice he is offering his customers. Wealth Solutions main companies are found in Texas. The company is currently famed to be the leading Registered Investment Advisory Firm in the United States. Getting to this position in the tight market has not been a walk in the park. Blair has worked so hard to acquire his position in the market.

When a customer comes looking for services at Wealth Solutions, Blair has to follow a certain procedure so that he can be assured of success at the end of the day. People who want to pursue their financial goals have to be given freedom to choose the plans they are using so that they can be comfortable all through. As the leader of the company, Richard Blair allows his customers this freedom, and he has offered the best wealth management services to the people living in Texas. The businessman has also been vital in the provision of retirement planning to customers in the United States. His company is believed to be performing so well because of the expert advice he has been offering since the company was established several years ago. Blair is looking forward to expand his company services and at the end of the day impact more lives.

The Role Played by Larkin and Lacey in Fighting for Civil and Human Right in the Community

People have been expressing different views on the step of the Donald Trump appointing the Arpaio for the second time. The matter has raised concern on the public on the issues and the track record of the earlier administration of the Sheriff. It had failed in many agenda regarding the matters of the human rights in the community. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The administration of the Sheriff had been associated with the corruption, and most of the people in the society were wishing for the transformation to take place. The people of the Maricopa County had put a lot of their attention of the situation mostly affecting the development in the community.

For instance, the atrocities that had taken behind the human rights promotion agenda. Larkin and Lacey were the people behind the move of creating equality in the community. They were detained by the Sheriff in 2007 after making sensitive information to the public on the proceeds of the grand jury through their article.

According to the take of the public, Sheriff and his administration were supposed to be summoned after different aces of discrimination in the community. Furthermore, he did not adhere to the dictates of the human rights in the society. For instance, he made a move to ignore the order of the court on Arpaio on the matter of oppression at Latinos.

The appointment of the Sheriff for the second term marked the indication of the proceeds of the human rights violation on the public side. Michael Lacey was the man in front to put criticism of the appointment after his detention with his partner through the orders of the Sheriff.

The act was unlawful, and they finally sued the state for subjecting them to the dark moments in the community. The excellent reputation that Larkin and Lacey had with the public placed them at the vantage position in the community.

The incident of their arrest caused the commotion, and the judges were forced to do away with their case. They then sued the state and got a pay of $3.75 million as compensation. The amount benefited the small organizations which were fighting for the human rights in the society. Furthermore, it created an avenue for bolstering the freedom of speech for the immigrants. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The factor that made the public aware of the matter that took place in the prison was the disclosure by the Michael Lacey after their experience in the jail. He indicated the ordeal of the inmates that most of them are facing hard times to the extent of committing suicide.

They were not even allowed to take bathe though the condition of the prison regarding temperatures were not friendly to them. Additionally, the meals they were served with were half-baked as a way of punishing them. Michael linked the matter to the corruption that had swallowed the Arpaio’s office.

A total amount of $100 meant for improving the public facilities had been pocketed by the leaders. The primary obstacle for the development according to the case of the Michael Lacey was Sheriff.