Patient-Centered Care As Performed By Cancer Treatment Centers of America

One of the issues that many people are faced with when looking for treatment for cancer among any type of disease is that the care is centered more on the facility or the person providing the care as opposed to the patient. After all, the patient has needs. Therefore, he is the one that needs to have those needs met. However, when it comes to cancer patients, it is important for them to be at the right facility so that they can get the care that they need for cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the companies that provides greater care.

As stated in the article, “Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform,” One of the reasons that Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a good reputation with patients is that it provides patient-centered care. One of the ways that it does that is by providing the patient with a team of cancer experts. This is so that the patient will be able to get the care and the information that he needs. He will be served thoroughly and completely. He won’t be dealing with tired care providers. This will help him not only feel welcomed and cared about, but also like he is in good hands and that he is going to get the issue taken care of.

There are a lot of advantages to patient-centered cancer care. For one thing, people are going to get faster care when it comes to their cancer. This is one thing that is worth considering when it comes to cancer care. Also, they will be able to experience improved communication between them and their doctors. This is one of the reasons that care is a lot quicker. For one thing, time is of the essence when it comes to cancer. One second wasted could be too much considering how rapidly cancer can develop and spread in the body.

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An Overview of David L. Giertz

Mr. David Giertz is a financial advisor who works for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation in Dublin, Ohio. He has a 31-year experience and passed all the exams required to be a financial advisor.

Also known as Dave, he has been the Senior Vice President-Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company since April 3, 2013. David Giertz served as the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. since March 2013. He also acts as the director, senior vice president, and president of several other national full companies. He served as the vice president of sales at NF Sales (Bank Channel), FI/WH and Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. at different times.

David answered a few questions about a new study that showed that retired individuals or those approaching to retire, misunderstand social security. According to David Giertz on our parents and grandparents are drying up and going away yet, they had benefits and pensions. He says it is important than ever to come up with a retirement income plan that ensures that you are maximizing social security benefits.

The study at that was conducted by Nationwide Retirement Institute says that 30% of retired people receive fewer benefits than they expected. In fact, Giertz firm says that study found out that 37% of individuals who retired recently and in the past said that health problems prevent them from living the retirement life they expected. The study on LinkedIn showed that only one out of four retirees is living a good retirement life they expected. In addition, most of the retirees claimed those health problems came earlier than anticipated.

According to David Giertz, people with advisors are less likely to say they are not living the retirement they expected. He urges people that if their advisor is not talking about their social security, then they should consider changed

Construcap Group: Raising the Bar in the Construction

Construcap has established itself as a leader in the construction sector. The Company is among the top ten construction Companies in the State of Brazil. It provides its services to both the public and private sectors.



Construcap has diversified their services to provide services in Energy and Infrastructure. The different services are offered in three categories: Building, Industrial, and Infrastructure. Construcap aims to provide quality services to its clients while still maintaining the sustainability of the environment.



The Company offers services that adhere to the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standard for operation. Construcap has received various awards due to their excellent service.



The services



The company has pre-operations services that include EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), pre-construction, construction, electromechanical assembly, and the structured projects.



Group of Companies



Construcap is part of a family of companies that have partnered together to enhance the services offered.



The CFPS: It was established in 2012 as a result of a partnership between the American Fluor and the Construcap. The primary goal of the Company is to provide integrated services to the oil and gas, energy, mining, and the pharmaceutical sectors.



The Innova Health: it was established in 2014, to provide management and non-healthcare services in the three hospitals constructed by Construcap.



CMO: it was established in 2012, and it provides solutions for the Offshore and Naval sectors in both the national and international markets.



Concer: it provided logistics in the transportation sectors.



Minas Arena: it is responsible for the management of the sports facilities.



Their training and development



The reason why Construcap has succeeded in the construction industry is because of it employees. The company has introduced a program that will equip the employees with information and skills to help them succeed in the workplace. The provide internships and training programs.



They also offer training, literacy, and leadership programs. The Company trains leaders to manage different positions in the Company.



Aside from the training and development, the company has an integrity program. The program ensures that the employees are adhering to the code of conduct.



Establishing Businesses with Igor Cornelsen

Through foreign exchange and investing in merchandise a person can achieve a lot of things. If an individual wants to invest he or she requires a good plan to invest. The people who are retired live happy life because of investing. Sufficient understanding is required for one to generate a good decision. Capital is required if one decides to invest.


Igor Cornelsen is known as an investment banker who now has retired. Igor Cornelsen mostly dealt with giving advice to the investing matters. He gave advice to young upcoming investors and to companies to. He lives in Brazil with his family. He as well has been associated with big banking organization like Bainbridge Inv Inc whereby he was a proprietor. He is an expert who is giving help with his working skills and familiarity for a lot of years. Creating wide bright savings is the greatest ability that assisted him to help people by showing them on what to do regularly when the market stock is faced with challenges.


Bainbridge was started by Igor Cornelsen in order to begin educating entrepreneurs on the importance of business in making a good image and how to tackle the challenges that may arise in the business industry. The company other main objective is to give well understanding and exceptional advice to the new investor so that they can entirely ready to start invest. He also shows them on how to initiate good plans so that the business is durable and permanent.


Through his expertise and experience in business he provides many companies in the US with strategies that they help them to accomplish more and attain their objectives. With their low charges in the capital and through giving people advice on taking a little risk in investment is the uniqueness that he provides. He also advises people on seeing their money and using it to invest proper, through investing properly it enables an individual not to waste their money.


Breaking Down Lime Crime’s Success

Lime Crime is a cosmetic line that was created by Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a Russian born young woman who wanted to do great things in her life. She always loved colored, and she remembers dressing up with her friends and playing with makeup when she was very young. Deere is a woman who wanted to work in fashion for the majority of her life. Deere began to make her own clothing line after she graduated from college. Deere loved creating her own clothing, and she opened up her own shop on eBay, and she began to sell her clothes. Since Deere did not have a lot of money for model, she became her own model. Deere would wear her own makeup when she was modeling, and a lot of people would comment about how much they liked her unique style of makeup. The response from her fans along with her own ideas made her want to make her own cosmetic brand.


Starting up a business is not the most easy task. Many people who start their own business have a lot of money to start up, or they may have support from family or business partners. Deere is an individual who did not have that many resources to start her business. What she had was her idea and a couple hundred dollars. Deere was not sure how her business was going to do, but since her products were so unique and her fans were so loyal, Deere was able to get her business off to a good start. Lime Crime was born, and now there is no stopping Deere.


Deere wanted the colors that she sold to be unique and beautiful. Deere also wanted to make sure that the colors were highly pigmented and long lasting. Deere studied makeup a lot, and she wanted to be able to get the rich color of theatrical makeup, and she also wanted to get the wear-ability of conventional makeup. Deere wanted to make sure that her brand was cruelty- free, and she was able to combine all those things in order to make Lime Crime. Now Deere is a successful female entrepreneur who is taking the world by storm.



Igor Cornelsen is Creating New Strategies for Brazilian Investment

There is light at the end of the tunnel for Brazil. The Brazilian economy has been on the downside especially with the introduction of an experiment known as “new economic matrix.” However, there is hope for Brazil as the new Finance Minister, Joaquin Levy is appointed. The appointment is the best hope for Brazilian market Oriented reforms and fiscal austerity. Joaquin Levy has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and has worked with the Federal administration for five years. He hopes to bring better ideas of how best to bring the economy of Brazil back on track using new reforms. I believe he is not the only one fed up with six years of terrible ideas.

Igor Cornelsen, an investor in Brazil, is also into better ideas. He is a man with vast experience in the banking industry, and he has always known the potential Brazil has. Igor Cornelsen has three great tips for anyone willing to invest in the country:

  1. Connection With the Natives


Networking is key to making good business in Brazil. Brazilians are a social people and friendly and are keen to give advice from experience and support.

  1. Preparation for rigidity


There are plenty of red tapes for any investor trying to come into the Brazilian Market. According to Igor Cornelsen, an investor can expect to face the following obstacles: high taxes, bureaucracy that is pervasive, regulatory complexity and labor market rigidity. However, the higher the risk, the higher the returns and smart investors will ripe hugely.

  1. Foreign–currency restriction


Ignor Cornelsen points out clearly that there is no such thing as free money in Brazil. Any foreign currency transaction has to go through proper authorities.

Ignor Cornelsen is a man with experience so investors can trust his experience. He also has advisors he can trust; he relies on Bainbridge Group Inc. an agency that can be trusted to give expert advice and insight into investment.

Beneful – Further Savings With Coupons

Everyone loves a bargain. But, not everyone will give up quality to save a few dollars. For years I have purchased a variety of Beneful dog foods because it’s made with real ingredients like salmon, chicken, beef and vegetables and my dogs love it. In regards to my pets’ health, the cost was not a priority. Then, I found the secret to savings.Coupons! So, where can Beneful coupons be found?

I found my first coupon at the bottom of a bag of Beneful Healthy Weight. The next best place to search for particular brand coupons would be the product website itself. In this case, visit: Once there, you are one click away from finding your coupons. I received a $3.00 coupon through my email. I filled out a short form with my name and email address, as well as the number of my pets. The coupon was easily printed and redeemed.Another great place to check for coupons for a little extra saving power would be individual store sites. I shop on a regular basis at my local Walmart and Target stores.

Visit their sites and search Beneful coupons. I have had up to $3.00 in savings with my printable coupons on top of the already low prices found at both stores.Other sites you’ll find Beneful coupons include and even Be aware, however, sites like these may be location specific and have earlier expiration dates than the actual vendor coupons which usually expire by the last day of the year the coupon was initially printed. Rarely have I found a coupon for free Beneful, but periodically, you may be lucky enough to run across free samples.At any rate, Beneful dog food is well worth the cost. Made with real ingredients and dogs love it.


Remember When With Wengie

Makeup lovers and DIY superstars all know Wengie for her unicorn color hair, youthful beauty and life hack videos. People have come to depend on her videos for the latest in ‘do it yourself’ beauty, fashion and crafts. However, Wengie’s secondary video page on YouTube gives fans a look inside her amazing world, her loves, and her deepest thoughts.

In the video “Remembering my childhood“, Wengie welcomes us into her home and talks to fans about things she remembers as a child such as foods she ate, silly games, playing with stickers, and shows us her happy and childlike love for life.

If you want to see a bit inside Wengie’s world and walk down memory lane with her, visit:


Jeffry Schneider: A CEO With A Love For Humanity

Jeffry Schneider is the CEO and founder of the boutique investment firm, Ascendant Capital LLC. He has created something special at the company, which is well known for its culture of trust and encouragement, and under his leadership it is projected that over the next 12 months it will earn $400 million. His history of working with only the best firms has led him to build up his knowledge of alternative investing, and he takes his 24 years of experience in the financial services industry and uses it to serve his wide range of high-class clientele. By working with many different broker dealers, hundreds of investment advisors, and numerous family offices, he earns exuberant amounts of profit that is invested directly into auto dealerships, tech companies, real estate, and more.


His time spent with Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management deepened his knowledge for working with different hedge fund managers. While there, he was able to match them up with the right clientele by building relationships that ensured their commitment to the firms they would be partnering with. He also became one of the top advisors for for alternative investment managers and would help them to better understand how to structure their investment portfolios. Jeffry Schneider’s commitment to making his clients and investors his top priority has been a large part of his success, and the people who come to him for advice know that they can rely on him to give it to them like it is.


Outside of work and company life, Jeffry enjoys traveling and especially likes to embed himself into cultures and experience life like the locals do. His fascination and love for people has inspired him to visit many locations all over the world, and two of his favorites are Thailand and Budapest. He especially enjoys frequenting the rural parts of these countries for the buzz and lifestyle there. He appreciates that they do not have a need for all of the technology and trappings of the western world.


Jeffry Schneider supports a range of charitable causes and some of these include the Cherokee Home for Children, the Gazelle Foundation, and Wonders and Worries.


Yanni Hufnagel, Jewish-American Basketball Coach With Outstanding Recruiting Abilities

Yanni Hufnagel is a Jewish-American who grew up in Scarsdale, New York. He attended Cornell University and has held positions with colleges as an assistant basketball coach. While there are not a lot if Jewish-American players in the NBA, there are several serving as coaches. In 2011, CBS Sports held a survey of more than 100 coaches, Yanni Hufnagel was voted as the assistant coach from a mid major school who will go far due to his uncanny ability in recruiting.


As a child, Yanni read coaching books frequently and played sports, but was not a stand out athlete. In high school, he commentated games for the local public assess channel, he had an understanding of the sport that most kids his age did not posses. He continued his involvement with basketball from the sidelines in college as a basketball manager and had an internship with the New Jersey Nets. His big break came after graduation when Coach Jeff Capel of the University of Oklahoma offered him an assistant coaching position.


In 2009 he became the assistant coach at Harvard. His main job at Harvard was to recruit talent to the team. He was quite successful at this because he had abilities like a salesmen, and he was not afraid to go after talent that was expected to sign with another university, such as Zena Edosomwan. During his time at Harvard, Yanni helped to develop the talent of Jeremy Lin and Wesley Saunders.


After leaving Harvard, Yanni Hufnagel went on to Vanderbilt as an assistant coach of the Commodores from 2013 through 2014. During the 2014 to 2016 years, he was the assistant coach for the University of California Golden Bears, and is currently the assistant coach for the University of Nevada Wolf Pack. While at Vanderbilt, he recruited 2014’s 29th ranked class including Wade Baldwin IV and Matthew Fisher-Davis. His recruiting talent helped the University of California to an NCAA Tournament berth in 2016.


During the time Yanni Hufnaagel spent at Oklahoma, he earned a master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education with an Emphasis in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration.