Why you Should Invest in Martin Lustgarten’s Investment Banking Company

Martin Lustgarten is a highly successful investment banker. He was born in Florida back in 1959. At that time, Florida was a humble place and not as trendy as we see today. Fifty years ago, the location was somewhat tropical and active suburban. It was virgin land that has no influences in Wall Street. Martin Lustgarten won the hearts of many in the state through his dedication, personal sacrifice, and hard work. He has become a skilled investment banker through his efforts. He spent a large part of his later years in Venezuela and Austria.

Martin’s investment industry has grown to have a big name in the international marketplace. However, Martin will surprise you because he is a great philanthropist who shares his wealth with several humanitarian charities. He prides himself on being a caring and loving person that believes in giving back to the community. Apart from contributing to charities, he is highly educated and teaches people about investment banking protocols.

As an investment banker, Mr. Lustgarten has assisted many clients with their investment needs. He is known in the investment industry as someone who gets the job done. Apart from his interest in the investment industry, he started his investment banking firm known as Lustgarten Martin. His many years of experience in the industry has seen him grow the firm to become a complete success. He runs the daily operations of the investment bank today. Martin has distinguished himself from other investment bankers through his accomplishments.

Martin Lustgarten focus on his business is expanding towards a global scale. He wants to create the ideal business with thousands of employees. He is already a role model to many investors that want to enter the investment banking industry. He believes greatly in his investments and their success. Martin has shown a high level of hard work. He is hardworking and wise with his investments. One of his most creative steps is keeping a diverse wealth portfolio for recession and retirement. He has several investments in multiple foreign countries to spread risks. Martin is currently the chief executive officer of his company located in Ponte Beach in Florida.


Overview of Lori Senecal Corporate Experience and Engagements

Lori Senecal is a renowned corporate strategist and Advertising executive. According her LinkedIn page she specializes in advertising, digital strategy, marketing strategy, digital media and social media marketing. Lori is currently the Global CEO of CP+B, a position that places her in charge of coordinating the agency’s growth strategy across the world. Since joining the marketing and advertising outfit in 2015, Lori Senecal has been instrumental in shaping the firm’s business and culture. She has managed to make CP+B a modern agency with an international outlook by providing, strong leadership, consistent service delivery and strengthening the firm’s foothold internationally using the lessons learnt locally. Lori is also a partner at Kirschenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners (KBS) and is President and CEO of MDC Partners since September 2014.

Before joining CP+B, Lori served at McCann Erikson and McCann WorldGroup on Twitter. She was the President of McCann New York for 2 years and 3 months, beginning July 2007 to September 2009. During her tenure as Global Chairman and CEO of KBS, Lori she grew the company from a 250 person entity to a gigantic 900 person international agency. According to a news article published in Advertising Age on March 09, 2015 Lori was appointed the CEO of CP&B because she posses extraordinary management level experience and expertise on Salary. She also shares the values and aspirations espoused by the company. The firm also believes Lori has what it takes to expand its global footprint in China and other international markets. The appointment came in time after the company was declared the winner of the global Infiniti account in October 2014.

Her leadership has so far seen the company recognized as one of the creative innovators of the year. According to 3percentconf.com, the showing saw Lori Senecal named one of the 4 top Agency Executives to watch in 2016. The 3% Movement, of which Lori is a member, was established at a time when only 3 percent of Creative Director positions were held by women. What is more disturbing is the fact that women control consumer spending to the tune of 80% and account for 60 percent of all social media sharing on the global scale at http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/24/business/lori-senecal-on-coaching-when-the-bar-is-high.html?_r=0. The movement hopes to change all that by increasing the number of women participating in creative talent jobs and leadership. To shore up the numbers and promote its various causes, the movement holds annual conferences, Mini conferences and offers agency consulting programs as well as a Certificate program.

Are You thinking of using Stock as Collateral? Try Equities First

Are You thinking of using Stock as Collateral? Try Equities First

Equities First is a company that provides some services to entities that are seeking non-purpose capital. They mainly provide their services to businesses and individuals with a high net-worth. Services that they provide include lending solutions and supplying liquidity to their clients. They do this by providing capital against stock that is publicly traded. A customer can get a loan through the stock that they own. The company is also a global lender and supplies capital on shares that are traded in markets all over the world. The company works with every client to provide an offering that suits their needs. Equities First has done a good job for customers that it has worked with in the past. It has done more than 600 transactions to date. They amount to $1.4 billion.

The method that the company uses has been heralded because it comes at a low cost and the financing terms are favorable. Borrowers using stock as loan collateral has grown in recent years because of the advantages that it has over other means of financing solutions. Individuals can acquire financing quickly. They can get a loan even if they do not have access to credit-based loans. Banks have started to tighten their lending criteria. This has made it easier to become ineligible for certain types of loans. The interest rates are lower than those that the banks offer. They have a fixed interest rate which means that there is assurance of the total sum that is to be paid.

Stock-based loans are favorable to the client because they move their investments away from a market that is considered to be a downside. This is because the value of a stock might fall at any time and the value of their stock investment goes down. Stock-based loans such as the one offered by Equities First are not to be used for a particular purpose, unlike margin-based loans. The client is free to use it as they want. Most of the loans also have a non-recourse agreement where the client can back out of the loan at any time.

Chris Burch Understands The Landscape of Fashion

The business world is an exciting mixture of companies spread across many markets. The difference between successful companies and companies that are not successful is small. One good idea can change the outlook for a struggling company. In the same manner, one bad decision can turn a successful company into a unsuccessful company very quickly.


Another aspect to consider between successful and unsuccessful companies is the market that the companies compete in on a daily basis. Business markets are very different. The business market that companies are placed in can have a lot to do with the success level of the companies.


Two markets that can make it tough for companies to succeed are technology and fashion. Both of the markets depend on creativity and trends to make a difference in what is considered good in the markets. Technology is one of the most popular markets in the business world.


The technology innovations that have been coming out in recent years have changed the way people live day-to-day. Some of these technology innovations have also changed the way people think about technology. With technology today, the innovations go beyond just performing technology; the innovations are about style, appearance, and personality.


In many ways, technology is similar to fashion. This why some fashion companies have used technology as part of fashion designs. The look of technology with fashion is different. A big part of fashion is being different, and the use of technology definitely allows fashion to be different when mixed with technology.


In the fashion world, the next great trend is what people are looking to discover. This can also be said of the technology market. What is the next great innovation in technology? Trends define and fashion companies have a need to be a part of the hottest trends. While the technology market is well aware of trends, technology is more about creating rather than making.


Chris Burch is a businessman who understands both the technology and fashion markets. He has started and managed very successful companies in both markets. Chris Burch is a innovator. He likes different and exciting. He understands what makes companies successful in various markets.


Chris Burch is an accomplished businessman who started a multi million-dollar company while still in college. Chris Burch is known throughout the business world as a smart business executive who knows how to make the right decision at the right time.


Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is one of the companies that offers the alternative sources of financial operations using stocks as sources of finance during the harsh economic times. For the business, nothing gives them more joy that to continue with these transactions and aid companies and other individuals with the non-recourse capital. During this era of harsh economic tomes where banking institutions have tightened their capabilities to issue credit-based loans, the company has seen traction in the stock-based loans as one of the next best options for those seeking large working capital. As a matter of fact, the stock-based loans have gained traction. For those borrowers seeking fast working financial operations to conduct their projects and business dealings, we are here to announce to you that Equities First Holdings has gained popularity as the better option.

While there are many other options left for those borrowers to secure capital, there are many banks and financial companies that work to cut down their lending capabilities. As a matter of fact, these banks have increased their interest rates to scare away most borrowers seeking credit-based loans, in the recent past, there has been an increase in tightened loan qualification criterion. According to the founder and president of Equities First Holdings, he has seen the use of stocks as collateral to secure working capital as one of the most innovative ways in this business. The stock-based loans are characterized by a higher-loan-to-value ratio to offer fixed interest rates. For you to have a sustained capability in interest rates, you must first compare your financial sources.

During a three-year loan term, there is always inevitable market fluctuation. However, there is the use of stock-based loans that provide a hedge between your problem and the financial services offered by Equities First Holdings. In the market, you can have a lower investment risk using the stock-based loans even when the points are lowered. Most of the stock-based loans are characterized by the non-recourse feature that lets you qualify for the loan even when you don’t state the use of the credit. Even when the stock depreciates, you can have a hedge between the loan and the use of the money in your projects.

According to Al Christy, margin loans are considered by many to be synonymous with the stock-based loans. For this reason, stock-based loans are considered as one of the best entities over the margin loans. There are marked differences between the two.

Deciding On a Reputable Lawyer In Brazil

Are you in need of expert legal advice or representation in Brazil? It is vital that you retain a lawyer who is well versed with the court system and legal procedures in Brazil if you have a legal matter in Brazil. There are lots of attorneys out there offering to handle your matter but it is extremely important to be aware that not all lawyers in Brazil are created equal.

After you have gathered a list of potential law firms in Brazil, the next step is to request a consultation. It is absolutely necessary that you meet with your potential attorney in person to go over your case. This is an opportunity for you to learn about the law firm or lawyer’s educational background, popularity in the industry, and the lawyer’s courtroom style.

On the scheduled day, make sure that you arrive early and have all the related information and documents you want to present to the lawyer. Don’t forget to take your list of challenges or questions to review, as well. Always remember you will be dealing with this lawyer for some time, so make certain to pay attention to the lawyer’s qualities because it is essential to select an attorney with whom you are compatible.

Legal representation includes filing documents required to defend a client in court, but incorporates countless other tasks.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a highly respected and renowned legal professional in Brazil. He specializes in business and corporate law and has a great reputation in the industry. Ricardo Tosto takes the time to evaluate his clients’ situation, find out their expectations and also get to know their business thoroughly, before devising an appropriate legal solution.

Ricardo Tosto began his practice in a small law office, and then worked with some of the most experienced corporate litigation law firms before he formed his network of law firms. He owns and runs some of the most well known law firms in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has represented numerous large companies and public personalities, as well as politicians and the government.

Visit https://br.linkedin.com/in/ricardo-tosto-9556a817 for more.

How Diversant LLC has been Efficient in Proving IT Staffing Solutions.

Diversant LLC is a company that has been acknowledged for offering reliable IT staffing solutions to its client in the United States. The firm is headed by John Goullet who is a competent IT professional. He kicked off his profession by offering IT guidance. Mr. Goullet has adequate knowledge on studying various markets and in 1994, he joined the IT staffing sector after noticing that the industry had a high potential that many people had not discovered. He then founded Info Technologies to provide the services. The leading businesses that he focused on serving were the Fortune 500 companies. His strategies of offering IT solutions were unique since he first studied the demands of the corporate world and offered services that address them. The ability of the firm to satisfy clients enabled it to grow at a rapid rate whereby its worth increased by $30 million in five years. The Inc. Magazine named it as one of the United States’ thriving enterprises.

John Goullet was a significant figure in the formation of Diversant LLC. He merged his company, Info Technologies, to create the most prosperous African-American held firm in the U.S. The government has registered Diversant LLC as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, and this has been instrumental in its rapid growth. Customer satisfaction has always been a leading concern for the company. The services that it offers have been subdivided into various sections and they are direct contracting, IT professionals’ intensification, and different innovative services. The strategies that the firm has been applying in the provision of services are highly interactive, and this creates partnerships and good relationships with both the clients and the IT consultants.

Lack of competent IT professionals is one of the biggest problems that has been affecting many companies. Diversant has been offering assistance to businesses on hiring excellent IT talents that are available in the market. The experts that it offers to the customers are well trained and experienced hence, they can develop the outstanding computer applications that can deal with the problems of the clients. The firm also has the exceptional staffing skills that enables it to match the experts with organizations that have and a conducive working environment for them as well as need their particular expertise.

Thor Halvorrsen Fighting Injustice at the Governmental Level

Everybody should be held accountable for their crimes. This principle becomes more complicated when certain moral crimes are legalized, because one is left with the question of what she really means by crime. Is it a crime if it is in accordance with the federal law? One should think so. After all, some of the greatest atrocities in human history have been those that were legal, such as the crimes during World War II. Thor Halvorrsen, an expert in Political Science Theory (having received a degree from the University of Pennsylvania) recognizes that socialistic governments actually commit crimes against their own citizens. He offers a few bits of insight into this matter that people overlook far too often.

Don’t Trust The Rich, Trust The Government

Those of us who are not rich tend to look at the wealthy with envy. We contemplate whether they really deserve it. “Why them? Why not me?” will be asked, almost as though the rich rolled the cosmic dice and won the jackpot. When a governmental entity is promoting socialism, it will reenforce this inclination against the rich by pointing out how corrupt they are. They cannot be trusted and they do not need all of that money. However, the people are encouraged to trust the government. The government will swoop in and save the day by taking the money away from the rich and distributing it amongst the poor. The concern that Halvorrsen has is in putting so much trust into the government. It would not be so unthinkable for a government to abuse its’ power.

When Does It Become An Actual Crime?

If the government is taxing the rich into oblivion, Halvorrsen might argue that there is a point at which it will become an actual crime against both the rich and the poor. It is not fair to say that all rich people are corrupt. They earned their money. The question that most Americans need to ask is when the government will come for them as well.

Halvorrsen has seen this play out many times, both in history and in contemporary society. When the government starts overtaxing and redistributing wealth, abuse of the system is imminent.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Stepping up to Amazon

It is literary impossible to assemble a fashion brand without considering how to compete with major kingpins like the Amazon in this current times. Achieving online Fashion business success is not a simple endeavor. Larger organizations like Amazon control most of the fashion e-commerce markets. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is achieving the impossible. She has managed to define her brand through data science, exclusive products, scaling of her company through creative ROI media, and enterprise technology. She has managed to expand the business into multi-million worth over a period of three years. Fabletics employs a subscription model to retail activewear clothing to its clients. The business is straightforward. Customers select their inspirational brands and pay at a convenience through their membership cards.

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The Fabletics Fashion Membership Has been a Viable Strategy
High-quality brands have been typically identified through price and the quality of the services or goods. A recent modification in economics means that combining price and quality no longer guarantees businesses success or competitiveness. The modern consumer determines what is of high value by considering the experience, exclusive design, and recognition of the particular brand. Comparing themselves to Warby Parker and Apple has positioned Fabletics in a paying off position. The fashion membership brand strategy is gaining widespread recognition as they aim to establish more physical stores in California, Hawaii, Florida, and Illinois. The success secret lays in the ability of Fabletics to build anticipated and up to date versions of high-quality brands. The Fabletics membership model is their key to presenting custom made trend fashion service at half the price of their market competitors. Fabletics brand is combined with vast market knowledge. This has helped it to achieve its winning formula.

The Unique Fabletics Physical Stores

1) Fabletics Insists on Reverse Show rooming
Most businesses often get destroyed through show rooming. Customers will often browse through these offline businesses but end up purchasing cheaper items in a different place. Fabletics overturned this model through their unique starting points. Customers who visit the Fabletics are willing members who wish to join the Fabletics membership. The item is automatically put in the online shopping cart of the clients when they shop and attempt any piece of clothing.

2) The Fabletics expansion is based on focus to culture, people, and accessibility
Fabletics has discovered the winning formula to expand into new competitive territories through its exceptional balance between customer experience, lifestyle, and consumer education. The company achieves a thirty-five percent yearly growth. This growth factor has been attained through quality products presented at great prices. Creative and in-house Fabletics media teams have also been crucial in helping Fabletics to expand across the ten counties. Fabletics has been acknowledged among the risk-positive and data-aware brands that appreciate the needs of the new customers. Fabletics has experienced numerous tests from its pioneering membership programs, fast purchase options, and smart distribution. The brand appears ready to fire on all cylinders to present the most perfect offline and online consumer experience by devoting to physical retail experience and taking up latest showroom prototypes.

Follow Fabletics On: www.techstyle.com/fabletics/

The Rise of Eric Pulier

Have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Eric Pulier? If you have then did you know that he is known as a guest speaker, philanthropist, technologist, entrepreneur, and author. This talented individual is one of the most well-rounded person’s in the world and he has done a tremendous job at helping others. Eric Pulier currently resides in Los Angeles, California, but he’s actually from the Garden State of New Jersey. From a young age this gifted person displayed ingenuity thanks to his highly intelligent brain and strong will to succeed. In the fourth grade he programmed a computer and by the time of his high school days he had already founded a computer database company.

In 1984 this Teaneck, New Jersey native went off to one of the nation’s most prestigious higher learning institutions known as Harvard University. He would major in American/English Literature, write columns for The Harvard Crimson publication, and attend classes at (MIT). With a full schedule life this many people wouldn’t have been able to take on such demanding jobs and activities, but that’s what set him apart from others that are similar to him. Pulier continued to put in the hard work and in 1989 he finally graduated college. Pulier has a natural good heart which has allowed him to share his wealth and services to many people who are in dire need. Here are some of the companies that Pulier has found:

  • U.S. Interactive
  • FLY
  • Digital Evolution
  • Akana (software)
  • Service Mesh, Inc.

Pulier can also be known as an entrepreneur as he owns a prominent restaurant on sunny Santa Monica California. He has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity non-profit organizations as well as investing millions in tech start-up companies and capital ventures. To simply state it, Eric Pulier is a true American Idol.

For more information please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Pulier