Woman’s Life Saved By Teenager

How many of us would be prepared or willing to help a stranger on the street? One young teen did just that.
Seventeen year old Brennan Bardowski from Menominee, Michigan was driving across the Hattie Street Bridge last Wednesday when he noticed something unusual. A woman standing on the side of the bridge was slipping her shoes off in the cold snow. Having an uneasy feeling about what he’d seen he continued to watch the woman in his rear view mirror. When Brennan saw the woman making to climb over the ledge he stopped his car and slowly approached her. The woman told him that she meant to jump off the bridge.

Remarkably, Brennan Bardowski had recently watched a video at his high school, St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, which demonstrated this type of situation.

He continued to talk to her in a consoling way until he convinced her to come to safety! Another passer-by contacted the police who then responded.

Considering that there are many adults who may not notice or know what to do in a situation like this, the fact that this young man was alert and observant enough to notice and then was ready to act is incredible. Susan McGalla has learned that he was later presented with an award from his local Police department for his role in saving this woman’s life.

Click here to watch the interview with this amazing young man.

To Vaccinate or Not–One Family’s Tough Decision


According to the news on redir.stf that my coworker Gianfrancesco Genoso caught this morning,  recent outbreak of measles, believed to have started at Disneyland in California, has prompted many people to consider their beliefs about vaccination. Most people don’t refuse all immunizations, but one out of ten people question if healthy kids need immunizations or worry about possible side effects.

If One Child Was Disabled By Immunizations…What to Do With Younger Kids?

Edward Beglinger and Elizabeth Aquino trusted in modern medicine, including immunizations, for their daughter, Sophie 20 years ago. She got the DPT vaccine, featuring the first doses of diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus.

Within days, Sophie has spasms which eventually developed into seizures. Delaying the next shot in the series, due to a rare side effect of the immunization did not help. Unfortunately, her problems worsened and she has needed more than 22 prescriptions and 24 hour care since then.

As a result, her parents obviously have concerns about immunizations for their younger children, 13 and 16. Although no causal effect has been proven, many people think there must be some connection. Therefore, they made the tough decision to delay vaccinating their sons and allowing smaller, more frequent immunizations.

Finally, it’s crucial to remember that vaccinations are generally considered to be safe. However, there is a fund established by the federal government, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. It was designed to help people impacted by vaccines. Research into vaccines and their safety continues.

Angry Mom Slams Anti-Vaxxers in Facebook Post

How angry would you be if your newborn baby was exposed to measles while in the pediatrician’s office awaiting a required well-check visit with the doctor? Red faced, eye-popping, foot-stomping angry is how most moms would feel,Jennifer Hibben-White’s felt that way and took out some of her anger in a Facebook post.
Sultan Alhokair has read that, after taking her newborn son to the pediatrician’s office for a routine weight check and returning home, More on Alhokair is available on CnnIreport.com. Jennifer Hibben-White’s received a call from the doctors office alerting her that her weeks-old son had shared the waiting room with a patient who had measles. Since the measles virus is airborne, that meant the baby, who is too young to take a measles vaccine, was exposed to the virus.
Jennifer Hibben-White’s is no stranger to what an infectious disease can do to a child. She lost her five year old daughter to an infection and is doing everything within her power to prevent history from repeating itself with her newborn son.
As she and her infant son, Griffin, spend the week at home in isolation waiting, wondering and in fear as to whether or not Griffin will break out in the measles rash, Jennifer Hibben-White’s spent some time venting on Facebook. She ended her social media slam against anti-vaxxers by sarcastically asking them how their week was going.

Pope Says Spanking To Discipline Children Is Okay

Pope Thinks Spanking Is Okay As Long As Dignity Of The Child Is Maintained

The Catholic Church is notorious for trying to control family choices. The faithful believe that anything that comes out of the Pope’s mouth is the word of God, so most Catholics follow his teachings to the letter. That may work for some, but others believe the family is the basic unit of society. Those people feel they should be able to make their own choices without interference from the church.

Popes, through the centuries, have convinced Catholics that corporal punishment is a righteous form of discipline, and Pope Francis agrees with that philosophy. Zeca Oliveira (noticias.uol.com) has heard that the Pope recently said that spanking a child was okay as long as the dignity of the child is not harmed. Anyone who has been spanked knows spanking and dignity are very strange bedfellows. Spanking is an aggressive act that crosses the boundaries of dignity.

There are several schools of thought when it comes to spanking. Some parents say they were spanked, and turned out okay, so they spank their children. Others say they were spanked and would never spank their child because of how it made them feel. Then there are others that say spanking could lead to mass aggression and war. It teaches children that it is okay to hit another if they are provoked. To them turning the other cheek means hitting the other bottom cheek.

Dr. Rod Rohrich – Plastic Surgeon and Academic

Some moms feel the stress of raising a family and want to treat themselves. If you’re considering surgery, it is important to find a qualified professional. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a man of many accomplishments both in the field of plastic surgery and in other areas. He is widely known for his contributions to the areas of education, facial aesthetics, and aging in addition to plastic surgery in general. In addition to his work as a plastic surgeon Dr. Rohrich has also proudly served as the Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center since 1991. Other notable achievements include the fact that he is the holder of several titles and awards including the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Distinguished Professorship in Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery, and the Crystal Charity Ball Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery. Recent recognition for his service in the plastic surgery industry includes being listed as one of the Best Doctors of Plastic Surgery in Dallas by D Magazine. This isn’t the first time he’s been recognized by a prominent publication like this. Previously he has been recognized as a top plastic surgeon by publications such as Texas Monthly Super Docs, U.S. News & World Report, and America’s Top Plastic Surgeons. Commenting on his work, Dr. Rohrich expressed an appreciation for both cosmetic and reconstruction surgery. Saying that the terms derive from the Greek concept of to mold or to make, reconstructive restores the normal look while cosmetic makes normal into natural. He also attributes much of his success to his team of highly skilled medical personnel, praising their teamwork, communication, and compassion in rendering healthcare to patients. He also mentions that one of the most important things about being a doctor is the doctor-patient relationship and says that he treats all his patients with the dignity and respect that they deserve as unique individuals. Dr. Rohrich was raised on a rural North Dakota ranch and attended North Dakota State University as well as the University of North Dakota. He received his medical degree from Baylor college of medicine and had the distinction of graduation with high honors. He then went on to complete further education and training at The University of Michigan Medical Center, Oxford University, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and eventually joined the division of plastic surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in 1986. In addition to his medical achievements Dr. Rod Rohrich has also authored many articles and textbooks on plastic surgery. He has currently published over 600 peer reviewed articles.

Commitment to Community and Cultural Curator: Jonathan Veitch

Author of an award winning book, Jonathan Veitch is an expert in 19th and 20th century American history, literature, and film. His passion is no accident, as his father was president of production for Columbia Pictures and his grandfather was an actor and producer. Born in Los Angeles, Veitch spent a significant amount of time away before returning to the valley. Building a career in academia spanning the country, Veitch earned his Doctorate from Harvard following his undergraduate work at Stanford. He then taught in Wisconsin for several years and, most recently, New York City as dean of The New School’s Eugene Lang College, an urban liberal arts school. Returning to the West Coast to take the seat as President of Occidental College, a competitive and growing liberal arts school as the next step in his journey.

Veitch’s commitment to a well-balanced community is evident in his creation and fostering of partnerships with the community. His efforts to bridge the divide, often found between schools and the communities they are a part of, is admirable. Strong and confident leadership applied with genuine care for those involved is necessary to strike such cooperation and move forward. Veitch exemplifies these traits.

Residing on campus with his family, Veitch takes care of the college like a home, preserving it and improving it for future generations. A true lover of history he has renovated some of the oldest buildings on campus, including 100 year old Swan Hall in lieu of completely new construction. Not a stranger to utilizing new technology however, a 1-megawatt solar array was erected on campus and will help the college utilize renewable energy for approximately 11% of its needs.

Since taking office in 2009, Veitch has instituted new policies, procedures, and major changes to the physical and social landscapes of Occidental. More than halfway through his projected 10-year run, Veitch has already made major improvements to Occidental College. As a member of the community, he takes into account the climate of the community and responds to their concerns and desires regarding the college. In his short time at Occidental he has already instituted great change of direction and will likely do so as long as he holds office. He is building a legacy which is sure to have long lasting effects on the neighborhood of Eagle Rock, the surrounding area, and the lives of his students.

Father Begs School for Policy Change

A father in Marin County, California, Carl Krawitt, has asked the local Superintendent of Schools, who oversees his son’s elementary school, Reed Elementary School, to bar all students from the school who haven’t received vaccinations since the recent measles outbreak has spread rapidly across the state and into other regions.

Krawitt’s six-year-old son, Rhett, had leukemia that has gone into remission after several years of treatment. Rhett can’t be immunized for measles and other contagious diseases because the chemotherapy damaged his immune system. Instead, he must rely on the “herd immunity” offered by other students who have been vaccinated because they are less likely to get sick or pass an illness on to him. The problem? Reed Elementary School has a 7 percent personal belief immunization exemption rate.

Some parents who share Krawitt’s fears are happy that he has made the request, while others are angry because they don’t believe that they should be forced to vaccinate their children when there are still plenty of studies that need to be done about the long-term risks related to vaccinations.

As of Wednesday, January 28, Superintendent Steven Herzog is still reviewing the situation as new measles cases appear in local hospitals. Health officials in California have noted that the issue poses several legal challenges. Children have the right to a public education. Some parents believe that Krawitt’s son should be home-schooled since his situation is unique. Brian Torchin is interested to see how the situation is resolved. He can be found on about.me. 

Inexpensive WiFi Service From FreedomPop

We made it through the holidays and brown-bag month is almost over, but that doesn’t mean finances aren’t being stretched to their limit around our house. Fortunately, as a blogger I’m privy to the newest in penny-pinching news. This news from LA-based startup FreedomPop is like music to my ears. Say it with me, folks: Dirt. Cheap. Internet.


FreedomPop is a rapidly expanding private company that provides unlimited WiFi service at a highly affordable price. It was established in 2011 in Los Angeles, California, where it’s headquartered. The company is associated with Sprint and is a mobile virtual network operator. They lease both their voice spectrum and data from the famed telecommunications company (Sprint). FreedomPop is headed by the team of Steven Sesar and Stephen Stokols. They founded the company together. Sesar is the company SOO and Stokols is its CEO. FreedomPop has backing from Atomico, Doll Capital Management and Mangrove Capital. The company’s CEO Stokols believes that FreedomPop will provide internet access to about 120 million individuals total in its beginning stages.

Not only does FreedomPop offer WiFi service, but they also sell their very own broadband devices, mobile phones and tablets. The goal is for their customers to use their service alongside these specific devices. 

In 2013, FreedomPop started providing complimentary mobile service with standard data and cellular plans. They’re currently offering customers use of close to 9 million hotspots all around the country. These hotspots are often not accessible for the public. People can get access to this service for the price of $5.00 each month. When customers register for this new service, they receive convenient automatic sign-on for their available hotspots, too. This enables them to access service without the hassle of having to log in or search for a specific network name. FreedomPop employs their own VoIP software. This permits their users to complete calls through any and all data networks. The aim at FreedomPop is to establish WiFi networks that are similar to cellular networks.

When customers have this new plan from FreedomPop, they can experience unlimited data, text messages and phone calls on their tablets and smartphones. This gives them the freedom to do so without worrying about using up their plan “allowances” prematurely. Customers will initially be able to access this service through the company’s Android app. An iPhone app is currently being planned, too. Users will be able to locate FreedomPop at stores and businesses such as Walmart, Starbucks, Home Depot, McDonalds, Panera Bread and Burger King. The WiFi will also be available at many shopping centers.

Technologist and entrepreneur Stokols worked for Woo Media as a CEO before establishing FreedomPop. Woo Media was a startup company that specialized in online chat, videos and other forms of entertainment. You can find FreedomPop on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

Stay At Home Dads: The Facts


Things in our society have changed a lot since the 50’s, especially when it comes to the family. Not only are there many more broken homes and families than there were in the past, there are also a number of stay at home dads that are changing the way people look at fathers. In what was traditionally a woman’s role, men, like Bernardo Chua,  are now rising in numbers. There are several things people should know about these great parents, but here are just a few:

Money Matters
In the vast majority of cases where the father stays home instead of the mother, it is simply because the mother makes much more money. In the past, the breadwinner of the household was the man, but now things are beginning to shift.

The Children Don’t Care
Some people claim that having a mother work outside of the home is damaging for the children. The truth is, the children don’t really care who is staying home with them.

Stay at Home Dads Struggle Like Stay at Home Moms
There are many problems that stay at home moms face, which were chalked up to things like female hormones. It now appears that these issues are just stay at home parent issues. More men are dealing with loss of identity and discontent as they are becoming stay at home dads.

Is It Okay to Spy on Your Kids?

It doesn’t take a genius these days to figure out that children are out of hand. Discipline, and the lack there-of is a controversial subject that brings many debates. Growing up, I was spanked when I did something wrong. I was never beaten, but I knew the belt and switch were my fate if I got out of line. I wasn’t allowed to talk back to my parents and if I did my mom or dad would slap me across the mouth. Today, any of those forms of discipline are grounds to be put in jail. 

I never stole. I never drank and I never did anything but grow up to be an honest and caring person. Today is a very different time we live in. My children are both boys, and both 13 years old. Is it okay to spy on your children? My belief is if you don’t spy on your kids, you won’t know what is going on sometimes. Not every child deserves to be spied on. Some are open and will tell you what is going on with them. Others you have to find for yourself. 

I don’t advocate going through drawers and diaries unless you have too, and Lee G Lovett doesn’t either, but If your child is not acting right and is doing poorly in school, then an investigation is warranted. However, being a parent sometimes means you have to be the bad guy. Being the bad guy means getting information however you can.