George Soros Shifts His Investment Affinity From Stocks To Gold

After taking a long break from trading, George Soros made a series of enormous bearish investments. The wall street journal reported that Soros Fund Management sold its stocks and purchased gold. The company, which manages approximately $ 30 billion of Soros family assets, purchased shares in gold miners. Soros Fund Management went on to purchase the shares and gold despite the instability in the global economic outlook as well as the potential for big moves in the market.

Through email, Soros posited that capital flights from China and political milieu from the mainland might be a hindrance to lasting reforms. In addition, Soros contended that the Greek crisis, United Kingdom potential exit from the European Union and the migration crisis might portend danger to the existence of the EU.

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George Soros just made big bearish bets? Everybody panic… and then consider buying

A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

About George Soros

In the past, George Soros made a fortune by betting against the British Pound. He earned $ 1 billion in terms of profit. Soros has donated funds to the super PAC in support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. George Soros has always monitored investments undertaken by his firm. Some of the senior executives have not been comfortable with how he inserts himself in the firm’s operations, especially after losses were reported at the firm. In the recent past, Soros has made minimal investments of his own. However, this year everything changed when Soros started to spend much time directing trades in the office. Soros has been making frequent contacts with the executives.

George Soros is the founder of the Open Society. This society was established in 1979. At this time, George had accumulated enough wealth to engage in matters of Open Societies. Soros registered impressive success as a hedge fund manager. This success propelled his ambition to pursue his goal of establishing Open Societies in order to replace authoritarian governments. The objective of the Open Societies is anchored on the recognition that the globe is intrinsically perfect. This statements shows that anything that is imperfect can be enhanced. The Open Society is found in more than 100 nations of the world and has played a significant role in ensuring that the bill of rights is upheld.

His philanthropic activities started when he came to the aid of many black students from South Africa’s University of Cape Town. At the same period, Soros supported dissidents of Eastern European to study abroad. Soros posits that his success in the financial markets gave him great latitude of independence than many people. This way, he is able take stands on controversial matters. Soros argues that his success obliges him to make such bold stands on contentious issues.

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Securus Technologies Releases Copy Of Violations Made BY Global Tel Link

BBB A+ rated and Dallas-based criminal justice technology firm Securus has announced it will issue a series of articles outlining the list of infractions filed against carrier Global Tel Link (GTL). The company according to PR Newswire has been under investigation for a number of violating a number of laws while contracting with the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The initial investigation was carried out the Louisiana Public Service Commission.
GTL has received hundreds of complaints in the last five years from inmates, workers and customers who make calls to the prison. Some of the worse violations include double-billing of services, illegal padding of time and overcharging for phone calls. GTL has not responded to the allegations.

“This is absolutely outrageous, and it gives a black eye to the industry,” says Securus CEO Richard Smith. “We are here to provide a service for consumers, not rip them off.” Securus is hoping that by shaming the company, they will force them to reform.

Securus America is also subject to a number of fines and penalties if the report bears out. A source close to the investigation says many of the accusations are pretty cut and dry. There is no way possible that GTL could possibly spin its way out.

Many of GTL users are poor. So, the company in fact is preying on members of society who already have very little money to spare, according to Smith. “There’s always a few bad apples in our industry, and we plan to make them shape up or ship out.”

GTL has suspended its service with a number of law enforcement agencies pending the outcome of the investigation. Phone calls to the head office went unanswered yesterday.

“I personally called their office no less than ten times to complain,” said one outraged customer. “They have over-billed me several times.” Smith went on to say that carriers have a responsibility. And that is to not BS and scam customers.

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Europe Should Help Ukraine To Defend Itself To Improve The Unity In Europe

With the structural defects of the Euro, the authorities of the member countries have always gone through from one crisis after another. However, it appears that Europe has five problems to solve both internal and external. The internal problems includes Greece debt problem, the euro, immigration crisis, and the upcoming British referendum. It has also begged the question of what can be done to to control the problems and what should be done first?

It is evident that all these crises cannot be solved at the same time. Europe must evaluate each crisis and understand the ones that need preferential treatment without neglecting any them. According to George Soros Ukraine should be given priority because the internal crisis tends to divide Europe into a debtor and creditor countries. It is, in fact, an external threat like Russian aggression against Ukraine that should unite the European Union.

The way it is now is that Ukraine is being treated in the second class to Greece because it is not a European Union member. However, by treating Ukraine this way, Europe is in danger of turning the new Ukraine back to the old one, and it would eventually be a big mistake because the country is the most valuable asset for Europe. With Ukraine on board, Europe will resist Russian aggression and work together with solidarity like the way it was before.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

George Soros – Forbes

At the beginning of 2015, George Soros Ukraine developed what he called ‘a winning strategy for Ukraine” and presented it to all the European authorities. In the strategy, Soros argued that sanctions against Russia were necessary but were not sufficient enough to take Ukraine to the next level or get it out of the crisis. After Russia was hit by sanctions by the Western nations, President Vladimir Putin also developed a successful interpretation of the current situation that meant to defend himself from the sanctions.

President Putin claimed that the current Russian economic and political difficulties facing Russia were engineered by Western nations who have a plan to undermine Russia’s power and respect in the world. President Putin was trying to appeal to the patriotism of the Russian citizens and asked them to put up with the hardships that included shortages and financial instability caused by the sanctions. Soros has therefore advocated for his “winning strategy” using an efficient financial assistance to Ukraine.

The financial aid is meant to finance some large scale budgetary support with affordable risk insurance and other incentives for the private sector. According to an article by project-syndicate, Ukraine has already demonstrated how the divided European Union is, even though they have pledged their allegiance to them. It explains the reason Russia was able to outmaneuver Ukraine over their Association Agreement.

Ukraine is currently struggling to settle its debt with creditors which the IMF is already demanding a condition for further financial support. Russian aggression was a leading contributor in the Ukraine $19 billion in foreign debt that is already unsustainable. However, the difficulty remains that Ukraine has not filed for Chapter 11 which establishes a cease-fire between the borrowers and the lenders.

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Beautiful Hair Can Change Your Life

As a child growing up I didn’t really care about much. I didn’t care about my hair and make up and I didn’t care about fashion all I really cared about was playing with barbie dolls and making sure I was always lost in a great book. Yes I was a nerd but I guess I had the same priorities as most young girls my age. You really don’t have time o care about much and if you did changes were hat you your parents would nip that in the bud rather quickly because we came from a generation that it was unacceptable to do anything except act your age.
Now that I am older I have learned some new things. I have learned to fall in love with my hair and to try new things in order to make it grow in a way that makes me feel beautiful and one of htose go tow ays for making my hair look beautiful is Wen By Chaz []. Chaz Dean is the God of all beauty. He has long been known for his hair care products and his notable hair styles that can often be seen on the heads of celebs on the red carpet. He sells his products on Ebay.

We have all seen Chaz Dean a time or two on QVC but recently a blogger at Bustle decided to sing Wen By Chaz’s praises after using the product for two straight weeks. She didn’t initially think the product would work bu was amazed a just how well it did in only a few weeks. Not only did she see her hair become more voluminous but in the process you could see how much her confidence had increased by using this product because at the end of the day great hair and change everything about a woman including her mind.

Securus Helps Me Visit With My Brother

My brother has been in prison for a couple years, and I have spent a lot of time trying to get to and from the prison to see him. It has been really difficult, and there have been times when I could not get there. I heard about the Securus app that allows people to talk to their friends and family through an app instead of going to the prison, and I had to have a look.
I downloaded the vimeo like app onto my tablet, and now I can use that to have a video call with my brother through the secure app. They let me see my brother so that I can check in on him, and I can give everyone in the family a report. It also means that we can have a private conversation because Securus is very secure. It makes me feel good to know that I can talk to my brother when I want to without going to the prison, and I have told other people who have distant relatives in prison. I think this is the new wave of having visitation in prison, and I think it helps people who just could not get to the prison because of distance.

In PR Newswire’s app review, the Securus app is not getting enough process because it is keeping families and friends together. We all want to be supportive until someone gets out of prison, and we know that we cannot always do that when we have to drive to the prison. We can make the prison phone call on our phones or tablets with the Securus app, and it puts us right in touch with a loved one. I know my brother feels better when we talk, and I feel better knowing that I can check on him.
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Qnet; Asia’s New Health & Wellness E-commerce

Based in Hong Kong Qnet is a direct selling company that focuses on promoting sales for high quality select health and wellness products. Unlike its competitors, this dynamic e-commerce service carefully chooses and tests its products with elite moral standards and ideals. The companies main objective is to provide a service that enables every person from all walks of life to lead an enhanced lifestyle that promotes wellness. Their products range in categories from energy, nutrition, weight management, beauty, luxury goods, personal care, home care and fashion accessories. The company itself is dedicated to a vegetarian philosophy and do not advocate animal testing nor do they allow any non-vegetarian ingredients within their consumable products.

Another interesting element to Qnet is that they do not stop at simply promoting this healthy idealism in their business matters but they are also extremely active in publicly advocating for community programs such as Rashid Centre’s for special needs children. They have made great efforts in spreading awareness on numerous health issues that plague our nations. One example includes but is not limited to harmful chemicals in products sold on the internet. Qnet takes their moral and health standards so seriously that all meals during business meetings or events are strictly vegetarian. Qnet’s action in socially and physically speaking out out against unhealthy living and product use has reversed the common denominator in e-commerce in a way that benefits all consumers by providing the knowledge necessary to their clients to assist them in making healthy choices both in business and in personal lifestyles.

Better Reputation Will Clear Your Name From The Internet ASAP

Are you looking for a way to clean your record online? Unfortunately, there are a plethora of websites today that take pride in posting information that is supposed to be kept private in regards to people’s personal information pertaining to crimes and other types of details they may not have wanted to be shown for the entire world to see. If this sounds like your case, then you may be able to benefit from acquiring the services of a company along the likes of Better Reputation. By contacting one of their representatives, you will be able to gather all of the information you need to remove any information you may not want shown about yourself on the Internet.

It is highly recommended for you as an individual who may be looking for work in the future to take every step necessary to have all of your information removed from the Internet, especially if they are considered to be tarnishing to your reputation. Why allow people to ruin your reputation when you could simply contact our professionals and have the details removed in a very quick amount of time? If you are concerned about what people may say or think about you, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives today. They are always eager to help you in any way possible, and the best aspect of it all is they offer some of the best prices for the services they provide in the market. Today is the day you can clear your name once again. You have worked hard to build yourself up after whatever instances that may have caused a “black spot” on your record. Why allow websites that practice activities similar to extortion to ridicule your name and overall reputation? It is highly imperative for you to have assurance of having your name cleared as quickly as possible so that other websites do not copy the information and details included in the primary page and create their own database with your name, date of birth, incident(s), etc. onto it.

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Venezuela’s Military is Hurting Businesses

Venezuela’s military currently has more than 4000 generals. This number is out from 50 in 1993. The increase is putting a damper on businesses in the region. Venezuela’s new president, Nicholas Meduro with the military in charge of several state oil and mining services companies. He has given military leaders preferable access to housing food and other fringe benefits. These officials have been selling Venezuela’s oil extremely cheaply but reaping enormous profits in the process. This is causing more economic problems for the citizens said expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa.
Opponents of Medura are working feverishly to remove him from power. However as per report, if they succeed in removing him from office, many believe that his current vice president will just step in to complete his term under the same conditions. Many believe that it would be much better for those who oppose Meduro to put their attention on winning the election of 2019 when Meduro’s term will end.

According to a Facebook news, this would lead though to several years of continued downturn in the Venezuelan economy, as well as the standard of living for its citizens. Major opponents are hoping to remove him from office, within six months. In addition to getting Meduro out of office, it will be critical that Venezuelans get their military out of businesses.

Find Out What Happens After Using Wen by Chaz

If you have ever been curious about whether WEN hair is as good as it sounds, Emily McClure, an editor for Bustle has done the work for you. McClure took the plunge and purchased on herself the fig version of the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner hair care product and embarked on an experiment to transform her fine hair. She was desperately hoping for some positive results, as hair care is near and dear to her heart. She described her daily hair care routine and how she used the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner each day for a week so that readers could judge the results for themselves. McClure suggests that the best way to use the product for the most voluminous and shiny results is to shower and style hair in the morning. She experimented with taking her shower at night to shave some time off of her morning routine but found that she preferred the look of her hair right after using the Wen by Chaz product instead. Overall, she had a very positive experience with Wen by Chaz and sees the hair care product having a permanent place in her styling arsenal.

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This QVC advertised brand is not your average shampoo or conditioner. Rather, it replaces a bunch of hair care products to clean, condition and style your hair. It comes in a variety of scents and versions, but its essential role is the same. No matter the length, texture or thickness of your hair, Wen hair works to make it healthier from the root to tip by cleansing it without any abrasive sulfates in its formula. Many women love that it is able to smooth out their frizzy hair without weighing it down and add shine to their flat hair without making it appear greasy or oily.

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Igor Cornelsen Helps Investors Change their Perspective

Igor Cornelsen has really become an awesome source of investment knowledge. He presents a lot of people with advice on stocks, and I think that he has given me advice that I can apply to any situation. It doesn’t matter if you are investing in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, money market funds or annuities. Igor Cornelsen has great advice and I really do like how he has given so much free advice to the working investors.

The thing that he has put a lot of focus into is keeping up with the investments that you have. That is so important. I have always thought that it was easy to put money into stocks. I just didn’t think I would have to put much time into investing, but Igor Cornelsen has shown me that there is something to be said to following your investments. I downloaded an app and I started following the stocks that I invest in. I know that I can improve my return on investments if I pay more attention to what the companies in my portfolio are doing.

Igor Cornelsen is an experienced investor. He just seems to have more knowledge than most of the people that I know. I have seen how he has worked and learned about Brazil and the culture. I like the trial and error experience that he has passed down. There have been a ton of financial experts that has told me about financial matters on, but few have the experience from working outside of America. Therefore, they have no insight on stocks outside of the United States. I always thought that it would take some stocks outside of the U.S. to diversify my portfolio, and that is what Igor Cornelsen has allowed me to do. He has found the investments that are valuable, and he has given some insight on what he knows.

Igor Cornelsen encourages people to diversify, but he wants to make sure that people know the culture in which they are investing. Sometimes it pays to know about the raw materials of an environment. Brazil is a big for tourism on so it makes sense to become familiar with the places that people are staying in. Investors should also scope out the things that they do for entertainment. All of these are insightful clues to the things that are worthy of your investment funds.

I would like to say that I could have figure all of this out without Igor Cornelsen, but that would certainly be a lie. I know that it all seems like commonsense measures, but I just believe that Igor Cornelsen articulates it better. He makes you see the error of your ways and he gives you sound investing pointers.