How People Are Making Friends In Other Countries On Skout

Skout is known for providing people with the chance to finally date. It is filled with millions upon millions of users that can allow for you to achieve so much chances to meet so many people. For those who are traveling to new places, you’ll find that making new friends in those areas can be tough, especially if you aren’t familiar with anybody and you don’t know anyone in the places you are traveling to. The key is to have friends and to make them before you ever go there. For Skout users, it is becoming easier every single day to be able to make great friends online in other places.

How People Are Making Friends In Other Countries On Skout

What’s amazing with Skout is the fact that it is a very fast paced social networking app. What makes it so unique is the fact that people can connect and meet new people from other parts of the world. Over the years, the site has gained more than 10 million members. Many people have been using it as their way to take virtual journeys of the locals in the places they are interested in visiting. Many people who enjoy the virtual journeys will help them not only make friends but also get the chance to see what they plan on visiting one day. Many turn these journeys into real life vacations or trips, and it’s the best way to get a glimpse of what you are about to experience when you travel down.

It’s consider a modern pen pal system since it is meant to help assist users with the chance to make more friends in other locations. It also is a wonderful way to help meet people in destinations where they have nobody else to meet.

Christian Wiklund is the chief executive of the app, and he has explained that the travel app has become very popular with young adults mainly in college to connect with more and more people. Usually it is the people who are in college or just graduated that will find joy in using this app because they want to meet people either for spring break, summer break, or for their travels.

Using The App

The way to use the app is extremely so simple. This is why users love joining the app because it’s so simple and there are very minimal loopholes to jump through to get started on the app. It’s also very easy to use because it’s quite versatile and extremely easy to keep on the go, so it’s a ton of fun to use when traveling.

Skout continues to bring new friends together. They continue to make more and more people become friends because of the ability and the goal of bringing travelers to local areas. If you are in a beautiful part of the world, expect to make plenty of friends. Expect to make more friends if you are a world traveler and plan to travel to as many places as possible.

Activist Park Tells Of Her Amazing Escape from South Korea

What an old song said once is absolutely true today: people everywhere just want to be free. Understanding the basic tenants of freedom, liberty and human dignity are all well and good. But when these universal liberties are taken for granted, many times people let their guard down and don’t defend their freedom with the vigilance that they’ve been granted. Sometimes people need to hear stories about oppression from other parts of the world to realize they gift that they’ve been given as Americans.

The story of Yeonmi Park, a North Korean activist is an incredible one. She now speaks to groups and audiences about her dramatic ordeal. Park and her family escaped the brutal dictatorship of North Korea, embarking on a dangerous journey across the North Korean border and through China to reach freedom. Her tale is an inspiring story of courage, tenacity and the need to be free.

As a young child, Yeonmi of lived in North Korea in an upper middle class lifestyle. Her mother and father were both employed by the state government. Park’s father worked in the Workers Party, while her mother worked in the Korean army as a medic nurse. As workers of the state, Park and her family were taken very good care of until they were transferred to another area of the country, one that was left populated and have fewer supplies for basic living. Park and her family soon found themselves living in abject poverty, with no food or other basic amenities. It was at this time Park’s father decided to take matters into his own hands and illegally smuggle precious metals to make more money to feed his family. Unfortunately, he was captured by the state and thrown into jail for an extended period of time to do hard labor for his crime.

A major life shift happened for Park one day. She got a bootleg copy of the movie “Titanic”, and it really changed her perception on what love and sacrifice really was. She realized that there was a greater force than the state. In North Korea, people died for the sake of the state every day. But in the movie Titanic, Park saw someone die for the love of another.

These factors put other factors into motion, and soon Park and her family found themselves silently attempting an escape out of North Korea. Once they managed to cross the border of North Korea into China, they enlisted the help of Chinese smugglers. With the smugglers, they faced a new set of ordeals and challenges. Park’s mother was brutally raped by one of the very people she had sought help from. Park was forced to watch as her mother was savaged. But even such tragedy did not stop them from continuing on.

They continued making their way through China, and eventually crossed into Mongolia. Once they reached Mongolia, they were met by South Korean diplomats that assured their safe passage into their country.

Now Parks is a speaker and activist, telling others about her ordeal, and how North Korea suppresses many aspects in their citizen’s day to day actions. She now understands that there is more to living than living merely for the whims of the state. And she’s hoping that everyone who hears her message begins to understand that as well. Park has written a book about her ordeal, and it has just been released by Penguin Press.

The Life of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant and business lady from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is famous for being the President of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc. She has also been the chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. She is a board member of the HFF Inc which is a publicly traded commercial real estate company. Susan also sits on the board of the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.

Susan was born 41 years ago in East Liverpool, Ohio. She was raised together with her two brothers. After high school, she went to the Mount Union College where she did her undergraduate in business and marketing. She launched her career in Joseph Horne Co. department stores where she started as a retailer. In the eight years that she worked at Joseph Horne Co, she served in different managerial and marketing positions.

She joined American Eagle Outfitters in 1994, where she started as a divisional merchandise buyer for the women’s section. She served in different roles until she was made the chief merchandising officer and President .Prior to the role; she had worked for the company’s brand as a chief merchandising officer. She was in charge of the launch of the 77 kids and aerie brands.

In 2009, she left American Eagle to become a consultant for the financial and retail investment industries. The same year she became a board member of HFF Inc. In January 2011, Susan took over from Ed Thomas to become the chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. She stayed in the company for a year before leaving to form P3 Executive Consulting.

Susan McGalla is an excellent consultant .She deals in talent management, operational efficiencies, branding and marketing. Susan dedicates her time to speak and inspire women and give them business advice. Her climb up the corporate ladder was not easy and there were few women in leadership at that time. She relied heavily on her hard work to elevate her career. Susan has shared her story with a number of audiences. She has talked in the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.

Susan believes that getting ahead as a woman nowadays has become easier. Women do not want to be targeted and sidelined in the business world. They want to be granted equal opportunities as their male counterparts.

Being her own boss has been amazing. She has become the consultant everyone is hiring. Having the free reins is definitely working at her advantage. She appreciates the luxury that comes with having flexible working hours and being her own boss. She has found her passion in consultancy and looks forward to become the industry game changer.

Susan is an inspiration to many women who want to conquer business world. When she started off in the corporate world, gender equality was just being embraced. She claims that her parents raised her to believe in herself. Her parents also treated her and her brother equally and she says that upbringing helped in her career advancement. Susan is married to Stephen McGalla.

Lawyers in Brazil: Hiring The Best Lawyer For You

If you find yourself dealing with a legal problem, you need to get a lawyer immediately. Having a good lawyer on your side will benefit you in many ways. First, having a lawyer will save you a tremendous amount of time. So if you have a dispute or conflict in a business transaction, you shouldn’t have to put yourself through the time consuming and stressful task of researching the law and trying to handle the matter on your own. Get a knowledgeable lawyer and you can have the matter handled appropriately.

And, having a good lawyer to work on your case will help remove the stress, and give you peace of mind in knowing that an expert is taking care of the situation for you. Lawyers have a good understanding of the law and are available for you to benefit from their expertise.

Finding a good lawyer in Brazil is not a daunting task. In fact, you can start by asking for recommendations. This means, you can talk to friends, relatives and colleagues to find out who has had a pleasant experience with hiring a lawyer in Brazil, and if they will be willing to give you the name and contact details of the lawyer. Most people will be happy to recommend a lawyer if they are delighted with the lawyer’s service.

Another way to find a lawyer is to check out online reviews of lawyers in Brazil. Simply visit review websites, online forums and other sites dedicated to lawyer reviews and read the posts. Find out what other people are saying about various lawyers in Brazil, whom they have consulted or hired. You will be surprised what people say about these professionals. By checking out these sites, you will be able to find out which lawyers are reliable and which ones are to be avoided.

Once you have gathered a list of potential lawyers in Brazil, the next step is to meet with each lawyer, to find out which one is the best fit for your needs. Set up a consultation to go over the circumstances surrounding your case, and to determine the best way to resolve it. Make sure you have all pertinent documents during the meeting and pay close attention to how the lawyer responds to your questions. After meeting with each lawyer, you will be able to compare your notes and choose the most suitable one for your case.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most prominent lawyers in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is highly experienced and has great expertise in business litigation. He has represented a large number of high profile clients, including some of the largest coporations in Brazil. Mr Ricardo Tosto has also represented politicians, multinational companies and other organizations in matters related to business litigation. Mr Ricardo Tosto has a track record of obtaining great results for his clients. His courtroom style and high success record have earned him a high reputation in the Brazilian legal system.

Changing The Way We Shop; The Slyce Movement

Online shopping has been gaining in popularity. It is easier to comparison shop, no pressure from salesmen, and it is delivered directly to your door. At times though it can be annoying, tedious and hard to find excatly what you are looking for. This is soon to be a thing of the past.

Slyce is a Toronto, Canada based company that has been building image recognition technology. This technology allows the individual to scan or take a picture of an item with their smartphone and get to compare across many vendors for that same product. To date, the item has had to have been in original packaging for this to work, but that is also soon to change.

A company named Pounce has formed a partnership with Slyce. This new partnership has enhanced Slyce’s ability to recognize products and items that consumers want. The new technology allows for scanning of flyers and magazine ads. This allows consumers to find the products they want without having to go to a store for it.

The new technology will also allow the consumer to fill a cart. This cart can take items from many different manufacturers and put them all in one place. This lowers the shipping costs as well as making the process of checkout easier. Consumers can now fill out one universal form to pay for items from multiple shops.

Slyce offers many other advantages as well. This technology allows for gift registries to be more comprehensive and easier for users to access. These registries can include listings from multiple stores from around the country, so no matter where one lives, they can get that perfect gift for a wedding, baptismal or even graduation.

The technology also makes finding discounts and coupons easier. The product can be scanned in and then the program will find the best prices and any applicable coupons for the things in your cart. Truly an easier way to shop and get the best prices.

At present the only issue with Slyce is that they tend to be more retail oriented. Their technology tends to favor getting the sale rather than getting the information and discounts that consumers want. Although, the partnership with Pounce is beginning to show improvement in the area of satisfaction for shoppers.

More and more advances are being made that will not only aid in getting that ultimate sale, but also in finding the best deals. Customers can now scan a picture of what they want and be led to multiple venues where they can get it. Shooping online is about to become easier and more affordable for all. Slyce is leading the way to a new revolution of easier online shopping.

Yeonmi Park and Her Fight For North Korea

A 21-year-old activist named Yeonmi Park has been making headlines lately as she tells her the story of her childhood in North Korea and her escape from the country. Park appeared recently at the 2015 Women of World Summit at Lincoln Center in New York City where she was interviewed by Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie. She’s also been on the BBC in England and in other major media outlets. She currently lives in South Korea and works as an activist on behalf of her fellow North Koreans who are still living under the brutal regime of Kim Jong Un.

When Park was a little girl in North Korea, she was warned by her mother not to speak too loudly or she would be heard by the birds in the trees. This was her mother’s way of training her to be careful of what she said in a country where the government spies on its own people and brutally punishes any dissenters from the party line. Park witnessed executions, a form of public entertainment in North Korea, many times as a child.

Despite the lack of freedom in North Korea, Park’s early childhood was relatively privileged since her father was in favor with the government. When this changed, the family was treated no differently than the common people, who were starving because of the economic mismanagement of the country. Park had to eat insects and grasshoppers to survive.

Eventually, the family fled across the border to China, but that turned out to be a case of getting out of the frying pan and into the fire. In China, Park watched her mother being raped right in front of her. The family was kidnapped by slave traders, and she was forced to become a sex slave to survive. When her father died of colon cancer, she had to bury his ashes herself late at night and wasn’t even able to call any of his friends or relatives back home.

Ultimately, Park and her mother escaped again and fled across the Gobi desert to eventual freedom in South Korea. Today, Park works for the activist group LiNK that helps North Koreans escape the country and raises awareness about the oppressive regime in North Korea.

She has talked about how the North Korean government has tried to convince its people that the rest of the world is a terrible place. She mentions how seeing a black market copy of the movie Titanic when she was a teenager helped open her eyes to how the government was lying.

Park has somehow managed to become fluent in English. When she speaks, she is eloquent and comes across as being extremely sympathetic without asking for pity. She doesn’t come across as traumatized, and you would never guess she has had such a difficult past. She is truly a remarkable person doing important work.

My Life, My Style

These are substances that change the natural human appearance and fragrance. It is a mixture of chemical compound or natural components used to change one’s presentation to perfection. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Cosmetics is anything used to improve the skin smoothness, cleansing, making someone to be more appealing without making any changes to the human body’s normal structure and functioning. Well this puts anything known to man as a suitable cosmetic. According to this definition; even soap can be referred to as a cosmetic.

Cosmetics were used from times in memorial with the first recorded time being in the 3000 B.C; women used to crush gemstones so as to beautify their face by applying them on the lips and eyes. Different cultures also show their own fashion trends that make them stand out from each other. For example, the Ancient Egyptians used focus-algin, 0.01 iodine and bromine mannite to produce red dye for beautification, but it didn’t end well since it resulted in health complications.

Development and change has been appreciated in the cosmetic industry and the use of these cosmetic products has spread globally and now all peoples have a common language-beauty. Cosmetics are used to usually known to enhance facial features both on men and women all over the world.

There are also various variations of cosmetics which include creams, powders, lipsticks, sprays, lotions, oils, gels, nail polish. Under cosmetics is a subset referred to as make-up which is a line of products whose intention is to alter one’s appearance.
Cosmetics are used to change something that one may feel is an imperfection. Others use it to build up character. People can recognize their friends by what they wear or how their smell. If you like to live making no excuses for whom you are, then Lime Crime on Amazon is at your service.

Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere in 2008. It is a cosmetic company based in New York, USA. They are recognized as the first to make themselves known by innovating and creation of new products in the cosmetic line. They are known for creating bright makeup. Miss Doe before idealizing Lime Crime, thought to herself how hard it was to find bright colored cosmetics to keep up with her imagination. She charged into a fashion that other cosmetic companies avoided. “So Bright, It’s Illegal!” a slogan that led her to create this new fashion line.

Miss Deere, the founder and Chief Executive Officer, started Lime Crime with a little capital backed up by a dream. She has chosen to make people fashion dreams come true and encouraged people to pursue their dreams not caring what the people around them, do or say.

Why Eucatex Has Become A Market Leader In The Manufacture Of Construction Material

Eucatex is a household name in Brazil. Any person that has been through the process of building a house will tell you that they at one point dealt with a product from this company. Established in 1951, Eucatex has grown into one of the most successful businesses in the region. This success has been attributed to, among many other things, the incorporation of environmental and acoustic comfort in the production process. The company uses eucalyptus in the manufacture of ceiling tiles and panels.

At the helm of Eucatex is Favio Maluf, who is an entrepreneur and Mechanical engineer. Maluf joined the company three decades ago as a lawyer and has now risen to the management position as a result of his hard work, his commitment to creating new and environmentally sustainable products and his attitude that fosters environmental conservation in manufacturing processes. Maluf is a graduate of FAAP Sao Paulo where he studied law before proceeding to the NYU where he studied administration.

Eucatex started as a small Saw Mill company that was known as Fiberboard Industrial Unit, which was set up in Salto in 1954. In the decade that followed its establishment, Eucatex established branches in different cities inside Brazil. By 1965, the company, which had managed to set up an office in Buenos Aires Argentina, was producing approximately 100 tons of products per day. This is the point at which they started exporting their products both to neighboring countries and Europe.

Five decades later, the company’s capacity had increased so much that they found it necessary to set up several other additional factories. In 1994, they established the second factory in Salto. During this time, the administration was deliberating about the possibility of spreading their influence beyond the wood and wooden products they were supplying at the time. This is how they came up with the branch that deals with the manufacture of paints and varnishes. After, they started developing labs where research and manufacture of paints was done, the company started gaining international recognition.

Bloomberg showed that products from the company have received many awards and recognition, mainly for the fact that they are environmentally sustainable and geared towards the conservation of Brazil’s declining forest cover. The company set up a forest unit where their experts plant eucalyptus seedlings as part of their goal to promote sustainable use of natural resources. As a result, they got acknowledged by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Eucatex got ISO 9001 certification about a decade ago, making it the first company in Brazil to attain ISO certification. Five years ago, they introduced a line of T-HDF/MDF in the Salto plant. The aim of the line was to produce panels using high levels of technology. In 2011, as the company celebrated six decades of being in operation, it was praised for being a leader in the manufacture of MDF and MDP panels, floors and paints.

The company currently employs more than 2000 people. Its products are sold in over 37 countries around the world, and it has four factories in Salto and Botucatu. Eucatex has become an example of environmentally sustainable manufacturing process in Brazil and beyond.

Stephen Murray Was A Great Leader

In the southeastern state of New York resided a prominent executive who was a true veteran of the competitive business industry. He embarked on his career after he was earned an Economics degree from Boston College by accepting a position as an entry-level credit analyst at Manufactures Hanover Corporation in 1984. Notably, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on crunchbase was formerly the President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital where he expanded their services across the United States and abroad.

Murray’s great educational training at Boston College and Columbia University in addition to his role at Manufactures Hanover Corporation helped him gain practical insight into the financial sector. During his employment at his first job as a credit analyst, the company gradually merged with MH Equity Corporation and JP Morgan. Notably, in 2006, Murray co-founded Stephen Murray CCMP Capital and assumed the title of President and Chief Executive Officer. In this prominent position, he
introduced many growth equity products as well as managed the firm’s investment operations. He is most acknowledged for overseeing $100 million to $500 million of equity per transaction in major companies that range from $250 million to $2 billion in size.

With growing knowledge in the financial industry, Murray and his executive team envisioned a goal in which they could provide the best portfolio of investment services to high profile clients. According to their informative website, this lucrative firm currently specializes in management buyouts, estate diversification, corporate carve-outs, overlevered capital structures, and business development. Moreover, the advisors work excellently with companies in a variety of sectors such as industrial, healthcare, retail, and energy. In addition, the specialists at CCMP Capital are skilled in assisting clients in distressed situations where unprecedented expertise and experience is extremely necessary.

Also on the CCMP Capital website is the company’s business philosophy which is labeled, “About Us.” Essentially, the executives at this prominent firm believe cultivating meaningful partnerships with their internal management teams and their clients in order to have a profound impact on the community. In addition, by combining the strength of their proprietary operating resources and exceptional industry knowledge, the team facilitates company growth, which
ultimately positively influences the economy. Along with sustaining substantial relationships and employing effective strategies, the advisors also expertly construct operational efficiency packages to satisfy the unique investment needs of the client. Most prominently, CCMP Capital implements a bold, transparent, and fully personalized financial analysis to a diverse group of investors.

Alongside his executive endeavors, Murray was also actively involved in the community as he frequently supported the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Columbia Business School, Boston College, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, and Stanford Museum.
Similarly, he served on many distinguished boards of major corporations.


We all love to wear makeup. The love of makeup is never the question. The question of “how to choose the right type” is the one that always comes into play. There is so many brands out there. There are so many looks to get. How can you tell when you have found the right direction?


This is more of a rule, rather then the exception. Always use daylight to make your best decisions. This works especially for foundation. Sometimes a girl just needs to go outside. Take the mirror and walk outside. Clear it with the counter girl/guy first. Check it in the sunlight. When it’s the right color you will know. Never use the store lighting. If your store is like most stores, you will have track lighting. You will also be under those old fluorescent lights. These lights will all give you the wrong impression.


There is a rule of thumb when applying foundation. When you apply it to your cheeks, it needs to disappear. Why? It needs to blend in. The right color will blend in and go away. If you see the color hanging on, this is the wrong one. Every good makeup artist knows this.


This is the order of the day for foundations. There are so many options. Some prefer the pressed powders. Others prefer the creamy, liquid foundations. If you have oily skin, there is an easy fix. Try using either the loose or pressed foundation powders. These work best with oily skin.

The dryer skins need to be treated differently. A dryer skin needs to have the liquid foundations. Why? This will keep the skin moisturized. Another good idea is to use some sort of moisturizer with this. Apply the moisturizer before the liquid foundation. This will give you a base.

If you prefer, you can choose a “moisturizing foundation.” How will you know if it’s a moisturizing foundation? It will say it on the bottle.


One last thing to mention. The best type of color for any skin is a yellow-toned foundation. Another rule of thumb with foundations is this. It should match the color of your skin, but never change the color of your face. This is why the yellow-toned works better.

The best way to achieve all of these results is by going with Lime Crime.


Ever hear of this brand? If not, you need to become informed. This is one of the latest innovations in the cosmetic industry. Unlike some of the other brands, Lime Crime on ilovelimecrime merits the attention it gets.

Go online and inform yourself today. Become part of the latest and greatest way of making yourself beautiful. A link to the website is down below.