Avi Weisfogel: A Doctor to Trust

Sleep apnea is a serious issue. It is a medical issue that needs to be addressed. For those with sleep apnea, finding the right, trustworthy doctor can be difficult. With few doctors specializing in sleep apnea, it become difficult to find the right doctor to treat you, helping you get rest. While there various sleep apnea doctors available, one of the more well-known sleep apnea doctors around is Avi Wiesfogel.

One of the most prestigious and well-known doctors that treats sleep apnea is Avi Weisfogel. Part of his accomplishments as a sleep apnea doctor is opening up Dental Sleep Master’s Program. This program is devoted to helping dentists better understand their patients sleeping problems, which can lead to identifying who has sleep apnea. According to the Dental Sleep Master’s program, it explains how sleep apnea affects all patients and the kind of treatment that they need. Furthermore, this Master’s program teaches the principle of understanding sleeping medicine in a modern way. It also addresses the ingenuity of Weisfogel as well as his ambition to find new cures in the medical field.

As the leading doctor in the field of sleep apnea, Weisfogel is part of knowing the problems that arise with this medical condition. For example, it can lead to obstructive sleep apnea, which where the weight of the flesh damages and may even block the airways. Weisfogel is here to prevent such catastrophe. His current practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, in East Brunswick, New Jersey, for the last 16 years, is where he has provided dental solutions to those with sleep apnea. Weisfogel is example of a doctor who anyone can trust who has sleep apnea. He’s innovative in providing a solution to a problem that is common in dentistry.

While Weisfogel is an example of one of the leading doctors in the field of sleep apnea, it demonstrates how serious an issue sleep apnea is and how is involved in providing solutions to it. It is widely regarded in the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. It is becoming a more discussed issue among dentists in deciding how to treat it.

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A Short History of Hedge Fund Management

Sam Tabar is a New York City attorney and capital strategist. Tabar graduated from England’s Oxford University with honors and then went on to get a Master’s degree in law from Columbia University in New York City in 2001. At Columbia, Tabar served as Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review.

Tabar first began his legal career with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP where he worked as an associate lawyer. Then, the business world called him, and he moved on to business development and capital strategy at the SPARX Group. Here he was also the managing director of PMA Investment Advisors. Following this venture, Tabar worked as the Director and head of capital strategy at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch for the Asia-Pacific region. Returning to the legal profession with his business expertise and acumen, Tabar became a senior associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. Here his work was focused on fund formation and structure for hedge funds, as well compliance and regulatory issues.

Tabar enjoys playing host at social events and traveling around the world. He is fluent in French as well as English and speaks basic conversational Japanese.

At Skadden, CrunchBase says that he was responsible for counseling clients on fund formation and structures, as well as best practices for investment management agreements, and legal matters pertaining to necessary regulatory and compliance issues. Tabar was at Skadden from 2001 to 2004.

The lure of high finance brought Tabar to the Hong Kong-based SPARX Group, where he worked in their unit known as PMA Investment Advisors. First employed as counsel, Tabar was promoted to director, managing all sides of the firm’s global marketing plan that would target institutional investors as well as high profile individual investors. Tabar brought with him thousands of qualified leads and was in the process of developing hundreds more vetted contacts and potential investors. At PMA, Tabar helped raise over one billion dollars in assets under management. Tabar was at PMA/SPARX from 2004 until 2011.

Tabar joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2011 and served as the Director of Capital Strategy for the entire Asia-Pacific region. Tabar counseled the firm’s hedge fund clients while making and maintaining contacts with large scale institutional investors, such as pensions, foundations, endowments and other large funds of funds. Over his time at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Tabar added more than twelve hundred names to his list of contacts and qualified leads for future investments.

In 2012, Tabar left Bank of America Merrill Lynch to serve as Director of Adanac LLC, BVI, where he was in charge of investment in start-ups (such as Verboten and Thinx) and real property.

Following this success at identifying business strategies, Tabar joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in 2013 to work on hedge fund formation and structure.  Sam Tabar also maintains a social media presence through both Vimeo as well as Instagram.   You can follow him there, as he posts videos and photos pretty frequently.

Also, Mr. Tabar occasionally provides investment tips and strategies to the public as well.  Most of them picked up by major news outlets like PR Newswire.


Back pains are becoming more common because of poor sitting posture. The tight programs leave little or no time for breaks to stretch up. With majority of back pains being a major cause of walking problems, Dr Sergio Cortes provides tips on simple exercises that help reduce back pain.
The training involves a series of stretch ups that are important in reducing back pains. It also used to relieve the body stresses that accumulate due to overworking. Yoga can be done at home at the gym. It involves a lot of caution for people doing it at home since doing the wrong exercise and posture can increase the back pain. It’s ideal to carry yoga exercises in a gym or at the yoga center. There are trained supervisor that advise on the right exercise for the situation. They also e ensure the correct posture as it’s the most important to reduce the back pain.
It’s important to consult a doctor and notify the yoga instructor the back pain area so as to have a good posture that ensures maximum benefit. Doing the yoga exercises for people with back pains is risky as there is no guidance on the appropriate posture.
It’s among the recommended exercises for reducing chronic back pains. Swimming has no direct impact on the injured back area and it’s, therefore, more recommended than walking. The exercise strengthens the upper body muscles. A combination of learning proper sitting posture is ideal for reducing chronic back pains.
It can exercise that has low impact and one of the best in reducing back pains. It’s flexible and can easily be modified to suit any different back pain. The exercise should be carried out with tracking to reduce the risk of aggravating back pains. For best results Pilates should be exercised with some breathing cautions to stabilize the spine muscles.
Doctor Sergio Cortes is the state of Rio secretary of health. He is a well-trained and experienced medical professional. Sergio has a series of articles that are useful in helping reduce back pains. He is also an adviser on proper dieting to maintain a healthy body. He is a graduate of Harvard School and the chief medical officer of Rede D’Or Luiz in Brazil.

Source: Sergio Cortes Official Website

Beneful Dog Food: Their Large Variety of Nutrition For Your Pet

History of Nestlé Purina PetCare and Beneful Dog Food

Beneful is a brand of dog food under the pet food company Nestlé Purina PetCare. The Purina company was started back in 1894 as Robinson-Danforth Commissions Company where they made and distributed horse feed to local and nationwide customers. Later on, it began making other varieties of pet food. Nestlé and Purina formed together in 2001 to provide different kinds of pet food to satisfy the nutritional needs of today’s pets.

The brand Beneful was also founded in 2001, when Purina provided a brand of dog food that is healthier than traditional pet foods. They are known for having a huge variety of foods for all types of dogs, and today, is a very popular food for canine lovers. There are a few brands of theirs that are also popular on their website, and have some positive feedback from their customers.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals: Chicken Variety

This variety of Beneful dog food provides a healthy combination of meat and vegetables for your pet. Made with real chicken, it is healthier than some other dog brands that put many different types of meat in one bag of dog food. Feeding your dog chicken is very beneficial for them, as it has a lot of helpful nutrients in it that can help your dog stay healthy. This product is antioxidant, meaning that it was made to prevent oxidation of the food so that it won’t go bad.


Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy: Chicken Variety

This puppy formula gives the nutrients that they need to grow healthy and strong. The calcium promotes growth and allows the dog itself to be happy and healthy. The puppy food also contains DHA, or in scientific terms, Docosahexaenoic Acid. This substance is the main component in the development in the brain and the entire nervous systems of mammals, and is naturally occurring in their bodies. This chow helps give them a boost for their development so that they could live a long fulfilled life.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends

For those that want to feed their pets softer food go to walmart, Beneful even has a large variety of wet food for dogs. The pieces in the food are small, making it easy for your dog to eat without them choking, as they could if they eat too fast in other kinds of pet food. Containing real beef, it allows your dog to enjoy their meal even more while still maintaining a healthy diet. Customers who have purchased this food are happy that they did, also saying that it is also suited for older dogs and picky eaters.


Beneful Mini Dog Dental Treats: Dental Ridges

For those who love to give their dogs treats, there is the dental ridges treats provided by Beneful. Small and chewable, there is a strip in the center of the ridged treat that is meat mixed with real parsley that is sure to help the dental health for customers’ dogs. It has been proven to freshen breath and fight tartar and plaque build up while also including a taste that dogs love. With such a large variety of foods for dogs, it is no wonder why Beneful is a popular brand that many use and may continue to use for a long time to come.


Steelers Enlist a Fashion Guru for Their New Apparel Line

Football season is well underway and The Pittsburgh Steelers have introduced a new line of team apparel just in time. An article recently appeared on the website of the Pittsburgh local CBS affiliate announcing the new “Wear What We Wear” fan gear campaign. From casual wear to business wear, Steelers fans now have even more ways to show their Steelers pride.

In the article, Susan McGalla on facebook explains the motivation behind the new line of Steelers fan apparel. She stated that fans would often contact the Steelers organization asking about clothing they saw the Steelers coaches, staff and players wearing during the games. Susan McGalla says that the new line is proof that the organization is listening to the fans. The “Wear What We Wear” line features new items for men that include business-appropriate items that can be worn to work, new items for women that are more figure-flattering and infant apparel that comes in new colors and patters to suit both boys and girls.

Susan McGalla was recently hired as the Director of Strategic Planning for the Steelers and she has a ton of experience in fashion branding. McGalla has been in the retail industry for years and has a long and successful merchandising and marketing track record. She has held top positions at major U.S. retailers and has always used her innovative strategies to propel brands to greater heights. Susan McGalla will undoubtedly do the same as a member of the Steelers Organization on pittsburgh.cbslocal.com and she is already using her signature marketing strategies by engaging fans though social media and turning their wishes into reality. McGalla has also integrated the campaign on the Steelers website so fans can easily find the apparel they’re searching for. Fans can even get in on a contest that gives them the chance to win a new Steelers wardrobe. It’s clear that Susan McGalla shares the same enthusiasm as Steelers fans and she has managed to bring more fun and excitement to some of the most loyal fans in the country.

Self-made Billionaire George Soros


The story of how George Soros became one of the wealthiest people in the world is really amazing when you think about it. He defied the odds and pulled himself out of a poor upbringing in Hungary to rule the financial world for the past 50 years. He had nobody to help him on his climb to the top. He did it all on his own. It is very rare for a person to accumulate his kind of wealth without having a few friends in high places. George relied on his intelligence and his vast knowledge of the world’s financial markets to make his fortune.

George discovered at an early age that he was very good at anticipating the various fluctuations of many different financial markets. He would be able to see an opportunity to buy a stock when it was undervalued and destined to go up in price. He could also tell when to sell a particular stock because it was about to bottom out. This type of insight made him very successful when he was just starting out as a financial and stock adviser. Although he was making very good money in this line of work, Soros knew he was destined for bigger and better things.

George’s reputation in the financial world started to spread like wildfire. People started to hear rumors about a guy named George Soros who very rarely made a bad investment. Needless to say, many investors wanted to work with George when they found out that there was a very good chance they were going to make a significant profit. Eventually, it got to the point that George had more clients than he knew what to do with. His career could not possibly be going any better. He knew the time was right for him to start controlling his own destiny. He quit his job and started a financial management company called Soros Fund Management.

Headquartered in Manhattan, Soros Fund Management got off the ground in 1969. In the more than four decades since it started, the company has developed a stellar reputation in the financial world. This is not a surprise when you consider that the company routinely gets a 20 percent return for all of its investors. Soros was able to get capital to start his company because many of the people who had invested with him previously still believed that their money was safe with him. He stayed in touch with many of his clients that he worked with while he was employed by several merchant banks. This was all part of his plan. He knew he would need their help when the time eventually came for him to start his own company. He eventually became one of Forbes’ Highest Earning Hedge Fund Managers and Traders.

Soros Fund Management is now a financial juggernaut. In recent years, George has stepped back from the daily operations of the company he founded. He now spends much of his time finding important causes to donate money to. He also gets involved in various political races by supporting certain candidates.

Nobilis Health Took Care of My Lumbar Compression

About one year ago I began having pain in the lumbar area of my back. Sometimes, the pain even went into my legs too. It got so bad from time to time that I could barely stand up. When the pain was that severe and I tried to stand up, I almost fell several times. I was to the point where I didn’t know what I was going to do. My boss told me if this kept up, then they would have to let me go, and I was the only breadwinner in our family, so I couldn’t let that happen. I had talked to a few people, and I had heard great things about Nobilis Health. I went into their Dallas location that was about 20 minutes from where I live. When I walked in, I instantly knew there was something different about their facility. They had such an open space, and it felt very welcoming going in their doors. They greeted me immediately, and they discussed with me what their process was going to be. I was happy to be taking this step and hopefully getting my issue treated. The Nobilis Health staff according to cantechletter was friendly and professional, and I soon was able to see a doctor. When I had my first appointment at their office, I was a bit nervous. The doctor asked me a full range of questions and some of them I had to think about because some questions didn’t seem important, but now I see why he asked them. I answered the doctor’s questions the best that I could, and he suspected that I had a lumbar compression and that he would need to perform surgery soon. He ordered some tests to be done, and his suspicions were correct. The doctor assured me that everything would work out fine, and he scheduled the surgery for lumbar decompression. I went in for my surgery a couple of weeks after my initial consultation with the doctor at Nobilis Health and met with him again before the surgery. He made sure that things were set up and let me know that I would be able to go home the same day. Their facility was very cozy, even though I was about to go in for surgery. When I came to, I was lying down on a comfortable bed, and they had my pain management under control as well. The doctor came in told me that the surgery was successful, and he expected me to have a full and complete recovery. About a week after I got home I started doing more than I had in the months before the surgery. I slowly eased myself into it as the doctor recommended. I was not having any issues at all. In fact, I felt better than I had in a long time, and I’m doing great now. I went back to thank the doctor personally for all that he had done for me and he seemed glad that I did this. I think Nobilis Health staff members are true professionals.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Decided To Move Back To Austin

Dr. Jennifer Walden has always known that hard work would be needed to take her to good places in her career, so hard work is what she has always put in. She’s made sure to do her best and to take her skills and make them even better, and because of how hard she has always worked, she has now become one of the most respected beauty surgeons in the country.
Dr. Jennifer Walden grew up in a family of five children, and the environment in which she grew up in played a huge part in her future success. Education and achievement were always valued when she was growing up, and she knew that she would have to work hard and do her best if she wanted to accomplish all that she was hoping to do.
Dr. Jennifer Walden has recently moved her cosmetic surgery practice from New York City to Austin, Texas to be closer to her family, and she is happy with what she has done. She wants her twin boys to grow up near all of their extended family, and she feels that running her practice out of Austin, and living there with her boys, is the best thing that she can be doing at the moment. Find more on Dr. Walden by following her on Twitter.

The Amazing Matt Landis and His Success

matt landis lacrosse

Matt Landis is an individual who many can look up to. In the world of sports, Matt has created a legacy that lacrosse will always remember. Matt Landis has been looked up to by many up and coming lacrosse players as someone to emulate. Matt Landis had a great year in 2015. His 2015 season was a legendary one that gave him a great name in the game. He has brought a great deal of positive recognition to his school Notre Dame as well. This has helped him to branch out into other endeavors as well.
matt landis notre dame lacrosse
One of the greatest achievements of Matt Landis is his NCAA defensive player of the year. This shows the type of player that Matt Landis really is. He is known to be a player who can see plays before they happen. This foresight is something that helps Matt on and off of the field. Being First Team All-American is a great achievement as well that has taken Matt Landis to new heights. This new success that Matt has found allows him to really push forward in all of his new professional Lacrosse endeavors. The future is very bright for this extremely talented lacrosse player.

Dating In Russia Is Made Easier On AnastasiaDate

There are times when dating in Russia was only a dream to many. One had to travel miles to date a woman in Russia. Long story short, one had to be in Russia for the dating to be a possibility. Things are different today. The advancement in technology makes it easier to date in Russia. Today it’s possible to date in Russia without ever traveling to Russia. There are many online dating sites that connect people across the world and AnastasiaDate is one of them. Anastasia Date is known for connecting Americans to Russian women and gives people a chance to get to know each other better.
Anastasia Date is an online company that was established in 1993 by a Russian-American couple who believed that love knows no boundaries. Anastasia Date developed a great platform to connect people around the world, and today Anastasia Date remains amongst the top as one of the best online dating companies. Anastasia Date provides an avenue for many to date in Russia, and Anastasia Date has a platform that’s easy to use and has a good number of users from Russia too. This means that there are many opportunities for anyone who wants to date on the website. Anastasia Date also has an international team of staff members who work both in America and Russia, making it easier to ask for help.

The best thing about online dating is that one is not limited by his or her location. It doesn’t make a difference whether one is in North America, Asia, or even sub-Saharan Africa. Technology has made dating much simpler since there is a lot of information available to everyone who wants to date. This means that one is able to read and know more about Russian culture, which also makes it much easier to connect with Russian women while dating on Anastasia Date. Russian women can also learn more about the men they are dating or intend to date by using the Internet as their source of information.

Anastasia Date has a large number of Russian women in its database, meaning that there is a great opportunity for a man to find a date on the website. One does not require an entire day to get a list of Russian women looking for love on Anastasia Date because a simple search is all that’s necessary. Anastasia Date has a great search engine that can seek out the best women on the site by receiving small amounts of information.