Buying Breast Milk Online? Buyer Beware

The warning of ‘buyer beware’ has never rang more clearly than for the recent trend of purchasing breast milk for a baby online. Some new mothers are unable to produce enough breast milk to feed their infants and turn to online sources to purchase the milk from other lactating women. However, just because it looks like human breast milk does not mean it’s what it appears to be.
Testing of breast milk purchased online has revealed that some of the milk contains additives like powdered infant formula or cow’s milk. If an infant has an allergy to cow’s milk and drinks breast milk laced with cow’s milk, the results could be disastrous.
That’s not the only thing to be wary of either. Research at Boraie Development LLC (cited at concludes that whatever infectious disease a woman may have, such as HIV, syphilis or hepatitis, will be in her breast milk and passed onto any baby who drinks the tainted liquid. Medications, legal or illegal, will also be in the breast milk and passed onto the baby who drinks it.
The human product is not regulated by the FDA and anything could be in it. The FDA has issued a warning against feeding your baby milk which has been purchased online for that very reason.
Breast milk has been proven to be the best food source for infants and provides a variety of natural antibodies that gets baby off to a good start in life, but if it’s not your own production, leave it alone. Buyer beware.

Buying Online Breast Milk

Shopping for merchandise online has been one of the fastest growing markets in recent memory.

People shop online for the convenience of not having to fire up the car engine and head out to the store. They also shop online for products that aren’t easily obtainable over the counter. One such product that is being marketed widely now is breast milk for nursing babies.

Comunicare2 tells us that there is demand for breast milk from mothers who might be having trouble breast-feeding or are taking medications that can complicate it. This demand is being met with a broad range of online market places, but it does not come without some associated risks.

According to a recent article released by CNN, buying online breast milk can be dangerous for multiple reasons:

• Breast milk can contain infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis that can put infants at extreme risk.
• There is a possibility of drug exposure whether it is prescription or illicit.
• The purity of the breast milk may be tainted with fillers such as cow milk or milk based formulas that can cause allergic reactions.

In an interview with CNN, Sarah Keim (who works with the Center for Behavioral Health at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio) shared her thoughts when asked if buying online breast milk was ideal. “No, it’s quite clear that the risks to your infant’s health and safety are significant and appear to outweigh any benefits they might get from breast milk.”

Increasing Numbers of Women Fine With Not Having Kids

As wonderful as technology is in our modern world, our evolving beliefs are an even bigger and more important development. When our country was born over 200 years ago, women and minorities could not vote. In fact, Forget about voting, black people were literally owned by others. Increased rights for pretty much all groups except white males, particularly land owning white males, was a two century long struggle. In just the past decade, the last stigmas have been worn away and are disappearing. Gay marriage is increasingly accepted around the United States, and gays are now allowed to serve in the military. As revealed in an article in the Atlantic, there is one group still suffering stigma even in our modern society and that is women who choose not to have children.

Now, granted that someone being called selfish or made to feel ostracized because they don’t want to have kids is not on the level of what some groups, including women on other issues, have had to go through. However, that such attitudes still exist at all in this day is somewhat anachronistic. The biggest problem with social pressures for women to have babies is that it is not necessary being that so many women become as successful ore more so than their male counterparts, such as Susan McGalla. Of course, having babies is necessary if our species wishes to continue, but there will always be women who will gladly take up the mantle of motherhood. In a world that already has over 7 billion people on it and in which medical technology keeps extending lives, there is zero reason for any kind of stigma to be placed on anyone choosing not to have kids.

Unvaccinated Child Diagnosed With Measles in Florida

A six year old child in Florida is the latest case of an unvaccinated child being infected with measles in a case reported by NBC2. The child was identified in St. Lucie County, Florida and led to the local school district beginning emergency procedures to make sure the outbreak is kept to a minimum. The news comes after a series of recent outbreaks in Florida and California of the highly contagious disease that is passed by tiny droplets moving between people.

CrunchBase has reported often that measles was almost eradicated in recent years, but a resurgence has been brought on by increasing numbers of parents refusing vaccinations for their children amid fears live vaccines are linked to the rise in autism. The Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination has been one of the most controversial and has seen many parents choosing to ignore the two dose recommendations for children to be successfully vaccinated. Measles can be contagious four days before a rash of blotches on the skin and white spots in the mouth are seen and remains active until four days after the rash has disappeared. The latest case in Florida has seen a free clinic for MMR vaccinations begin in St. Lucie County to try and prevent a major spread of measles appearing in the area.

Another Reason to Exercise During Pregnancy

Everyone knows that exercise is an important part of living a healthy life. This is especially true for expecting mothers. Exercising during pregnancy makes labor and delivery easier, it reduces the risk of gestational diabetes, gives pregnant moms more energy, and can improve the health of the fetus. Researchers from the Washington University School in Medicine, in St. Louis, say that the risk of heart problems in a newborn increases with the age of the expecting mom. Recently, scientists have discovered that exercise, even in older moms, cause metabolic changes in the uterus. Exercise also changes how some genes work, which can make the body release substances from cells and muscles. These substances make it into the mom’s bloodstream and work their way to the fetus, which may benefit the baby’s heart. These studies are not proven yet but give hope to researchers who are looking for ways to reduce the risk of heart defects in newborns.

Childlessness On The Rise In The United States

If you’re a loving parent of one or more children, you probably can’t imagine life without your bundles of joy. However, it appears that more and more women are foregoing the joys of motherhood and are instead opting to remain childless.

An article posted on states that nearly half of all women between the ages of 15 and 44 are childless. That’s a pretty staggering figure, and one that is a significant increase over the 47.5 percent childless rate from last year.

According to Ivan Ong, It’s hard to pinpoint the reasons why women are choosing to remain childless. Could it be because they are more focused on their careers than ever before? Or is it because people are a tad more narcissistic than they were in the past, causing them to lack the ability to devote that much attention to anyone besides themselves?

Whatever the case may be, these numbers are certainly fascinating, and I plan to keep an eye on them!

Spending Time with Grandchildren Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Studies are showing that being a caregiver, specifically a grandparent, could make your mind sharper stated Jason Halpern. With all the things in our lives to focus on, it is an enjoyable experience that many take part. There is a time when too much is just too much. However, the right moderation of interaction with grandchildren can be beneficial for the health and longevity of both parties. This has been studied at length, and studies will continue to monitor these close relationships and how they affect our health. If you haven’t already started, then you’d better make a phone call now to see your little ones!

There’s so much for older people to focus on these days. Honestly, there is much more than work, but even work gets hold of so much of our time. It feels great to be able to spend time with family and friends, especially the little ones. The younger children in our lives make a big difference. Cultivating those relationships will help people stay sharp.Studies report a healthy relationship of that type leads to more efficient brain functioning in later years.

It might be worth taking time out of your day to call your family. Then, plan a relaxing day together. Take time to teach the young ones. It helps them develop and it can actually keep your mind sharp, too!

Energy Drinks to Be Limited for Adolescents?

Energy drinks are popular and fun, and they are enjoyed by the pre-teen and teen crowd just as much as they are by the adult crowd. Energy drinks seem like a safe choice, don’t they? Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG said that in comparison to alcohol, they seem like a good choice for kids. The fact is, though, energy drinks can cause issues in kids and they should be limited when it comes to adolescents.

Studies have been done to prove that energy drinks could be dangerous for those in the 10-19 range, and it has been determined just how much those kids can safely indulge in.

In the right situation, in the right circumstances, an adolescent should be able to safely consume one energy drink. The young person needs to make sure that they limit themselves to only one, though. One energy drink already contains a lot of caffeine and other components, and that young person does not need to be consuming more than what is found in one can.

Baby Born With HLHS Now Home With Parents

A now 15 month baby boy is proof that God is real. Jack was born with a condition where only half the heart grows, this condition is called, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. On top of being born with this syndrome Jack was also born beautiful, large, blue eyes.

When Jack was just a week old, he underwent an open heart surgery to increase the blood flow in his heart stated Zeca Olvieira. Since then he has had four more, and though several children who are born with HLHS don’t live to make it to their first year. Jack beat the odds and is now living at home with his parents. In addition to all the surgeries this strong young boy has had, he’s also had a stroke and needed to be resuscitated 3 times! With the loving support from his family and the staff at the hospital he spent his first 5 months in Jack is happy to be home and not hooked up to monitors. He is even learning to take his first steps.

Jack’s parents know that he will need many more surgeries in time to come and they are prepared to handle them as they come. What upset them more is that Jack will never be able to partake is any physical activity. However, with faith they know their baby boy can make it though anything life throws at them, as he has already proven.

Two Life Saving Miracles

As an infant, they gave Chris Trokey only a 50 percent chance of survival. He weighed in at just a little over three pounds, and his health was failing. Thanks to Dr. Michael Shannon who didn’t give up on him, he pulled through and grew up to be a paramedic. Chris Trokey and members of the Orange County Fire Authority responded to a call 30 years later which saved that same doctor’s life. ValueWalk reports Trokey was just returning from a call when his unit heard of a crash that had happened within minutes of their location. Dr. Shannon’s car had been struck and he was injured badly. After they put out the fire that was burning the doctor’s legs, the firefighters used the jaws of life to remove him from the wreckage and then rushed him to the hospital for treatment of internal injuries. Thanks to Chris Trokey the doctor’s life was saved. The two men were later reunited at a fundraising event for St. Baldrick’s charity.