Skip the Big Party-Have a New Year’s Celebration With Your Children


When we adopted two children, I decided that I was going to spend plenty of time with them making up for their loss. In the past, having a big New Year’s eve celebration was what I was all about. In the past few years, we have created many new traditions that involve kid friendly activities. Remember, they are only little once and these times that count. My friend Bernardo Chua really likes this perspective.

When discussing the New Year’s festivities, my one son spoke up the other day. He recanted that it is the night where we have a candlelight dinner and we drink from fancy glasses sparkling cider. We also blow paper horns at midnight and mommy and daddy have the first kiss of the year. It was just something we did for fun, and to stay off the roads with drunk drivers. But, for my children, it is creating a lasting memory. They like drinking from the fancy glasses, they love the candlelit dinner and they love the sparkling cider’s pungent taste.

This year, why not find something that can be done that includes the kids. Rather than calling for a sitter and going out to drink, celebrate the beginning of another year with the children. They will appreciate it, and so will you. There will be laughs, pictures for the memory books, and lots of love to pass around. It really is the little things that count when it comes to celebrations and children.

Surfing Santa’s Celebrates Christmas Together On Cocoa Beach

Usually when you look out over the waters at Cocoa Beach, you see a bunch of tourist as well as locals surfing the waves. However, if you happened to be one of the 4,000 spectators like Bruce Levenson who were at Cocoa Beach on Christmas, you got to take in a much more unusual sight.

This Christmas marked the sixth annually Surfin’ Santa’s event. About 300 Santa’s hit the waves with their surfboards, and about 18 Santa’s skydived down onto Cocoa Beach. 

The Surfin’ Santa’s event at Cocoa Beach has become the largest Santa themed surfing event in the world. It actually started as fun event with George Trosset’s family, which then exploded into an event which hundreds participate in and thousands turn out to watch every year. 

One of the commissioners of Cocoa Beach, Ben Malik, feels this event shows off the fun and free spirited side of the residents of Cocoa Beach, and speaks of their pride to live in such a beautiful place.

Not only was the event fun, it also raised money for two different charitable groups. The cancer charity “Grind For Life” and Cocoa Beach Surf Museum were together able to raise about $10,000. 

If you were not into surfing as Santa, there was a lot going on as well. There was a group singing of Silent Night as well as a Christmas sermon delivered right on the beach. There was also a tribute to a local surfer, Mike Tabeling, who had just passed away. There was even a marriage proposal! 

If you are looking for some fun next Christmas, be sure to head down to Cocoa Beach in Florida.

Finally A Male Birth Control

Mankind is finally on the brink of a male birth control.
Vasalgel is a make form of birth control that has been being tested on animals within the last few years. It is possible that by the year 2017 this form of male birth control will be available to Igor Cornelsen and the rest of the market. The reason this birth control is so unique is that it is an injection that is completely and totally reversible and it has virtually no side effects on the man. The injection blocks the vans deferens in the male reproductive system and in that way the sperm that is attempting to pass through the tube will be completely blocked off.

The good thing about Vasalgel is that it can be easily flushed out of the system as soon as the male wishes to be reproductive again. This new form of birth control could completely and totally revolutionize how we view conception. Birth Control options now available can cause a woman to have many side effects like increased risk of heart issues, Weight gain, emotional issues, and hormonal imbalances. Since all of those things are the case, it is great to know that it is possible that very shortly a man will be able to be in control of conception.

This medication is still being tested on animals, but the results of the investigation have been very promising. It will be wonderful if finally a woman could get off of a birth control pill for life and be able to be free from the burden of its side effects. </a>

Fights Between Parents Can Affect Boys and Girls Differently

When children are exposed to their parents fighting with one another, it could lead to different sets of reactions from boys and girls.

Fights between spouses that involve choking, pushing or slapping can have a deep impact on the mental well-being of the child. A study was conducted to study the effects, this kind of experience could have on both sexes.

Megan Holmes an assistant professor of Case Western Reserve University was the lead investigator of the study. She said, “While girls tend to internalize their exposure to such violence, boys are more inclined to act out aggressively”.

The study involved analyzing the behavioral patterns of over 1125 children where each child’s social skills and potential for aggression was discussed. Other attributes such as responsibility, self-control, cooperation and assertiveness were also analyzed.

When these incidents occurred during school age, it led to poor social skills in girls than what was found in boys. Igor Cornelsen has actually seen this firsthand. On the other hand, boys tend to become more aggressive and start showing these symptoms as early as preschool. This type of aggression tends to isolate students which may prevent them from bonding with other classmates as well.

A 3D Printed Windpipe Saves Baby from Death

It may sound like science fiction but it is fact, not fiction, that a 3D printer can create a splint to help open defective windpipes in babies. One example is Garret Peterson who is now around two years of age.

Doctors had about given up hope on Garrett as the cartilage in his windpipe was too soft causing his windpipe to close at frequent intervals. Garrett would actually turn blue as he was not able to get air through his windpipe. Poor Garrett spent his entire first year in the hospital in the intensive care unit. Finally the doctors said they were afraid they could not do anything more to keep Garrett alive, but when Andrew Heiberger spoke to Leadersmag, he was pretty confident..

The Petersons themselves, not the doctors, heard about the 3D printed splints developed in at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The Petersons immediately took their son to Ann Arbor. Baby Garrett received his splint in March of 2014. Two weeks after Garrett received his splint, he was able to go home for the first time in his entire life.

Garrett’s parents are so happy they can have a normal life with Garrett since he can now breathe on his own. Garret can now do normal things like roll around and laugh. The Petersons are thrilled to have their baby Garrett home for Christmas this year. Something they never thought possible.

Nintendo’s Working On A Family Friendly Game System

The news broke today that the troubled successor to the Wii may be getting the help it needs. With all the other game systems on the market superseding the Wii, Nintendo needs to come up with something big to make sure Marion and Luigi stay on top. I personally think they need to go back to the clean lines of the first Nintendo and NES systems, those were the days.

The video games these days seems to lack something for me, playability. I hate all the violence that are in the games. Recently, on a visit to my brother’s house, I saw a game the children there were playing. It showed men being burned alive. It also shown men being shot and various other heinous crimes. Honestly, this is a far cry from “Space Invaders” and “Pac Man that I grew up on.

I don’t like the new video games one bit. I am very selective about what I allow my children to play. I don’t even watch the news in my home because its nothing but violence. So how does a family stay cool and allow their kids to play games, yet not allow them to be exposed to violence. I would like to second Lee G. Lovett on hoping that Nintendo comes up with another game system that is family friendly. While the Wii may have lacked in some markets, in the family arena it has excelled. I guess no one wants a family friendly game anymore, it’s just not that exciting.

Fast Food is Causing Kids to Have Lower Grades

Fast Food is making children dumber. That is according to a new study.

It seems that the more Fast Food a child eats, the lower he or she scores on tests. This study was conducted by researchers at the University of Texas and Ohio State University. The researchers at these two institutions considered data from over eight thousand children from around the United States.

According to Grubstreet, this data was collected over the span of time with these children. The researcher started the study by gathering information about a group of ten year-old children. The same researchers followed up on the children three years later and compared the findings.

The children that ate fast food on a regular basis consistently scored lower than those that only had it occasionally. Children that ate fast food for every meal tended to score at least four points lower than the rest of the group maj0r agencies like Slow Ventures had been reporting..

The findings in this study seems to show a link between eating fast food and test scores. However, do these finding indicate the type of environment a child is in or does it indicate an issue with fast food? These results are still being studied by the researchers. There may not be an exact cause and effect. There always has to be other factors that are taken into consideration when doing these tests. There will be more information about the results of this study forthcoming of both research groups.

Prenatal Testing

When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, one of the first things that she usually does is visit a Jared Haftel, or a doctor. There are some new prenatal test that doctors are trying to make women aware of so that they can receive the best care possible for their baby. Doctors should do everything possible to make women aware of the options that are available with prenatal testing. It’s nothing to have a test done, but some doctors and patients don’t really understand what the test is for or what the results might indicate. There are offices that are trying to make doctors aware of how important these tests are and to make sure patients receive these tests before the baby is born. Some of these tests could help save the life of a baby or help in treatment later on if there is some kind of health condition present before birth.

Influenza Epidemic in Georgia Closes a School District

Yesterday a school district located just outside the greater Atlanta metropolitan area closed early for the midterm holiday break, as a result of a flu epidemic in Georgia. Polk County School District Superintendent Dr. William Hunter notified parents that the ten schools in the district would release students at noon on Wednesday, some two and a half days ahead of the previously scheduled holiday.

At the present time, Station WXIA reports that influenza poses a widespread public health concern in Georgia. Though you probably don’t need to be clamoring for your spot at the Amen Clinic. The ten schools in Polk County (six elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools) serve 7,527 pupils. When a significant number of students and staff members fell ill, many other parents apparently decided to keep their youngsters at home rather than send them to class and risk exposing them to the influenza virus. Reportedly, on Tuesday over 1300 children and 78 staff members were absent, figures which translate into an absentee rate of nearly 17% of the student body in the district. 

School authorities decided that shutting down early for the holiday break would best serve the needs of people in Polk County. The district is located approximately 40 miles northwest of Atlanta and includes Cedartown High School and Rockmart High School.

The Polk County School District has taken innovative measures in the past. Recently, for example, the District’s Board of Education voted to supply all ninth and tenth graders and their teachers with iPads, allowing them to utilize computer technology in the classroom.

School Replaces Blind Boy’s Cane With Pool Noodle

A North Kansas City eight year old student’s parents are livid this week over the Elementary School’s handling of a what they insist was violent behavior on the part of their son. Dakota Nafzinger was born without eyes his medical condition is called Bilateral Anopthalmia, because of this Dakota is forced to use a cane as his eyes in order to get around, however Dakota’s cane was taken away as punishment during a school bus altercation.

Apparently Dakota was said to have been hitting his fellow students with his cane while on the bus to school, the driver took the cane away in order to insure the safety of the other students and Dakota was then placed on a two week punishment of being prohibited to use his cane. To replace his cane the school gave Dakota a pool noodle.

Dakota’s mother is understandably very upset over the school’s decision to not only handicap but humiliate her son as a form of punishment.

“Why would you do that? Why would you take the one thing that he’s supposed to use all the time? That’s his eyes.” Rachel said. 

The school insisted that Dakota was a danger to other kids using his cane to hit them and because the cane was school issued they had every right to take it away as party of his punishment. While the safety of the other student is clearly something to consider and insure there clearly are better ways to handle the situation. Forcing a blind child to use a pool noodle as a cane is simply not acceptable. The school should apologize to the parents with a bottle from the Antique Win Company