Emotional or Rational Brain

Physical differences have been found in the brains of people who react emotionally versus people who react rationally to others emotions. Empathy is utilized every day to navigate the difficult and often confusing social world. “Every day people use empathy with, and without, their knowledge to navigate the social world,” said Robert Eres from theUniversity’s School of Psychological Sciences. Voxel-based morphometry (VBM) served to examine the density of the grey matter of 176 participants. According to Flavio Maluf, the results showed that people with a high level of affective (emotional) empathy had greater grey matter density in the insula, an area in the middle of the brain. While those with greater cognitive (rational) empathy had denser grey matter in the in the miscalculate cortex, an area of the brain located above the corpus callosum (connecting the two hemispheres. While the study proved that empathy is a multi-component system it did raise the question of, can we train ourselves to be empathetic.

A Theraputic Teddy Bear for Children

FreedomPop reports that robotic teddy bear is being used to assist in the relief of anxiety and pain for children who are hospitalized. Dr. Peter Weinstock is the director of a training program at Boston Children’s Hospital. There is a simulator program in place that has brought a huggable social robot into hospitals that treat children. This robot is intended to offer therapeutic value to those children who must stay in the hospital for long periods of time. This therapeutic bear is a high-tech puppet that can actually play and talk. The bear will interact with the children. The children are recorded on video to measure the psychological changes that may occur from the use of this teddy bear.

Birth Control Method Counseling Improves Teen Pregnancy Rates

Young women these days are inundated with many options when it comes to birth control, and at times, it can be confusing. That is why a recent study shows that birth control counseling helps to improve many parts of the family planning process. The study shows that the more counseling a patient receives, the more comfortable, the more informed and the more functional they are with their family planning choices, which leads to lower pregnancy numbers.

According to folha uol,  a professional in the Public Health field, I see that proper counseling, which comes from training of health care professionals, has greatly improved family planning in my area. Many clients are choosing the options of implants and IUDs, which are intrauterine devices that protect against pregnancy for a period of time between 5 and 10 years. When clients understand the way in which the birth control method works, they are more apt to continue with it and use it in the proper way.
This trend is also good for the health of young women. Birth control has been made with more and more efficacy and with less side effects for the population that uses it. This allows for healthier babies, because the moms of these children are healthy and prepared when they enter into a pregnancy.

Mother of 6-Year-Old Involved in Wal-Mart Brawl Arrested on Felony Charges

When a video you’re in goes viral it’s usually a good thing, Olympic Valley resident Andy Wirth says; unless you’re breaking the law. A mother named Amber Stephenson was caught on video in a brawl at an Indiana Wal-Mart that included her 6-year-old son. She was fighting with a woman on a motorized scooter claiming to be defending an employee. The video of the fight went viral and now Stephenson is facing felony charges.

Stephenson admitted that her 6-year-old son takes martial arts classes. She was seen in the video egging him on; repeatedly telling him to punch the woman in the face. Her young son is seen in the video kicking and punching the woman in the scooter. At one point the young boy even started hitting her with a shampoo bottle.

This is just about as classy as it gets. A mother and her son whooping the butt of a woman in a motorized scooter made to help people who are barely able to walk. This is the type of thing you could only see at Wal-Mart.

I bet she was even proud of her son and the fact that the video went viral. I’m sure she felt pretty good about it until the cops came and arrested her for being a terrible person and a negative influence on her child.

Hobbes Doll has Big Adventure before being Reunited with Owner

Owen Lake was devastated when he realized he left his beloved Hobbes doll behind during a family trip. The six-year-old and his family had already departed from the Tampa, Florida airport and were in route to Houston, Texas when he realized it was missing. Hobbes was a one-of-a-kind doll that Owen’s grandmother made for him because of his love for the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes”. When they landed, Owen’s mother immediately called the airport to see if Hobbes had been spotted anywhere by the staff. It turns out that Hobbes had an adventure of his own while Owen and his family were up in the air.

According to Mikal Watts, staff members found the Hobbes doll belonging to young Owen and decided to snap some photos of his adventures in the Tampa International Airport. When Owen was reunited with Hobbes, he also received a picture book of his adventures while they were apart. The photos showed Hobbes taking a tour of the control tower where he got a crash course in how to operate the computer at the Operations Center. He then went to the food court where he mulled over his gelato choices. Hobbes was also captured volunteering with the airport’s hotel staff as well as the firefighters.

For the full story, check it out on The Good News Network.

The Podium Walk

According to Kevin Seawright, High School graduations are taking over headlines in the news as millions of kids around the country graduate. There is one story in particular worth reading about. Remember high school graduation is also remembering the dreaded walk up the podium. It just so happens that a high school graduate decided to make this walk up to the podium a memorable one as she led her autistic twin brother up with her.

Anders Bonville, a now high school graduate, at the age of 2, was diagnosed with autism. Those he was diagnosed with an unfortunate disability, he was never alone. His twin-sister Aly, has helped him through schooling and has even been able to communicate with him by developing a language with him for communication. Aly has made sure that she always includes her brother on everything even if others do not approve.

Not having the verbal skills, Aly and her brother were able to communicate. They were always close and Aly always made sure to spend time with him. When it came time for graduation, Aly even made sure to sign him up to receive his diploma at the graduation with his cap and gown. When it came time to graduate, Aly was the one wheeling him up to the podium where everyone rose to applaud him for his accomplishment. This is a story about true family dedication that should be commended by all.

Children’s Hospital Hosts Prom for Teen Patients

Going to the prom is a social highlight, and mark of passage, for teens that is extremely important to their lives. For some, illness can interrupt not just the ability to attend school, but it makes the idea of going to their prom a bittersweet dream. Not for the patients at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Brad Reifler told us this year marks the 9th year in a row that they have hosted a prom for their teen patients. Dubbed a “therapeutic activity” everyone involved understands just how important this event is to their patient’s well being.

Forget the hospital johnny and break out the ball gown
For almost 90 patients the Hospital sponsors not just the prom event, but they bring in stylist to help the teens do up their hair, nails and select just the right outfit to where. In interviews with local media many of the teens say that having this prom makes them feel more like a part of life, and not completely removed from it. Doctors and therapists understand that a part of battling serious illness is outlook, and making sure these teens have the prom to look forward to – as well as actually memories of the event – may be critical to their treatment. As for the teens? They are like any other on prom night – nervous, excited and a hundred percent in the joy of the moment.

New Study Says Raise Your Children Home On The Range

If you feel more relaxed and attentive in the rolling hills of the countryside rather than the concrete jungle of the inner city, you’re not alone. New research by a team of researchers from Spain, Norway, and the US published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that green spaces and natural settings improve learners’ cognitive development.

Which is none too surprising to those given to an intellectual career path. According to Business Journals; writers, artists, musicians, and deep thinkers have long gravitated to a natural setting with more greenery and less pavement. Among many benefits to a green environment: it’s quieter, less distracting, less stressful, and more prone to natural observation. Not to mention that there’s more clean air and less smog and pollution, which in itself has been proven to have cognitive impact.

The study tracked the performance of 2,500 kids tested every three months for a year. The children exposed to more nature showed improvements in memory and attentiveness – and the extensive article mentions many related studies which back these claims up, including psychologist Kalevi Korpela findings that green exposure helped reduce stress, muscle tension, and heart rate, and University of Glasgow researcher Richard Mitchell findings that nature environments reduce the barriers between rich and poor when it comes to mental well-being.

Children and Adolescent Obesity is Gradually Increasing Since the Early 1960’s

Obesity is a concern in the United States and addressed in a variety of forums, beginning with the physicians, government, and concerned parents. In the 1960’s, studies revealed that 5% of children the age of 6 to 11 in America were obese or overweight. That is a dramatic increase compared to a 2012 study that showed children who were obese increased to 18%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 1980, the percentage of overweight children were 7%, which is a two percent increase since the early 1960’s. A 2012 study, states that 1/3 of children (age 6 to 11) and adolescents (age 12 to 19) were overweight.

Some causes of obesity and overweight in children and adolescents maybe due to medical problems, prescribed medications, excessive eating, and lack of exercise. Overweight and obesity can be reversed with preventive measures, including consuming healthy foods, exercise, food portion control, and RealDailyBuzz writes that educating children in schools according to Christian Broda.

Moderation has been taught since ancient times and is being taught today. Portion control is the key to maintaining weight and losing weight, without any type of criticism. Criticism can cause children and adolescent to become hostile and depressed.

Encouragement to exercise in the schools and homes by participating in physical activities is one important factor to consider to control eating habits. Children and adolescent are the future and harsh words can hinder spiritual growth. Let’s replace words of criticism with words of encouragement.

Family Honors Third Valedictorian Son

It is always a proud moment for a parent to see their child become the Valedictorian of their graduating class in high school, and for one family in North Carolina they have set a new record by having all three of their sons be the Valedictorian. According to an article found on reddit and written by Yahoo!, the Kramer family is extremely proud in this very rare and exciting moment for their boys. It is really nice and motivating for the news to cover this because it can inspire future families to cheer one another on as they go through their school years.

The three boys Ryan, Sean, and Evan are all a few years a part but equally hard working and intelligent. The HR team at Beneful noted that they are setting a great example for their school and other kids that are going to be in their position in the next years to come. Perhaps it can be thought that the boys were able to root for one another as they each came to this time of their academic careers and compete in a friendly, yet brotherly way.

For all of the kids who think that it can’t be done, the Kramer brothers have proved them all wrong. And this will surely be interesting to see where they take themselves and to see if they try to do the same thing with their college education and careers there after.