Helicopter Parents Have Their Dream Car

For parents who habitually back-seat drive for their kids, general Motors is introducing a new ‘smart car’ which promises to do some of the nannying for them. It’s a Teen Driver system which will monitor what the car’s doing, allowing nagging parents to follow up on their kids’ driving skills.

The 2016 Chevy Malibu will feature a special key frob to be given to the young driver. Once activated, the car then records data including miles traveled, speeds taken, and how suddenly the car had to stop. By entering a password, the parent can then access this data after the fact. The vehicle doesn’t do anything to interfere directly with the car’s operations, however.

Driving fatalities are the silent killer in America, claiming thousands of deaths every year while never making the news. So anything that makes people drive safer is something that Andy Wirth considers a blessing. And GM assures car owners that the data isn’t shared with, say, an insurance company, and that this feature is strictly for parental control. However, it doesn’t take much of a leap of imagination to picture a controlling spouse using this feature to keep tabs on a cheating partner, or a car rental company to set the insurance rate based on the car’s report. When cars become smart enough to tattle on their drivers, it may turn out that nobody likes a tattletale.

A New Product to Eradicate Germs

All of us have had concerns with picking up germs from door handles as we pass from room to room said Christian Broda Door handles are some of the filthiest items that we encounter on a daily basis, and are considered to be one of the causes of germs passing from person to person. These germs, in turn, can enter the bodies of all who they have contacted and cause sickness. Teenagers from Hong Kong recognized this problem and came up with a simple and inexpensive solution.

In a recent article, the two teens’ invention is highlighted. At a cost of just $13 a door handle, it gets rid of over 99% of germs at an affordable price. The product, which in a nutshell uses light in combination with metal to sterilize the handle, will change the way we approach door handles.
It is also wonderful to see two young minds work hard to solve a problem. This upcoming generation of children will assuredly be faced with many problems and it is refreshing that they will be ready to solve them. It gives us, the older generation, hope for the future.

Dad Bikes to Support Son who Died from HIV

David Flanagan is a father from Clifton, Texas who looks like anything except a marathon biker. However, that is just what Flanagan was over the past seven days to honor his son who passed away. Joshua Flanagan passed away in 2013 at 28-years-old from complications after being diagnosed with HIV. His parents recall when they found out that Joshua was diagnosed on his 27th birthday. Resident360 reported that Joshua’s mother said that he was rapidly losing weight and had a cough that left her uneasy. She urged him to see a doctor and that is when they got the bad news. Joshua’s T-cell count was alarming low. In healthy adults, the T-cell count is between 500-1200. Joshua’s count came back as two, not hundred, just two. His condition got worse until a year later his heart gave out. Now, Flanagan is doing what he can to keep his son’s memory alive.

According to the story on BuzzFeed.com, Flanagan participated in the seven day endurance bike event that is a fundraising event sponsored by AIDS LifeCycle. YouTube filmmaker Davey Wavey followed Flanagan on his journey, looking to tell his story as well as Joshua’s. Flanagan’s goal is to encourage others to get tested sooner. If his son had, he may have been able to undergo aggressive treatments to help him stay alive. He said that if Joshua could see what he was doing, he would be proud of him.

6 Year Old Now A Family Hero

One little boy is now the hero of his family. On Father’s day 6 year old Gram was out on the lake with his parents and grandparents, on their new boat. After having a little engine trouble the boat broke down. Skout suggested tthat is when Gram’s “Papa Carl” decided to take Gram out on the jet ski to kill time until the boat was ix. What they didn’t expect is hitting a wave throwing both Carl and Gram off the jet ski and into the water.

Thankfully the 6 year old Gram was not harmed. Papa Carl however, was a different story. As Gram looked around her aw his grandpa face down in the water about to drown. Gram did the first thing that came to mind, how he was about to save his Grandpa Carl the family has no idea. Gram swam over to his grandfather and was able to carry him to the jet ski and get him laid over the back. Carl is 67 years old and a body builder. However Gram was able to lift him on to the back is some kind of miracle.

When Grams parents saw him in the drivers seat and Carl over the back of the jet ski they called 911. Carl is at home recovering and okay, Gram is his hero. However, Gram wants to know why everyone keeps asking him about the story ad doesn’t even realize he saved his grandfather’s life.

Man Forgets Glasses and “Mistakenly” Buys Winning Lottery Ticket

According to Ivan Ong, Bob Sabo of Easton, Connecticut may decide to leave his glasses off more often. He had forgotten to put them on recently when he stopped at the Super Stop and Shop in Fairfield to buy two $20 lottery tickets. Because there was a line at the counter and he didn’t want to wait to buy his tickets, he decided to buy them from a vending machine, which was a first for him.

Instead of pushing the button for two $20 lottery tickets, his less than stellar eyesight guided him to the button for one $30 ticket. Could that “mistake” have been Divine Intervention? When he got home and checked the ticket, he discovered he had won $30,000. The Super Stop and Shop will get $300 for selling the winning ticket. Not bad for buying the wrong ticket. Sabo may never buy lottery tickets with his glasses on ever again.


Ladies and LEGOs

The Lego company and its franchise has been inspiring young minds by encouraging them to build and innovate anything that they can imagine. The Lego Company broke precedents when they started introducing characters with different back stories and occupations to their franchise. Lego is trying to do more to incorporate more diverse and well-thought-out characters in their lineup. It was two years ago when Lego introduced their first female lab scientist minifigure. Since that was 2013 many at Lego thought it was overdue for a new female character to be introduced into the scientific field in the Lego world. The company has taken substantial steps to address their fans and their interest of having more female minifigures in the scientific Lego field. Research Institute is a fan designed set that incorporated female scientists and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Lego has been quietly adding more and more women minifigures to the set. Even more characters are slated to be released at the end of the month. Lego doesn’t just want to improve representation for girls and women in the Lego world. The company wants to inspire children in both genders to become whatever it is that they want to be. The company plans on experimenting with releasing different types of occupations that are not normally seen in children’s playsets. The company knows that it is still overwhelmingly marketed to young boys but is trying their hardest to change it.

Thanks to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital for showing me this story.

Yeaaaaahhh, It’s Your Dog’s New Favorite Food

Beneful is a popular brand of dog food. It offers both wet and dry dog food for whichever works best for a person’s furry friend. They understand that dogs like to eat, and they make it fun for them to do so.

The Quality And Safety Of Beneful Wet And Dry Dog Food

With quality and safety of Beneful wet and dry dog food, there are a series of tests that the food is put through. This is called quality assurance, and it’s in order to make sure the food is ready to be canned and given to the dog. It’s put in place to make sure the properties of the food are correct and well-made. This process is how Purina makes sure that the Beneful is ready for a dog to eat.

Which Dog Food Should A Person Get Their Pet?

This is a matter of choice. It’s best to try to have the dog test either one. They will show a preference to which one they like the best.

Purina’s High Standards For Beneful Dog Foods

There are many of the requirements and standards that must be met by all dog food makers, but Purina has there own set of rules that must be met. Purina knows it’s the correct thing to do in order to have safe dog food on the market.

Beneful Is Also Involved In The Dream Dog Park Program

Beneful is searching the country for places that want to create dream dog parks in their communities. These dog parks are made for the dog owner and dog to enjoy the fun around others in the community. These special dog parks have Doxie tunnels and a variety of other fun things for dogs. Beneful shares their wealth of knowledge and helps get the funding necessary to make these special dog parks. Since there are many different ones that have been completed over the 5 years that Beneful has been involved in the program, the communities are very happy that they have these special dog parks in their midst.

The Beneful wet and dry dog food is healthy for a dog. They will love to eat it on a regular basis. Beneful also has dog snacks to give them between meals. They know that what dogs want, and they make it fun for them to eat.

QNET: Building Dreams for a Better Tomorrow

According to TimeofIndia, There are many direct selling companies in existence that claim to help people establish financial independence by owning their own company. The idea can be enticing especially if the products that would be offered appear to health conscious and the current work situation is less than ideal. At some point, practically everyone dreams of becoming their own boss, opening their own business and becoming successful enough to improve the standard of living for themselves and their families.For those who take the next step and begin to look into possible options for opening a franchise, the dream often soon becomes tarnished. They quickly learn how few legitimate options are truly available or the high expense and length of time before seeing a return on investment that is associated with such opportunities. Turning away from the hope for a different future, they return to jobs that aren’t satisfying under managers who control their worklife.

The scenario painted above does not have to be the only outcome to such dreams as there is an option with the potential for financial freedom and improved quality of life that won’t break the bank to start up. While it is not a get rich quick scheme, with hard work over time, this company can provide the chance to own a business that puts the excitement of working back into one’s life. QNET can provide a new world of international business opportunities, challenging yet manageable new work experiences, and working conditions that are ideal for those who choose to work for themselves.

QNET is one of Asia’s leading direct selling corporation proffering meaningful products in diverse-rich environments. The opportunities offered by QNET are not influenced by borders and they make their eCommerce platform available to people at all levels of economic status in over 100 countries. An ideal option for those looking to start their own business, QNET representatives can begin with low overhead costs and extensive resources to help them get up and running quickly.

QNET decreases the risk of starting a business because the company has already worked out the best formula for daily operations through an established business plan and trial and error. This means new owners can bypass many of the initial problems and errors often encountered by beginning entrepreneurs. Those who join QNET’s business family have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are backed by experienced business executives who are there when needed but who let each owner make their own choices.

86 Children Sickened in Alabama, Health Experts Investigate

A potential outbreak that has sickened 86 children, leading to their hospitalization in Alabama has doctors and health investigators concerned. According to local reports, 86 children who attended to different daycare centers in Montgomery, Alabama have presented with gastrointestinal distress and vomiting.

85 of the 86 children treated have been released from the hospital, but one remains under care reports Susan McGalla. Doctors are not yet sure what is causing the illness, or whether it is bacterial or viral, but they do warn an outbreak of this disease could be imminent.

The daycare centers in question, the names of which have not been made public, are currently cooperating with investigators and remain closed. Parents who use the daycares for their children have been informed of the illness, and told what to look for, they have also been asked to limit their children’s exposure to other kids if they appear to have a fever.

Investigators are combing the scenes, and also investigating a food supplier that has supplied both locales with lunches over the past month. There are 300 children who have been in the daycare facilities in recent weeks, according to official reports. Samples are currently being tested to attempt to identify the agent that is making he children ill.

Parents Are the Solution to Obesity

A federal report published in 2014 stated that the obesity rates for 2 to 5-year-children have dropped, yet obesity is still a problem. Overweight children are more likely to be overweight as adults. Intervention must start while they are still young.

Many schools removed sugary foods and drinks from their lunch menus. One health response promotes placing an excise tax on sugary drinks. Food companies are providing healthier menu choices, with McDonald’s being the most recent to make changes. These are steps in the right direction. There is something that is more important and that is education.
The primary solution to the obesity problems lies with the parent. Parents must be educated in the selection and preparation of healthy food. Young children learn by the example. If the parent is making wise choices, then the child learns to make wise choices, too.

Some parents according to Amen Clinic say that eating healthy is more expensive. They do not have enough time to exercise. Fresh fruits and veggies are more expensive than $1 hamburgers, and everybody is busy. When healthy children become the top priority of parents and educate themselves to shop and cook, then the end result will be healthier children who grow into healthier adults.

When parents decide to take the responsibility and make their child’s health a top priority, the problem of obesity will decrease. It must begin with the parents.