Susan MacGalla : Tips for Striking Work and Personal Life Balance


In these recent times, where careers have become very important to men and women alike, many workers find it hard to strike a balance between their work and family life. More often than not, one of these suffers. If one is not able to find a balance, it can lead to strained relationships at home or at work, depression and other mental illnesses.


There is no single potent formula for achieving a work and family balance. The nest you can do is to make the decision to try and to keep working at it. Always remember that it will not take a day to achieve this balance, but if you are constantly putting effort, you will get there. Here are some tips from Susan McGalla, to help you achieve work and family life balance.



If you work in a busy office, consider leaving early some days of the week. Use this time to do things that you love. Take your children for a movie or read a book together with your family. Relaxation is very important. It helps you get the energy to juggle between your work and family.


Avoid Meaningless Activities that Drain your Energy

You need a lot of energy to be able to care for your family and still be productive at your job. Therefore, you simply cannot afford to be involved in activities which do not add any meaning to your life.



Exercising should not be taken for granted. You need to always be in great shape, both physically and mentally, in order for you to efficiently handle these two aspects of your life. By sparing sometime for the gym, you will feel more in control, which is just what you need to achieve a balance.



Being a career and family person, at the same time, comes with more tasks. Sometimes these tasks can consume you such that you ignore the other. To avoid these, assess your tasks and identify the ones you love doing. The rest, consider outsourcing.


Be Realistic

Most people think that being perfect in everything is key to success in various areas of their life. This is untrue. No one is truly perfect, and concentrating on this will make you waste a lot of time, not to mention the frustrations. Therefore, set goals and achieve them without being too harsh on yourself. Also, avoid comparing your accomplishments with others.


Don’t be Regretful

Avoid regret. Do the best you can and avoid wishing that you had something better than you did.


Start Your Days Smooth

Instead of waking up early to tackle everything that makes your day and that of your family smooth, consider doing all these preparations at night. With a fresh start of day, you will be able to accomplish more, bot at work and at home.


About Susan McGalla

Susan MacGalla is a renowned businesswoman, entrepreneur, consultant and corporate retail expert. Her career began at Joseph Horne Company. Six years on, she was appointed to American Eagle Outfitters. Today, she is VP of Creative and Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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EOS Lip Balm Pushes Competitors To Copy Them

EOS Lip Balm has been on the edge of innovation in lip balm since starting their company. They sold a million lip balms in their first year, and they sell a million a week in the modern age. This article explains how EOS Lip Balm forces the competition to use the sphere as their new style of packaging.

#1: The Youth Market Is Powerful

EOS Lip Balm reached out to young people with bright colors, pretty packages and products that match their balm. EOS came on the market on with a ball of lip balm that kids want to twist open, and they are forcing their largest competitors to reconsider how they package their own products.

#2: The Ball Is Popular Among Celebrities

Young celebrities the world over are using EOS lip balm, and they are appearing in pictures, videos and advertisements using the product. Their support of the brand is quite powerful as they force older brands to move where the youth and celebrity vote is. EOS does not do anything negative as they market. They simply created a product made for the youth of America.

#3: Where Does EOS Go Next?

EOS Lip Balm (see, will overtake their largest competition in the years to come, and they believe their company will outpace everyone by the year 2020. They are slowly building to a day when there is no bigger name in lip balm, and they are researching new products that may expand their brand. They will not remain comfortable with a single product when they have the resources to build something much greater.

EOS Lip Balm may spawn a catalog of products that will push the cosmetics industry to become more focused on young customers. The twisting sphere of lip balm from EOS is the beginning of a revolution in skin care. Large box stores such as eBay, Walmart and Target sells EOS on their shelves.

Student Learning Is Being Revolutionized With Platform’s Like ClassDojo

In today’s day and age, there are handfuls of children out there that are having a difficult time throughout the schooling process, either struggling to learn or fit into the environment. Students like these really need the support and encouragement from their peers as well as parents and teachers, to help them feel comfortable and confident in themselves and their abilities. If schooling is a negative experience for a child, they will not want to perform to their best, nor will they even want to complete school in time.

ClassDojo is an educational platform that was introduced to the market in 2011, and goes a long way at improving these conditions for students in school. The main improvement this program makes is improving on the existed communication methods greatly between students, teachers, and parents. With more involvement from their parents, and more engagement from their teachers and classroom, students will learn to the best of their ability and actually want to get involved with their schooling communities. One of ClassDojo’s main goals is to improve the quality of education for students around the globe.

Since first launching their platform, ClassDojo has managed to expand and find quite a bit of success, as there were really no other competitors in the market doing exactly what they were when they started. Now, more than two thirds of all Untied States schools are taking use of the ClassDojo program. This program even came out with its own growth mindset videos, which is a series that was developed to teach students key life and learning principles to make school easier. These videos were even monitored by the University of Stanford to see how they were received by the public and how to improve them. The continuance of these videos is dependent on the demand for them from their consumers.

ClassDojo has been free ever since it was released, and it will remain free for as long as people continue to use it. It is very easy to use for people of all ages, and participation is as easy as asking for an invite from a students classroom teacher. ClassDojo provides a much needed increase in communication that is going a long way in making education better for students around the world with more positive school environments.

Thor Halvorssen Exposes Human Rights Abuses In Unlikely Places

Did you know that there are camps in China that in prison millions of men, women, and children. Conservative estimates put the people in these camps at 8 million. These prisoners are forced to make the world’s electronics and other goods. Essentially, it is a slave labor business.

Back in 1999, Lucent Technologies was using these slave camps in order to make their goods. Nobody really knew about it except for Thor Halvorssen. This massive company was raking in millions off the backs of slaves, and the American public was none the wiser.

Thor Halvorssen the headquarters of Lucent Technologies. He recruited a bunch of human rights activists to perform a sit in at the corporate headquarters. They stayed there until the technologies company agreed to do away with slave labor.

It is crazy to think that a human rights activist group had to force this company to stop using slaves. But that is exactly what is happening all over this planet right now. In fact, you probably have some products in your house produced in slave conditions. That’s why the world needs Thor Halvorssen and his human rights advocacy.

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. This human rights advocacy group performs protests such as the one that took place at Lucent Technologies. But the group takes it one step further using social media as its platform. After all, if you want something to change, you must get the attention of a critical mass.

Take Nikki Minaj, for example. The international music superstar was in the news because she was taking a private jet out of the country. Her equally famous boyfriend had to stay behind because he was on probation. What the world didn’t know was that the superstar was flying to Angola to perform a private concert. The private concert was for the unilateral dictator of Angola, a man accused of multiple human rights violations. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

According to IMDB, Thor Halvorssen wrote an open letter that became a viral sensation. People all over the Internet were googling Nikki Minaj and they found this open letter. The letter educated anybody who would read it of the human rights violations performed by the dictator of Angola.

It educated the Internet on where the money for the concert was coming from. The dictator of Angola was stealing from his own people, selling his country’s natural resources for his own gain. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Things like this are happening all over the world, all the time. We need people like Thor Halvorssen to expose it.

The Benefits of ClassDojo

There are a lot of apps on the market that parents can utilize. Many parents have apps like Google Classroom, Brain POP, ABC Mouse and Star Fall loaded on their phones and tablets. Many of these apps are great for learning games for children, but nothing beats ClassDojo when it comes to communication. The curious parent that wants to know what is happening in the classroom need not look to any other apps. This is the one that is going to provide all the insight that you may need. Teachers love this, and parents are realizing that it is the most convenient application for those teachers that don’t have a desire to schedule conferences.

Teachers are human just like everyone else. They may have a class of twenty kids or more, but they have their own families that they have to go home to. This means that they will want to spend time with their families and try to get home to help their own kids with homework. They may not have any desire to meet with parents a regular basis for conferences. By the same token, parents may not have the desire or time to meet with someone on person. The ClassDojo is the thing that can solve all of those problems. The parents don’t have to go around trying to put together a schedule around a teacher’s planning period. They can simply sign up for ClassDojo and send secure messages back and forth. Parents that take the time to become part of this community will realize that this is exactly what they need to take a sneak peek into the lives of their children at school.

These apps for education have become very important. Some school teachers will use ClassDojo to remind parents about homework assignments or projects that may be due a couple of weeks from now. There are other parents that are going to send messages to teachers if they have a question about something that their children may not be comprehending in school. The ClassDojo app definitely provides a two-way street for communication. This is the type of app that gives parents the chance to really stay in touch with the teachers. This way there is no surprise when the report cards arrive. They have the ability to find out about the projects and all the things that will be due during the school year.

Mike Baur Helping Others

Starting a company is no easy task. Many people have the dream of going out on their own, but few know how to succeed with this dream. Mike Baur has spent most of his life helping others get ahead in business. He has a start up factory where he teaches young business owners all of the basics about investing and running a business. If you want to learn from the best, Mike Baur is the person to go to.


Mike Baur


From the time he was in school, Mike Baur has always been interested in running a business. There are a lot of people who look up to the success that he has had over the yeas. Not only has he started a variety of successful companies, but he has also invested in others during the process. If you want to understand how to take your life to the next level, Mike Baur can help you with that process. Not only can he give you business advice, but he can also teach you about balancing all of the priorities that you have in life.




One of the most important parts of running a business is financing. There are many new business owners who struggle with this aspect of their business. For some people, borrowing money to start a company is no big deal. However, for others, it can lead to major financial issues down the road. If you want to make the right decision, you need to think about the long term repercussions. Many people today regret all of the money that they borrowed to start a business. If your business idea fails, you are still left to pay off all of the debt you took on.


Next Steps


If you want to start a business, Mike Baur is the person to go to. He has many years of experience in the field, and he is ready to help you invest for the future. Not only can he offer advice on how to drive sales and profits for your company, but he will also help you in a variety of other ways.


Erick Pullier Changing World through Entrepreneurship

A famous, influential and a man who is dedicated to seeing the growth of the financial industry Erick Pullier. Pullier is one of the renowned capitalists and a leader in the government as well as in the enterprise technology. Erick Pulier is very influential in the finance sector such that he has either founded or co-founded the popular capital venture groups in the world. Some of the enterprises he has established include rich media presentation, service oriented infrastructure (SOA), Enterprise Professional Services, as well as Virtual Desktops.

Erick Pullier was born and raised in New Jersey Teaneck, his passion for technology begun when he was still in High School. At fourth grade, he studied computer science and established his first company that was dealing with database computer. After his high school Erick proceeded to study at Harvard University to study English and American Literature, still in the University, he became an editor and wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson as well as taking some classes at a neighboring school before he graduated in 1988.

Erick Pullier is the Co-founder, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of ServiceMesh Inc. Before Co-founding the company, Eric served as Vice President and the General Manager of Cloud at Computer Science Computer Corporation and CSC in Australia. Besides serving as a Director for several companies including Santa Monica Media Corp, he is also an award-winning entrepreneur and he was named as one of the 30 e-Visionaries by VAR Business. Due to his contribution in the IT field, Pullier was elected to create and execute The President Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C that was referred to The Bridge to the 21st Century.

Erick Pullier is not a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur he also a significant contributor to the society through his philanthropic actions. He sponsors several non-profit organizations as well serving as the Director on their Boards of Directors. Some of the organizations include X-Prize Foundation an organization that is involved in the solving of human issues, and the Painted Turtle that is a camp that supports children suffering from chronic illness. Erick takes part in the helping of the young entrepreneurs through his public speaking events as well as the conferences he organizes across the globe.

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Ken Goodrich of Goettl Gives Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Goettl Air Conditioning firm is the leading HVAC services provider in Las Vegas. With the hot temperatures this summer, residents will surely need air conditioning services. Residents will require tips to assist them to maintain their HVAC systems. Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl, offered a few tips for consumers.
• Check your filter to ensure that they are not clogged. Clogged filters reduce airflow into the HVAC system and reduce the output of cooled air. Reduced airflow strains the system, increasing the chances of failure.
• Ken advises consumers to close draperies all the time. He says that closing drapes and blinds keep out direct sun.
• Goodrich encourages consumers to mind their gadgets. They should minimize the use of heat-producing devices like dishwashers, ovens, and dryers during the day’s peak heat. Users can rely more on the microwave for cooking or grill outside.
• Residents should consider installing a programmable thermostat so that they raise the temperature setpoint a few degrees when they are away. Ensure that you keep it within five degrees of your standard setting because more considers may be counterproductive, which requires additional energy to reduce temperature to the original setting.
• A ceiling fan will not change the temperature; therefore, circulating air using ceiling fans will be of great help. The moving hair assists you to feel cooler.
• Always maintain your air conditioning system. Maintaining your systems regularly is important in keeping the systems running at peak efficiency, and will also prolong the lifespan of the equipment. It is important to service your system at least twice a year; during the spring to prepare the cooling season and the other in the fall to prepare for the heating season. gives more maintenance tips from Goettl.

With these tips, consumers will have proper functioning of the HVAC systems this summer. Goettl encourages residents to take care of their air conditioning equipment. It will also cut on the cost of repairing the systems or repairing them.

About Goettl Air Conditioning
Goettl takes pride in its technicians and staff who ensure that the expectations of clients are met. The firm offers the full gamut of home and commercial services throughout the Phoenix area. Goettl provides installation, maintenance, and repair of central air units, furnaces, air cleaners, heat pumps, and radiant heating systems. Goettl also takes pride in offering excellent customer service, with 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 response. Ken Goodrich is the chief executive officer of Goettl, which was established in 1939.

Norka Martinez Luque: The Latin Pop Star with a Brilliant Musical Career

Norka Luque is a budding Venezuelan singer who recently gained worldwide fame through her unique voice and powerful messages of hope. Her journey to success has been an uphill battle. She went through hard times during her career; however, she remained positive and always believed in her ability to sing beautiful songs of hope.

One of the things that almost broke her but did not because she was always positive was the fact that her childhood dream of becoming a successful businesswoman did not turn out how she thought it would. She completed her degree and had a short career in the banking sector of Monaco. But she felt that the banking profession somehow limited her; she felt that it killed her creativity.

Norka Luque remained positive and tried out another career in a different field. Her new career was in the field of Culinary Arts. She joined a Culinary Arts school and studied the course to completion. Soon after she graduated, she realized that this career also limited her creative side. She then switched to Fashion. Again, she felt that she was being stifled because of the confines of this career field.

The time she spent in France paid off. A rock and funk group by the name Bad Moon Rising showed interest in her voice. She joined the band as a soloist and was soon making a career out of stage performances. Norka Luque enjoyed every bit of it; she was positive that she had landed in the right field at long last.

Despite the huge following that she had developed in France, she decided to relocate to the United States. She knew that she had a better chance of making it as a professional singer while here. The beautiful Norka settled in Miami, Florida and immediately got down to business. She started performing as a singer in nightclubs in the region.

However, she did not do this for long. She met the Grammy Award winning producer, Emilio Estefan. Emilio Estefan is the man behind the careers of big artist such as Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Shakira and many others. Emilio Jr. signed on as her manager, and the rest is history.

Some of the best works of Ms. Martinez include “As You Do, “a track that got her a nomination for the “Female Pop Artist of the Year.” “Milagro is another one of her famous hits. It was written by the legendary song writer Archie Pena and produced by Emilio Estefan. Her latest single is “Tomorrowland.” This track is also causing uproar in Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

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Helping families become homeowners in northern Texas

Nexbank is a Dallas-based regional bank that is offering up to 50 million dollars in loans. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a nonprofit mortgage servicing provider, working in partnership with the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. They are offering an Affordable Housing Loan Program to southern Dallas families. Nexbank’s contribution will help support the expansion of the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity over the next five years and Dallas Neighborhood Homes will now be able to lend to low-income homebuyers with a certain amount of access to mortgages . Nexbank will also pay all title fees for closings made through its affiliates and up to $2000 in closings costs per loan. Nexbank has made affordable home ownership possible for many people. North Texas now has one of the lowest ownership rates in the nation. Nexbank is helping lower-income families become more independent by possessing their own homes in the North Texas community.

Nexbank has assets of $3.5 billion as of June 30,2016 and also a charter dating back to 1922. NexBank is part of a larger institution, Nexbank Capital, INC., a financial services company that provides commercial, mortgage and investment banking. It also offers corporate services to large corporations, real estate investors, middle-market companies, small businesses and banks as well as large institutional clients.

Nexbank is there for the long-term needs of its clients, offers comprehensive pricing, quick turnaround times, flexibility and capable service brokers and provides conforming, non-conforming, government and jumbo loans. NexBank also provides warehouse lines of credit across the nation and doesn’t have a retail division, so the company doesn’t compete with its clients. Nexbank is competitive and capable in today’s market. It’s a company that is helping grow and strengthen the community for a better future.