George Soros Gives $18 Billion to Open Society Foundations

George Soros, who made his mark in the world of Finance, has transferred about $18 billion to fund open society foundations. This brings his lifetime donations to human rights organization to $32 billion. This makes his foundation one of the largest in the world in the area of human rights.

This also makes the Soros’s Open Society Foundation the third largest on earth, surpassed only by the Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Officials of the Foundation said that the wall street investor had decided to increase the pace of his donations from the proceeds of his hedge fund, which has been quite successful. This latest donation represents the bulk of his fortune, which is estimated to be worth about $23 billion.

What is Open Society?

Open Society is a global organization that promotes vibrate tolerant democracy all around the world. Since its formation in 1979, it has given about $14 billion to organizations all over the world that promote democracy.

How Soros Made His Fortune

Soros made his fortune by betting against the British pound. This was after it crashed in 1992 from the European Exchange Mechanism. He has always been a vocal supporter of liberal democracy.

Soros also played a crucial role in the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign for the presidency. This donation has been made in the midst of a row with Hungary, his home country, about the press and academic freedom in the country.

Soros’s Troubles with the Hungarian Government

Recently, there was a lot of criticism after a website, run by an ally of conservative president Victor Orban, published a list of journalists who it claimed were Soros’ agents. The criticism was global, and the US charge d’affaires David Kostelancik commented on it. He said the move was dangerous both to those named and it was an attack on the freedom of the press.

Orban has in the past said Soros is a threat to national security. He has even gone ahead to call him a public enemy. This was due to the support that Soros has provided to Muslim immigrants to Europe escaping civil strife.

The Hungarian government is currently engaged in a legal standoff with the Central European University based in Budapest, which Soros founded. The rector of the university has accused the Hungarian government of trying to strangle it by failing to sign an agreement that would allow the university to continue its operations in the country.

The rector has said that the government has made a deliberate effort to keep the university in legal limbo to suit their own biased needs. He said the government had resorted to constantly shifting the goalposts every time they solved the issue.

However, the Hungarian government said that it simply wanted to level the playing for domestic and foreign universities. However, the chief of staff of the Hungarian president said that the recent move by Soros to support Muslim immigrants into the country has affected the relationship between the government and CEU. and Follow him

Cassio Audi Transformed the Music Scene

The name Cassio Audi has to be regarded at the very foundation of Brazilian heavy metal music. Audi’s musical talents inspired not just Brazil, but countless countries worldwide. Before Cassio Audi helped to consolidate Brazilian heavy metal music around the world, he spent his early years helping to consolidate Viper; one of the most prolific heavy metal bands to come out of Brazil.

Cassio Audi knew that he would need help to share his musical vision with the world. Audi joined talented forces with Yves Passarell, Andre Matos, Felipe Machad, and Pit Passarell. Together,the five men brought together their individual talents and sent their band, Viper, skyrocketing into the global scene. Read this article at

In the 1970s and 80s, Viper wasted no time sharing their vision with the world. Both of their early demos were able to reach heavy metal fans in Great Britain, where heavy metal music was gaining more and more traction by the day. Audi and his bandmates would use this success to culminate their first studio album. Viper’s debut album, ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ mirrored the success that Audi had fantasized about in his teenage years.


Together, the band never formally produced another full length studio album. Even without a sophomore album, Audi and Viper were able to cement themselves in the heavy metal hall of fame. Even today, the band touches every continent and is able to identify with every language of their listeners. Their album and demos, made in the mid-1980s, are still relevant to young and old alike.

Even without their global presence, Cassio Audi and the band had shown a spotlight on Brazil and was able to put the country on the heavy metal music map. It’s safe to say, that without Audi’s early years in the band Viper, Brazilian music, and world music alike, wouldn’t be what it is today. Watch this video on Youtube.

Jorge Moll Looks To Change The Way Brazilians Attend Hospitals

The launch of the Copa Star hospital in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro is expected to be the first step taken by Jorge Moll in playing a role in how the Brazilian medical industry is evolving as the 21st-century moves forward. Jorge Moll and his team at the Rede D’Or medical group are hoping to extend the five-star accommodation and top-class facilities offered at Copa Star to patients across Brazil with the spread of this innovative and luxurious form of medical institution. As a leading businessperson and cardiologist, Jorge Moll has been one of the leading innovators within the Brazilian medical industry and has attracted many of the top researchers and medical professionals in North America to bring their skills and experience to Brazil. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

Not only does Jorge Moll’s medical group look to care for the bodies of the Brazilian population the company has spent a large amount of time looking to build a stronger and healthier community. A study completed under the guidance of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education has become the first of its kind to link the use of volunteer programs to the good mental and bodily health of the population of Brazil; the research conducted discovered only 28 percent of those studied took part in regular volunteer opportunities which are plentiful as the Holiday season approaches. Follow Jorge on

Jorge Moll’s D’Or group is not limiting itself to completing research designed to aid community links between the medical group and the community but is also looking to bring about a concerted change in the way the process of visiting a medical professional is completed. Technology is set to play an even greater part in the process of visiting any medical professional in the coming years and has prompted an investment in new technologies including Google Glass; Jorge Moll and his team hope the use of these innovative glasses will provide a more personal experience focused exclusively on the patient for the institutions of the group.


Omar Yunes Great Achievements for Sushi Itto

On December 5, 2015, the successful Sushi Itto franchisee, Omar Yunes won the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) competition which happened in Florence, contesting for his contributions to the brand he represents. Interestingly, at the age of 21 Omar was already a franchisee of the Japanese food chain and with hard work currently he owns 13 franchised units in Mexico City, Veracruz and Puebla. These Omar’s units represent 10% of the units the brand has. Omar Yunes is an excellent reflection of passion and persistence. He stated that he was very proud, but in reality, the award belonged to 400 employees in the 13 units who work tirelessly towards success. 34 countries attended that 2015 BFW contest including Brazil, France, Portugal, Hungary, Argentina and Mexico among others.

According to Diego Eliazarrarras, the organizer of BFW Mexico, Omar played a significant factor in the franchise-franchisee relationship. Moreover, he achieved a better management of data and also had implemented control panels to obtain clean measurements of each unit thus running his units efficiently. All these qualities made Omar worth winning the award.

In the BFW contest, franchises were being evaluated based on their effect and not the brand. Aspects that were considered included the franchise contributions regarding knowledge, how much it has been influential to the network, how much the franchisee charges and the improvements made to the model and also the motivation expressed by employees.

Benjamin Cancelmo, the CEO of Sushi Itto, said that the company considers the award as a manifestation of the joint effort to provide clients with excellent services, flavor, and extraordinary hospitality. Mr. Eliazarrarras also added that this award represents the country’s strong sector winning on an international level unlike before when Mexican franchise was only a regional subject.

Omar Yunes is a popular Mexican investor who is an award-winning franchisee representing Sushi Itto. He is passionate about the food industry and providing clients with high-end products. Through his expertise, the company has been able to create a secure business network and a convenient board that implements business strategies. Omar Yunes is passionate about sushi Itto and providing the best services in his units

Amicus Therapeutics focuses on helping patients with rare disorders

Amicus Therapeutics is a bio-pharmacy with its headquarters in Cranbury, New Jersey. The company is among the few bio-pharmacies specializing on rare and orphan diseases. The company focuses on producing medications and therapies for disorders that are commonly known as lysosomal storage. Amicus Therapies have achieved a lot of success in the last few years, and they have been involved in the development of enzyme replacement therapies available in the market today.

In 2007, Amicus Therapeutics went to the public domain when it was placed under the Fold, the trading symbol of NASDAQ. In 2006, Amicus Therapeutics was on the verge of withdrawal. Several venture companies came to the rescue of the company by offering funds to continue with the work that they had already started. Some of the venture companies that funded Amicus Therapeutics in 2006 include New Enterprise Associates and the Radius Ventures. Visit Yahoo Finance to learn more about Amicus Therapeutics.

Since its establishment, Amicus Therapeutics has been able to develop several medications and therapies that target specific rare conditions. The company’s primary aim is to come up with solutions that will enable patients with rare diseases to lead a better life. Amicus also strives to ensure that their services are accessible to everyone since they understand that treatment of the rare conditions is costly.

Amicus Therapeutics collaborates with organizations that support patients with rare conditions to ensure that they make significant progress in managing these disorders. The company has put in place several initiatives that focus on empowering patients and the communities around them. View the market summary of Amicus Therapeutics at

Amicus Therapeutics ensures that their patients access the right drugs and therapies that will ease their struggle with the rare disorders. The company has established clear channels where patients can access their drugs. The drugs produced by the company are safe and effective. The patients are however educated on the side effects of the drugs and any other relevant information regarding therapies and medications.


The Making Of A True Sportsman

Brazil is fortunate to have one of the most estimable race-car drivers, Rodrigo Terpins. He has won most of the prestigious and coveted racing competitions in Brazil. Rodrigo has taken part in Sertões Rally competitions severally, the most notable being the 22nd one. His performance has been progressive and impressive throughout his career. Being born in a family where sports is highly treasured, Rodrigo Terpins has enjoyed unlimited support from his brother and father.

His brother, Rodrigo Terpins, is equally a successful rally driver in his capacity. They have formed several partnerships in car racing against other competitors. As a result, the MEM motorsport Organization developed the T-Rex for Rodrigo Terpins. The T1 category is normally a preference for Rodrigo Terpins. He has followed his passion to the point that it has made him successful. For more details visit LinkedIn.

It is worth noting that his father has been instrumental in his career as a rally driver. Even though they had different passions in sports, his father, Jack Terpins, also grew as a successful basketball player in his sporting days. The determination of his father to succeed in games has been reciprocated in Rodrigo’s ambitions as a rally driver. Rodrigo’s unwavering faith in doing better is taking him higher each step of the way, and as a result, he was ranked eighth in the 22nd Sertões Rally in Brazil. The competition had 32 experienced racers who cruised seven stages, through two states, and covered a total distance of 2600 kilometers.

The 22nd Sertões Rally was a massive success for Rodrigo Terpins since it was one of the toughest competitions. As a result of the success, he proved that he has the mental strength and physical agility to compete with the best at any level. His passion goes beyond personal recognition and success. One of his goals in his sporting career is to uplift other upcoming racers. His determination has seen him work with the Tea Bull Sertoes team, which is regarded as one of the best groups in the rally sports. Furthermore, he has a huge fan base that has made him one of the most loved rally sportsmen in Brazil.

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George Soros Philanthropy

George Soros is a Jewish philanthropist and liberal political believer. He is renown business guru and charity activities financial supporter. He was born Hungary in 1970 and went to London business school to do a degree in Economics and masters in philosophy. He is a successful investor and the founder of Open Societies Foundations in New York. George Soros is a wealthy philanthropist and was listed among 30 billionaires in the world by Forbes magazine.

He founded Open Societies in 1979 to create tolerant, vibrant and human rights focused democracies in the world. The justices system should be open and avoid dictatorial leadership and governance. Since its inception, it reached to 10000 million people directly and voted as a third most significant charity in their world. It is the primary donor behind Wellcome Trust and Melinda and Gates foundation which focuses on improving healthcare in developing countries. He used his first profits to start Soros fund to support charity activities. He funds the organization through hosting annual fundraising events across the continent. He transferred $18 billion to the foundation to ensure sustainability of his political activism ideologies while he is alive or when he is no longer able to oversee the activities of the association.His donation of 1.8 billion to Open Society Foundations is ranked as the highest support given by an individual to an organization.

Mr.Soros advocates for constructive conservative ideologies for social political spheres across the global. Through the Open Societies Foundations, he has been advocating for human rights and democracy for thirty years in 120 countries in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Also, the organization is focusing on reducing abuses perpetrated by police and protection of Gays and lesbians right.

In regards to protection of human rights  social justices, the foundation works with civil society in Eastern Europe and Ohio to eliminate the second form of injustices to Africa America citizens. In 2014, his organization was very critical in the fight against Ebola outbreak. The fund supported sheltered lives, further disease outbreak and mitigated against future Ebola outbreaks.

In America political sphere, he is keen to support political activities. He supports democratic, and in particular, he helped Hilary Clinton in her bid to contest for president post in the United States of America.

Also, he believes in equality and protection of a human right; he supported muslims, immigrants, to be able to travel to Europe through open border policy. Also, to protect human life, John Soros supported anti-abortion campaigns in Ireland. Recently, the organization funded black life Matter Movement campaigns in the US after elections by opposing Donald Trump ideologies of black people and refugee

In 2016 United States general elections, there were many political crimes committed termed as “National Waves of Incidences” which was perpetrated through hate speeches. George Soros offered 10$ billion to address and curb such crimes.

The impact of George Soros foundation is widespread across the globe; it is holistic empowerment and sustainable. He is fortunate managed by his family members who also oversee the operations of the Open Society Foundation Programs.

Michel Terpins is a Premier Driver

There are many people who work as drivers in Brazil. In fact, rally driving is one of the most popular sports. The majority of people who drive rally cars in Brazil are not as good as Michel Terpins. He is one of the best and continues to win races because of the opportunities he has. He likes to make sure things are going to help other people out with the opportunities they have. He also likes to be sure people will have a chance to make the most out of the driving opportunities they have. Depending on the issues most people face while they are driving, Michel Terpins knows how to combat that. He wants everyone to know what they are going to be able to do with race car driving as long as they are doing things the right way. He plans on making things easier for everyone who works in the industry.

Michel Terpins is a premier rally car driver. He is good at what he does, and he makes a lot of money with race car driving. The money he makes is better than most people who drive cars because of how good he is at it. There are very different things that people can do while they are in different situations. Since Michel Terpins has come such a long way in his driving career, he feels he is one of the most influential people on the race scene. He continues to work hard to show others what they are able to do to be like him.

Since Michel Terpins has made a lot of money, he wants to continue growing the wealth he has. Unlike most people, Michel Terpins realizes he can’t make all the money he can have from race car driving. Instead, he wants to focus his efforts on doing other things. He invests nearly all the money he makes from driving. By doing this, he is not only giving himself a chance to grow his wealth but to also make more money in the future. He will have as much as he possibly can once he is done driving.

How Organo Gold’s Coffees And Teas Could Help You Live Longer

New research shows that drinking coffee might reduce the risk of dying from a number of diseases, such as heart disease and strokes. The Annals of Internal Medicine recently published the results of two new studies on coffee drinking and its health effects. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Coffee drinking has been a subject of study for many years. In one of these studies about 185,000 people in the United States were participants. This study showed that those who drank coffee, regardless of whether it was regular coffee or decaffeinated, had a lower risk of death compared with those who didn’t drink coffee at all. These lower causes of death included strokes, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and cancer. This was across all races which didn’t seem to matter. The results show that everyone can benefit from drinking coffee.

One company that supplies high-quality coffee is Organo Gold. Based in Canada, it is a global company that sells premium teas and coffees through a network marketing formula. A unique thing about Organo Gold’s products is that they contain Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a type of Asian mushroom which has long been believed to have health benefits to it. Follow Organo Gold on

The coffees and teas that Organo Gold supplies are only available through a network of independent distributors. These distributors operate in over 50 countries around the globe. The distributors have product samples they can give out to those interested in Organo Gold. They also can sell individual products or in bulk. For those who join their Preferred Customers Program, they can receive Organo Gold products sold at a discount.

Helping people find success in business, Organo Gold partnered with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. Together they published, “Think and Grow Rich” which helps people rethink their approach to work and wealth. The book is credited with helping people launch their own successful companies around the world.


How Roberto Santiago’s Maniara Shopping Contributes to the Socio-economic Development of Brazil

Roberto Santiago is a sportsperson, businessperson, trader, and owner of the Parabia based Maniara Shopping. He set up the shopping center in 1989 with a goal to serve residents of Parabia and other parts of Brazil. Roberto heavily invested in recreational and leisure facilities in the Maniara Shopping complex. The structure currently encompasses of 11 movie theatres with state-of-the-art cinematic projection technology.


Roberto Santiago is celebrated as the only Brazilian to be a finalist in the Brazilian Kart Championship, which is a sports championship game. He also won several state championship trophies for finishing in the first place in motocross bike competitions.


One of the entrepreneurial qualities that enabled Roberto Santiago to succeed in business is his keen eye for emerging opportunities. He also had an aggregating and entrepreneurial vision to succeed in every business endeavor he undertook. This vision guided him as he made his debut in the employment sector working for Café Santa Rosa.


Outstanding Features of the Maniara Shopping


Maniara Shopping stands out for its spacious design and interesting features. It is renowned as the largest commercial enterprise in Parabia. The structure also ranks among the best and largest commercial enterprises in Brazil. Its 300 stores occupy 75,000 square meters of Gross Leasable Area (GLA). The mall’s success story began when Roberto Santiago bought a large portion of land in the heart of Joâo Pessoa city. Its features depict Roberto’s vision for revolutionizing the Brazilian economic sector.


  1. Game Station and the Domus Hall


The Maniara Shopping complex consists of an interactive stadium system. This stadium system has over 200 gaming appliances and armchairs that make up the Game Station. The Domus Hall is also an exciting feature found in the shopping complex. With a carrying capacity of over 4,000 people, the hall comprises of two floors. The ground floor is designed for events such as graduation ceremonies, fairs, and weddings. The second floor has private cabins.


The Domus Hall was also designed for exhibitions of diverse social projects that foster culture and knowledge. Children are allowed to visit the exhibition area to generate knowledge on cultural activities and have fun at the same time.


  1. The Parabia Higher Education College


Roberto Santiago was also keen on incorporating learning facilities in Maniara Shopping. The Parabia Higher Education College is a manifestation of these efforts. The learning facility offers a wide range of tertiary education programs to students.


The Positive Impacts of the Maniara Shopping


Since it was officially opened to the public, Maniara Shopping has helped in shaping economic and social development in Parabia State, Brazil. Regarding influencing economic development, the shopping facility has led to the increase of both permanent and casual jobs. These jobs have enabled people from Parabia and neighboring cities to earn income. Maniara Shopping generates its revenue from economic activities such as banking, retail, and gaming.


In terms of social development, Maniara Shopping brings together people from different parts of Brazil and the world. These individuals converge at the facility to shop, make use of the game station, watch movies from the 11 movie theatres and learn. These interactions are key in promoting peaceful coexistence and unity.