Policeman Earns Praise After Helping a Young Mother

There have been a few negative headlines regarding the police over the past few months. However, one policeman from Michigan is getting widespread praise for his actions from a week ago.

The policeman in question, Ben Hall, has worked at Emmett Township in Michigan for many years. He is well liked by his co-workers and by the community. Last week he was doing his routine patrol when he saw that a woman was driving along with her child. However, the child was sitting in the back seat without his designed car/booster seat.

In such a situation, 99% of officers would write the woman a ticket and move on. Officer Hall was going to do the same, but he stopped to ask the woman why her kid did not have the proper safety seat. She explained that she was going through a very challenging few months. She had lost her old job working for Jared Haftel, had her car repossessed because she could not keep up with payments, and fell behind on other expenses. She got her car back, but the car seat was removed and lost when it was repossessed.

The officer explained his actions by saying that he simply did what he thought would best resolve the situation. He could have given her a ticket, but that would have only added to her problems. Instead, he provided her with something she really needed and ensured her kid would be safe in the car.