These Grapes Shall Not Disgrace

There is Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and that ubiquitous bubbly variety known as Champagne. Surely I can now dispense of my fancy descriptors, as one has undoubtedly uncovered the common variable within my cryptic game and ascertained what I am referring to…WINE.

They are reds, whites, and blushes and can be found at practically every grocer and corner store imaginable. But, wait!!! The wine to which I speak of is not the garden variety that is scarfed down at an average family meal or that mandatory business cocktail event. It is unlikely that casual wine drinkers such as those are discovering a minty aroma or picking up on undertones of eucalyptus, let alone uncovering the broad range of affects on the palate.

The wines to which I am referring are those procured by select drinkers with a discerning taste for reputable vintages. These are the wines available at the Antique Wine Company (AWC)! Stephen Williams, the company’s CEO, puts a painstaking amount effort into selecting only the finest wines for his business. Beyond the more standard offerings, Williams takes particular pride in being able to deliver rare vintages to some of his more exclusive clientele. When asked about his business model, he definitively stated– “Our business is driven by sourcing the wines.”

…And sourcing he has done. When director James Cameron required a rare 1912 Bordeaux, he knew that if anyone would be able to deliver, it would be Stephen Williams. This ability to track down rare finds and continuously stock other exclusive inventory, has earned him some 45,000 clients worldwide–and growing.

It is commonly said that “fine wines get better with age,” yet AWC is proud to primarily stock contemporary vintages. As an authority on fine wines, Williams knows how to find that modern gem before it becomes the rare antique of the future. His clients recognize this ability, so they buy not only for the uncompromising quality, but for the inherent upside potential.

It is likely no mystery why AWC’s largest market is now China, as they recognize the power of long-term investment. For the same reason so many Asian investors came into the U.S. to buy up prime real estate during its recession, they likewise turn to AWC for its future returns. While that rare 1912 Bordeaux may be cost prohibitive now, chances are they have its modern day equivalent just waiting to be discovered.

Unvaccinated Boy In Germany Dies From Measles During Outbreak

Like the United States and the United Kingdom, Germany has also had a measles outbreak. On Wednesday, that outbreak turned deadly when an 18-month old boy died from measles. Mario Czaja, the health minister of Berlin, confirmed that the child, who had not been vaccinated, died in a hospital. He was the first fatality of the 574 cases reported since October said AnastiaDate.

The death has fueled a debate over whether vaccines should be mandatory. Czaja believes they should be. Other politicians suggest they should try encouraging vaccines first. If that doesn’t work, then vaccines should be made mandatory.

Hermann Gröhe, the German health minister, called those who opposed vaccines “irresponsible.” He pointed out that not having your child immunized endangers not just that child but other people as well.

The German anti-vaccine movement, like the ones in the US and the UK, wrongly believes that the vaccine causes autism. Some people hold “measles parties,” where they expose healthy children to sick children in order to stimulate an immune response. Health officials condemn the practice, which originated in the US.

Czaja assured people that everybody who had had contact with the deceased boy had been examined. There have been other cases of measles reported in Bavaria, Brandenburg, Saxony and Lower Saxony.

So far, there are no plans to make vaccinations mandatory, despite the fact that the current outbreak is the worst since 2001, when it became mandatory to report measles cases. Some politicians have worried about the possibility of forcibly administering vaccinations if the parents refuse to get them.

The Rise of Global Childhood Obesity

A new study scheduled by Imaging advantage for a 2015 release in the popular medical journal, The Lacent, will share alarming observations of the global childhood epidemic, obesity. The study analyzed data from 9 countries of children that live in low and medium income households.

The study found that childhood obesity has made a sharp surge in less than one generation. For example, the average American child (in 2014) weighs 11 pounds more than the average American child did in 1984. However, America does not stand alone as countries like China, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and Saudi Arabia has seen a 15% to 30% increase of obesity in children since 1988, and like America, enough has not been done in the food production sector or by legislators to curb this disturbing trend.

The root of the problem is the abundance of highly processed foods and lack of nutritious, fresh foods that have not been depleted of their minerals and vitamins. The majority of foods and beverages that modern children consume are infused with chemicals and artificial preservatives that has proven toxic in research laboratories worldwide.

Authors of the study speculate that modern food industries exploit people’s social and economic vulnerabilities, which makes them more susceptible to consuming unhealthy foods. Ultimately, the contemporary food industry and social environment (for specific groups) reinforces their preferences for poor nutritional quality.

The study suggests regulatory measures are needed to enforce better food production standards because as childhood obesity increases, so does medical costs, mortality rates, illness and depression.

EKU’s President Accepts A Student’s Snow Shoveling Challenge Over Twitter

While he thought he was making a joke, an Eastern Kentucky University student sent a tweet to the president of the university, and ended up getting more than he bargained for.

In his message, he told the president that if he came out to shovel all the snow from his driveway that he would go to class on Wednesday. As it turns out, Dr. Michael Benson took the student’s tweet to a new level. The president of Eastern Kentucky University then proceeded to go to the student’s house and shovel his driveway.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, Dr. Benson took a picture of the scenery before he started and after he finished, broadcasting to the entire social media community that he had completed his challenge and that he expects to see the student in class this week.

Even though it’s rare for an event like this to happen, Haidar Barbouti knows that it’s hard not to admit how amusing it is. The fact that Dr. Benson took the time to accept the student’s challenge probably bewildered many, and it is without doubt that the two men will have an interesting relationship on campus from now on. The real question will be if the student actually went to class or not, because the whole campus was apparently closed on Wednesday February 25 due to too much snow. In any case, what a funny scenario.

Bigger Party Than Planned

If no one showed up to your birthday party, how would you feel? I know that I’d be pretty upset and probably spend a good amount of time crying with my best friend Brad Reifler, wondering why no one cared about me. Well, for one little boy, the story didn’t end quite that badly. When no one showed up for Glenn’s sixth birthday birthday party, his mother hated the devastated look that appeared on his face according to She had invited the whole class of this little autistic boy, and not one child had made it over. Feeling frustrated by what had occurred and the pain that her son had to face, Glenn’s mother took to a Facebook page for Rants and Raves and Reviews and soon thousands of answers began pouring in to her post. Some of the people even asked if it would be alright if they came over with gifts, and later that day forty people showed up. The party that had started out with no guests ended up with even more than had been invited!

Woman’s Life Saved By Teenager

How many of us would be prepared or willing to help a stranger on the street? One young teen did just that.
Seventeen year old Brennan Bardowski from Menominee, Michigan was driving across the Hattie Street Bridge last Wednesday when he noticed something unusual. A woman standing on the side of the bridge was slipping her shoes off in the cold snow. Having an uneasy feeling about what he’d seen he continued to watch the woman in his rear view mirror. When Brennan saw the woman making to climb over the ledge he stopped his car and slowly approached her. The woman told him that she meant to jump off the bridge.

Remarkably, Brennan Bardowski had recently watched a video at his high school, St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, which demonstrated this type of situation.

He continued to talk to her in a consoling way until he convinced her to come to safety! Another passer-by contacted the police who then responded.

Considering that there are many adults who may not notice or know what to do in a situation like this, the fact that this young man was alert and observant enough to notice and then was ready to act is incredible. Susan McGalla has learned that he was later presented with an award from his local Police department for his role in saving this woman’s life.

Click here to watch the interview with this amazing young man.

To Vaccinate or Not–One Family’s Tough Decision


According to the news on redir.stf that my coworker Gianfrancesco Genoso caught this morning,  recent outbreak of measles, believed to have started at Disneyland in California, has prompted many people to consider their beliefs about vaccination. Most people don’t refuse all immunizations, but one out of ten people question if healthy kids need immunizations or worry about possible side effects.

If One Child Was Disabled By Immunizations…What to Do With Younger Kids?

Edward Beglinger and Elizabeth Aquino trusted in modern medicine, including immunizations, for their daughter, Sophie 20 years ago. She got the DPT vaccine, featuring the first doses of diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus.

Within days, Sophie has spasms which eventually developed into seizures. Delaying the next shot in the series, due to a rare side effect of the immunization did not help. Unfortunately, her problems worsened and she has needed more than 22 prescriptions and 24 hour care since then.

As a result, her parents obviously have concerns about immunizations for their younger children, 13 and 16. Although no causal effect has been proven, many people think there must be some connection. Therefore, they made the tough decision to delay vaccinating their sons and allowing smaller, more frequent immunizations.

Finally, it’s crucial to remember that vaccinations are generally considered to be safe. However, there is a fund established by the federal government, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. It was designed to help people impacted by vaccines. Research into vaccines and their safety continues.

Angry Mom Slams Anti-Vaxxers in Facebook Post

How angry would you be if your newborn baby was exposed to measles while in the pediatrician’s office awaiting a required well-check visit with the doctor? Red faced, eye-popping, foot-stomping angry is how most moms would feel,Jennifer Hibben-White’s felt that way and took out some of her anger in a Facebook post.
Sultan Alhokair has read that, after taking her newborn son to the pediatrician’s office for a routine weight check and returning home, More on Alhokair is available on Jennifer Hibben-White’s received a call from the doctors office alerting her that her weeks-old son had shared the waiting room with a patient who had measles. Since the measles virus is airborne, that meant the baby, who is too young to take a measles vaccine, was exposed to the virus.
Jennifer Hibben-White’s is no stranger to what an infectious disease can do to a child. She lost her five year old daughter to an infection and is doing everything within her power to prevent history from repeating itself with her newborn son.
As she and her infant son, Griffin, spend the week at home in isolation waiting, wondering and in fear as to whether or not Griffin will break out in the measles rash, Jennifer Hibben-White’s spent some time venting on Facebook. She ended her social media slam against anti-vaxxers by sarcastically asking them how their week was going.

Pope Says Spanking To Discipline Children Is Okay

Pope Thinks Spanking Is Okay As Long As Dignity Of The Child Is Maintained

The Catholic Church is notorious for trying to control family choices. The faithful believe that anything that comes out of the Pope’s mouth is the word of God, so most Catholics follow his teachings to the letter. That may work for some, but others believe the family is the basic unit of society. Those people feel they should be able to make their own choices without interference from the church.

Popes, through the centuries, have convinced Catholics that corporal punishment is a righteous form of discipline, and Pope Francis agrees with that philosophy. Zeca Oliveira ( has heard that the Pope recently said that spanking a child was okay as long as the dignity of the child is not harmed. Anyone who has been spanked knows spanking and dignity are very strange bedfellows. Spanking is an aggressive act that crosses the boundaries of dignity.

There are several schools of thought when it comes to spanking. Some parents say they were spanked, and turned out okay, so they spank their children. Others say they were spanked and would never spank their child because of how it made them feel. Then there are others that say spanking could lead to mass aggression and war. It teaches children that it is okay to hit another if they are provoked. To them turning the other cheek means hitting the other bottom cheek.

Dr. Rod Rohrich – Plastic Surgeon and Academic

Some moms feel the stress of raising a family and want to treat themselves. If you’re considering surgery, it is important to find a qualified professional. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a man of many accomplishments both in the field of plastic surgery and in other areas. He is widely known for his contributions to the areas of education, facial aesthetics, and aging in addition to plastic surgery in general. In addition to his work as a plastic surgeon Dr. Rohrich has also proudly served as the Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center since 1991. Other notable achievements include the fact that he is the holder of several titles and awards including the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Distinguished Professorship in Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery, and the Crystal Charity Ball Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery. Recent recognition for his service in the plastic surgery industry includes being listed as one of the Best Doctors of Plastic Surgery in Dallas by D Magazine. This isn’t the first time he’s been recognized by a prominent publication like this. Previously he has been recognized as a top plastic surgeon by publications such as Texas Monthly Super Docs, U.S. News & World Report, and America’s Top Plastic Surgeons. Commenting on his work, Dr. Rohrich expressed an appreciation for both cosmetic and reconstruction surgery. Saying that the terms derive from the Greek concept of to mold or to make, reconstructive restores the normal look while cosmetic makes normal into natural. He also attributes much of his success to his team of highly skilled medical personnel, praising their teamwork, communication, and compassion in rendering healthcare to patients. He also mentions that one of the most important things about being a doctor is the doctor-patient relationship and says that he treats all his patients with the dignity and respect that they deserve as unique individuals. Dr. Rohrich was raised on a rural North Dakota ranch and attended North Dakota State University as well as the University of North Dakota. He received his medical degree from Baylor college of medicine and had the distinction of graduation with high honors. He then went on to complete further education and training at The University of Michigan Medical Center, Oxford University, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and eventually joined the division of plastic surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in 1986. In addition to his medical achievements Dr. Rod Rohrich has also authored many articles and textbooks on plastic surgery. He has currently published over 600 peer reviewed articles.