Securus’s New Innovation Enables Law Enforcement To Make New Connections

I don’t think you would feel very comfortable if you suddenly found out that every single one of your telephone calls was being recorded. That’s exactly what prisoners have to endure when they are incarcerated. Securus Technologies, a third-party telephone company that exclusively does business with prisons, records every single telephone call made to their facilities.


If you were a prisoner who was communicating with the outside world in order to plan criminal activities, you would be foolish to speak clearly on these telephone calls while being recorded. But a recent software innovation made by Securus Technologies allows law enforcement officers to use these telephone recordings to prevent crimes, create new leads and boost conviction rates.


All the software needs is a recording of a voice. The software then breaks the voice down into its simplest forms to create a vocal profile. That profile is then applied to the recorded database and every single match is produced immediately. This allows law enforcement officers to listen to every single telephone call involving that particular vocal signature.


This can lead to the discovery of criminal plans, but it’s most powerful use is connecting the dots. Law-enforcement can get their hands on a recording of a person of interest and then feed it into the software. Perhaps this person of interest is the head of an organized crime syndicate. Law enforcement officials can then see every single phone call that person has made into a prison. This allows them to see who that person of interest is connected to in the criminal world. It can lead to some shocking discoveries.


All of this recorded information can be used in court to help convict the criminal. It is incredibly important data and evidence that serves as another weapon that law enforcement officials can use for their advantage.


Scott Rocklage: A Managing Partner with Decades of Managing Experience

Venture Capital is a risky form of investment, but the 5 AM Ventures have successfully created a fortune from it. 5 AM is a firm that builds companies capable of generating significant returns for their different investors. Their primary focus is the building companies that are involved in creating solutions for the medicine and science sectors. The Companies that they have founded have developed approaches that treat and also prevent different medical conditions.



5 AM ventures use the hands-on approach when investing or starting a new Company. They assume short-term operating functions of the Company until it stabilizes and they continue to guide to the management team.



18 qualified professionals manage the 5 AM Ventures, and Scott Rocklage is one of them.



About Scott Rocklage



Scott Rocklage is a Managing Partner at the 5 AM Ventures. He joined the Company in 2003 as a Venture, and in 2004 he assumed the position of a managing partner.



Scott has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare management. Through his leadership skills, he managed to achieve the FDA approval for three New Drug Applications.



Throughout the years, he has served in different positions in various Companies. He was the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the Cubist Pharmaceuticals. At one point in his career, he was serving as the President and also the Chief Executive Officer of the Nycomed Salutar



Scott has served as a member of Board of Directors for different Companies including Relypsa and Novira. He is serving on the Board of Directors for Cidara, Epirus, Kinestral, Pulmatrix, and Rennovia.



Before joining 5 AM, Scott was serving as the Executive Chairman of llypsa which was later acquired by Amgen. He has also served in the same position at the Miikana and Semprus Companies.



Scott earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He later received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT. During his studies at MIT, Scott conducted research and published more than 100 peer-reviewed reports and articles. He has invented and also co-invented over 30 United States issued patents.




The Inseparable Duo of Fashion and Technology by Chris Burch

Over the years, technology has been advancing to meet the desires of the people. It is safe to say that technology has been growing fashionable over the years as people seek for better and simpler ways of doing things. Fashion, on the other hand, has been taken to greater heights by the advancing technology. Through it, fashion designers have come up with more sophisticated models or outfits that were not present about two decades ago.

There are several instances where technology advanced to meet the consumers demand in a fashionable way. One example is the evolving of a radio cassette in the early 70s. It was a very cool thing to own, having the capability of playing music on one tape while recording on the other. Over time, music playing devices have changed in both design and capability, mostly to meet consumer specifications. In other words, the technology meets the fashion needs of the customers.


On the other hand, fashion, especially recently, has been known to enhance technology with designers coming up with unique attires that meet the changing technology. For instance, there are shoes that can convert kinetic energy as one moves from one place to another and gets electrical energy to charge your phone. There are other many examples where fashion and technology intermarry and efficiently work together. A combination of technology and style will bring a very creative line of clothing that is attractive and useful in other ways. The designers are now free to use the internet as their toolbox or playground to experiment and finally come up with very different and unique irresistible products.

Chris Burch is a very creative, much diversified yet very successfully businessman. He has invested in different lines of businesses, gaining over 40 years of experience as a businessman. He started investing while still in college, a business that he co-Founded with his brother and later sold it at a very good price considering that he had only started with $2000. Chris has invested in successful real estate ventures, in the fashion and technology industry among others. Among his deals in real estate include developing luxury residential homes in Florida, Southampton and South Beach. As for fashion, Chris founded an apparel accessories and home decor retailer, which he later sold to diversify his expertise further.


Chris is currently the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is a happily married and a proud father who co-founded the Tory Burch, LLC in 2004 with his wife.

How Eric Pulier is determined of making the world a better place

For a very long time, successful entrepreneurs and business people have been seen to be the source of moving the American Industry forward something that increases the production of wealth and value. These individuals have always been responsible for directing the economy and the course of the future as they rule the entire market.

One person who belongs to this group of successful individuals is Eric Pulier. From what he has been able to achieve, Pulier can be described as the group’s driver as he directs the team. Though the group heads the market, within the group, there are individuals whose opinion counts including Eric.

Eric’s success story started after graduating from Harvard University. After his graduation, he directly founded his first company and called it People Doing Things. The firm aimed at using applied technology to help improve the education and healthcare industry. Ever since he was young, Eric had promised himself that he would try to make the world a better place and this has always been his motto. While working at making the world a better place, Eric continued making up new companies that created an inventive application of technology.

Apart from founding multi-billion dollar companies, Eric spends his time engaging in community outreach programs while helping other business enterprises become successful. Some of the firms he has helped to become successful include Digital Evolution, Akana, and ServiceMesh among others. He understands the concept that no man is an island and is he is to succeed; he has to help other firms succeed.

When it comes to engaging in charitable programs, Eric is one of the most influential board members an organization responsible for helping children suffering from chronic diseases, Painted Turtle. The group holds summer camps where these children come together to have a good time, interact and have fun. Eric has also involved himself with the XPRIZE Foundation which is a non-profit charity organization that focuses on inventing and developing technology solutions that help the general public in their day to day activities. Eric makes his donation to this foundation hoping in one way or another; the world will be made a better place.


Financial Services Professional Stephen Rotella: President Of StoneCastle Partners, LLC

Stephen Rotella is the president of the New York based financial services company StoneCastle Partners, LLC and CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management. The financial services professional has spent about 40 years in the industry, almost half of those with J.P. Morgan-Chase. He came to J.P. Morgan in 1987 after spending 3 years as vice president at Shearson Lehman. He had begun his career as a senior consultant for Accenture from 1978 until 1980 and then moved to The Reserve Group and was their vice president of product development for the next 6 years.


At J.P. Morgan Rotella held a wide range of positions in Chase’s mortgage business between 1987 and 1991. They included senior vice president of finance, marketing and product development. Then from 1991 until 1998 he was Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company as one of the executive vice president of servicing. Next he served as Chase Home Finance’s Chief Operating Officer for 3 years. In 2001 he was promoted to Chase Home Finance’s CEO and JP Morgan Chase’s executive vice president. In July 2003 Rotella became JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Chase Home Finance CEO. He also ran the Community Development Group of JP Morgan Chase.


In January 2005 Stephen Rotella Washington Mutual Incorporated Holdings Corporation’s president and Chief Operating Officer. He held the position until 2008. In 2011 Rotella became CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management. The high quality of his work and the success the company enjoyed led him to being promoted to president of StoneCastle Partners, LLC, the parent company of StoneCastle Cash Management. in 2014. During his many years in the financial services industry Rotella has been praised for his intensity, integrity, intelligence, teamwork and commitment.


Rotella graduated from Stony Brook University with a BA in economics in 1975. He then earned his MBA in Information Technology/Finance in 1978 from the University at Albany, SUNY. He also has a wide range of skills including strategic planning, financial services, business strategy, mortgage lending, program management, portfolio management, marketing strategy, mergers & acquisitions, banking, investments and cash management. He’s also fluent in English and Italian and has been on the board of numerous organizations. He also cares about arts and culture, economic empowerment, social action and civil rights.


Some of the organizations with which Rotella volunteers his time include LIFT, Inc., the Seattle Foundation, YouthCare Seattle, ArtsFund, BalletMet and The Papermill. A member of the National Association of Corporate Directors, was also Consumer Mortgage Coalition president, chairman of the Chase Housing Advisory Council, is a Mortgage Bankers Association board member as well as the Caliber Home Loans, Inc. advisory board member. Even after almost 40 years in the financial services industry Stephen Rotella still loves going to work.

Chris Burch Joins Fashion & Technology To Create Innovative New Concepts.

The charming arena of fashion garments, as well as imaginative areas of technological production, since the very origin of their trend setting foundations, are two very dissimilar areas of creativity that have transformed through several incarnations. Together these compelling facets of innovation have blossomed side by side over many decades. During the era of the funky 1970’s, a new-fangled tool began to flourish and become all the rage. It was a brand new conception – a mechanical product for distributing music, distinguished by the simple label “boom box.” This funky tool for sharing music instantly engrossed people with it. The tool provided the owner with a method to simply transport and play music. The purchaser now had the ability to spread their music out to a crowd of people or during a leisurely walk within their community. As soon as the 1980’s appeared, the tool began to recurrently appear in theaters and television shows. It was often associated with street-dancers and their trendy clothing styles. The 1990’s provided a new attitude, there was an improvement where the tool was produced small enough to place it on a wearer’s belt, inaudibly experienced from the arrival of headphones. One decade later, the tool was marketed as being even smaller, without any moving pieces, and was concealable within the consumer’s pant pocket. This innovative change in the tool’s size was the outcome of fashion’s influence.


That same pioneering technology is linking with fashion. Many producers of fashion garbs have manufactured items that are intended to defend the wearer and be a well-dressed accessory at the same time. A terrific example of a union of fashion with technological devices is the arrival of a decorative airbag for the consumer’s neck. The stylish airbag is joined with garments for use when riding a dirt bike; should the wearer have an accident, the garment blows up and the neck is kept protected.


Tools that are joined with technology & fashion have become a source of revenue for CEO and innovator for the renowned Burch Creative Capital, by Chris Burch. Burch is a creator of countless tools that join technology and fashion. Burch is accepted as a “power brander.”


He promotes his skill for branding and marketing by investigating a range of technology, joined with attire. He started Eagle’s Eye from $2,000, profiting to a $165 million business.



The Sunny Plumber Is Your Go To Plumber For Residential And Commercial Plumbing Needs

Locations Where The Sunny Plumber Is Found


The Sunny Plumber has locations in three states. They are in California, Arizona and Nevada. In Arizona, the Sunny Plumber services the metro Phoenix area. The Arizona office is located at 1845 West 1st Street, Suite #107, Tempe, Arizona 85281 and can be reached by calling 602.734.5106. Sunny Plumber also has a second Arizona location in Tucson, Arizona that services the city of Tucson and its surrounding communities. This location is located at 2551 North Dragoon Street, Suite #157, Tucson, Arizona 85745 and be contacted by calling 520.829.4735.


In Nevada, the Sunny Plumber is found in the city of Las Vegas, and services the Las Vegas Valley as well as some outlying areas. The address of the Nevada office is 7270 West Lake Mead Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89128. You can reach the office by dialing 702.602.0761. In California, the Sunny Plumber has an office location at 532 Malloy Court in Corona, California 92880. The office can be reached by calling 951.357.6597. The service area of the Sunny Plumber in California includes Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Gabriel Valley, the Inland Empire and various other scattered communities and townships throughout the state. Visit the Sunny Plumber’s California website to see the full list of communities serviced by the Sunny Plumber in California.


Services And Repairs Done By The Sunny Plumber


The Sunny Plumber can complete all basic plumbing repairs and jobs for both residential and commercial customers. This includes unclogging drains and toilets as well installing new water heaters systems. More complex tasks such as pipe replacement and sump pump installation is also done by the Sunny Plumber. You can also call the Sunny Plumber to diagnose and fix leaks including pipe, fixture and slab leaks. The Sunny Plumber also inspects and cleans sewer lines with state of the art technology.


Surgeon, author, woman.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman who seemingly cannot be stopped. There doesn’t appear to be any academic medical venture pertinent to her career that she didn’t undertake including graduating with highest honors from The University of Texas Medical Center, a prestigious fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York, and receiving an externship with Dr. Tom Baker and Dr. James Stuzin in Miami.


Her renown reaches far beyond her humble beginnings in Austin, Tx, with her nearly innumerable awards and recognition, she has been the recipient of the award for the Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, even receiving The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation presented to her by the American Medical Women’s Association.


Augmenting Dr. Walden’s vast resume and distinctions, her talent seems to know no bounds, recently named one of the best plastic surgeons in America by American Airlines magazine She is also the co-author of the award winning book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Never to be outdone, she is also a dedicated philanthropist being named runner-up for Woman of The Year by the South Central Texas chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, supported Food In Tummies, a program to provide reduced cost lunches to elementary school children.


Doctor Jennifer  Walden appears unstoppable and the epitome of excellence in everything that she makes herself apart of, only leaving us to wonder, is there anything this woman cannot only do, but perfect?

How Highland Capital has risen to be a top Credit Manager Company

Highland Capital Management is a global alternative credit manager company which offers a variety of credit-oriented products and also credit strategies to its customers. The firm was founded in 1993. James Dondero, who is the co-founder and president have an adequate experience in the equity and credit market. He started off as an analyst while in the Morgan Guaranty training program. Mark Okada who is the co-founder and chief investment officer is responsible for all investment activities done by the firm.


Currently, Highland manages assets worth approximately $15.4 billion. The company has offered solutions in alternative investments for over 20 years. The firm has a diversified client base all rooted in the credit market. Some of the credit strategies the firm specializes in include:

Long-only funds and separate accounts

Credit hedge funds

Collateralized loan obligations

Highland Capital also offers other alternative investments such as natural resources and emerging markets. Through the application of time-tested principles of investments, the firm can produce consistent returns.


Other companies with an urgent need of capital have gotten assistance from Highland Capital as the firm has invested in the distressed middle market. Some of the companies the firm has been involved in include:

Industrial companies

Telecommunication and Media

Healthcare services


The firm also offers alternative equity strategies. The strategies are focused on bringing back low-risk returns to the company as well as other investors. Through disciplined investment approach, the firm can generate good performance throughout different markets. The funds generated are also known as low beta equity investments.

Highland has also invested in the healthcare market. The firm delivers expertise in this sector whereby it manages assets worth more than $2 billion through fixed loans assets and income. The company has experience in managing both long and short books. It is through the proven track record of the company in the healthcare sector that more investors have full trust while working with Highland Capital Management.


Highland has also invested in the community whereby it is committed to impacting a change through donations to the local community and other nonprofit organizations within the community. The community welfare is among the top agendas emphasized by the firm. The firm works on uplifting the living standards of the community and people in need.




Patty Rocklage: Dedicated Professional

Patty Rocklage is an experienced professional. She has accomplished many triumphs in her career. She’s a renowned couple and family therapist. Her particular style of communication is often described as warm and inviting. She takes great pride in her ability to help all kinds of clients. She feels it’s a great privilege to be able to assist individuals, couples, and families that are trying to overcome life’s struggles.

On July 18, 2016, Patty and husband, Dr. Rocklage, made a huge announcement. They announced that they would be assisting with the costs of one of the department’s renovation at the university where Dr. Rocklage works. The nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab in Building 2 started renovation after the lab space had become overcrowded with project teams. The Department of Chemistry holds some sentimental value to Dr. Patty Rocklage, as it was where he carried out his Ph.D.

During the Rocklages’ visit, they were given a tour of the newly renovated facility. Professor Bawendi and two of his grad students eventually gathered everyone in the lab’s vestibule. There, they held a small ceremony and unveiled a plaque honoring the Rocklages. Some words of appreciations and acknowledgment were spoken about the Rocklages by several members of the department’s faculty.

There was also mention of a newsletter written by Dr. Rocklage in 2010. In it, he talked about his appreciation for Richard R. Schrock, the professional he studied under while obtaining his Ph.D. He also mentions the group of researchers he worked with and how fun it was to have such great minds all working together. The letter really showed how important this renovation is to the Rocklages.

The Rocklages are renovating their home. After seeing Sudbury Kitchen & Bath’s showroom, they decided to hire the company to renovate their house. The company’s showroom, now named the Sudbury Companies’ Design Center, inspired Patty with a number of renovation projects she’s always wanted to have done. When they first hired the company, they only wanted to renovate some smalls areas but that has since changed.