The Kabbalah Centre Demonstrates the Importance of Connection For Spiritual Growth

Many people seek out spirituality for different reasons. However, one of the main reasons for spirituality is growth. However, it is more often than not required for people to connect with one another in order for there to be any progress. After all, spiritual growth and maturity requires people to connect with the right people and learn from others what they can. While some people may believe that enlightenment is purely an emotional experience, the more advanced spiritual seekers appreciate the value of knowledge when it comes to spirituality. As a matter of fact, knowledge and information is going to give them the food they need in order to grow and become productive.

One of the best places to connect with other for spiritual growth is The Kabbalah Centre. This facility is very effective because of the many different disciplines they talk about. They tend to break down the walls that are often put up by religious leaders. One of the common things that are taught in religion is separation. The only issue with this is that this type of separation can bring people down from their intended level of harmony. With the right connections, they can reach the level of spiritual growth that is needed to live an effective life.

With the right connections, people will have an easier time reaching their spiritual goals. For one thing, they will learn some very important insights from others which include the types of manuscripts to read and the verses and passages to meditate on. They also get to learn about all of the different spiritual disciplines which include prayer, meditation and fasting. The right combination of these disciplines are going to bring people the level of spiritual growth they need to be able to satisfy the itch they have been struggling with all of their lives.

Equities First Holding Has No Catch

A global lender and a leader in alternative shareholder financing solutions, Equities First Holdings LLC., is seeing a increase in margin loans and stocked based loans. Many banks have change their lending options for borrowers. Therefore, credit based loans and equities lending is gaining more borrowers.

Founder and CEO of Equities First Holding Al Christy, Jr., sees collateralized loans by stocks as an alternative. Some consider margin loans and stock based loans to be synonymous. A margin loan the borrowed must be pre-qualified. A conventional bank loans requires the money to be used for specific purpose.

However, the lending firm may liquidate the borrowers collateral without letting them first. A stock based loan borrowers can expect a fixed interest rate between three a d four percent, no restrictions on the loan. Also the money can be used for any purchase.

Equities First Holdings, LLC, since 2002, has provided clients with alternative financing solutions. Also EFH provides Capital against shares traded on public exchanges. EFH is a global company with offices in nine countries, the company has completed more than 650 transactions worth $1.4 billion to date.

EFH provides securities based lending services. It provides loan based on It’s evaluation of the risk associated with stocks and bonds over fourteen years of expertise experience. Mr. Al Christy Jr., was a loan originator at Fidelity Investments, who attended Indiana University. An employee at EFH get bonuses’ every time a loan is repayed for doing a great job. Also a boost for them to stay happy and positive.

How Eva Moskovitz is Transforming the Education Landscape

Eva Moskovitz is the founder of Success Academy Charter Schools. Success Academy is a network of schools that uses a unique learning model to teach children. Success Academy prioritizes writing and encourages children to read and write extensively on their own. The school has one of the highest rates of proficiency in English in the whole state. The school goes to extensive lengths to train its teachers and to make sure that they can adopt the strategies that the school uses. The model of Success Academy has been modeled. Many other schools are following this example.


Eva studied at the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. Moskovitz went on to study at John Hopkins University where she got her Doctorate in American history. She has been involved in the education sector throughout her career. This has helped her to gain the knowledge that she has today. Moskovitz was a visiting professor at the University of Virginia for one year before becoming an assistant professor at Vanderbilt University.


Eva served as the chair of the faculty seminar in American studies at Columbia University for three years. Moskovitz also served as the director of public affairs at Prep school. She was also the director of ReadNet. This is a literacy program. These roles helped her to gain insight into the workings of the school and how they could be transformed to offer better learning experiences. Eva also served as a city council member in New York City where she served as the chair of the Education Committee.


Eva said that zoning is one of the factors that are slowing the growth of America’s education system. She says that zoning affects children who come from different neighborhoods. This has lowered the quality of education. Moskovitz has advocated that charter schools must be funded in the same way as public non-charters. She says that this will help the schools to offer better and personalized attention to each student. She also added that class sizes should be reduced so that the teachers can have an easier time educating the students.

Human Rights Advocate, Thor Halvorssen founder and CEO Human Rights Foundation.

Thor Halvorssen is half Venezuelan, half Norwegian Film producer, Human rights Activists, and the founder of Human Rights Foundation, which is based in New York. Halvorssen was born in Caracas and descends from a family of royals and very influential freedom fighters. His mother, for example, is a descendant of Cristobal Mendoza, the first President of Venezuela. Thor is well versed in matters to do with activism and has experienced firsthand effects after his father subjected to severe torture while in Caracas prison for exposing corruption. Thor lost his mother to a shooting that happened during an anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration.

Halvorssen is the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, a gathering that is held annually, devoted for human rights. He is also a Patron for Children’s Peace Movement, a children’s rights group based in Czech. Thor has become an influential public figure with his opinions, getting publications from large media houses and newspapers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Nation and Time Magazine. He has also appeared for interviews in Mainstream Media houses such as BBC News, al-Jazeera, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel. In 2010, Thor made a stage appearance at TEDx, hosted at the University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to his influential personality and popularity in his work, Thor has found himself on the wrong side of the law many times. One event includes when he had traveled to interview the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Patriarch Thich Quang Do, on why his church was banned, and he was put under house arrest for 28 years. Vietnamese authorities arrested and detained him together with his cameraman, but his camera man was fortunate to sneak out with his interview record.

Thor states that he will maintain a strong stand against tyranny and discrimination. Through his foundation, this works closely with other affiliate foundations. His Foundation has devoted to promoting political rights and liberate political prisoners. Since its inception, the HRF has achieved many missions such as ensured release of seven political prisoners and provided evidence to many major human rights international cases around the world. for more .

Focus On OSI Group’s President and COO, David McDonald

David McDonald is currently serving as the OSI Group’s president as well as chief operating officer. Previously, he served as the project manager of the OSI Industries. He also serves as the chair of North American Meat Institute. He has also been an autonomous director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A. from 2008. This was after the acquisition of the OSI Group businesses in Brazil and Europe by the Marfrig Frigoificos e Comercio de Alimentos. David McDonald sits on the board of directors at OSI Group. He is charged with the responsibility of serving as a director at OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty Limited. David McDonald went to the Iowa State University where he graduated with an Animal Science degree.

David McDonald’s Reactions to the Acquisition of Baho Food

David McDonald OSI Group made an announcement on August 8, 2016 that it had acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company involved in the manufacture of deli meats, convenience foods as well as snacks. Baho Food, which used to serve the retail and foodservice segments, was acquired for an unknown amount. OSI Group’s COO and president, David McDonald, in a statement, stated that the deal would allow the group to expand its business within Europe once the government gave its approval. David further explained that Baho Food’s portfolio of brands and products complemented OSI Group’s current strengths in processing. The portfolio would further broaden the capabilities of the group in satisfying the changing needs of its customers in the best way possible.

Role of David McDonald in Improving OSI Group’s Sustainability

In July 2016, OSI Group released its Global Sustainability Report for 2016/17. Mr. McDonald stated that the group was fully committed to conduct its business in a sustainable and reasonable manner. This involves evolving business practices to achieve operational efficiencies to enhance its employees’ lives, sustain environmental resources and support its global communities. The group targets to reduce its water and energy intensity by 10% as well as achieve a zero-waste-to-landfill status by 2020.

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White Shark Media Obtains Numerous Positive Reviews from its Clients


White Shark Media has earned a spot on the list of North America-headquartered agencies that are recording rapid growth. It derives its fast-paced rise from its reputation of creating solid and affordable search marketing campaigns. This entity has mastered the art of creating an exciting customer experience. The boutique agency has facilitated the growth of many small businesses in North America by supplying them with state-of-the-art online marketing tactics coupled with a suite of exclusive marketing tools.


White Shark Media has received high ratings and positive comments from grading sites such as Yelp and its clients. Most customers highlight the great strides they have made in their businesses by leveraging marketing solutions offered by White Shark. The firm’s employees have also received compliments for their willingness to help, professionalism, and prompt response.


Top reviews and comments from prominent clients


  1. California-based Medical Service


This company has received services from White Shark Media for several years. Its direct contact person is Robert. The firm’s manager has highly rated the communication abilities of Robert. This company has recorded significant improvement in the performance of AdWords campaigns since White Shark tasked Robert with the responsibility of overseeing their growth.


  1. New Hampshire-headquartered real estate


This company has seen tremendous growth since it started utilizing White Shark’s pragmatic marketing solution. Its AdWords campaigns are recording incredible performance. The customer praises Robert, the contact person, for his ability to respond to calls promptly and answer question professionally.


  1. Florida-based Installation Services


The performance of this business highly depends on the season. However, the client is happy with the progress the firm makes throughout the year. The company has recruited more customers, especially during the high seasons.


  1. Texas-based Security Services


This company has worked in close cooperation with White Shark Media for a couple of years. At first, Damaris was in charge of AdWords campaigns. She did a great job and earned the respect of this company. Currently, Robert manages the marketing campaigns for this company. This client appreciates the role White Shark has played in optimizing the marketing strategies.


High rate of client retention


White Shark Media maintain a high customer retention rate due to its constant engagement with clients and development of strong alliances. The company has more than 150 workers spread in three nations. They are continually improving their skills in Display Advertising, Bing Ads, and Google Analytics. These skills enable them to develop unique campaigns for new customers and to enhance the existing ones.



Do You Like Wine? Do You Like Money?

Yes, wine and money can go together if you know how to do it. You can make money with Traveling Vineyard. You can host a wine tasting party and sell varietal and chateau wines to your friends.

When you host a wine tasting party, Traveling Vineyard will help you set it up. They will provide the invitations, the wines, the snacks, and prizes. They will also provide order forms so that you can sell wines to your friends. Eighty per cent of all wine sales are impulse sales. That means that they are bought on the spur of the moment, and not a planned thing.

With a wine tasting party where people know that wines are the subject, and they will be offered some fine varietal and chateau wines, they will be much more than apt to purchase a number of bottles.

Traveling Vineyard wines are some of the best in the world. Their tasters travel the world to the best chateaux and only purchase the tastiest, most time-tested wines available. It is not easy for wines to get the Traveling Vineyard label. They must be quality wines.

The next thing to do would be to ask one of your friends to host a wine tasting party. From there, you will gain more customers. While your older customers are reordering, you will be getting new ones. It only gets better from there. It can be as big or as little as you want. For more details, contact Traveling Vineyard today!

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Health Insurance Coverage from USHEALTH Group of Companies

USHEALTH Group is a Texas-based insurance holding company that specializes in providing health coverage to small business owners and self-employed persons. The family of companies has served more than 15 million clients for the over 50 years that they have been in service. The company has been providing personalized and innovative insurance solutions through its subsidiaries: Freedom Life Insurance and National Foundation Life. Their agents are responsible for the sale of various coverage options to families that cannot afford comprehensive medical insurance.



About USHEALTH Group



Unforeseen events such as illnesses and accidents happen every day, leaving families with high financial debts. USHEALTH Group protects families from such unforeseen events by providing affordable coverage, allowing them to save more money to pay their bills and meet their daily living expenses. Anyone enrolled in USHEALTH Group health policy can buy insurance without any additional underwriting. Some of the insurance covers provided by USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries include short-term medical-surgical coverage, critical illness insurance, and life insurance. Other coverage options include dental insurance, vision coverage, specified disease/sickness insurance, and accident coverage.



Various Health Coverage Options



They have the MedGuard critical illness insurance policy, which provides coverage for medical treatment with the exception of non-medical expenses. MedGuard provides a lump-sum cash payment to anyone diagnosed with a covered condition. The Accident Protector Policy covers the out of pocket costs such as deductibles, copayments, or any other expenses not covered by the insurance policy. They also give a lump sum pay out if you have an injury from an accident or an injury that resulted in a loss.



Secure Dental has three coverage options including Saver plan, Saver Plus plan, and Premium plan. The three plans provide a $50 deductible for an individual and $150 for family’s preventive care, Orthodontic Care Service, as well as Basic and Major Care. The 10-year renewable LifeProtector insurance coverage provides financial security for individuals and families too. It provides protection in the events of unexpected death and helps with obligations such as car payment, childcare, educational expenses, and mortgage payment. The term life insurance benefits are mostly free from income tax for the beneficiaries.






Therefore, USHEALTH Group protects you from any eventualities that may happen to you or your family. They have an A- BBB rating of 3.9 out of 5 while their online reviews are also attractive. They are always coming up with new products and services that meet the clients ever changing health insurance needs.


Shopping Online Is Improved With Fabletics

When people shop online for clothing, there is already a huge advantage over shopping at a clothing mall. For one thing, the internet introduces people to more styles and forms of fashion. After all, a lot of the styles they would see online are not available at the local mall. One of the reasons that they are unable to find some very unique styles locally is because the businesses that provide these styles are not available. Therefore, they have to settle for what is available. However, the internet increases the options for people. That said, there are limits to what they can get.


One of the limits that people face when they try to shop online is how simple and easy it is to pay for the items. In many cases, it can be a little lengthy and confusing for people to get the clothes they want because of the way the checkout process is set up. This can cause a lot of people to be frustrated and even back away from shopping online. Fortunately, there are other options for shopping online for clothes. People can find style even with activewear. They manage to do this with Fabletics.


Fabletics is a large online retailer. This company has a lot of popularity because of the wide range of clothing and accessories that are available for customers of various sizes. Given that Fabletics has decided to be all inclusive, people of all sizes are going to want to pay for the products because they know they will look good in the products. However, the best part of the experience is that it centers in on the customer. Therefore, the customer has an even greater influence over Fabletics than with other clothing companies.


The best aspect of Fabletics is that the checkout process is very simple. People can easily pick their items and then pay for them. Afterwards, it is only a little bit of time before they get their products. Also, their membership offers a lot of benefits that customers could take advantage of. Fabletics offers customers a simple experience of looking stylish while saving money.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Uses the Latest Technology to assist Patients and give them the best Medical Care

Multiple sclerosis can be fought using stem cells transplant. This is according to the recent study findings by the NIH. The results from this research showed that a patient’s own blood cells stem transplants could prolong remission of MS symptoms. This treatment is referred to as high dose immunosuppressive therapy and the hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT or HCT).Five years after receiving the therapy dose, at least 69% of the patients that participated in the study did not experience any symptoms of MS. Neither did they develop new brain lesions or experience a relapse.

It may be true that more studies need to be conducted in this area but the findings indicate that the single intervention is enough to offer more effective results compared to continuous usage of MS drugs. This study was named HALT-MS and it involved 24 clinical subjects aged from 26 years to 52 years of age.

There seems to be hope in making HCT the alternative treatment for this devastating disease considering how great the findings from the research were. In fact, it may very well be an option for patients that are not responding to other kinds of treatments.

About Shiva Gopal

Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a neurologist based in New Jersey and is part of the staff at Kennedy university hospital. He graduated from medical school in 1979 from the government medical college based in Nagpur. He has over four decades of active medicine practice, which equips him with all the necessary knowledge and skills in his field. He has a postgraduate degree from the Boston city hospital.

Shiva has a certification in neurology. He currently practices in Voorhees, New Jersey. He has a special interest in helping patients with MS and accepts all forms of covers. His skills in his area makes him one of the most reliable doctors.