Hacks For A Healthier Life

One of the ways that you can tone your arms and work on the muscles in the back is to add some weights to your hair dryer. You could even add smaller ones to your brush or hair straightener. According to Wengie, If you have long hair, the extra weight will give your arms a good workout since you’re going to spend a bit of time drying the hair or getting it straight. Even simple things will help build the muscles in the arms, such as cooking with heavier pans or carrying a heavy jug of water.


If you check your watch or phone to see how much time has passed since you started walking or running, you might find that it takes longer to complete the distance than if you weren’t checking the time. Make a running playlist with songs that will last for the length of time that you want to run. Once you start listening to the songs, then you’ll be able to know the last two or three songs that are played that will signal the end of your exercise routine. Listening to music is a good way to get through your routine without thinking about what you’re doing. You can add more songs to increase your fitness goals.


A great way to eat healthy without thinking too much about it is to replace something you always snack on with a healthier option. Substitute fruits and vegetables for chips and cookies or water for soft drinks. Work on one thing at a time until you change your eating habits.


The Traveling Vineyard: A Lucrative Opportunity And A Great Experience

The Traveling Vineyard is a business concept that provide wine lovers with the opportunity to host in-home wine-tasting events and earn extra income. It’s a fun, fulfilling, legitimate opportunity to work from home by acting as wine guides. Wine guides don’t have to be stuffy experts. They’re friendly, laid back and self reliant and are given a Success Kit with everything they need including order forms, start-up guides, a Sommology kit, marketing materials and lots of support. At the wine tasting events guests can try five different wine varieties chosen from the exclusive inventory of the Traveling Vineyard.

At Traveling Vineyard wine-tasting events guests gather at the host’s home and enjoy a relaxing, entertaining evening where they learn about and taste several wines and are given an opportunity to order some. The events enable hosts to earn extra income and recruit others to host events. The events are like a winery tour except guests are given the chance to become independent wine consultants for The Traveling Vineyard. The host receives an average marketing fee of between $100 and $150 from each event. They also get a wonderful feeling from introducing people to great wines.

The Traveling Vineyard was founded by Rick Libby in 2001. At the time he was Chief Marketing Officer for the U.S.A.’s leading direct-to-home wine distributor, Geerlings & Wade, Inc. His first wine tasting event which was held in Tampa, Florida was a rousing success. Since then The Traveling Vineyard has become a national enterprise with independent wine consultants in several states. Libby is now president of both The Traveling Vineyard and Phoenix Vintners, Inc., its parent company. The Traveling Vineyard is a member of Free the Grapes, WineAmerica and the Direct Selling Association.

The Traveling Vineayard offers wine guides more than just easy, flexible, work-from-home job opportunities. It also provides exciting adventures, new lifelong friendships and many other great perks. The company also offers the training, tools and support needed for excelling in the direct sales industry. Each independent wine consultant is assigned a regional leader to provide guidance and answer any questions they may have. The company also offers an online training center called the Tasting Room which offers introductions to wines, team and business building tips and step-by-step instructions for conducting a wine tasting.

The Traveling Vineayard’s annual Harvest conference and regional events combine fun activities with targeted learning opportunities, training sessions, and the chance to connect to other wine consultants.

Lori Senecal’s Success At KBS

Back in 2009, a powerful marketing agency in New York City named KBS was on its way down. The original founders were in their final year of their earn-outs. The entire company was run like a family business where once you’re in, you were in; the founders had your back. But the old way of doing things in the marketing industry was dying. The digital age was ushering in a new way of doing things. As a result, KBS was losing employees and clients on a weekly basis.

That’s when the founders brought in Lori Senecal, a blue-eyed Canadian woman that shocked the marketing world by getting her name on the door of a New York marketing office so young. She was put in charge of bringing KBS into the new age.

She quickly transitioned the marketing firm to more social and digital platforms. Client retention immediately shot through the roof. The original founders of the firm wanted to foster an environment of invention where entrepreneurs could spin their entrepreneurial wheels. Lori Senecal quickly developed a culture ripe for entrepreneurial invention. https://www.shootonline.com/news/tags/13820

KBS turned into a place of invention. She ran inventing contests with her employees in order to foster this environment. She created a culture where people thought big, took big chances and invented the next big thing. KBS was not interested in incremental innovation. This kind of leadership quickly took KBS global. They broke out of their New York City bubble to span across the planet.

Lori Senecal did all of this while being a self-described shy introvert. Her closet is like that of Superman, except every outfit is black. She has a reputation for focusing on growth and profits over human connection. But what she lacks for in one-on-one personal interaction, she makes up for in creating invigorating and inspiring cultures within the workforce.

Her success at KBS caught the attention of CP + B. they made her an offer she could not refuse, and she became the Global CEO of the advertising firm. Her leadership has already paid off with a company growing to 800 employees worldwide. Read full article published on Huffington Post.

To learn more about Lori Senecal, visit her Fast Company profile.

Betsy Devos: At The Forefront of America’s Education Reforms

Elizabeth Betsy Devos is a person who has always worked for the betterment of society. As an entrepreneur and philanthrope, Betsy has been involved with numerous projects for the benefit of the community and society in sectors dealing with education, arts, and medical research.

Betsy was recently nominated as the Republican party candidate for the position of Education Minister by President Donald Trump. She and her husband Dick DeVos have extended enormous amounts of support to the party both in the recent elections and in the elections of 2004.

Betsy and her husband founded the DeVos Family Foundation, an organization that aims to support and fund organizations and projects which can help improve the quality of life in the society.

Check here: http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about

Through this organization, the couple has donated enormous amounts of money to organizations that the Republican Party supports. One of the organizations that the couple supports if the Education Freedom Fund. As part of this, the couple provides scholarships to students who have shown exemplary talent in various fields but come from underprivileged backgrounds. The couple aids these students so that they can receive a better quality of education from private schools to better develop their skills. Read more on NYpost.

Betsy has always been an advocate for various reforms of the education system in America. She was at the forefront of the ‘school vouchers movement,’ whose purpose was to provide American kids with better educational facilities in public schools much like those found in expensive private schools. She also pushed for all American schools to be graded based on the testing grading system so that parents would get a better idea of which schools are good and which aren’t. She believed that parents having this information would enable them to make better judgments and better aid their child’s growth.

The DeVos Family Foundation also provides numerous scholarships to students graduating with an MBA from Northwood University, Dick DeVos’ alma mater. Along with the constant support of the education system and her recent nomination, Betsy plans to revolutionize the American education system and better equip American children for the future.

Besides education, Betsy DeVos is also a passionate supporter or the arts and has funded numerous organizations that help society progress in the artistic fields. During the tenure of President George Bush, Betsy was on the board of directors for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Currently, DeVos serves as the chairwoman of Winquest, a private investment company. The company is known to invest in projects that help the environment and provide a greener alternative source to fossil fuels and extinguishable energy.

Betsy was also a member of the Republican party committee in 1992 and later was appointed to the position of chairwoman in 1996

George Soros Expects A Tough Road Ahead As Trump Takes Office

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland of 2017 coincided with the arrival of President Donald Trump in the U.S. White House and gave politicians and financial leaders from around the world the chance to discuss what they believe they expect to occur in the world in the coming years. Much was expected from the speech given by hedge fund billionaire George Soros to the Forum, particularly after the well known liberal philanthropist had provided around $25 million in backing for the campaign of Trump’s election opponent Hillary Clinton.

Many feel George Soros is in a strong position to provide his views on an Administration that has been backed by right wing figures across the U.S. and has been strongly linked to the Russian regime of President Vladimir Putin. Soros himself has a strong understanding of the problems faced under authoritarian rule on Business Insider after he survived the Nazi Occupation of his home country of Hungary and the following establishment of a restrictive socialist government following the end of World War II.

George Soros has been quick to link the work of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as following similar themes and directions that have proven worrying for the hedge fund manager with an estimated fortune of $25 billion who has donated more than $12 billion to political and charitable causes on Forbes. To show the similar themes of the Trump and Putin Administrations, George Soros pointed to the use of the Internet and Social Media platforms by Putin as being replicated by the Trump Administration; Soros has pointed to the fact President Putin originally tries to restrict access to Social Media before embracing it is a way of spreading propaganda and misinformation to the masses. Similar tactics were employed by Donald Trump’s campaign on Snopes during the election cycle as Russian operatives destabilized the democratic process during the election to aid a Trump victory.

One of the major fears George Soros expressed during his appearance at the World Economic Forum was the tendency of President Trump to sail close to establishing a dictatorship through his words and actions. Over the course of the campaign and time as the President Elect, George Soros believes the contradictions in the policies of Donald Trump have been highlighted and show the problems facing a divisive group of policy makers and advisors. If the Trump Presidency continues in this vein a global shift in power could take place with many restrictive regimes being embraced by the U.S., and the Chinese shift towards capitalism and democracy drawn closer to the traditionally powerful areas of Western Europe where trade deals will become more important as the European Union faces major problems caused by an unstable global situation.

What’s Adam Milstein’s Secret to Success?

Adam Milstein is a successful Real Estate Investor and Developer. He immigrated to the United States from Israel, received his MBA from USC, and started his own real estate investment and management company, Hager Pacific Properties. He is also very active in the Israeli-American community and is the co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He also serves on the boards of Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, AISH Los Angeles, AIPAC National Council and the Israel on Campus Coalition. Adam served in the Israeli Defense Forces and is a veteran of the Yom Kippur War.

So What’s the Secret?

So what’s the secret to all of his success? Follow up, persistence, and consistency in all aspects of life. Adam Milstein had run his personal and professional life with those habits and it has led him up the ladder of success.

In a recent article on ideamensch.com, he recounted his struggles from his arrival in the United States and his subsequent success in real estate. He arrived in America with the idea to be a successful businessman. He obtained his USC MBA but learned that the job market wasn’t offering the kind of money he needed to support his family. So, instead of settling for a lesser paying position, he struck out on his own, forming Hager Pacific Properties with David Hager.

What Does He Recommend?

Adam gets to the point when advising budding entrepreneurs. He said people need to view their success as a long game, his biggest mistake was trying to get too successful too fast. In the article, he said, “The way to succeed is not the quick way but the long way.”

His next recommendation is to stay focused on the most important thing in life, family. The best $100 he recently spent was on a meal with his family.

His third piece of advice is to always follow up on every contact and lead received. Don’t let them slip by, the ignored one might be the one that leads to a great deal.

Follow Adam Milstein on LinkedIn today.

Innovative Health Coverage through USHEALTH Group


USHEALTH Group, founded in 1982 and based in Fort Worth, Texas, is a provider of Life, Specific Disease/Sickness, Accident, Disability, and other insurance policies. The company offers some of these policies through their subsidiaries, Freedom Life Insurance Company, and National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The policies offered by USHEALTH Group can be customized to meet each customers particular needs in coverage options, affordability, and flexibility.

Leading USHEALTH Group is President, Chief Executive Officer, and Member of the Board Troy McQuagge. Other top executives are Executive Vice President and Chief Administration Officer Konrad Kober, and Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer Cynthia Koenig. In addition to other rewards won by people at the company, Troy McQuagge won the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellency Awards.

Among the insurance policies offered is their PremierChoice plan. This plan features no calendar year deductibles, and First Dollar coverage. If you need more coverage added to the policy you can do so without additional underwriting being required. The plan can be used at any hospital and/or doctor. While the plan does not meet the ACA essential health benefits plan requirements, it can be added to in order to qualify or it can be used as a supplement to the patient’s ACA plan.

Research shows that 49% of workers, in the event they became disabled, would having difficulty supporting themselves in less than one month. Due to this, and because a disabling injury happens in the United States about every second, USHEALTH Group offers a short term accident disability policy called the Income Protector. They offer plans for 3, 6, and 12 months of coverage in the event you become injured under a covered accident and are unable to work, which will help with bill payments and general expenses.

USHEALTH Group also offers an innovative life insurance policy, called the LifeProtector. This term life insurance product can be renewed every 10 years in order to help your loved ones financially if something unforeseen happens to you. The plan costs are from $10 to $50 a month, in $5 increments. Not only does this plan provide peace of mind but it’s also not taxable for the beneficiaries.

Jose Borghi : The Advertsing Figure to Emulate

Jose Borghi has been very influential in shaping the advertising industry in Brazil. Borghi was a big name in this industry even way before he started his very own ad company, Mullen Lowe. His success can be attributed to great campaign ads that have come to be loved and rooted deep in the minds of Brazilians, meaning that they have been very effective.

Jose Borghi was born in a Small town, President Prudente. His humble background has got everything to do with his success. His struggles have inspired him to be the most successful advertiser that he is today. His success began as a dream when in high school. In third year, his sister took him to the Castro Neves theatre where he was to watch various ads that had won awards in the Lions Cannes Film Festival. From there, he knew that this was the field he wanted to pursue. So when he joined Catholic University, Campinas he took a course in advertising.

Fresh from PUC, Borghi got his first job, at Standard Ogilvy, as a copywriter. He stayed with the company since 1988 to 1994, when he moved to DM9DDB. By then, his ad skills had grown to an extent that he was taking projects with big brands such as Parmalat Mammals and Itau. He later left the company and joined Leo Burnett. He also worked for Talent and FCB before deciding to start his own ad company. That was back in the year 2006 when he and his very good friend Errh Ray started BorgiErrh, with no capital and no investors.A few years later, he was to buy Errh Ray our and change the company name to Borghi Lowe. Today the company is known as Mullen Lowe and about two years ago, they merged with Mullen Lowe Group.

Eric Lefkofsky: Winning The Fight Against Cancer Through Technology

Eric Lefkofsky is a renowned businessman and one of the most influential tech figures in Chicago. He is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, a tech company that takes a smarter approach in its quest towards the development of a cancer cure. In the course of his life, Eric Lefkofsky has donated millions of dollars towards the pursuit of a cure for cancer. Besides Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is also the founder and CEO of Groupon global e-commerce open market where merchants can meet their customers. Eric Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with bachelor’s degree in law. He got his JD from the University of Michigan Law School in 1994.




Eric Lefkofsky is a private equity expert, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial skills manifested during his days at the University of Michigan where he would sell carpets to residents and businesses. After college, he co-founded Brandon Apparel with Brandley Keywell, but the pair decided to venture into the more lucrative tech business after the company failed to take off. His first tech company, Starbelly, was purchased by Halo industries a few years later for 240 million dollars. Starbelly’s success inspired the birth of Lefkofsky’s chain to tech companies. In his book, Accelerated Disruption, Lefkofsky shares his vast knowledge on how to develop and grow a business idea with aspiring entrepreneurs.


Tempus Inc.


Tempus is a technology company that utilizes machine learning and interactive analytics platform to help doctors deliver a personalized care for cancer patients. The company’s aim is to build the largest library of molecular and clinical data in the world and make that data accessible and useful to physicians. Gathering data will enable cancer patients to benefit from others who came before them. Tempus has made huge strides towards the development of the cure for breast, lung and pancreatic cancer so far and will expand to other forms of cancer soon.  Read  more here  http://shiakapos.com/eric-lefkofskys-biggest-deal-yet-hes-using-data-to-fight-cancer/




The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, founded in 2006 by Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz is aimed at enhancing the quality of human life through culture, art, human rights and education. The foundation has donated millions of dollars to cancer research institutes and universities in Chicago and all over America.


Customers Praise Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies assists law enforcement by providing technological solutions for everything from investigations to inmate monitoring. They recently released a series of comments from various facility customers regarding the products used to prevent inmate on inmate crimes. All of the comments came from officials whose job it is to make jails and prisons safer places for inmates and the people who work there.

Many of the comments referred to technology used to monitor inmate phone calls and the ways in which officers were able to use information gained from those calls in investigations and arrests. One call in particular had detailed information regarding what a witness was to say to police officers regarding a shooting. Another phone call gave information on a corrupt employee who was later arrested. But the phone monitoring is not the only valuable service provided by Securus. People were very glad of the reporting data, covert alret feature, and the LBS software.

Securus Technologies has issued an open invitation to current customers as well as those currently under contract with competitors to come visit their technology center in Dallas, Texas in order to learn more about all of the valuable services that Securus provides.

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. In 2016, they received an A+ rating as well as accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. They currently serve about 2,600 facilities across 45 states.