WEN Cleansing Conditioners Have The Power To Transform Hair

Chaz Dean and his team created WEN cleansing conditioners for women who needed help controlling their hair as well as maintaining it at an affordable cost. WEN cleansing conditioners have been designed to clean out all the product buildup from the scalp with maintaining its natural moisture and oils. QVC advertised WEN is highly effective and works on all types of hair, be it fine, thick, curly, oily, dry, and more. It goes without saying, WEN cleansing conditioners do wonders for damaged hair. This is why Bustle Magazine writer, Emily McClure, tested the product out on her very fine hair.

Emily is highly skeptical of hair care products, as there are a large number of them out there that do not deliver on the results they promise, nor are many of them actually healthy for the hair in the long term. With her very fine hair, she’s always had trouble doing what she wants with it, which inspired her to try WEN after seeing so much hype around it. Wen is also able to be used with other styling products in the hair, depending on whether or not they contain chemicals. Within a couple days of using WEN, Emily actually started to notice results from the product, and within the week she set out to use it, it had provided the results she had heard about. The results can vary for different hair types and conditions, not to mention other products that are put into the hair.

Emily was happy to give a good review on the product, especially after see how effective it was one her hair and the results she saw within a couple days. In her published review, Emily put up photos showing offer what her hair looked like at the beginning of her journey, and at the end. The results are clearly noticeable. This experience was enough to convince Emily, the skeptic, to become an avid user of WEN cleansing conditioners. To learn more, follow Wen on twitter and like the official product page on https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/.

Get Wen here http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/


Securus Technology Stifles Crime

People can easily be tracked in a digital age. When you walk down the street, your cell phone is constantly pinging cell towers. Little bits of information from your phone is bouncing off towers in all directions at all times of the day. With just a little bit of technical know-how, someone could hack your phone and see your whereabouts 24 hours a day.


 When you log into your email, you likely see a bunch of advertisements on the screen that are tailored to your tastes. That’s because Internet search algorithms sell your preferences to advertisers so that you see exactly what you want to see, increasing the chances of the purchase. And every purchase is tracked and sold by your credit card company.


 That is the kind of tracking that the average person must risk. Most people are are unaware of it or simply don’t care. But prisoners on the inside will soon find out they have nothing to hide from law enforcement. Securus Technologies just debuted a tracking software that can tell law enforcement just what prisoners and their friends are talking about.


 The software analyzes anyone’s voice recorded on a telephone call going in or out of the prison in order to record that person’s vocal signature. That vocal signature acts like a fingerprint that can be searched by the computer. Law enforcement that has instant access to every telephone call you’ve ever made while in prison.


 This technology can act as a deterrent and stop inmates from coordinating criminal activities with people outside of prison. But on the flipside, inmates can also be exonerated by the technology. If suspected of criminal activity, the prisoner can use phone records to illustrate how the prisoner was out of the loop and not involved. It is a technology that benefits both sides.

Kevin Seawright Works With Newark Businesses To Help Youth Find Work

Kevin Seawright served as chief financial officer at the Newark Economic Development Corporation. During his stint at this non profit organization he helped create a program that connected local businesses and corporations seeking workers with local youth who were looking for jobs. The program proved to be a major success and helped hundreds of Newark city young people find jobs and internships at local companies and businesses.

Banks such as PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, TD Bank, Gibraltar Bank and Bank Of America teamed up with the Newark Economic Development Corporation to give recent college graduates from the city of Newark a chance to intern at their companies. Many of the bank internships were paid. Additionally, the recent graduates could have been offered permanent positions at the banks.

Another part of the cooperation between the NEDC and banks in the city of Newark was an educational outreach to young people. Financial representatives from Newark banks agreed to conduct seminars for young people about responsible budgeting and financial management.

An opportunity was also given for people to open up checking and savings accounts at participating banks. Many of the area banks agreed to participate because it allowed them to market directly to local residents and open up new deposit accounts.

Besides the internships at financial institutions, local youth had the chance to apply for jobs at local companies and small businesses.

The work could have been permanent, seasonal or part time. Thousands of people applied from the city and hundreds of young people were given the opportunity to find jobs within their community. This is just one way that Kevin Seawright is working on reestablishing Newark as a safe and prosperous community once again.

According to Xing, Kevin Seawright has extensive executive and leadership experience. He recently completed an executive leadership masters program at the Mendoza School of Business of Notre Dame University. Mr. Seawright worked as the deputy director of the Baltimore City School District for over seven years.

This was a position of great responsibility where he oversaw hundreds of school building operations and personnel. Kevin Seawright has also worked in the private sector for contracting firms such as Tito’s Contractos in Washington D.C. and consulting firm KLS Political Services.

Sr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa 8 Rules For Business Success

Sr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is sharing his successful 8 rules for financial independence. At age 25, he has become a veteran entrepreneur by applying his formula in the country of Panama. Since his beginning in 2011, he now holds various positions in five different companies including the position of treasurer, director, and president.

Originally from Venezuela, he saw a vast field of opportunity in Panama. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has current vision is to share the principals he used with those desiring to become entrepreneurs. Figueroa business history proves that there can be large financial rewards for smart and hard working people in Venezuela who wish to begin a business in Panama.

1) Become a Ground Breaker
Look for opportunities that showcase your talents and skills. Be innovative with those ideas. Look for a need that would benefit a community. Follow through with your plan. Success comes to those who face their challenges and resolve them.

2) Be Flexible and Mobile
Low cost and easy maintenance are key to start-up. Panama is an excellent place to start an online business on CrunchBase. High speed internet is available. Online companies allows you to run your business from any location. Also Panama is a good source for low cost labor.

3) Seek Out a Complimentary Business Partner
Good partnerships are encouraged. Seeking ways to network and meeting people who can help your business thrive is a strong key to success.

4) Success is Not dependent on a Flawless Academic Record
Good business skills and practices on dateas.com are more important than to success than a flawless academic record or degree. Surround yourself with successful and competent people whose council you can rely on.

5) Avoid Shortcuts
Do your homework! Become familiar with your industry, it’s trends, and other business that may be your competition. Start small, have goals, and build your business gradually.

6) Minimize Costs
Keep overhead low by sharing office space and resources. Avoid large upfront investments.

7) Planning for Failure
Learn from the mistakes of others. Seek good advice if challenges arise. Be willing to accept constructive suggestions and solutions.

8) Learn from the Industry
Good assets, like an industry mentor, is important. They can help you overcome many challenges.

Read more: https://adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.wordpress.com/

How Can Makeup Artists Us Evolution Of Smooth Lip Balm?

The Evolution of Smooth lip balm that people have in their pocket can make it very easy for them to get their lips to look perfect. The makeup artist that is using the lip balm all the time will start to notice how easy it is to get it on the lips of all their models, and they can make lips smooth and shiny without using any makeup. That is a very good thing for the makeup artist who is judged by the work that they do. Everyone sees what they can do, and they have to give only the best impression.
Keeping Evolution of Smooth in the makeup case is a good way to start for most artists, and they can actually get all their models to have better lips by recommending the lip balm. A lot of people forget that they need to use these products to make their lips better, and it becomes a problem for these people when they are trying to care for their bodies. They have a very high expectation on how they will look, and using EOS will change their lives.

Evolution of Smooth is the essential part of any makeup case, and someone who is trying to make their lips look better will appreciate how easy it is to use. There are many people who can use Evolution of Smooth even if they are not makeup artists, but there are just as many people who will be able to use lip balm with their models to help them learn how to care for their bodies. The model can show up ready for every session with the lip balm in hand, and they can get other people to use it. Lip balm is the only thing that can be used to recover unhealthy lips. EOS lip balms are available online at ebay.com and ulta.com.

For more info, see https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.

Understanding Brian Bonar

BBrian Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer at Dalrada Financial Corporation as well as the chairperson. Bonar has a passion for attention to detail and the design process which together, fuel his approach. Bonar has experience in design development, site and building design, contract administration and procurement. As a qualified entrepreneur, Bonar has established a reputation as an effective leader who wants to help his project partners, team members, and clients reach their goals.

Also, Brian Bonar has experience helping with several education projects, and his portfolio includes multifamily housing, aviation, and local commercial activities. Also, Bonar has proved to have the skills and experience in becoming an asset on teams and projects while also establishing effective client relationships.

In the Finance sector, Bonar was named The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year. Only two females and males are chosen from each discipline to represent the name and therefore, it is a very significant honor.

Bonar has acquired over three decades worth of professional experience in management in the financial sector. To add on to his entrepreneurial achievements, Bonar is also the Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies Corporation which is a leading developer of digital imaging hardware and color management software.

 Brian Bonar, the Scottish entrepreneur, also decided to build a restaurant in North County called Bellamy’s. The restaurant had once been named Tango, where progressive dining to Escondido had tried to be brought in by Charlie Trotter protégé.

After renaming it to Bellamy’s, Bonar scouted for staff at one of his favorite dining locations called El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn. El Biz then announced an overhaul with one miscalculation which was dropping the soul of the place. After this bold move, Bellamy was able to land big man Trevor Da Costa together with El Biz cook Mike Reidy as an executive chef.

To add on to the growing empire being built, the more significant piece of Bonar’s restaurant is the ranch located nearby at Bandy Canyon. Bonar then aimed to turn the 144-acre property into a four-star event location with a signature restaurant. He then figured that he needed a marquee chef to pull off the plan.

To add icing on top of the cake, Bellamy got Ponsaty who is a master chef in Escondido, France. Expectations ran wild. Inside Bellamy’s still has a Tango touch including smooth jazz paintings,

Coppertone walls, and plush seats. Bellamy’s went on to become the home of some of the best food in San Diego, served by a top-notch staff. Bellamy’s is where Ponsaty is showing off right now. It’s no error on his young apprentice, Reidy, to say: “Take advantage of a Master Chef of France’s undivided attention while you can.”

Markus Rothkranz – Famous Motivational Speaker With Dietary Advice

Markus Rothkranz is famous for providing dietary advice to people whom are looking to improve their health. His recipes are quite popular with many individuals whom are also looking for quick ways to do so. He also offers plenty of great raw food recipes which are able to allow individuals to snack without having to worry about the damage that doing so will do to the body. He even has a line of products which are able to be added to or combined with recipes in order to enhance your overall health and well being.

Markus is a big proponent of raw foods. One raw food which he is famous for is the mango blueberry mint. This raw recipe uses mango, blueberries, mint, jalapeno pepper, ginger, lime, and salt to create a delicious mix of fruits and vegetables that simply tastes amazing.

Markus also has a raw fruit pie which uses a crust of ground nuts and dates instead of the typical sugary cookie crumble mix. Coconut oil is also added to the mix in order to create the pie filling. Once the pie filling has been created, the pie is essentially ready to eat in it’s raw state.

For busy people, Markus also has a wide range of blender meals. One such is based in a raw leaf lettuce, coconut water, and avocado. This can be blended together in order to create something which can be eaten quickly and made quickly. This comes in addition to another quick meal which can be made in a vitamix blender.

Markus Rothkranz is a figure in the health industry and is able to motivate many people to be their best selves possible. People find him inspiring, and also love the recipes which he publishes. Once he has published his recipes, his meals are able to inspire others to live healthier and happier lives.

The Legal World of Brazil

A Brief Look at the Legal System of Brazil

Brazil’s legal system is modeled after the civil law system. At the heart of Brazil’s legal system is the federal constitution. This is much like the constitution which is at the center of American law and legal precedence. The federal constitution of Brazil is the highest law of the land or the supreme law of the land. It is meant to be interpreted rigidly or literally. Once again, there is a strong resemblance to the Constitution found in the United States of America.

Brazil is ordained as a federal republic. 26 states and cities form the federal republic of Brazil. Brazilian states are allowed to create their own laws and even craft their own constitution. The federal constitution however, defines the laws and language that is permissible in the state constitutions. There is a strong parallel to the state rights of Brazilian states and state rights in the United States.

The highest court in the land is the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil. This is comparable to the United States Supreme Court. The Federal Supreme Court of Brazil is considered to be the protector of the federal constitution. It also has the power to strike down laws at the state and federal level that it deems to be in violation of the federal constitution of Brazil. Below the Federal Supreme Court lie lower level federal and state courts. Cities do not have their own courts in Brazil. They use state or federal courts to settle matters.

Ricardo Tosto, The Brazilian Maestro Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto is one of the top lawyers in Brazil right now. He studied law at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Brazil. Mr. Tosto began his career working in a small law firm. His ambition led him to work for some of Brazil’s biggest and best firms.

Ricardo Tosto is the founder of his own law firm called Leite, Tosto and Barros Attorney Associates. Mr. Tosto became famous after defending individuals and companies in several high profile cases. His defenses have now become commonly used in Brazilian law. Furthermore, his unique insight has helped to craft some of Brazil’s economic and business law. Ricardo Tosto’s area of specialty is corporate litigation and defense.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Dental Entrepreneur

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a licensed dentist that established his first practice in Brunswick, New Jersey over 15 years ago. His first dental business was called Old Bridge Dental Care and over a period of more than 15 years, he earned a great amount of distinction as a dentist from the community in Brunswick. These distinctions included being named Best Dentist in Brunswick over several years. But during that time, other areas of interest also engaged his curiosity. One of these was in the area of sleep disorders. One of the most common conditions that affect a person’s ability to sleep is a condition called sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious disorder that can cause a person to actually stop breathing during sleep. It is caused by the airway becoming blocked and limiting the amount of air that comes into the lungs.

Because of this condition, a person’s breathing can be drastically affected by actually stopping. In many cases of sleep apnea, the breathing stoppage is caused by tissues in the back of the throat collapsing and blocking the airway. This can happen when the muscles of the upper airway relax or, if you sleep on your back, the force of gravity causing your tongue to fall to the back of your throat blocking the airway. This narrowing of the airway can also cause snoring.

As Dr. Weisfogel studied what other conditions many of his dental patients shared in common, he realized many of them also had sleeping disorders. Because of this discovery, Dr. Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters. Dental Sleep Masters is a company whose target market are dentists who want to learn more about sleep disorder treatments that can help their patients. The programs offered at Dental Sleep Masters include a course in advanced sleep medicine taught by Dr. Avi Weisfogel, Dr. Gerald Weisfogel, and Dr. Kent Smith. In addition to the available courses, Dental Sleep Masters also offers quarterly retreats that are an integral part of the company’s educational program to its students.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has also gone on to found multiple companies that focus on dental related sleep disorders. As the owner and founder of Dental Sleep Masters, he draws on a vast knowledge base of sleep apnea issues and is using this information to help other dentists identify patients and then help those patients secure treatment. Dr. Weisfogel earned his BA degree in biology from Rutgers and his dental degree from the New York University College of Dentistry.

The President Of Venezuela Is Running On Fumes And His Socialist Party Is Crumbling According To Assemblyman José Manuel González

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela is in trouble. United Socialist Party governors from several states are about to be thrown out of office and President Nicolas Maduro, the leader of the party, is first in line. Maduro has single-handedly turned the oil-rich nation of Venezuela into a larger version of old Havana, where food, medicine, and electricity are almost non-existent. The opposition wants to hold new elections this year, according to the National Assemblyman from the state of Guárico, José Manuel González. But Maduro PSUV is holding onto the power using hard-nosed tactics. Maduro has called on the military to control the ports, ration food and detain opposition leaders.

José Manuel González has been trying to change Maduro’s policy direction for months through national agreements, but Maduro is hell-bent on doing things the old Hugo Chavez way. Hugo Chavez had oil money to play with until he passed away, but the oil money is gone. Maduro is a former bus driver and union leader that believes in his own brand of socialism. That brand has turned Venezuela into a shadow of its former self. González believes that the only way to get the country moving again is through a democratic election. Mr. González is one of the assemblymen that has been pushing for a democratic vote for months. After months of no food, medicine, and basic needs like toilet paper and diapers, the people are finally standing up and demanding a recall election. But Maduro plans to stay in office in one way or another. He is using every trick he can think of to take the spotlight off of him.

The massive million people protest that took place on September 1st is just the beginning of the unrest that is running through the country at warp speed, according to González. Another protest is in the works, and opposition leaders say this one will be bigger than the first one. The golden days of anti-imperialism are going down the Socialist drain, according to González, and there will be a new government soon. But Venezuela is paying a high price for that political move.