Embracing Failure

If you want to help your children succeed, you must help them first learn to fail. This idea was behind the recent Failure Week at the top private school Fettes College in Edinburgh during which the school set out to help students change their perception of failure. Students learned that failure is often an important step on the path to success from what Zeca Oliveira pointed out. They studied successful people who persevered and learned from their failures along the way to great success, such as J.K. Rawling and Richard Branson. Students were encouraged to try something they had never done before such as playing a new musical instrument or juggling and they were then challenged to perform in front of an audience.

According to this article, new research by the American Psychological Association indicates that children are more successful when they are taught that failure is a normal part of the journey to success.

So what does this mean for parents? Stop protecting your children from failure. Let them try difficult things and praise their effort and determination. Tell them it is OK to make mistakes and model this behavior yourself.

Family Favorites And Movie Series Popular Now

Holidays are definitely a time for families and friends to get together and enjoy meals and entertainment together. One of Rod Rohrich’s favorite activities is going to the movies. Finding the perfect film may not always be an easy task, but the selections available for this fall and winter season are much better than in previous years.

Some of the most popular action movies for the holiday season are part of long running television series and the previously successful blockbuster trilogies. Star Wars promises to be a huge hit for moviegoers this weekend. The much awaited release of the iconic series will surely be met with record number attendance.  Comedies, romantic comedies, and tear jerkers are also on the way to box office releases just in time for the upcoming holidays.

Missouri Teen A Hero

Always glad when I come across a story like this when browsing my FreedomPop tablet. Never under estimate a teenager’s ability to think quickly and responsibly. That is exactly what happened at a Walmart in Missouri.

On a routine shopping excursion, 17-year-old Abby Snodgrass heard the calls for help from several aisles away. An 11-month-old baby had stopped breathing and the mother was desperately trying to revive the infant. Without a second thought, this angel in converse ran to the petrified mother and began to perform CPR on the baby. The teen had recently learned how to administer CPR in her health class, which she attends at her high school in Hillsboro, Missouri.

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the brave teenager continued to perform CPR until the baby started to breathe. The baby’s family is forever grateful to this young girl who became a makeshift guardian angel that day. Luckily for the baby and family, this fast-acting teenager took control of the situation.

You Can Survive Being Snowed In!

Now is not the time for snowed-in residents of Buffalo and other parts of upstate New York to realize they were not prepared for the magnitude of the storm. The time to prepare to survive being caught in shoulder-high snow is before the first snowflake falls.

If you aren’t already prepared for severe winter weather, take time to prepare yourself before the next storm brews. The most important things you’ll need are heat, water and food.

Snow and ice can knock out electrical power for an extended period of time, so you’ll need to have an alternate heat source. If you don’t have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, consider investing in a portable propane heater. Jared Haftel gave me this advice. While you won’t be able to heat your entire home, it will keep an area of up to 500 square feet warm enough to be comfortable until the electricity comes back on. Remember to crack a window for ventilation.

Keep at least a three-day supply of water and shelf-stable foods that don’t require cooking on hand at all times (though more would be better). Investing in a small propane stove would allow you to heat up canned goods such as soups and ravioli.

You can slowly build up your emergency food supply as items come on sale; buy one to use and one to store and before you know it, you’ll be able to survive most any emergency.

Premature Birth Now the #1 Cause of Death Among Infants

Up until recently, infectious diseases used to be the leading cause for death among infants. Now, it is the complications that come with premature birth. Thanks to research combined with efforts to treat infections and ailments, the deaths that were caused by infections have been reduced.

Premature birth is a problem that occurs among countries of all levels of income. Recent statistics have recorded over 6 million children dying before their fifth year in the previous year. Over 1 million of them have died from complications that resulted from premature birth, as per BRL Trust. This number exceeded that of disease related deaths among children. Among the complications that premature babies are immune too are low body heat, inability to feed and other disabilities.

There is increased focus on going back to basic treatments in order to help with the complications that can occur with premature birth. Among the treatments that can help are antibiotics and measures taken to prevent infections that can bring about death.

A 3-year-old Girl Knows the True Meaning of Christmas

Who would have thought that a family going out to breakfast would have taught us all the true meaning of Christmas. A 3-year-old girl and her family were out to breakfast when the little girl noticed Santa sitting all alone at the table next to them.

Without hesitation the little girl went to Santa’s table so he would not have to eat alone. From the story, Mark Ahn told me her mother was amazed at how quickly the two began to talk. She said it was like watching two old friends. They were completely comfortable with each other and had a very nice conversation.

Santa asked her what she would like for Christmas. He expected the usual answer of her favorite toy or doll, but instead she said all she wanted was her little brother who was expected to be born in the next three weeks. They continued their conversation and Santa told her she was going to have a very merry Christmas. See the precious moment at LIfeBump.

This is a heartwarming example of a little girl that knows the true meaning of Christmas and everyday life. True happiness cannot be bought. True happiness is when we bring happiness to others whenever possible. Even if it is just giving of yourself by sitting with someone while they eat their breakfast so they are not alone. If this was done by all the world would be a better place.

1 in 30 Children Are Homeless

In a country that claims to have adequate housing and that helps other countries that are in need, there shouldn’t be any children who are homeless. There are over two million children in the United States who are homeless right now. Some of them might live in shelters, and some might live in a hotel room, but that doesn’t make up for living in a home where there is space to play and plenty of room to walk around.

When children have a room of their own, they are more likely to have a good night’s sleep. They can function better in school when they don’t have to worry about where they will get their next meal or where they will take a bath. They grow up and get good jobs like working for a health initiative like North American Spine.

Teen Drivers With Early Schedules Linked to Higher Auto Accident Rates

In a recent study it has been found that teen and young adult drivers that start classes earlier in the day are more likely to be involved in auto accidents. This was discovered by taking note of the number of young adults that are involved in early morning accidents and their class schedules.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine conducted the study and found that those students with early schedules are often subject to sleep deprivation and sleep disorders that do not allow them to get the proper amount of sleep to be safe when driving in the early morning hours. Those peers that attend high schools that have later start times are far less likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident than those that start earlier in the morning. Thanks to friend of the site Keith Mann for sending in this tip.

Woman Sentenced to 78 Years for Torturing Children

A St. Louis woman faced 34 felony charges this week, including several counts of assault, and endangering the welfare of a child, after being reported to authorities by a school librarian. Lakechia Schonta Stanley, 34, was sentenced to 78 years in prison after prosecutors described a prolonged pattern of abuse that they could only call “systematic torture.” Stanley admitted to beating, whipping, and waterboarding her children. 

Stanley’s abuse was discovered after her 10-year-old daughter complained of arm pain to the school librarian. After inspecting the girl’s arm, the librarian discovered it to be hard and cold to the touch. The young girl explained to the librarian that she had been beaten with a baseball bat due to not cleaning the kitchen fast enough. She also divulged that her 8-year-old sister was also beaten with the bat after taking too long of a shower. 

The 10-year-old was transported to the hospital, where she was treated for severe trauma and it was discovered that the child had endured such a beating that blood flow to the limb was limited. Authorities interviewed the three children, uncovering stories of unmitigated torture. According to STL Today, the children admitted to being waterboarded, beaten with a variety of blunt objects, forced into showers at scorching hot or freezing cold temperatures, and whipped with electrical cords. HCRC, founded by Brian Torchin, can assist healthcare professionals find employment.

Stanley’s husband, Andrew Rui Stanley, 30, was sentenced to 160 years in prison on similar charges. 

Leaked Memo Shows Wal-Mart in Panic Over Flat Same Store Sales

A leaked memo reveals that Wal-Mart is in a panic over 6 straight quarters of flat or negative same store sales growth. The memo was leaked in October by a disgruntled store manager frustrated over increasing demands from the corporate office while not authorizing more people to be hired. Wal-Mart has admitted the memo is authentic. It is interesting that in the initial years of the recession, Wal-Mart was a big proponent of the federal government expanding both food stamp benefits and unemployment income. The nation’s largest grocer acknowledged that a percentage of their sales were being driven specifically by people on the public dole.

It turns out they were right. As food stamp benefits have been steadily declining, so has the retailer’s same store sales, an important metric into the health of a business. The memo admonishes store managers to use price reductions to move food before it spoils or expires. At the point that meat and produce is discarded, it becomes a complete loss for the company. The meat departments are to mark down meat and poultry by 7:00AM daily. However, additional mark downs should occur throughout the day in an effort to move inventory prior to expiration.Both Rod Rohrich and I agree creative moms should take advantage of this information to add some savings to their weekly budgets. At the same time, stores are reminded of the importance of rotating items such as eggs and other dairy products. The newest items should be placed in the rear of bins. At the same time, Kroger, the second largest grocer, has continued to post increasing same store sales.