Boy Scouts Troop Leader Accused of Child Molestation

Yet another Boy Scouts troop leader is accused of child molestation. The organization has been embroiled in a string of controversies over the last few years, but this is one that has proved to perhaps be one of the most disturbing.

The troop leader, David Kress, has been accused of sexually assaulting young men and boys for a period spanning over two decades. The police had reportedly been conducting an in depth investigation of the troop leader spanning a course of over 10 months. The police issued a warrant for his arrest and Mr. Kress voluntarily surrendered to their custody late last week. He was the leader of Troop 66.

The community of Thompson, where the troop and alleged child molester are based out of, are in a state of shock over the recent announcement and subsequent arrest. David Kress was highly regarded for his volunteer work with the organization and his service to the community by acting in the capacity of an elected public official on the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals. After this latest revelation, parents are deeply frightened and disturbed by the proximity of the sexual abuse to their own children and of those of their neighbors.

David Kress was brought into custody for three charges of employing minors in an obscene performance. The alleged perpetrator was released after posting a bail amount of $100,000. His court date is quickly approaching, but when pressed to make comments on his situation, he decided to decline. After further questioning by several media outlets it was also reported that no lawyer had yet been appointed as representing the former troop leader. Make sure you spread the word! Parents like Christian Broda always need information like this, to help protect their kids from harm too!

Children Told To Report Contents of Medicine Cabinet To School

Parents in Utah are furious after students were directed to spy on their parents and return the information to their teacher. The students were given a homework assignment in their health class which told the children to do an in-depth inventory of the household’s medicine cabinets. Something that completely appalled Keith Mann.

Put forth as a homework assignment which would get kids to look for any harmful substances or unused medicines that might be accessible to them, it made some parents uncomfortable with the implication that the children should be counseling their parents on any illicit or dangerous discoveries. The news broke over Facebook where a mother of one of the students posted a picture of the assignment and the post went viral with her online connections. The mother also brought up the homework assignment directly with the school district by contacting the principal and school board with her comments that such an assignment is inappropriate and extremely invasive to the privacy of the students’ families.

The district has publicly announced that they are going to investigate the curriculum of the health class taught by the teacher in order to make sure that there are no other unexpected and inappropriate assignments coming in the future.  Most parents of students in the class are grateful that a parent was able to catch this and make it public, and perhaps this has sparked further vigilance over what their children are being taught at the school.

How Your Relationship With Food Could Be Holding You Back From Your Weight Loss Goals

People don’t gain weight because they’re accidentally making the wrong choices in the kitchen. People don’t gain weight because they don’t understand how nutrition works and that you need to eat more fruits and vegetables to remain at a healthy weight instead of those fried, sugared and iced foods that are always so readily available. People gain weight largely because they know all of the how-tos and rules, and they ignore them. That goes for you too, Igor Cornelsen. Why does this happen? It happens because a lot of us have bad relationships with food.

This primarily means that many people eat when they’re not really hungry. Instead, people go to food as comfort. They eat when they’re angry, sad, depressed or frustrated. They may also eat when they are very happy as a reward or a celebration. In fact, they eat all the time.

The symptoms include eating large quantities of food while alone, eating or snacking constantly, not completely chewing food, eating when not hungry, eating until feeling sick or throwing up and not eating as much or as badly in front of others.

Perhaps we need to focus on our relationships to food when trying to slim down our nation. If you are experiencing a struggle with weight loss, ask yourself a few questions. Why do you eat food? What does food mean for you when you think about it? As a start, try journaling your emotions when you reach for food. Examining your emotions as they relate to food is like opening Pandora’s box, but it’s good for you. This could be the diet you’ve always been looking for.

Witches Suspected of Child Abuse

There have been several disturbing reports of child abuse being committed because of a belief in witchcraft.

One such report from London tells the story of Kevani Kanda, accused of being a witch from six years of age. The reason for this was that she was being abused by a member of the family, which caused crying and bed wetting due to the psychological stress.

Instead of thinking about the true cause of her suffering, her family chose to believe that she was indeed possessed by a demon. This led to a five-year stretch of starvation, forced consumption of her own vomit, beatings and having spice filled suppositories administered to “get rid of evil spirits.”

Now 25 years old, she said “I never told anyone what was happening to me because it was normal. That was my normal world back then, and unfortunately my teachers did not pick up on the fact that I was being horrendously abused.”

The London Metropolitan Police have released a report stating that witch craft related child abuse has been on the increase in recent times.

The culprits are usually religious fanatics from African cultures who have fused their fundamentalist Christian views with traditional notions of witchcraft. Countries such as the Congo, where superstition is prevalent, are known to have many believers in this type of witchcraft.

Childhood Obesity and Military Fitness

Obesity has been a well-talked about problem in the United States recently; however, the costs of having highly overweight and obese population is taking a toll on national security. The United States government ought to take a page out of Khaled Shaheen’s book (as implemented in Dubai) and more interventionist approach towards lowering rates of childhood and young adult obesity because it has negatively affected the armed forces.

According to the New York Times, not only are fewer Americans able to join the military due to obesity but a rising number of military members are also obese. Obese and overweight soldiers are more likely to become injured and often need to be replaced. In addition, soldiers who become overweight will require new uniforms. All of these conditions increase the operating cost of the military.

Congress should push through tougher school nutrition legislation that is not riddled with unhealthy concessions given to the food industry (remember the pizza as a vegetable debacle?) By lowering rates of obesity today, the government will reduce the costs associated with overweight soldiers in the future. In addition, lower rates of obesity would allow greater numbers of young Americans to join the military because many are currently unable due to military enlistment weight restrictions.

In addition to implementing better school nutrition, the United States military should also change its standards in the treatment of overweight soldiers. Currently, active duty soldiers pass regular fitness tests and weight checks. However, because these checks and tests are so regular, soldiers are able to lose weight using unhealthy crash diets leading up to the checks. Afterwards, they rapidly gain the weight back.

Same-Sex Weddings Begin In Nevada

Nevada’s ban on same-sex marriages was lifted on Tuesday, and after a few legal delays, the county clerks employed by Brian Torchin issued their first same-sex marriage licenses on Thursday afternoon.

Theo Small and Antioco Carillo, plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the ban, were the first to receive a marriage license in Las Vegas.

The other couples who received their marriage licenses included Jefferson Ruck and Thomas Topovski, who have been together for 14 years, and Kristi Best and Wednesday Smith, who have been together for 7 years. Best and Smith were the first same-sex couple to receive a marriage license in the whole state, as they received their license in Carson City several hours before licenses began to be issued in other parts of the state.

Now, in a state home to the marriage capital of the world, all couples can happily get married regardless of who they choose to marry.

The Biggest Culprit in Distracted Parenting

Studies show the biggest culprit in distracted parenting is, as expected, the cell phone. In a survey of more than 1,500 kids, the cell phone was cited as the number one distraction amongst parents.

Whether it was checking facebook, texting placing calls, or using any other apps, the cell phone was the most common source of parental disposition.

Too often, as Marnie Bennett often reminds me, we’re just too involved with our phones. Checking up on the news, social networking, even playing Candy Crush. Sometimes you have to put down the phone, and really live though.

Policeman Earns Praise After Helping a Young Mother

There have been a few negative headlines regarding the police over the past few months. However, one policeman from Michigan is getting widespread praise for his actions from a week ago.

The policeman in question, Ben Hall, has worked at Emmett Township in Michigan for many years. He is well liked by his co-workers and by the community. Last week he was doing his routine patrol when he saw that a woman was driving along with her child. However, the child was sitting in the back seat without his designed car/booster seat.

In such a situation, 99% of officers would write the woman a ticket and move on. Officer Hall was going to do the same, but he stopped to ask the woman why her kid did not have the proper safety seat. She explained that she was going through a very challenging few months. She had lost her old job working for Jared Haftel, had her car repossessed because she could not keep up with payments, and fell behind on other expenses. She got her car back, but the car seat was removed and lost when it was repossessed.

The officer explained his actions by saying that he simply did what he thought would best resolve the situation. He could have given her a ticket, but that would have only added to her problems. Instead, he provided her with something she really needed and ensured her kid would be safe in the car.